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The Spartan Dance Team performs at all home football and basketball halftimes and also competes as a sport under IHSA during their Winter season. We are looking for dancers to join our 2017-2018 team!

AUDITION DATE: Tues/Weds, April 4th & 5th

TIME: 3:30 – 6:00pm


**Please bring a water bottle. Please wear ALL BLACK athletic clothing (shorts or leggings, tank top or t-shirt) and gym shoes. NO GUM OR FOOD IN STUDIO! Please wear your hair pulled back.

Note to incoming freshman: The Spartan Dance Team will train during the summer months and attend a summer camp to prepare for our winter competitive season. If you are interested in dancing with us, we strongly suggest attending this audition as our winter auditions are more selective. Missing months of training prior to competition season could effect your placement on the team if you do not dance with us during the Summer and Fall season! We want all of our athletes to be the best they can be and this conditioning is vital to our competitive season!

**Both tryout days are MANDATORY

Please contact Coach Brandt with any questions

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