The cantos of ezra pound [from The Cantos of Ezra Pound (1972)]

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5629 Betuene Aprile and Merche

5630 with sap new in the bough

5631 With plum flowers above them

5632 with almond on the black bough

5633 With jasmine and olive leaf,

5634 To the beat of the measure

5635 From star up to the half-dark

5636 From half-dark to half-dark

5637 Unceasing the measure

5638 Flank by flank on the headland

5639 with the Goddess' eyes to seaward

5640 By Circeo, by Terracina, with the stone eyes

5641 white toward the sea

5642 With one measure, unceasing:

5643 "Fac deum!" "Est factus."

5644 Ver novum!

5645 ver novum!

5646 Thus made the spring,

5647 Can see but their eyes in the dark

5648 not the bough that he walked on.
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5649 Beaten from flesh into light

5650 Hath swallowed the fire-ball

5651 A traverso le foglie

5652 His rod hath made god in my belly

5653 Sic loquitur nupta

5654 Cantat sic nupta

5655 Dark shoulders have stirred the lightning

5656 A girl's arms have nested the fire,

5657 Not I but the handmaid kindled

5658 Cantat sic nupta

5659 I have eaten the flame.

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5660 Esprit de corps in permanent bodies

5661 "Of the same trade," Smith, Adam, "men

5662 "never gather together

5663 "without a conspiracy against the general public."

5664 Independent use of money (our OWN)

5665 toward holding OUR bank, own bank

5666 and in it the deposits, received, where received.

5667 De banchis cambi tenendi....

5668 Venice 1361,

5669 '62 .. shelved for a couple of centuries ..

5670 "whether by privates or public ...

5671 currency OF (O, F, of) the nation.

5672 Toward producing that wide expanse of clean lawn

5673 Toward that deer park toward

5674 the playing fields, congeries, swimming pools, undsoweiter:

5675 Sword-fish, seven marlin, world's record

5676 extracted in 24 hours.

5677 Wd. make the loan, sterling, eight hundred thousand

5678 if Peabody wd. quit business.

5679 England 1858


5681 D'ARCY

5682 is permitted for 50 years to dig up the subsoil of

5683 Persia.

5684 '62, report of committee:

5685 Profit on arms sold to the government: Morgan

5686 (Case 97) sold to the government the government's arms ...

5687 I mean the government owned 'em already

5688 at an extortionate profit

5689 Dollars 160 thousand, one swat, to Mr Morgan

5690 for forcing up gold.

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5691 "Taking advantage of emergency" (that is war)

5692 After Gettysburg, down 5 points in one day---

5693 Bulls on gold and bears on the Union

5694 "Business prospered due to war's failures."

5695 "If a nation will master its money"

5696 Boutwell decided bonds shd. be sold direct by the treasury.

5697 Mr Morgan: contributions to the Republican Party, largely

5698 to the republican party.

5699 Beecher's church organized by realty agents---

5700 Belmont representing the Rothschilds

5701 "specie payment's resumption

5702 "enriched a small group of holders."

5703 stock subscription (railway construction)

5704 seldom over 30 percent ...

5705 in '76 default 39% of the total

5706 that is 39 per cent of the

5707 bonds for railway construction

5708 Said Mr Corey "there being no central institution

5709 as in London"

5710 Pujo investigation: Said Mr Morgan:

5711 "never sold short in my life"

5712 having learned that a high degree of liquidity....

5713 1907 "cd. not have been done without Mr Baker

5714 "we cdnt. have stopped it (the panic).

5715 As to the government's arms: they were bought by

5716 one government office before they had been sold

5717 (as condemned) by another ditto (i.e. government office)

5718 passing through a species of profit sieve.

5719 "A greek," said Ionides or some other Hellene,

5720 "honest after he has cleaned up 20 thousand"

5721 meaning twenty thousand pund sterling.

5722 With our eyes on the new gothic residence, with our

5723 eyes on Palladio, with a desire for seignieurial splendours
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5724 (ÀGALMA, haberdashery, clocks, ormoulu, brocatelli,

5725 tapestries, unreadable volumes bound in tree-calf,

5726 half-morocco, morocco, tooled edges, green ribbons,

5727 flaps, farthingales, fichus, cuties, shorties, pinkies

5728 et cetera

5729 Out of which things seeking an exit


5731 that he ply beyond pillars of Herakles

5732 60 ships of armada to lay out Phoenecian cities

5733 to each ship 50 oars, in all

5734 30 thousand aboard them with water, wheat in provision.

5735 Two days beyond Gibel Tara layed in the wide plain

5736 Thumiatehyon, went westward to Solois

5737 an headland covered with trees

5738 Entha hieron Poseidonos, against the sun half a day

5739 is seabord marshland high-murmuring rushes.

5740 In that place great elephant herds

5741 and beasts many other amongst them

5742 So laid we house: Karikon, Gutta, Akra, Meli, Arambo

5743 These are the cities, then Lixos

5744 Pours down from out of High Libya

5745 The lixitae friendly cowboys and herders

5746 Up country be aethiopians living with untamed beasts

5747 shut in by the Lixtus mountain

5748 whereon are misshapen men swifter than horses.

5749 Men of Lixtae came with us to interpret

5750 for 12 days sailing southward, southward by desert

5751 one day sailed against sun, there is an harbour

5752 with an island 15 miles in circumference,

5753 We built there, calling it Cyrne

5754 believing it opposite Carthage as our sailing time

5755 was the same as from Carthage to the Pillars.

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5756 Past Xrestes, a great river,

5757 a lagoon with three largish islands

5758 a day onward great hills end an inlet,

5759 Their folk wear the hides of wild beasts

5760 and threw rocks to stone us,

5761 so prevented our landing.

5762 Next is a river wide, full of water

5763 crocodiles, river horses, Thence we turned back to Cyrne

5764 for 12 days coasted the shore

5765 Aethiops fled at our coming

5766 Our Lixtae cd. not understand them.

5767 12th day rose the woody mountain

5768 with great soft smell from the trees

5769 all perfumes many-mingling.

5770 Two days, the wide bayou or inlet

5771 Lay flatland above it busy by night with fires.

5772 Filled our tanks, sailed 5 days along shore

5773 Came then West Horn, the island that closes its harbour

5774 And by day we saw only forest,

5775 by night their fires

5776 With sound of pipe against pipe

5777 The sound ply over ply; cymbal beat against cymbal,

5778 The drum, wood, leather, beat, beat noise to make terror.

5779 The diviners told us to clear.

5780 Went from that fire fragrance,

5781 flames flowed into sea,

5782 Fearing and swiftly, the land by night decked with flame

5783 One pillar of light above others

5784 Scorched at the sky and stars

5785 By day this stood an high mountain

5786 That they call the gods' carroch.

5787 By flame for three days to South Horn, the bayou,

5788 the island of folk hairy and savage

5789 whom our Lixtae said were Gorillas.

5790 We cd. not take any man, but three of their women.
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5791 Their men clomb up the crags,

5792 Rained stone, but we took three women

5793 who bit, scratched, wd. not follow their takers.

5794 Killed, flayed, brought back their pelts into Carthage.

5795 Went no further that voyage,

5796 as were at end of provisions.

5797 Out of which things seeking an exit

5798 To the high air, to the stratosphere, to the imperial

5799 calm, to the empyrean, to the baily of the four towers

5800 the NOUS, the ineffable crystal:

5801 Karxèdonion Basileos

5802 hung this with his map in their temple.

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5803 Ma qvesto,"

5804 said the Boss, "è divertente."

5805 catching the point before the aesthetes had got

5806 there;

5807 Having drained off the muck by Vada

5808 From the marshes, by Circeo, where no one else wd. have

5809 drained it.

5810 Waited 2000 years, ate grain from the marshes;

5811 Water supply for ten million, another one million "vani"

5812 that is rooms for people to live in.

5813 XI of our era.

5814 Story told by the mezzo-yit:

5815 That they were to have a consortium

5816 and one of the potbellies says:

5817 will come in for 12 million"

5818 And another: three millyum for my cut;

5819 And another: we will take eight;

5820 And the Boss said: but what will you

5821 DO with that money?"

5822 "But! but! signore, you do not ask a man"

5823 what he will do with his money.

5824 That is a personal matter.

5825 And the Boss said: but what will you do?

5826 You won't really need all that money

5827 because you are all for the confine."

5828 "Noi ci facciam sgannar per Mussolini"

5829 said the commandante della piazza.

5830 "Popolo" said Cici "ignorante!

5831 "And the worst of 'em all is my "donna"

5832 (In the third year of his age)

[Page 203]
5833 "Where the Pope goes is lack of money

5834 Because of the mass of clerics

5835 who bring cheques for the banks to cash,

5836 And for these the banks must pay money.

5837 And you must know how they pay, and

5838 when and on what days there are markets

5839 and in which seasons are the fairs, and

5840 when they need money in which where

5841 and what are the rates of exchange

5842 (Messire Uzzano in 1442)

5843 To have shortage neither in time nor in place

5844 but to have money there ready

5845 for sailing of ships, wangles of merchants

5846 and for the due pay for soldiers

5847 both from commune or overlord,

5848 and you must work day and night

5849 to keep up with your letters.

5850 Eleven hours the day, 32 centimes the hour

5851 "And you stole it"

5852 said the employer at Orbe

5853 After the boss had worn out his best only shoes.

5854 Monday 14th, in the morning.

5855 After six days in the training corps

5856 They sent him back to the front

5857 (documento)

5858 Geschichte und Lebensbilder

5859 Temperature of enormous importance

5860 Erneuerung des Religiosen Lebens

5861 more especially in mountain warfare

5862 In den Deutschen Befreiungskriegen, by Wilhelm Baur

5863 This remarkable work was presented

5864 to the young Uhlan officer

5865 by her imperial majesty Augusta Victoria

5866 with a tender and motherly dedication

[Page 204]
5867 Renewal of higher life

5868 in the struggle for German freedom, 19 hundred and 8,

5869 in mountain warfare,

5870 ordine, contrordine e disordine

5871 "una pace qualunque"

5872 social content to the war.

5873 The young Uhlan was never out of uniform from his

5874 eighth year till the end of the war

5875 contrordine e disordine

5876 Trees, hedges of white thorn, toward San Casciano

5877 were stiff frosted with silver---

5878 20 metres between the trenches

5879 "was identified as the hospital where Mussolini ... from

5880 photo in Corriere di Domenica, and then bombed ...

5881 Feldmarschall Hindenburg in the imperial box

5882 Heard for the first time Mozart and asked what the noise was

5883 all this god damned cultural nonsense.

5884 But Fritz' father had kept the letter

5885 That he, Herr Nvon so Forth, shd. back up

5886 his, Hindenburg's application

5887 for a seven dollar per year increase in pension---

5888 fees due him for having participated in the

5889 Battle of Waffenschlag, in the seventies or whenever.

5890 Una pace qualunque. Over Udine ...

5891 wd. have called that eagle a portent

5892 "Yes, sir, we will file that"

5893 said the seventh under cat's dogkeeper

5894 when he rec'd the Hun ultimatum,

5895 The rest being nacherly on french vacation ... 1914

5896 "At any rate, he had the fleet out."

5897 remarked Winston's mama.

5898 "Never" said Winston to his cousin

5899 "waste time making munitions.

5900 Be a GUN, and shoot other's munitions.

[Page 205]
5901 Don't waste time having ideas."

5902 (cousin deeply impressed .. but

5903 did not achieve lasting preeminence)

5904 in that world which M. Crevel has depicted

5905 in the world of Esperanza, Primrose and Augusta;

5906 of fat fussy old women and of fat fussy old men.

5907 "Sure they want war," said Bill Yeats,

5908 "They want all the young gals fer themselves."

5909 That llovely unconscious world

5910 slop over slop, and blue ribbons

5911 "Pig and Piffle" they called it in private

5912 10 pence per copy to make, 6 pence on the stands

5913 and each year 20 thousand in profits

5914 Pays to control the Times, for its effect on the market

5915 "where there is no censorship by the state

5916 there is a great deal of manipulation ..."

5917 and news sense?

5918 Cosimo First guaranteed it.

5919 To pay 5% on its stock, Monte dei Paschi

5920 and to lend at 5 and ½

5921 Overplus of all profit, to relief works

5922 and the administration on moderate pay ..

5923 that stood even after Napoleon.

5924 Said C. H. "To strangle the bankers ...?"

5925 And Woergl in our time?

5926 To the Count de Vergennes. Paris, August. 1785

5927 Consumption tobacco, esteemed in francs

5928 15 to 30 million pounds, let us say it may be 24

5929 delivered in ports of France @ 8 sous

5930 9 million 600 thousand

5931 at the rate 6 sous to manufacture

5932 7 million and something

5933 revenue to the King 30 million

5934 to the consumer 72

[Page 206]
5935 expense of the tax in collection is therefore

5936 say 25 million

5937 presumptuous to assume

5938 Twenty million frenchmen, 19 millions accursed, Mrs. Trist,

5939 In every material circumstance.....

5940 Public debt increasing at about one million a year

5941 You will see by Gallatin's speeches....

5942 Saddled by bank, led by a bridle

5943 National property being increased ...

5944 must furnish adequate representation ...

5945 all imported commodities are raised about 50 percent

5946 Vol. IX. 337, Lands rose in a vortex of paper,

5947 not here where the banks do not reach

5948 Mechanics get 1.50 a day

5949 But are worse off than with the old wages....

5950 Independent use of our money ... toward holding our bank.

5951 Mr Jefferson to Colonel Monroe

5952 120 million german fuses used by the allies to kill Germans

5953 British gunsights from Jena

5954 Schneider Creusot armed Turkey

5955 Copper from England thru Sweden ... Mr Hatfield

5956 Patented his new shell in eight countries.

ad interim 1933
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5957 We ought, I think, to say in civil terms: You be

5958 damned'

5959 (Palmerston, to Russell re/ Chas. H. Adams)

5960 'And how this people CAN in this the fifth

5961 et cetera year of the war, leave that old etcetera up

5962 there on that monument!' H. G. to E. P. 1918

5963 Lex salica! lex Germanica, Antoninus

5964 said law rules at sea

5965 FIXED in the soul, nell' anima, of the Illustrious College

5966 They had been ten years proposing such a Monte,

5967 That is a species of bank---damn good bank, in Siena

5968 A mount, a bank, a fund a bottom an

5969 institution of credit

5970 a place to send cheques in and out of

5971 and yet not yet a banco di giro, and the Bailey

5972 sought views from the Senate 'With paternal affection

5973 justice convenience of city what college had with such

5974 foresight wherefore S. A. (Your Highness) as in register

5975 Nov. 1624

5976 following details: as third, a Yearly balance

5977 as 5th that any citizen shall have right to deposit

5978 and to fruits therefrom resultant at five percent annual interest

5979 and that borrowers pay a bit over that

5980 for services (dei ministri) that is for running expenses

5981 and book keeping which shall be counted a half scudo

5982 per hundred per year

5983 (All of this is important)

5984 and 6thly that the Magistrate

5985 give his chief care that the specie
[Page 210]
5986 be lent to whomso can best use it USE IT

5987 (id est, piú utilmente)

5988 to the good of their houses, to benefit of their business

5989 as of weaving, the wool trade, the silk trade

5990 And that (7thly) the overabundance every five years shall the

5991 Bailey

5992 distribute to workers of the contrade (the wards) holding in

5993 reserve a prudent proportion as against unforeseen losses

5994 though there shd. be NO such losses

5995 and 9th that the borrowers can pay up before the end of their

5996 term whenso it be to their interest. No debt to run more than

5997 five years.

5998 July 1623

5999 Loco Signi

6000 x [a cross in the margin]

6001 That profit on deposits should be used to cover all losses

6002 and the distributions on the fifth year be made from remaining

6003 profits, after restoration of losses no (benché) matter how

6004 small

6005 with sane small reserve against future idem

6006 I, Livio Pasquini, notary, citizen of Siena, most faithfully copied

6007 July 18th. 1623

6008 Consules, Iudices, and notary public pro serenissimo

6009 attest Livio's superscript next date being November.

6010 wave falls and the hand falls

6011 Thou shalt not always walk in the sun

6012 or see weed sprout over cornice

6013 Thy work in set space of years, not over an hundred.

6014 That the Mount of Pity (or Hock Shop)

6015 municipal of Siena has lent only on pledges

6016 that is on stuff actually hocked ... wd be we believe useful

6017 and beneficent that there be place to lend licitly

6018 MONEY to receive licitly money

6019 at moderate and legitimate interest

[Page 211]
6020 was sent months ago to YYour HHighness AA VV a memorial

6021 to erect a New Mountain

6022 could accept specie from Universities (id est congregations)

6023 and individuals and from Luoghi

6024 i.e. companies and persons both public and private


6026 not requiring that they have special privilege

6027 because of their state or conditions but to folk of


6029 that the same Mount cd/lend on good Mallevadoria

6030 (that is security) at the same rate plus a little over

6031 to cover current expenses of supervisors and employees

6032 & being sent to YY. HHighnesses (AA. VV. = YY HH)

6033 that you might understand it

6034 that it be brought to consideration with certain details

6035 discussed first orally and then put into writing

6036 (in what wd. seem to have been 1622)

6037 Stating that Siena had no income and Their Highnesses

6038 had provided credit from customs

6039 and from miscellaneous taxes

6040 and that the Grand Duke hadn't lost anything by it

6041 Plus a list of Sienese assets (coolish)

6042 Plus a lien on 'The Abundance'

6043 And knowing that all this is but a little

6044 Pledge the persons and goods of the laity

6045 And leave open door to other towns in the state

6046 who care to give similar pledges

6047 And that whoso puts in money shall have lots in the Monte

6048 that yield 5% interest

6049 and that these shareholders shall receive their due fruit

6050 And that the Gd Duke make known at Siena

6051 to the same deputies of the Bailey ...

6052 but that it be separate from the Pawn Shop

6053 and have its own magistrates and employees

6054 and that YYour HHighnesses send approbation
[Page 212]
6055 commanding their will, we humbly with reverence

6056 ... the 29th day of Xember 1622 ...

6057 servants of YYour HHighnesses

6058 Nicolo de Antille

6059 Horatio Gionfiglioli

6060 Sebastiano Cellesi

6061 TTheir HHighnesses gratified

6062 the city of this demand to

6063 erect a New Monte

6064 for good public and private and to facilitate ...

6065 ..agreed to accommodate

6066 ......and to lend the fund against the Gd Duke's

6067 public entries to the sum of

6068 200,000 scudi

6069 capital for fruit at 5% annual

6070 which is 10,000 a year

6071 assigned on the office of grazing

6072 on caution of said security offered

6073 leaving ground for other towns that

6074 wish to participate

6075 with TTheir HHighnesses

6076 approbations as follows:

6077 Maria Maddalena Tutrice

6078 Horo della Rena 30 Xembre 1622

6079 Needs a stamp

6080 refer to

6081 the Governor

6082 Fabbizio bollo

6083 vedo

6084 Governatore the illustrious Bailey

6085 executed in toto & as per true rescript of

6086 TTheir HHighnesses

6087 2 Jan 1622

6088 Cenzio Grcolini

6089 which date goes in the Sienese calendar
[Page 213]
6090 whereof December was the x th month and

6091 March was the New Year

6092 ACTUM SENIS, the

6093 Parish of San Joannij in the Gd Ducal Palace

6094 present the Marquis Joanne Christophoro the

6095 illustrious Marquis Antony Mary of Malaspina

6096 and the most renowned Johnny something or other de Binis

6097 Florentine Senator, witness and I notary undersigned

6098 Ego Livius Pasquinus of Marius

6099 (deceased) filius Apostolic Imperial and Pontifical notary

6100 public Judge Ordinary, Citizen of Siena

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