Vocabulary about the city / neighborhood

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week 5

Vocabulary about the city / neighborhood

Crowded – rubbish – dusty – polluted- Busy – exciting – small – nice – friendly – pleasant place

Tube stations- Shops – cafes – neighbors – parks – restaurant – hospital

Apartment/flat – house –

Where do you live?

  • I live in a small city between Ankara and Istanbul. It is called Bolu. It has about 180,000 people in it. It is seen a natural beauty as there are lots of natural trails and touristic attractions.

Do you live in a house or flat?

  • I live in a flat and it has 3 bedroom.

What do you like about your neighborhood?

  • I live in a 6 blocks apartmeant. It is a big site. There are nearly 300 people in here. It is a safe place because there are several security guards. Morevover, it is very close to the city center so you can reach there very easily.

What don’t you like about your neighborhood?

There is a sport center in the middle of my place so it is always crowded. Moreover, I believe there need to be more green areas.
What can you do in your house?

Can you smoke in the house?

Can you have a big party with your friends?
Can you go to bed too late?
Can you stay out without your parents’ permission?
Can you work and earn money to help you family budget?
Can you have a pet in your house?
Can your friend stay at your house with you ?

My House has several rules, There are cans and cants. For example I cannot smoke indoors in my house but it is free to smoke in the balcony. I don’t invite friend to my house because I don’t like people in my private place. In m house everyone can go to bed late but not children. I don’t have parent with me so don’t’ need to get permission. In my house you can have a bird or a cat but you cannot have a dog. Well, if she or he really needs it, she can stay only for 1 night.

My favourite Room.

in - on – behind – next to – near – in front of – under – opposite

on the left – on the right – on the corner

My favorite room is my office at university. It is on the 3rd floor at the end of the corridor. It is not a big office, but it is cosy and very convenient.

In my room, there is a big study table and a bookself. You can put 20 books in it. There is also a sofa in front of the shelves. There is a telephone and a desktop computer on my table. In front of my table, there is a coffee table. Behind my study table, there are two big windows.

On the left of the room, there is a big lamp but it does not work anymore.
My favourite Place

Where is it ?

What do you do there?
Why is it important / your favourite?
How often do you go there?
Who do you go with?

My favorite place is Sinop in Turkiye, It is in the north of Turkiye an it is a seaside city. The city is not big, but very small. In Sinop you relax and feel relieved because it is a really quite and warm city. In summers you can walk by the see and swim, also you can go tracking in the forest with your friends. I go there twice a year, once in summer and once in the winter. I go there with my big family, my sisters, nieces, nephews and my parents.

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