Ts 3 : Design of sustainable supply chains–Metrics and Integration, Chairs

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Chairs, Cecilia Temponi, McCoy College of Business, Texas State University, USA, and Valerie Botta-Genoulaz–INSA–Lyon, France

Abstract: This session will provide an international forum to discuss new designs and methods in the field of metrics for sustainable supply chains and models and tools for integration of such models. The contributions should highlight the potential impacts on the organizations due to the incorporation of sustainability metrics into supply chain design and models. This special thematic session looks for contributions concerning but not limited to:

1. Development of sustainable practices and metrics

2. Metrics integrated in sustainable supply networks

3. Impacts of novel metrics in current and new business models

4. Collaboration for feasible & sustainable supply chains

5. Practical cases of metrics & models of Sustainable supply chain

6. Literature reviews on the practice

7. Other related topics are also encouraged.

Theoretical, analytical and applied topics are welcome.

Case studies and best practices are desirable.

Research work in industries related to retail, manufacturing, other services, and health care are welcome.

Contact: c.temponi@txstate.edu and/or Valerie.botta@insa-lyon.fr

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