The last meeting with my classmates

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The last meeting with my classmates

The last meeting with my classmates.

When we grow up we often remember old things. In which one thing we always remember and that is old friends of childhood. The time spent with them the fun we have with them is still clearly visible in our mind.

Now I am gonna to talk about the last meeting with my friends. When I got home from study, my classmates invited me to a meeting together. I was very happy. We have determined the exact place. We have scheduled the meeting for January 21st Our day was enjoyable. I hadn’t seen my classmates since a long time so I didn’t notice how time passed with them. We went to a restaurant. After that we went to our teacher’s house. She was very happy that we had gone. Then we went to our school garden and remembered the days when we were young. Our time passed quickly as our conversation became more interesting. We took a lot of pictures for memory. I love and respect my classmates. We will meet again.

One special thing about childhood friends is that we never see such beautiful and true friends again in our entire life. People are lucky to have such friends who have been together since childhood.
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