Storage Resource Broker Managing Distributed Data in a Grid

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Storage Resource Broker

  • Managing Distributed Data in a Grid


  • What is SRB?

  • SRB Features & Capabilities

  • SRB communication in conjonction with MCAT

  • Federated SRB Zones

  • Why Federation?

  • Cons & Pros

What is SRB?

  • SRB in a Nutshell

  • A data grid solution

  • A digital library

  • A distributed but unified file system

  • An advanced archival system

  • A semantic Web

  • A five nines availability resource broker

What is SRB?

  • Features In depth

  • The SRB is a client-server middleware that uses datasets to build a logical name space for referencing distributed data.

  • The SRB provides a way to organize information stored on multiple heterogeneous systems into logical entities for ease of use.

  • The SRB provides access to data stored on archival resources, file systems and databases.

  • The SRB also provides capabilities to store replicas of data, controlling and auditing access to documents and collections, which is also known by logical-to-physical mapping hence Metadata Cataloging

  • The SRB also provides a facility for co-locating data together using containers with more flexibility in accessing and updating files and stores user-defined metadata at different levels for better search capabilities.

What is SRB?

  • SRB specific capabilities

  • Support for the execution of remote operations.

  • Access controls and audit trails to control and track data usage

  • ( MCAT )

  • Interacting with multiple types of storage systems, for its abstraction

  • User-friendly access through many ways like shells, scripts, libraries and web browsers


SRB communication

Federated SRB Zones

Federated SRB Zones

  • Why Federation?

  • Federation enables fragmentation of MCAT DataBase

  • When a system failure occurs that would bring down an MCAT fragment, but shouldn’t affect the entire SRB, as the other sections will isolate the temporarily inaccessible server.

  • Federation permits MetaData to reside closer to the resource

  • To reduce network latency, an MCAT server is hosted closer to the resource; in turn the SRB performance improves on a network span basis.

  • Federation enables the Virtual Organizations notion and makes it easier to merge newbies to the network, not to forget the ability of transferring and replicating documents across VOs

Cons & Pros

  • Cons

  • That paper can be considered as a fine support for understanding the Data Grids Architecture.

  • Experiencing such enormous projects describes the powerful and huge capabilities of an SRB.

  • Pros

  • Absence of citation of some important points, like SRB federation and MCAT.

  • Redundancy of similar ideas and information along the examples discussed.

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