To “re-present” the core element of the local coordination tasks

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To “re-present” the core element of the local coordination tasks

  • To “re-present” the core element of the local coordination tasks

  • To report on observed dysfunctions at local & project level

  • Based on these elements

Administration/Financial management :

  • Administration/Financial management :

      • Management of your community on a everyday basis
      • Provide guidelines and assistance to your partners, that they are able to deliver work in time and/or to let you know if they have problems
      • Supervision of EACH of your partner budget/activities- cf xls document (budget & Activities.xls per partner)- declared/foreseen/Final result-
        • Financial key documents are A3.1 (full budget) - A.3.3 (next 18 months) in the end of the Annex 1
        • Provide overview/assistance on “financial forecasting” : Make sure that financial forecasting “stick” to what is planned (closest to reality).

List of documents (sent by project coordinator) :

  • List of documents (sent by project coordinator) :

    • Deliverables summary: what ? Who’s involved ? Additional information needed ?
    • Template of annual report (caution : all partners covered ? major cost items covered ? next 18 months description ?)
    • Updated financial sheet of xls doc/ Year 3 DG TREN validation ?
  • Local coordination (close collaboration needed with each partner/ local leaders) :

  • Preparation of their xls doc (description + financial declaration) ? + visit each partner ?

    • Adequate fulfilment of xls doc (description activities + financial sheet)
    • Precise consistence between xls doc & Form C & Audit certificate (flexibility : Clause 39)
    • Make sure “major Costs” are justified
  • Assistance to WP Leader on Annual report production (clearly identify what is asked from them + others involved partners/ locally-internationally).

  • FINAL CHECKING : comparison of figures between xls/Form C/Audit certif + check “activity description” in xls doc.

How & what ? The need of having one and single common format for each partner :

    • How & what ? The need of having one and single common format for each partner :
      • fulfilment of xls document by partners (Description activities + Financial declaration) + Mandatory Language : English
      • For Annual Report progress : WP (local) leader
    • Who? List of main authors (responsible) :
      • WP0 : WP0.1 : Renaissance coordinator (Hespul/GL) + WP0.2 : local coordinator (GL/Hespul + UdZ)
      • WP1: Renaissance leader by sub-WP, i.e.: WP1.1 (UdZ-FINAL/FINAL), WP1.2 (INSA), WP1.3 (LoM !!??), WP1.4 (Urbic), WP1.5 (UdZ)
      • WP2 : separated annual report for WP2.1/2.2 per community (local leaders: UdZ/ Hespul-Enertech) but common for WP2.3 (INSA + UdZ)
      • WP3 : local Leader (SPLA Lyon confluence + SMZV+EVZ): annual report per community
      • WP4 : Renaissance leader (Hespul)
      • WP5 : Renaissance leader (Ayto.Zaragoza)
    • Deadline : mid- October 2009 : To be sent to the Renaissance Coordinator

Thursday - 18th September: launch of the procedure (& especially xls doc)!

  • Thursday - 18th September: launch of the procedure (& especially xls doc)!

  • Friday -19th September 2008: Hespul => Local coordinator all « Budget_activity.xls document”/partner. => EACH Local coordinator to his/her partners

  • Period between 19/09 => 6/10/2008 (2 weeks): Fulfilment of the “Budget_activity.xls document”/partner, with active exchanges with Local coordinator, if necessary.

  •  Wednesday 25th September (Launch of Annual Progress Report per subWP):

  • Hespul => Email to ALL subWP Leaders + Local Coordinator, with Annual progress report

  • Monday the 6th October 2008: FINALISATION of Budget_activity xls document

    • sent it to its Local coordinator
    • One week for Local coordinator to double check/verify & validate these xls doc.
  •  Monday 13th Oct.: VALIDATION of “Budget_activity xls document”

  • Monday 20th Oct.: FINALISATION of the ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT & other Deliverables (see below) + Annexes.

  • Monday, 3rd Nov.:

    • 1) Each partner should send its definitive Form C + Audit certificate to his/her Local Coordinator.
    • 2) Local coordinator should send all Form C + Audit certificate to Hespul
  • From 3rd Nov until the end of November: work of Project coordinator (Hespul)

Delay to submit financial data, reports, annexes

  • Delay to submit financial data, reports, annexes

  • Not using the documentation sent by the project coordinator (but used their “own” documents)

  • Xls document (budget & Activities) = activity description sometimes missing & not in English

  • Activity report not covering all involved partners’ activities, Annex not included or missing

    • No justification of major costs (important for Demonstration; Monitoring,Dissemination (if production), subcontracting activities)
      • double/triple/etc. checking is then needed (wasting time for all)

suggestions (from project coordinator) :

  • suggestions (from project coordinator) :

    • by local coordinator : to send a short summary Email/3 months to project coordinator (and PSG ?) on updating local progress (per sub-WP)
    • To make sure that partners have « foreseen » (scheduled) this reporting process in their annual « work plan »
    • Make sure that the “major costs” are “justified” (especially for WP3 + WP2 (monitoring equipments)
    • Meeting each partner far before the annual reporting process
    • To change the calendar to report ?? To be done late summer ?

Yüklə 445 b.

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