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SAMI Client Release Notes

v 1.28 - February 2013

Fix for temperature correction in CO2 calculations

Correct pH interval entry problem

v 1.27 - December 2012 - no general release

Various fixes to better and more simply implement support of Seabird UIMM

Switch to use of Global driver to free up device 3 - phasing out driver

Hide control unless user requires it.

Fixes to various data display functions.

v 1.22 - September 2012

Fixed preferences error occurring on new/clean installs.

Client will not launch unit if f/w not up to date.

Enhanced error reporting slightly.

v. 1.21 - September 2012

Fixed Open Data File button so it only opens regular files, not hex.

Added 57.6K with suppression of ^type info to GlobalGB pull-down (PMEL Logging).

Added enable of f/w update to debugwin for cases where f/w update fails.

Tris offset now also encodes the mCP lot for pH units. (Left of decimal indicates mCP batch 0,1,2... etc.)

Temp offset added earlier but not noted in release notes.

Fixed problems with firmware update to make it much more robust.

New Temperature variable for pH units for corrected temp added - and columnsets updated to use it.

Fixed major problem w/ ImportHex - not reading configuration correctly - closed file before reading last string.

Disallow intervals less than 4 minutes for pH instruments and warn if less than 15 min/more than 3 hrs.

v. 1.20 - June 2012

Requires firmware 53

Firmware 53 fixes many minor bugs and adds support for Seabird UIMM

Firmware 53 fixes minor problem with blanks on CO2 units

Improvements to switching SAMI to 9600 - including autoswitching of client

Client now reports what driver is running if connected to running SAMI

Improvements to pH calculations to account for changes in pumping performance

Change to pumping schedule of pH units that should increase deployment duration

Better support for SBE-37 via serial device menu

v. 1.10 - No general release - in-house test/dev

v. 1.06 October 19, 2011

Fixed problem with downloading from SAMI's with f/w < v.45

Users should update firmware after downloading. Cannot safely program older f/w units

Fixed occasional error in updating firmware on Windows

Added feature to make software update complain occasionally if it can't see internet

Fixed graphing so x-axis adjust works better

Fixed filename problem on 2nd attempt at downloading

Changed year-day so if a new year occurs, it will go > 365 and not loop in graph

Added support for Aanderaa 3835/4835 long output (10 data fields)

Fixed duplicate resource problem - reducing app file size.

v. 1.05 August 22, 2011

Added ability to read in externally logged files via 'Import Hex File'

Faster serial port discovery on Windows machines (prefs window)

Improved error handling/reporting - user can e-mail error to Sunburst

v. 1.04 March 4, 2011

Firmware revision to 45 to support new memory on boards (rev E and later)

Fixes to 9600 comm

Fixes to serial comm in general to minimize errors with boot loader

Improved reset command.

Adjusted display precision of outputs in data viewer.

v 1.03 (not released - changes carry to 1.04)

Added general serial driver w/ pull down menu. Support for Aanderaa 3835

Fixed t24 bug - where noon jumped to midnight in time selection

Fixed bug reporting wrong # extra pump cycles and sub-cycle delay

Added global property - Client version as string

Downloaded file now leads w/ date of d/l and client version

Added ability to communicate at 9600 instead of 57.6K for long cables

Firmware to 34

v. 1.02

Fixed default flush/reagent cycle values (CO2 only)

Added warnings for blank and sample intervals outside 'normal'.

Improved support for SB-37 CTD

Firmware revision to 31/32

v. 1.01

Fixed f/w check so it doesn't cascade multiple windows on some Win platforms.

Corrected minor error in pH calculation (Jenny).

Fixed delay in opening on computers not connected to internet.

v. 1.00

First non-beta release.

Created pH_ConstSal, which uses salinity constant for all pKa calcs in pH

Created pH_MeasSal which uses salinity measurements from Seabird 37 CTD

Blank field now updates with change of interval to 3.5 days

Added more tool tips.

Added support for Seabird 37SIP as Device 2. Polls device and stores output

Fixed firmware check so it doesn't come up mistakenly

v. 69

Fixed mislabeled field in pH Calibration window (superuser only)

Incorporate firmware version 28 as part of pkg

Fixed 'preference creation' bug on XP. (Knock on wood.)

Investigated XP slow load, but found no solution.

v. 68

Fixed 'pH flush' so it doesn't open valve (doh!)

Moved 'salinity default' control out of super user status

Refresh 'Read LED' button on change in SU status to make visible on PC

Allow super user to run very short pH cycles.

Added "Windows" menu to select open windows

v. 67

Adjusted some default settings for pH deployment

Added 'default salinity' field (superuser), set to 35

v. 66

If SAMI-pH, no DI flush option in 'Pre-start'

Moved 'Calibration', 'Name SAMI' menu items to SuperUser only

Added tool tips to many controls

Moved 'Read LEDs' to SuperUser

Read/Edit text now in SAMI menu and as push button

Added 'pH Flush' button to automatically run 50 DI cycles

Slightly improved the printing of graphs

Improved graph scaling - curves now hold only points zoomed to


Fixed pH calculation - had old code from JN

Fixed 'About' screen so text is visible. (Cause: use of 'Ariel' font)

Fixed multiple firmware warnings on Windows.

Improved 'Read LED' screen output w/ labels

Added status of 'Parsing done' for Deployment text

Improved timekeeping references in config/data files

Start/Stop times are shown as GMT w/ local time in parens

GMT offset (e.g. -7) is shown next to local time.

Improved interface by disabling buttons when buttons' function not available


Fixed window sizing for Win platform

Fixed potential bug w/ preferences seen on one XP machine

Fixed driver selection for Superuser so verbose and average line up. Added back a pH driver

Fixed 'time out' radio button so it powers up RTS when selected.


Added serial record, and GPS record and handling of those records to return Long/Lat

Cosmetic changes to font, spelling, etc.

Improved column set list editor.

Made version check occur on app start-up

Firmware req'd updated to 27

v. 62

Added radio button option to not 'time-out' serial link and increased time-out to 3 minutes

Added 'Read LED's' function to allow blank stabilization check during calibration.

Added 'Open Data file' button

v. 61

Added logo to front panel

Changed 'run blank first' to default for CO2

Default d/l filename now includes SAMI name and date

v. 60

Extensive improvements to graphing

Added second y axis

Added adjustment controls for all axes

Added grid functions

Added primitive print function

Automatically selects some variables for display

Added internet 'check version' ability

Checks version # vs. that available on Sunburst website

Offers user opportunity to auto open browser to d/l page
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