Tossups by Virginia for the 1998 acf regionals

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Tossups by Virginia for the 1998 ACF Regionals
1. He was defeated and killed at Lumphanan in 1057, after an invasion from England made possible by the assistance of Earl Siward of Northumbria. Probably the grandson of Kenneth II, he took power after killing the king in 1040, and defeated a revolt led by Crinan, the father of his predecessor. FTP, identify this king of the Scots, who was killed by Malcolm Canmore, the son of the king he had killed, Duncan I.

Answer: Macbeth

2. It was named in 1834 by von Alberti after the sequence of strata that he studied in Bunter, Muschelkalk, and Keuper. Rocks from this period are often difficult to distinguish from the Permian strate, and the term ÒNew Red SandstoneÓ is often applied to rocks of both periods indiscriminately. FTP, identify this period, which began 225 million years ago and ended 190 million years ago, the first period of the Mesozoic era which was followed by the Jurassic.

Answer: the _Triassic_ period

3. After the death of her father, the protagonist of this novel goes to St. OggÕs to stay with her cousin Lucy, who is engaged to Stephen Guest. After Stephen acts inappropriately on a boating trip, she is ostracized, and only Lucy, Dr. Kenn, and Philip Wakem, the deformed son of the town lawyer, will see her. FTP, identify this novel, first published in 1860, which tells the story of the children of the miller of Dorlcote, Tom and Maggie Tulliver, and which was written by George Eliot.

Answer: The _Mill on the Floss_

4. He was a friend of Pericles, and was invited by him to write a legal code for the new colony of Thurii. All we have of his writings is the first sentence of his _On the Gods_, and most of what we know of his comes from Platonic dialogues, especially the one named for him. FTP, name this Sophist from Abdera, who is best known for his statement that ÒMan is the measure of all things.Ó

Answer: Protagoras

5. He was tricked by General Thomas Jesup, who convinced him to come out of hiding by offering to negotiate for peace. Captured in 1837, he died the next year in a South Carolina prison. FTP, name this Native American leader, who fought from the Everglades after the Government tried to make the Seminoles move West.

Answer: Osceola

6. The clastic type derives from pieces of pre-existing calcareous rock. The organic type is formed from calcareous skeletons, while the precipitated type includes oolite. FTP, identify this kind of sedimentary rock, largely consisting of carbonate minerals such as aragonite, dolomite, and calcite.

Answer: limestone

7. Her third short story collection, _The Golden Apples_, is set in the fictional town of Morgana. Her first collection, _A Curtain of Green_, appeared in 1941 with an introduction by Katherine Ann Porter. FTP, name this author of _The Wide Net_ and _The Bride of the Innisfallen_, who is best known for _Delta Wedding_ and _The OptimistÕs Daughter_.

Answer: Eudora _Welty_

8. He resigned his post as prefect of Grenoble during NapoleonÕs Hundred Days campaign, and died in 1830 of a disease he picked up in Egypt. The son of a tailor, he narrowly escaped the guillotine during the Revolution, and went on to achieve scientific fame for his statement of a law which states that the heat flux through a uniform solid is given by the product of thermal conductivity and the temperature gradient. FTP, name this mathematician, who showed that any arbitrarily repeating function may be represented by the type of series named for him.

Answer: Jean Baptiste _Joseph_ or Baron _Fourier_

9. In 39 A.D. he went to Rome in hope of persuading Caligula to name his king, but failed and was banished to Lugdunum, where he died. When his father died in 4 B.C., he became tetrarch of Peraea and Galilee, and divorced his first wife to marry the wife of his half-brother Philip. FTP, name this ruler of Palestine, the husband of Herodias who ordered the death of John the Baptist.

Answer: _Herod_ Antipas

10. The play ends with Eugene Dorn pulling Boris aside and telling him to get Irina out of the room, because her son has just committed suicide. A subplot involves Masha, the daughter of SorinÕs estate manager, who marries Medvedenko even though she is in love with Constantine Treplev. FTP, identify this 1896 play, subtitled ÒA Comedy in Four Acts,Ó in which Nina Zarechnaya compares herself to the titular bird, and which was written by Anton Chekhov.

Answer: The _Seagull_

11. After the First World War, he wrote solemn choral works like _The Hymn to Jesus_ and _Ode to Death_, but then turned to comic opera with _The Perfect Fool and _At the BoarÕs Head_. His interest in Hindu literature is reflected in his opera _Sida_ and his _Hymns from the Rig-Veda_, while his reading of _The Return of the Native_ inspired him to write the orchestral work _Egdon Heath_. FTP, name this English composer, best known for his _Saint PaulÕs Suite_ and the seven-movement suite he wrote during World War I, _The Planets_.

Answer: Gustav _Holst_

12. He was born the son of the rajah of the Sakya tribe which ruled in Kapilavastu. He died at the age of 80 in Kusinagara. In between, he left his fatherÕs court at the age of 30, and spent six years as an ascetic before settling down beneath a banyan tree in Bihar. FTP, name this religious figure, who taught that life is suffering and that the chief good is non-existence, or Nirvana.

Answer: the _Buddha_ or Gautama _Siddhartha_

13. Book II features a burlesque of the funeral games in the _Aeneid_. In Book I, Bayes is made king in place of the deceased Eusden. The original protagonist was based on Lewis Theobald, who had criticized the authorÕs edition of Shakespeare, but the final version is based on Colley Cibber. FTP, identify this satirical poem in four books, first published anonymously in 1728, a work by Alexander Pope in which Dullness triumphs at the end.

Answer: The _Dunciad_

14. He was nominated for governor of Massachusetts twice by the National party, but after being elected in 1882 was defeated the next year. His 1884 nomination for the presidency was considered as a joke, and he is best remembered for his service in the Civil War, which began when he was appointed major-general of volunteers in 1861. FTP, name this Union officer, who made an expedition against Fort Fisher as a commander in Virginia, but who is best known for the period between May and December, 1862, when he was in absolute control of New Orleans.

Answer: Benjamin _Butler_

15. Its northernmost and southernmost points are the Cap DÕAmbre (duh-AHM-brey) and the Cap Sainte-Marie. The cities of Vangaindrano and Taliara are located near the Tropic of Capricorn, while larger cities include Mahajanga and Antsiranana. FTP, identify this island nation, which is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel, and whose capital is at Antananarivo.

Answer: Madagascar

16. In 1873, he inherited his fatherÕs title, but continued to work in his laboratory at the family estate, Terling Place. BalfourÕs brother-in-law, he succeeded Maxwell in Cambridge, and his classic book on _The Theory of Sound_ was written while he was living on a houseboat on the Nile. FTP, name this British physicist, who won the Nobel Prize for his work on gas densities and argon, best remembered for his attempts to solve the black body problem, which culminated in an equation which was superseded by PlanckÕs quantum theory, a formula which is named for him and Jeans.

Answer: John William _Strutt_ or Baron _Rayleigh_

17. In 1567, he commanded the Judith on John HawkinsÕs expedition to the Gulf of Mexico. Five years later, he set out with the Pasha and the Swan to plunder Panama, and became the first Englishman to see the Pacific Ocean. FTP, name this privateer, who served as a vice admiral to help repel the Spanish Armada, but who is best known as the commander of the Golden Hind who, in 1580, became the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe.

Answer: Sir Francis _Drake_

18. They include Leodes, who is gifted with prophetic powers, and Ctesippus (ktee-SI-pus), who is killed by Philoetius. They are led by Eurymachus (yoo-ri-ma-kus) and Antinous (an-TI-no-us), the first to be shot down. FTP, identify this group of 100 freeloaders, who were all slain by Philoetius, Eumaeus, Telemachus, and Odysseus in Book 22 of the _Odyssey_.

Answer: the _suitors of Penelope_ (accept equivalents)

19. From 1960 to 1964 he worked as editor of the New American Library, a period during which he wrote his first novel, _Welcome to Hard Times_. His later books include _Big as Life_, _Loon Lake_, and _The Book of Daniel_, which is based on the Rosenberg affair. FTP, name this novelist, whose best known works include _WorldÕs Fair_, _Billy Bathgate_, and _Ragtime_.

Answer: Edgar Lawrence _Doctorow_

20. He was trained as a chemical engineer and worked in photochemistry before being appointed to the Potsdam Observatory in 1909. In 1913, he used LeavittÕs research on Cepheid variables to measure stellar distances. FTP, name this astronomer, whose work was published in obscure journals, so that his discovery of a relationship between the spectral color of stars and stellar luminosity was independently made in 1913 by Henry Russell.

Answer: Ejnar _Hertzprung_

21. Although he conducted the Vienna WorkersÕ Symphony Orchestra and founded a choir called the Kunstelle, he spent most of his life living in retirement at Modling. After his music was banned by the Nazis, he worked as a proofreader during World War II, and he was accidentally shot by an American soldier at the end of the war. FTP, name this composer of _Five Pieces for Orchestra_ and _Four Pieces for Violin and Piano_, one of SchoenbergÕs first disciples.

Answer: Anton von _Webern_

22. Features in the north of this province include the Wood Buffalo National Park and the Caribou Mountains. Cities include Red Deer, Peace River, and Medicine Hat. FTP, name this Canadian province, which lies between British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and Montana, and whose capital is Calgary.

Answer: Alberta

23. In 1822, he painted a series of portraits of the inmates of a Paris asylum, of which only five survive. During the Hundred Days, he was so disgusted with the pro-Napoleonic reaction that he joined the Musketeers and accompanied Louis XVIII to the Belgian border. FTP, name this French artist, who is best known today for his lithographs of horses and for his 1819 masterpiece _The Raft of the Medusa_.

Answer: Theodore _Gericault_

Bonuses by Virginia for the 1998 ACF Regionals
1. Identify the following things that are in your muscles, FTP each.

1. In muscle fibers, molecules of this contractile protein consist of a tail, with which it joins with other molecules to form Òthick fragments,Ó and a globular head.

Answer: myosin

2. This protein interacts with myosin to cause muscular contractions.

Answer: actin

3. This functional units of the myofibrils of voluntary muscles are made up of actin and myosin filaments.

Answer: sarcomere
2. Answer the following questions about Maria Theresa, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: This document, written by her father Charles VI, made her his heir.

Answer: the _Pragmatic Sanction_

2. 10 points: Her eldest son, he succeeded her as Emperor in 1780.

Answer: _Joseph II_

3. 15 points: The peace of Aix-la-Chapelle recognized this man, her husband, as Holy Roman Emperor.

Answer: _Francis I_
3. Answer the following questions about an American novel, for the stated number of points.

1. 15 points: The title liquid of this novel belongs to Enoch Emery, a guard at a zoo who steals a mummy and who is last seen wearing a gorilla suit.

Answer: _Wise Blood_

2. 5 points: Who wrote _Wise Blood_?

Answer: Flannery _OÕConner_

3. 10 points: Identify the protagonist of _Wise Blood_, the founder of the Church Without Christ.

Answer: Hazel _Motes_
4. Identify these opera composers FTP each.

1. This RussianÕs operas include _Sadko_, _The Snow Maiden_, and _The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh_.

Answer: Nicolai _Rimsky-Korsakov_

2. His _Cavalliera rusticana_ introduced verismo to opera.

Answer: Pietro _Mascagni_

3. This recently deceased British composer wrote such operas as _The Midsummer Marriage_, _The Knot Garden_, and _King Priam_.

Answer: Michael _Tippett_
5. Identify these third-place finishers in Presidential elections, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: This socialist finished third in the popular vote in 1920.

Answer: Eugene _Debs_

2. 10 points: This socialist finished third in the popular vote in 1932.

Answer: Norman _Thomas_

3. 15 points: Though not a socialist, he finished third in 1960, running as the candidate of the National StatesÕ Rights party.

Answer: Orval _Faubus_
6. Name the following inventors, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: This Italian pioneered long distance radio transmission and oversaw the first transatlantic radio transmission in 1901.

Answer: Guglielmo _Marconi_

2. 15 points: This American wrote what is believed to be the first thesis on the topic of radio in the United States, but is best known for his development of the thermionic triode, which was used to amplify weak electrical signals before being replaced

by the transistor.

Answer: Lee _De Forest_

3. 10 points: His development of the superheterodyne circuit made tuning radios much easier, but he is best known as the inventor of FM radio.

Answer: Edwin _Armstrong_

7. Identify the following characters from DanteÕs _Inferno_ FTP each.

1. In Canto XXX, Adam of Brescia points out two other counterfeiters to Dante. Name either of these figures, one of whom is from the Book of Genesis, the other of whom betrayed Troy to the Greeks.

Answer: _PotipharÕs wife_ or _Sinon_

2. In Canto V, this judge refuses to allow Dante to enter Hell, but is cowed by Virgil.

Answer: Minos

3. In Canto XXVI, Dante meets a flame with a double tip, which contains the souls of Diomedes and this Greek hero.

Answer: Ulysses
8. Answer these questions about the island of Borneo, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: Borneo is shared by three nations. Name them all for five points.

Answers: _Indonesia_, _Malaysia_, _Brunei_

2. 10 points: Though Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei all occupy parts of Borneo, only one of them has its capital on the island. Identify that capital for ten points.

Answer: _Bandar Seri Begawan_

3. 15 points: This sea, which was probably not named for a character from _Star Trek_, lies to the northeast of Borneo, separating it from the Philippines.

Answer: the _Sulu_ sea
9. Identify the authors of the following books concerned with empiricism, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: _An Essay Concerning Human Understanding_

Answer: John _Locke_

2. 10 points: _Essays in Radical Empiricism_

Answer: William _James_

3. 15 points: _Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind_

Answer: Wilfrid _Sellars_
10. Identify the following battles of the sixteenth century for the stated number of points.

1. 10 points: James IV of Scotland was killed at this 1513 battle.

Answer: _Flodden_ Field

2. 5 points: This naval battle of 1571 was a major Ottoman defeat, as only 40 of over 200 Ottoman galleys survived.

Answer: Lepanto

3. 15 points: BaberÕs victory over the sultan of Delhi at this 1526 battle marked the beginning of the Mogul Empire.

Answer: Panipat
11. Answer the following questions about a famous series of literary essays, for the stated number of points.

1. 10 points: Between 1779 and 1781 this British critic published 52 of his _The Lives of the Poets_.

Answer: Samuel _Johnson_

2. 15 points: JohnsonÕs first _Live_ was of this largely forgotten metaphysical poet, best remembered for his translations of Pindar and for his epic poem _Davedeis_.

Answer: Abraham _Cowley_

3. 5 points: Instead of Abraham Cowley, Johnson had originally proposed to start with this English poet, who died in 1400.

Answer: Geoffrey _Chaucer_
12. Identify these anthropologists, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: Her best known works of ethnography include _Sex and Temperament_ and _Coming of Age in Samoa_.

Answer: Margaret _Mead_

2. 10 points: This pioneer of cultural psychology is best known for _Patterns of Culture_ and _The Chrysanthemum and the Sword_.

Answer: Ruth _Benedict_

3. 15 points: His work on ritual in the Ndembu society of Africa, published in _Forest of Symbols_, inaugurated the symbolic investigations of the 1970s.

Answer: Victor _Turner_
13. Name the following twentieth century architects FTP each.

1. He designed the self-contained Ò4-DÓ house, and became known for his ÒDymaxionÓ principle of maximization of materials.

Answer: Buckminster _Fuller_

2. This pioneer of glass and steel design is best known for the Seagram Building in New York.

Answer: Mies _van der Rohe_

3. Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, and le Corbusier were all pupils of this German architect, best known for his design of the AEG turbine factory in Berlin.

Answer: Peter _Behrens_
14. Identify these Supreme Court decisions FTP each.

1. This 1793 case led to the passage of the 11th Amendment, as the court upheld federal jurisdiction in cases involving one state and a citizen of another state.

Answer: _Chisholm v. Georgia_

2. In this 1908 case, the court ruled that secondary boycotts were restraints of trade under the Sherman Antitrust Act.

Answer: the _Danbury Hatters_ case or _Loewe v. Lawler_

3. This 1810 decision was the first in which the court ruled a state law to be unconstitutional.

Answer: _Fletcher v. Peck_
15. Identify the early physicists for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: His _Siderius Nuncius_ announced the discovery of some moons, while his _Dialogue Concerning Two World Systems_ lent support to the heliocentric model of the Solar System.

Answer: _Galileo_ Galilei

2. 10 points: This student of Galileo invented the barometer, and is considered the father of hydrodynamics.

Answer: Evangelista _Torricelli_

3. 15 points: In 1586, this Dutch mathematician published the results of an experiment he had conducted with two lead spheres, observing that objects of different weights fall at the same rate four years before GalileoÕs celebrated experiment to that effect.

Answer: Simon _Stevinius_
16. Identify these Hindu texts for the stated number of points.

1. 5 poins: These early mystical writings include the Sama, Atharava, and Rig.

Answer: the _Vedas_

2. 10 points: This epic, ascribed to Valmiki, tells the story of the titular king.

Answer: the _Ramayana_

3. 15 points: These writings devoted to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were written between 200 and 800 A.D.

Answer: the _Puranas_
17. Identify the following characters from _Romeo and Juliet_, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: This clergyman gives Juliet the potion with which she feigns death.

Answer: Friar _Lawrence_

2. 10 points: JulietÕs parents want her to marry this Count, who is killed by Romeo in the cemetery.

Answer: Paris

3. 15 points: This is the woman with whom Romeo is infatuated at the beginning of the play.

Answer: Rosalind
18. Identify these ancient Mesopotamian rulers FTP each.

1. This Assyrian king ruled until about 705 B.C. In 722, he completed the subjugation of Israel.

Answer: _Sargon_ II

2. The Assyrian empire reached its height under this ruler of the middle of the seventh century B.C., reaching from Egypt to the Persian Gulf.

Answer: Assurbanipal

3. He defeated the Egyptians at the battle of Carchemish in 605 B.C., but is better known as the Babylonian ruler who conquered Jerusalem, destroying the First Temple and beginning the Babylonian Captivity.

Answer: _Nebuchadnezzar_ II
19. Identify the following operators FTP each.

1. It equals the partial derivative of i with respect to x plus the partial derivative of j with respect to y plus the partial derivative of k with respect to z, and is represented by a capital delta.

Answer: _gradient_ or _grad_

2. It is the vector product of the gradient with a vector.

Answer: curl

3. It is the scalar product of the gradient with a vector.

Answer: _divergence_ or _div_
20. Identify these early tennis players FTP each.

1. In 1920, he became the first American to win Wimbledon, and won the first of his seven U.S. singles titles.

Answer: Bill _Tilden_

2. This American was the first to win the Grand Slam in a single year when he accomplished the feat in 1938.

Answer: Don _Budge_

3. This British player was the first to win the Grand Slam, which he did in 1935 by holding all four titles at the same time.

Answer: Fred _Perry_
21. Name the following Nobel Prize winning economists FTP each.

1. The first American to win the prize, this M.I.T. economist was cited for his work in econometrics.

Answer: Paul _Samuelson_

2. This noted monetarist won the 1976 prize.

Answer: Milton _Friedman_

3. This Chicago professor won the 1992 prize, and was cited for his work on economics and behavior, especially in his 1964 book _Human Capital_.

Answer: Gary _Becker_
22. Identify the African nations from cities on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10 points: Buchanan and Greenville

5 points: Monrovia

Answer: Liberia

2. 10 points: Banghazi and Tubruq

5 points: Tripoli

Answer: Libya

3. 10 points: Huambo and Lobito

5 points: Luanda

Answer: Angola

23. Identify the composers of the following symphonies for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: The Pastoral Symphony

Answer: Ludwig von _Beethoven_

2. 10 points: The Spring Symphony

Answer: Robert _Schumann_

3. 15 points: The Titan Symphony

Answer: Gustav _Mahler_
24. Identify the phyla from descriptions FTP each.

1. It includes jellyfish, corals, and anemones.

Answer: Cnidaria

2. This is the phylum sponges belong to.

Answer: Porifera

3. This phylum includes segmented worms such as leeches and earthworms.

Answer: Annelida
25. Given the film, name the actor who won the Best Actor Oscar for appearing in it FTP each.

1. _Sergeant York_

Answer: Gary _Cooper_

2. _Marty_

Answer: Ernest _Borgnine_

3. _Elmer Gantry_

Answer: Burt _Lancaster_
26. Identify these plays FTP each.

1. This 1946 work is set in Jimmy the PriestÕs saloon, and features a salesman named Hickey and a cynic named Larry Slade.

Answer: The _Iceman Cometh_

2. Its plot revolves around the comic attempts of Algernon Moncrieff and Jack Worthing to court Gwendolyn Fairfax and Cecily Cardew.

Answer: The _Importance of Being Earnest_

3. Subtitled ÒA Fantasia in the Russian Manner on English Themes,Ó it is presumably set during World War I, since it ends with an air raid.

Answer: _Heartbreak House_

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