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The University of the Third Age

Newsletter No 80 February/March 2017

A bright and blessed new year to you all!

May 2017 hold much happiness and new, exciting knowledge for each one of you.

We look forward to U3A East London going from strength to strength. At the present, we have 181 paid-up members.

2016 brought a wealth of speakers, and we ended our year on a high note, watching Nita Laing’s play-reading productions of “A Person of No Consequence” and “Last Tango”. Well done to Nita and all the actors for a very enjoyable performance. Thank you. We are looking forward (with hopeful anticipation!?) to this year’s production.

In August, we had our AGM, followed by a bring-and-share tea, which was well attended. This event has now taken the place of the end-of-year luncheon, and we hope that even more will join us this year. The business part of it didn’t take long, and we had a good opportunity of renewing acquaintances over a lovely spread, with entertainment from the Line Dancers and Scottish Country Dancers.

October 2016 brought the sad news of the passing of the brother of our Chairperson, Sandra Sterling. We extend our sincere sympathy to her and her family in the sad loss of Bob.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Line-Dancing group, which started in Feb 2015, is still very alive and kicking, and has been ongoing since then. The only difference is that we have joined with our instructor, Myrtle Swartz’s, Berea Gardens group. We meet in their dining-room from 3-4pm on Thursdays, giving us a weekly, instead of just a monthly, lesson. Line-Dancing is great brain and body exercise, so those who are interested are more than welcome to join us on Thursday afternoons.

Shirley Baxter is asking for people to help meet a need which Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre have.(Lesley-Anne Foster who heads up the Centre, spoke to us about her work last year.) Baby clothes are needed to give to needy mothers. If you are a knitter, or willing to help by donating wool, please will you contact Shirley on 043-721-3518, and she will fill you in on the details. Thanks.

MEMBERSHIP NEWS Margaret Baxter 043-721-2130

We extend a warm welcome to new members Kathy Laughlin, Carol van Niekerk, Peter Duffield, Denny van der Zee, Heidi Deetlefs, Rosalie Wyer and Eloise Mogg.

For existing members, annual subscriptions of R50 were due at the beginning of July, and the final cut-off day for such was the sign up meeting on the 10th November. Names of persons who have not paid by then are removed from the register and e mailing list. Any such persons who have not paid, but wish to continue to be members may pay the annual subscription without any penalty.

Birthdays: Congratulations to all of you, and best wishes for your new year ahead.

January: 3 Denise Fielding; 5 Margaret Wood; 11 Barbara Vos; 13 Pat Stent and and Sandra Sterling 15 Gloria Etchuerry; 16 June Evans; 21 Merileen Marsberg; 24 Colin Raasch; 25 Pixie Martin and Elizabeth Weare; 29 Sally Fletcher and Petrina Sierra.

February: 1 Winsome Shroder; 4 Sylvia Preston; 7 Ann King; 9 Elizabeth Avani; 12 Noreen Burton and John Thompson; 15 Barbara Barry and Jenny van der Merwe; 17 Terry Briceland and and Anne Baker; 21 Pat Erskine; 22 Sue Smith; 24 Deanne Driver; 26 Nancy Adams; 28 Robert White.

March: 1 Gwen Edwards; 2 Clive Botha; 8 Paul Stamp; 11 Nookie Middleton; 14 Pat Moodie; 17 Patrick Moran; 14 John Stoddard; 30 Anna Junor; 31 Di Hood and James Sellers.

COURSE NEWS From Jenny Alcock (043-738-5090) and Barry Chapman (043-735-2471):

The courses for 2017 are all set for ‘take off’, with two new courses on offer!

Marion Victor will be leading “Cookery for Men”, while Carol Keep will be at the helm of Community Singing.

Music Appreciation has been whittled down to one course, packed with ideas and fun, under the leadership of Carol Keep, with Ann King and Toni Tonin playing a large part.

Dave Donkin has kindly agreed to relinquish ‘Gilbert and Sullivan’ on 23 March, owing to Dean Allen (see below) speaking on that day. However, Dave will be leading ‘The Gondoliers’ on 23 Feb, as planned. Thank you, Dave!

As participants will know, Pam Hobson will not be teaching computers this first half of the year, but may resume in June. Thank you to her for her years of dedication!

Shirley Baxter’s ‘Walks around East London’ may start later, when the weather cools down.

We shall hear more of Barry Gibbs’ Art, when he is fit and ready to continue his most exciting and interesting talks re the post war era! Thanks in anticipation, Barry!

The Film Club will continue under the willing leadership of Tony Tonin and Ann King. We are very grateful for your input and keen interest in ‘keeping U3A going strong’! Rose Anley has done a sterling job and gave us marvellous movies. Thanks, Rose! The film on the 1st February will be Florence Foster Jenkins ( Meryl Streep), based on a true story of a NY heiress and socialite who dreams of becoming an opera singer despite having a terrible voice.

For Armchair Travel, John Stoddard has Nancy Tietz speaking on ‘Poland Today’ on 6 Feb. John himself will be presenting ‘Secrets of Bletchley Park’ on 6 March. Nancy’s ‘Scandinavian Scrapbook’ will be presented later in the year.

Note the acoustics in the Indaba room at the Valley are not of the best, and thus U3A has bought a high quality portable speaker for use there. This has a microphone but can also provide audio output from a laptop etc. Come and hear the difference!

Thank you to all the course leaders for your time and enthusiasm.

Members, please check the Course Schedule for further details.

SPEAKERS General Meetings:

27 January: Adv. Paul Hoffmann SC –

‘Establishing an Integrity Commission is the best way to combat corruption in SA today’

Note Paul is very much involved in the current ASBA/Bankorp issue.

9 Feb: Lyn Patterson- Breath of Life (support for expectant mothers)

9 March: Sue Matthis – “Life in Korea”

16 Feb: Current Affairs: A topical subject will be discussed in open meeting. The topic will be chosen nearer the date and advised on the 9th February. There are plenty of things on the go at present!

16 March : No current affairs meeting, owing to the fact that on 23 March, Dean Allen will be with us.

23 March: (fourth Thursday) Dean Allen will be again visiting us from the UK to give us more powerful glimpses of Matjiesfontein at the time of Logan. Not to be missed.

And lastly,-

What is this man doing ?

He is working on aquathermal treatment of ceramics, aluminium and steel, under a constrained environment.

First one to give me the correct answer wins a peppermint Aero!

Speak to you again in March.


Marion Victor and the Newsletter Team.

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