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ICCE-24 July 17-23, 2016 Haikou, Hainan Island, China


Nobel Lecture (Nobel Laureate Chemistry 2010) 50 min


^Cross-Coupling Reactions of Organoboranes: An Easy Way for Carbon-Carbon Bonding

Akira Suzuki (U. Hokkaido, Japan)
9:50-10:30AM 40 min

ICCE Lecture (foreign member US National Academy of Science)

^Porous Composite Nanomaterials for Hydrogren Storage

Jaehyun Bae, Jeongwoon Hwang, Jisoon IHM (Seoul Nat. U.,S. Korea) 23

10:30AM-11:10AM 40 min

ICCE Lecture (editor in chief Composites Sci and Tech.)

Microstructural Design and Additive Manufacturing of Multi-Directional Preforms and their Composites

Zhenzhen Quan, Tsu-Wei CHOU (U. Delaware)

11:10AM-11:25AM 15 min break

^Trash to Treasure: Value Added Composites from Waste Derived Biochar

Oisik Das, Debes BHATTACHARYYA (U. Auckland, New Zealand) 93


^Graphitic Carbon Growth on 10B Lead Pencil Drawn White Paper

Satoru KANEKO (Kanagawa Inst.Tech Center, Japan ) 227

^Smart and Multifunctional Composite Materials and Structures: Opportunities and Challenges

Jinsong LENG (Harbin Inst. Tech., China) zzz
1:25PM-1:40PM 15 min break

^Investigating Process-Structure Relations of ZnONanofibervia ElectrospinningProcess for

Piezoelectricity Na LU (Purdue U., West Lafayette, IN) 355

^Nanostructured Oxide Thin Films For Sustainable Development

Paolo Mele (Muroran Inst. of Tech., Japan)

^Recent Research Trends Of Interfacial Evaluation Of Nano And Micro-Composites By

Electromicromechanical Tests And Wettability Joung-Man PARK

(Gyeongsang Nat. U., Jinju, S. Korea)

3:40PM-4:50PM 10 min break

^The Next Generation Spintronics with Hybrid and 2D Materials

Yongbing XU (York U., UK and Joint York-Nanjing Center) 583

^A Facile Aproach To Synthesizing Graphene/Polymer Composites By In Situ Intercalation

Polymerization Zuowan ZHOU (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)

^CERIA-Based Composite Materials And Advanced Applications

Bin Zhu (Hubei U.,Wuhan, and Royal Inst.Tech., Sweden) 747

Tuesday 9:00AM-11:00AM (room A)

Materials for sustainable energy generation and conversion (including thermal conductivity session)

Sustainable 1: Thermoelectrics session–organized by team Harmonized Oxides (THO) Japan

TUESDAY Morning– first opening session

Chairs: Paolo Mele (Muroran Inst.Tech., Japan), Abdalla M Darwish(Dillard U., New Orleans)

^Fabrication And Evaluation Of Thermoelectric Modules Based On Bulk And Thin Film Oxides Paolo Mele (Muroran Inst.Tech., Japan), S. Saini, A. Tiwari (U. Utah), K. Miyazaki, K. Matsumoto (Kyushu Inst.Tech., Japan) 379 Invited

^Ultralight Conducting PEDOT: PSS/Carbon Nanotubes Aerogels Doped With Silver ForThermoelectric

Materials Xijing Sun, Yanhong Wei, Juanjuan Li, Jinghong Zhao, Lijuan Zhao, Quan Li

(Sichuan Normal U., Chengdu, China) 483

^Thermoelectricity Function Of PEDOT:PSS Thin Film Doped With PBSEQDS Coated Graphene Jingjing Li (Hong Kong Poly U., China), Feipeng DU (Wuhan U.T., China), Ling Chen,

Wing-Cheung Law, Chak Yin Tang (Hong Kong Poly U., China) 311

^Polyurethane Based Thermoelectric Composites And The Potential In Wearable Electronics Qian Wu, Jinlian Hu (Hong Kong Poly U., China) 561

Tuesday 9:00AM-11:00AM (room B)


^Analysis and Characterization of Novel Avian Keratin Fibre Based Bio-composites Firoozeh Pourjavaheri, Farzad Mohaddes, Oliver A.H. Jones, Frank Sherkat (RMIT, Melbourne, Australia), Ing Kong (U. Nottingham, Malaysia Campus), Arun Gupta (U. Malaysia Pahang), Robert A. Shanks (RMIT, Melbourne) zzz

^Efficient Isolation Of Cellulose Nanoparticle From Kenaf Fibre Using Response Surface Methodology

Mohammad Reza Ketabchi, Mohammad Khalid Siddiqui (U. Nottingham, Malaysia campus),

Rashmi Walvekar (Taylor's Univ., Selangor, Malaysia), Ing Kong (U. Nottingham, Malaysia

campus) zzz

^Impact Of Water-Fuel Microemulsion On Level Emission Of Nitrogen Oxides In Exhaust Gases Antoni Jankowski, Miroslaw Kowalski (Air Force Inst. Tech., Warsaw, Poland) zzz

^Thermal Stability And Flmmability Of PA612 Composites Reinforced With 2d-Alumina Platelets

PingAn Song (U. Southern Queensland, Australia, & Zhejiang A&F U., China), Hao Wang

(U. Southern Queensland) zzz

^The Effect Of The Image Noise On The Composite Material Chacterization Using Digital Image Correlation Technique Tiren He, Liu Liu, Hongliang Qu (Beijing Inst. Tech., China) 695

^Hyperthermal-Hydrogen Induced Surface Cross-Linking Reaction For Polymer Surface Engineering

Changyu Tang, Hong Shao, Zhoukun He, Jun Mei, Woon-ming Lau (Chengdu Green Energy...Center,

China) 737

^Surface Wettability Of Silicone Rubber/Silica Composites Zhoukun He, Changyu Tang, Jun Mei, Woon-ming Lau (Chengdu Green Energy... Center, China) 697

^Printing of Polymer Electrodes For Organic Electronics: An In-Situ Study of PEDOT:PSS Film Formation Peter Mueller-Buschbaum,Claudia M. Palumbiny, Alexander Hexemer, Cheng Wang (TU Muenchen, Germany), Feng Liu (Lawrence Berkeley N.L., Berkeley,Calif.), Thomas P. Russell (U. Massachusetts,Amherst) 393

Tuesday 9:00AM-11:00AM (room C)


^Analysis of Structural Sandwich Plates with Rate-Sensitive Sinusoidal Corrugated Cores

Y. Shi, M. Fraser, H.S. Zurob (McMaster U., Hamilton, Canada), D.J. Lloyd (Canada), J.D. Embury,

Peidong Wu (McMaster U.)

^Development Efficient Size-Dependent Plate Models For Axial Buckling Of Single-Layered Graphene

Sheets Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation Babak Safaei (Islamic Azad U., Iran), S. Sahmani

(Amirkabir U.T., Iran), A. Rahmani, A.M. Fattahi (Islamic Azad U.) 733

^Mesoscopic Continuum Theory For Complex Materials With Application To Liquid Crystals And Fiber

Suspensions C. Papenfuss (Hoch Tech Wirt Berlin, Germany) 725 mon-Thurs

^Dynamic Crash Responses of Aluminum Honeycomb Saqndwich Structures with CFRP Panels

Yinghan Wu, Qiang Liu (Sun Yat-Sen U., Guangzhou, China), David Hui (U. New Orleans) 741

^Stripping Control Ways Of Honeycomb Structure Zhonggang WANG (Central South U., Changsha, China) 547

^Mechanical Behavior Of Tandem Honeycomb Structure Zhonggang WANG (Central South U., Changsha, China) 533

^Investigation Of Pin-Loaded Aerospace Laminates Yu SHI (U. Chester, UK), Edward D. McCarthy, Constantinos Soutis (U. Manchester, UK) 463 Tues

Tuesday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room A

  1. Sustainable 2:Thermal conductivity session–organized by team Harmonized Oxides (THO) Japan

TUESDAYsecond morning session

Chairs: Paolo Mele (Muroran Inst.Tech., Japan), Fanbin Meng (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China)
^In Situ Intercalation Polymerization Approach To PA6/Graphene For Enhanced Thermal Conductivity Fanbin Meng, Jingjing Chen, Fei Huang, Zeyong Wang, Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China) 721 invited Tues-Wed

^Measurement And Prediction Of The Effective Thermal Conductivity Of The Rigid Polyurethane Foam Wenzhen FANG, Quan-Xin Nian, Wen-Quan Tao (Xian Jiaotong U., China) 121

^Study On The Dispersion Method Of CNF For High Thermal Conductivity In CNF/Cu Nanocomposites Ari Shin, Jun Hyun HAN (Chungnam Nat.U., Daejeon, S. Korea) 465 Tue-Thurs

^Exceptionally High Thermal Conductivity Of Three Dimensional Graphene Foam Based Polymer Composites Jinhong Yu, Zhiduo Liu, Cheng-Te Lin, Nan Jiang (NIMTE, Ningbo, China) 615

^Prediction Of Effective Thermal Conductivities Of 8-Harness Satin Woven Pierced Composites Jian-Jun Gou, Xing-Jie Ren, Wen-Zhen Fang (Xian Jiaotong U., China), Shuguang Li (U. Nottingham, UK), Wen-Quan Tao (Xian Jiaotong U.) 155

Tuesday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room B


Thurs 9-11AM

^In-Vitro Depth-Dependent Hyperthermia of Human Mammary Gland Adenocarcinoma Donglu Shi, Andrew Dunn, Yu Zhang (U. Cincinnati, Ohio) 455 invited

^Influence of Composite Coating on AZ31 Mg Alloy Biodegradation And Biocompatibility Hamouda M. Mousa (Chonbuk Nat. U. & South Valley U., Qena, Egypt), Chan Hee Park, Cheol Sang Kim (Chonbuk Nat. U., S. Korea) 723

^Graphene Oxide Incorporated Gelatin-Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Biopolymer Composites Designed For Hard Tissue Engineering Applications Mariana Ionita, L.E. Crica(U. Poli Bucharest, Romania), H. Tiainen, H.J. Haugen (U. Oslo, Norway), E. Vasile (Poli Bucharest), S. Dinescu, M. Costache (U. Bucharest), H. Iovu (U. Politeh Bucharest) 701 invited

^Fabrication of Chitosan/Polymer Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Drug Deliveryby Gelation-Emulsion Method W.F. Huang, C.P. Tsui, C.Y. Tang (Hong Kong Poly U., China) 201

^Facile Fabrication Of Biodegradable Drug-Loaded Chitosan/Poly(Lactic-Co-Glycolic Acid) Microspheres Via O/W Pickering Emulsions Jiaxin WANG, Ling Chen, Wing Cheung Law (Hong Kong Poly U.,China), Da Zhu Chen (Shenzhen U., Guangzhou, China), Chak Yin TANG (Hong Kong Poly U.) 523

^Ballistic Impact Simulation Bio-Inspired Scale-Like Protection System Deju Zhu, Peng Liu (HunanU., Changsha, China) 667

^Corrosion Behaviors And Biocompatibility Of Magnesium Alloy Modified By Alkali Heating Treatment And Hydrofluoric Acid Treatment Chang-Jiang Pan, Yu Hou, Tao Gong, Tao Liu, Wei Ye, Hong-Yan Ding (Huaiyin Inst.Tech., Huai An,China), David Hui (U. New Orleans)407 Tues-Thurs

Tuesday 11:00AM-1:00PM Room C


^Branch-And-Bound Algorithm As A Step Of Optimization Process For Composites Yvan B. Murta, Clovis A. E. Ferreira (Embraer Brazil, Sao Jose dos Campos) 395

^Analysis Of Transverse Cracking In Aged And Cracked [Βm/Θn]SComposite Laminates - Desorption Case M. Khodjet-kesba, A. Benkhedda, E.B. Adda, B. Boukert (Inst Aero Spatiales,Algeria) 241

^Nanoscale Modeling And Simulation Of The Monolithic “Globule” C-S-H Structure And Elastic Modulus Assessment of LD and HD C-S-H Hydrated Phases In Cementitious Materials Jia Fu, Fabrice Bernard, Siham KAMALI-Bernard (Rennes, France) 135

^Thermal Tomography Characterization Of Impact Damage In Multi-Layer Polyaramide Materials Waldemar Swiderski (Military Inst.Armament Tech., Zielonka, Poland) 487

^Integrated Stochastic Interval Static Stability Analysis Of Structures Wei Gao, Di Wu (UNSW, Sydney, Australia) 141

^Multiscale Homogenization Analysis Of Interval Heterogeneous Materials At Finite Deformations Juan Ma, Feng Lin (Res Ceb App. Mech., Xian, China), Wei Gao (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

^Probabilistic Interval Analysis Of Natural Frequency Of Structure With Uncertainties Jinwen Feng, Di Wu, Wei Gao,

Guoyin Li (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

LUNCH 1:00PM-1:50PM
Tuesday 1:50PM-3:50PM Room A

Oxides nanocomposites and heterostructures–organized by team Harmonized Oxides (THO) Japan

Session Oxides 1: TUESDAYfirst afternoon session,room A

Chairs: Kanji YASUI(Nagaoka Univ.Tech., Japan), Na LU (Purdue U., West Lafayette, IN)
^Heteroepitaxial Growth Of Zinc Oxide Thin Films By A Catalytic Reaction-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition Kanji YASUI, Ryouichi Tajima, Yasuhiro Tamayama (Nagaoka Univ.Tech., Japan), Abdul Manaf Hashim (Univ. Technol. Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur) 603 INVITED

^Triple-Beam Triple-Target Pulsed Laser Depostion Of Polymer Nanocomposite Films With Rare-Earth And AZO Additives Abdalla M Darwish, Abdul Aziz Muhammad, Deonte Alexander, Hong Dai (Dillard U., New Orleans), Sergey Sarkisov (SSS Optical, Huntsville, AL), Darayas Patel (Oakwood U., Huntsville,AL), Paolo Mele (Muroran Inst.Tech., Japan) , Brent Koplitz (Tulane U., New Orleans), David Hui (U. New Orleans), Seong Shan Yap (Multimedia U., Malaysia) 91 TUESDAY after lunch

^Room Temperature Growth Of Tin Doped Indium Oxide Films On Glass And Polymer Chen Hon Nee, Teck Yong Tou (Multimedia U., Selangor, Malaysia), Seong Ling Yap (U. Malaya), Abdalla M. Darwish (Dillard U., New Orleans), David Hui (U. New Orleans), Seong Shan Yap (Multimedia U.) 399 TUESDAY after lunch

^Effect of Al2O3 Buffer Layer On The Properties Of Sputtered VO2 Thin Films

Dainan Zhang, Ying XiongTianlong WENDonghong QiuQiye Wen (UESTC, Chengdu, China)James Kolodzey (U. Delaware) 633

^Structure and Electromechanical Properties of MoxV2-x O5+y Nanosheets Shan Lu, Zhongdan Xue, Yuqing Chen, Xu Ma,Fangchao Wan, Quanyao Zhu (Wuhan U.T., China) 357

Tuesday 1:50PM-3:50PM Room B


^Hyperthermal Hydrogen Induced Cross-linking Surface to Enhance the Stability of Micro Pillar Chao Bao, Woon-ming Lau, Jun Mei (Chengdu Green Energy Green Manuf. Cen., China), David Hui (U. New Orleans), Yu Liu (Chengdu Green Energy Green Manuf.Cen.) 29

^Electrical Properties Of Carbon Based Filler For Conductive Polymer Composite Mohd Yusuf Zakaria, Abu Bakar Sulong, Jaafar Sahari, Norhamidi Muhamad (UKM, Selangor, Malaysia) 619

^Thermal And Mechanical Lightweight Rime-Like Carbon-Phenolic Nanofoam Changqing Hong,Haiming Cheng, Xinghong Zhang, Huafei Xue(Harbin I.T., China) 181

^Experimental Studies On The JSR Photo-Induced Surface Control Polymer For Cell Culturing Template Kian Shen Kiang, A. Desalvo, S. Peteers, K. Hoshiko, H. Hamaguchi, H.M.H. Chong

(U. Southampton, UK) 243

^Healable Thermoset Composite With Ionomer Healing Agent Samuel I. Ibekwe, Chidinma C. Imediegwu (Southern U., Baton Rouge, LA), Guoqiang Li (Southern U.,& Louisiana State U.) 107

^Preparation Of Novel Silica And Its Effect On The Properties Of NaturalRubber Qinghong Fang, Peng Quan, Pengyu Zhang (Shenyang U.Chem.Tech., China),Tiam-Ting Tee, Tin-Sin Lee (UTAR, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), , David Hui (U. New Orleans) 119

^Effect of Deposition Temperature on Bimetallic PtCu Membrane Electrode Catalytic Activity Toward

Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Zhansheng Zhang, Bin Yang (Kunming U. Sci.Tech., China) 649

^Family Of Curves Based Fiber Path Optimization In Composite Laminate With A Center Hole Yingdan Zhu, Dong Liu, Haibing Xu, Chun Yan (NIMTE, CAS, Ningbo, Cina), Jiancai Liu (Changan Auto Global, Chongqing, China), Bin Huang (Ningbo U., Ningbo, China), David Hui (U. New Orleans) 673
Tuesday 1:50PM-3:50PM Room C


^The Effects Of Damping On The Dynamic Stability Of Elastic Columns Subjected To Constant Velocities Kang Gao, Di Wu, Wei Gao (UNSW, Sydney, Australia) 139

^Flatwise Compression Properties Of Carbon-Fiber Pyramidal Truss Core Panel Taking Account Of Missing Struts Hongshuai Lei, Weibin Wen, Kai Yao (Peking U., Beijing,China), Daining Fang (Beijing U. & Beijing Inst.Tech., China) 297

^Computational Modeling Of Flow Through Circular VolumeRepresenting A Porous Medium Ali H. Abdulkarim (Kirkuk U., Iraq), Ali Ates, Kemal Altinisik, Eyüb Canli (Selcuk U., Konya, Turkey), Muhammad A. Omar (Kafkas U., Kars, Turkey) 5

^High Speed Photography of Deformation and Fracture Processes Valeriy LEPOV, Victor Petrov, Nikolay Golikov (IPTPN, Yakutsk, Russia) 299

^A Study On Auxetic Structures Reinforced Intelligent Composites Muhammet Uzun (RWTH Aachen U., Germany and Marmara U., Turkey) 511

^Application of Collagen Boosters on Novel Nonwoven Composite Wound Dressings Muhammet Uzun (Marmara U., Istanbul, Turkey), Subhash C. Anand, Tahir Shah (Bolton U., UK) 509

^Dispersion Characteristics Of A Nonlinear Coninuous Periodic System Longxiang Dai, Hongping Hu,(Huazhong U. Sci.Tech., Wuhan, China), David Hui (U. New Orleans) 89

short break 3:50PM-4:00PM

Tuesday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room A

Session Oxides 2: TUESDAYsecond afternoon session, room A

Chairs: Na LU(Purdue U., West Lafayette, IN)Kanji YASUI(Nagaoka Univ.Tech., Japan),
^Facile Synthesis And Characterization Of Silver Support Zinc Oxide Nano Particles I.B. Laskar, S. Chatterjee, K.M Pandey (Nat. Inst.Tech. Assam, India) 281

^Thermal, Electrical And Mechanical Properties Of Poly(4-Methyl-1-Pentene)/Antimony-Doped Tin Oxide Nanocomposites Sang Bum Kim, Sun Jong Lee, Young-Tai Choi (Korea Inst. Ind. Tech., S. Korea), Gwang-Tae Kim, Eun-Hong Park, Eun-Soo PARK (Seoul, S. Korea) 267

^The Degradation and Resistance of Glass Fibre Polymer Composites against Ultraviolet Radiation by Using ZnO

Nanoparticle Tsz-ting Wong (Hong Kong Poly U., China), Kin-tak Lau (Swinburne U.T., Melbourne, Australia), Julie A Etches (U. Bristol, UK) 553

^Synergistic Antibacterial Effect Of Multiscale Nanocomposites Based On T-ZnO Xiaoling Xu, Yuan Xie, Jialing Liu, Dan Li, Xin Yuan, Yanjiao Ma, Xing Duan,Zuowan Zhou (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China) 743 invited

Tuesday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room B


^Numerical Simulation Of Printing Process In Additive Manufacturing Ying MAO, Ming-Hisao Lee, Wen-Hwa, Chen (Nat. Tsing Hua U., Hsinchu) 375

^Amplitude And Frequency Dependence Of Magnetorheological Composites Based On Iron Sand And Natural Rubber S. Raa Khimi (U. Sains Malaysia, Penang), K. L. Pickering (U. Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand) 239

^Temperature Effect On Performance Of RadarAbsorbing Carbon Nanocomposites Jinbong Kim (Korea Inst. Mat.Sci., Changwon, S.Korea) 257

^Shape-memory Polymer Composites for Electrical Actuation Zhenghong Li, Yongtao Yao, Haibao Lu (Harbin I.T., China) 321

^Accelerated Curing Technology Of Polymer Materials Zhipeng Wang, Xiaopeng Liang (Harbin Engineering U., China), T.A. Guzeva (Bauman Moscow State Tech U., Russia) 535

^Multi-Criteria Optimization Of Epoxy Resins Composition For Glass And CarbonReinforced Plastics Zhipeng Wang, Xiaopeng Liang (Harbin Engineering U., China), G.V. Malysheva (Bauman Moscow State Tech U., Russia) 537

^Composite Electrode Using Spark Plasma Sintering Process for All-Solid-State Batteries Sung Pil Woo (Yonsei U., Seoul, S. Korea), Seok Hee Lee (Gachon U., Gyeonggi, S. Korea), Woo Young Lee(Yonsei U.), Young Soo Yoon (Gachon U.) 555

Tuesday 2:00PM-4:00PM Room C


^Mechanical Performance of an Innovative Connection for GFRP Space Latticed Shell Structures Fu JiaLuo (Monash U., Australia), YujunQi (Nanjing Tech U., China), Wei Liu (Central South U., Changsha, China), Yu Bai (Monash U., Australia), Hai Fang, HuiyuanShi (Nanjing Tech. U., China) 687

^Thermal Stability And Flmmability Of PA612 Composites Reinforced With 2D-Alumina Platelets Ping’an Song (U. Southern Queensland, Australia and Zhejiang A&F U.), Hao Wang (U. Southern Queensland) zz

^Experimental Study on Flexural Performance of GFRPComposite SandwichBeams with Wood-Plastic Composite Core Leng Yuan, Qi Yu-jun, Liu Wei-qing (Nanjing Tech U., China) 705

^Experimental Study Of Mode I Interfacial Fracture And Damage Behavior Of Sandwich Panels At Elevated And High Temperature Chenhao Zhang, Lu Wang, Weiqing Liu (Nanjing Tech U., China), David Hui (U. New Orleans) 745

^Optimal Design Of Sandwich Panels With GFRP Face Sheets And A Foam-Web Core Based On Genetic Algorithm Tao He, Lu Wang, Weiqing Liu (Nanjing Tech U., China), David Hui (U. New Orleans) 693

^Expermental Study of Mode Interfacial Fracture and Damage Behavior Of Sandwich Panels at Elevated And High Temperature Yali Ma, Lu Wang, Weiqing Liu (Nanjing Tech U., China), David Hui (U. New Orleans) 715

^Deterioration Mechanism Of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites In Seawater Environment

Based On Quantum Dot Sensors Yuan Fang, Danyang Xu, Shulan Yang, Weiqing Liu (Nanjing Tech U., China), David Hui (U. New Orleans) 685

Wednesday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room A

Materials chemistry–organized by team Harmonized Oxides (THO) Japan
WEDNESDAY ROOM A, opening morning session

Chairs: Tamio Endo (Gifu U., Japan), Satoru Kaneko (KAnagawa Indus Tech., Ebina, Japan),
^Nanocomposites Consisting Of Gold/Silver And Semiconductors Via Wet-Chemistry Approaches Hui Liu, Yan Feng, Dong Chen, Jun YANG (CAS, Beijing, China) 335

^Facile One-Pot Synthesis Of Sn-Cu-Graphene Composite Electrode For Li Ion Batteries Erdem KILICASLAN, Mehmet Uysal, Hasan Algul, Mahmud Tokur, Tugrul Cetinkaya, Seyma Ozcan, Hatem Akbulut (Sakarya U., Turkey) 245

^Synthesis Of Nano Particles And Fiber-Like Shape Boron Carbide Powder From Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) (105) And Boric Acid Nazar Shawgi, San Xi Li, Ya Nan Nie (Shenyang U.T.,. China) 451

^Synthesis of 3D Achitechtured Electrodes Materials based on Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanotubes and Their Application in Energy Storage Hao Liu (Chengdu Sci Tech Dev Cen., CAEP, China) 333

^Synthesis And Antibacterial Properties Of Polypropylene Grafted With Chitosan Jialing Liu, Yuan Xie, Xin Yuan, Dan Li, Xiaoling Xu*, Zuowan Zhou* (Southwest Jiaotong U., Chengdu, China) 709

^Synthesis And Electroactivity Of Reduced Graphene Oxide Films Obtained By Electrochemical Approaches In Aqueous Electrolyte Alina Pruna (Polytech U. Bucharest, Romania), J.A. Zapien, A. Ruotolo (City U., Hong Kong, China), A. Jderu, C. Moise, M. Enachescu (Polytech U. Bucharest, Romania) 425

Wednesday 9:00AM-11:00AM Room B


Tuesday morning 9:00AM-9:45AM Distinguished Keynote Lecture

^Multifunctional Nanocomposites: Fabrication Process and Applications

Soon Hyung HONG (KAIST, Daejeon, S. Korea) 183 monday evening
^Fabrication of La0.2Nd0.47Sr0.33-xCax MnO3 Ceramics By Sol-Gel Technique Xiaohui Chen, Hui Zhang, Fei Jin, Xiang Liu, Qingming Chen (Kunming U.Sci.Tech., China) zzz

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