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July 12-18, 2015 in Chengdu, China
SATURDAY NOON, on-site registration starts, and continuing
SUNDAY NIGHT WELCOME RECEPTION, be sure there to meet many new and old friends
Monday July 13, 2015

8:00am-9:00am Opening Ceremony

9:00am-10:10am Nobel Lecture

10:10am-11:10am ICCE lecture

11:10am-11:46am keynote 1 (40 min)

11:46am-1:00pm LUNCH

1:00pm -3:40pm Keynote 2,3,4,5

4:00pm-6:40pm Keynote 6,7,8,9

Tuesday breakout sessions whole day

Wednesday breakout sessions whole day

Thursday breakout sessions whole day

Friday breakout sessions whole day

FRIDAY NIGHT BANQUET, be sure to be there,

this is our famous highlight of the year, EXCELLENT FOOD, EXCELLENT MUSIC, and WINE, Karaoke

Celebrating 25th anniversary of Composites Part B Engineering journal

(David Hui, Founder and Editor in chief 1991-present)

The current two-year impact factor is 2.983, current five-year impact factor is 3.242,

it ranks 5th place (top 6%) among all 83 SCI journals in Engineering Mutidisciplinary category

has 8049 citations in year 2014

Recognition of most cited authors of Composites B

Nobel Lecture Monday 9:00AM-10:10AM

Cross-Coupling Reactions of Organoboranes: an Easy Way for Carbon-Carbon Bonding

Akira Suzuki (Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo, Japan) 80 min

ICCE Lecture Monday 10:10AM-11:10AM

Nanocarbons Based Composites and Energy Storage Devices

Tsu-Wei Chou (Univ. of Delaware) 60 min


Antiferromagnetic Coupling In Ferrimagnetic Hard-Soft Core/Shell Nanoparticles And Possible Biomedical

Applications Josep Nogués (UAB, Bellaterra, Spain) keynote 40min

11:50am-1:00pm LUNCH


Influence Of Two-Dimensional Fillers On Dynamic Mechanical Properties Of Hybrid Damping

Materials Min-Hao Zhu (SWJTU, Chengdu, China) keynote 40 min

Thermoelectric Properties of Multiphase Nanostructured Materials

Shiren Wang (Texas A&M U.) keynote 40 min


Looking For Magnetic Functionalities In Metastable Oxides

Katsuhisa Tanaka (Kyoto U., Japan) keynote 40 min


Nonlinear Polymer Composite with Electrical Field Dependent Dielectric Characteristics

Jinliang He (Tsinghua U., .Beijing, China) keynote 40 min

3:40pm-4:00pm SHORT BREAK (20 min)

Biobased Gelatin-Bioactive Glass Nanocomposites for Biomedical Application

Liqun Zhang (Beijing Univ of Chem Tech, China) keynote 40 min


Soft Processing Of Nitrogen-Doped Graphenes And Their Hybrids Inks Via Submerged Liquid Plasma (SLP)

And Electrochemical Exfoliation (ECE) Under Ambient Conditions Masahiro Yoshimura

(Nat. Cheng Kung U., Tainan) keynote 40 min


Development Of Advanced Composite Materials For Constructions With High Performance And Longevity

Zhishen Wu (Southeasten U., Nanjing) keynote 40 min


Arterial Remodeling And Clinical Implications

Linxia GU (U. Nebraska-Lincoln) keynote 40 min

Session 1a HYDROGEN 1 Tuesday 9:00am-11:00am, Room A

SUSTAINABLE 1: Hydrogen 1 (organized by THO Japan)

Materials for sustainable energy generation, conversion and storage: organized by THO,Japan, 3 sessions

Chairs: Hiroki Miyaoka, Liang Zeng
Hydrogen Separation Using Vanadium Alloy Membranes From Gas Mixture Of Hydrogen And Nitrogen

(H2 : N2 = 3 : 1) Chikashi NISHIMURA, Jeng-Ting TSAI (NIMS, Tsukuba, Japan), Hirotaka Kimura

(Tokyo, Japan), Sea-Fue WANG (Nat. Taipei U. Tech.) invited

Recent Progress On The Development Of V-Based Alloy Membranes For Hydrogen Separation And Purification

Hiroshi Yukawa, Asuka Suzuki (Nagoya U., Japan), Tomonori Nambu (Suzuka Coll., Japan),

Yoshihisa Matsumoto (Oita College, Japan), Yoshinori Murata (Nagoya U.) invited

Pseudo-Catalytic Effect of KH for Li-Mg-N-H Hydrogen Storage Systems

Takayuki Ichikawa (Hiroshima U., Japan) invited

Effect Of Microwave Radiation On The Hydrogen Releases From MgH2 And Li-N-H System Doped With LiBH4

Haiyan LENG, Jia Wei, Qian Li, Kuo-Chin Chou (Shanghai U., China)

Ammonia Borane – Metal Hydride Mixture Materials- Dehydrogenation Properties And Decomposition

Processes Shigehito Isobe, Yuki Nakagawa (Hokkaido U., Sapporo, Japan) invited

Session 1b TEXTILE 1 Tuesday 9:00am-11:00am, Room B

Chairs: J.Y. Chen, H. Lian, Lili Jiang, L. Feo

Effects of Water, Lithium Bromide and Sodium Bisulfite on Shape Recovery of Goat Hair Fiber

Xueliang Xiao, Jinlian Hu (Hong kong Poly U., China) Mon-Wed

Raman Mapping On CNTs/Carbon Fiber-Epoxy Composites Under Heating And Tension

Shi CHEN, Shaoxu Xia, Yanni Shi, Chaoge Cheng (State Key Lab, Shanghai, China), Qilin Wu

(Donghua U., Shanghai, China)

Modified Carbon Fibers Reinforced PLA-PEG Scaffold Materials Presenting Good Mechanical Property and

Biocompatibility Yanni Shi, Ning Wang, Chen Shi, Shaoxu Xia, Qilin Wu (Donghua U., Shanghai, China)

Strong And Multiband Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Of Acf Felt Screen With Sierpinski Fractal Structure

Shaoxu Xia, Shi Chen, Yanni Shi, Qilin Wu (Donghua U., Shanghai, China)

Modification Of Lignin With Ionic Liquid And The Production Of Lignin-Phenol-Formaldehyde Adhesive

Shu Hong, SunXiang, Hailan LIAN (Nanjing Forestry U., China)

Processing Of Lignin Zinc-Based Deep Eutectic Solvent And Its Use As Modifier In A Phenol-

Formaldehyde Resin Hailan Lian, Shu Hong, Mingzhu Pan (Nanjing Forestry U., China), Arturo. Carranza

(Louisiana State U.), Josue D. Mota-Morales (UNAM, Mexico), John A. Pojman (Louisiana State U.)

Strength Ananlysis of 3d Braided Composites Under Complex Loadings

Li-li JIANG, Xing-dong Wang, Tao Zeng (Harbin U.Sci.Tech., China)

Structural Characterization And Adsorption Behaviour Of Small Molecules In Metal-Organic Frameworks

(MOFS): IR And Solid-State NMR Study Haiyan Mao (Nanjing Forestry U., China), Farhana Gul-E-Noor,

Jun Xu, Wei D. Wang, Yue Hu (Western U., London, Ontario, Canada), Runzhou Huang, Ping Lan

(Nanjing Forestry U.), Yining Huang, Yang Song (Western U., Canada)

Session 1c MATH 1 Tuesday 9:00am-11:00am, Room C

Chairs: Xiaodong Wang, Fuzhong Wang, Yan Yan, Fuzhong Wang

Determination Of Strain Rate Dependent Young's Modulus Of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics By Static And Dynamic Tests Xiuqi Lyu, Yi Wan, Wataru Nagatsuka, Jun Takahashi (U. Tokyo, Japan) Mon-Wed

The Study and Application of Solid-Liquid Separation Mud Cleaner

Xu Qian, He Xia, Zhang Minghong (China)

Analysis Of Mechanics Behavior On CFRP Single-Sided Strengthening On The Volumetric Defective Steel Plate

Bin Jia, Ting Liu, Jianfeng Yu, Xiao Liu, Jia Yang (Southwest U.Sci.Tech., Mianyang, China)

Modelling And Simulation Of Elastic Waves In Composite Media With Multiple Inhomogeneities.

Chen Wang, Xiaodong Wang (U. of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)

Fracture Behavior and Mechanical Characterization of A Composite Orthopedic Use In The Two

Direction of Flow Molding

Sihem ACHOURI, B. Redjel, S. Bouhouche (Annaba, Algeria)

Probabilistic Analysis of The Fracture Behavior of Composite Materials Glass- Perlon-Acrylic For

Orthopedic Use In 3-Point Bending Sihem Achouri, Bachir Redjel, R. Benchouieb, D. Berdjane,

S. Bouhouche (Algeria)

Enhancement Of Fracture Toughness Of Epoxy Resins Using Hybrid Rigid-Soft Particles

Fuzhong WANG (Wuhan I.T., China & Michigan State U.), Lawrence T. Drzal (Michigan State U.), Yan Qin,

Zhixiong Huang (Wuhan I.T., China)

Shock Wave Propagation In Polyethylene Via Molecular Dynamic Simulation

Fan XIE, Zixing Lu, Zhenyu Yang (Beihang U., Beijing, China), Wenjun Hu (CAS, Mianyang, China) Tues-Wed

Sesson 1d CRITICAL 1 Tuesday 9:00am-11:00am, Room D

"current critical issues in Engineering Mechanics"

developed by Zhiyu Wang (Sichuan U.), Yu Chen (Huaqiao U., Xiamen, China)

Chairs: Zhiyu Wang, Yu Chen

A Meso-Mechanical Constitutive Model Of Particle Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composites At High

Temperatures Weidong Song, Lijun Xiao (Beijing Inst.Tech., China), Xiaonan Mao, Huiping Tang

(Northwest Inst. Non-Ferrous Metal Res., Xian, China)

Effect of SiC Particle Size On Microstructure And Properties Of Cold Sprayed Al5056/SiCp Composite Coatings

Min YU, Hui Chen (Southwest Jiaotong U., China), Wenya Li (Northwester Poly U., Xian, China),

Hanlin Liao (Southwest Jiaotong U.) Thurs-Friday

Dynamic Compressive Behavior And Constitutive Model of 5083H111 Aluminum Alloy

Zhiwu Zhu, Qijun Xie, Guozheng Kang (Southwest Jiaotong U., China)

Tensile Strength Study Of High—Strength Bolted T—Stub Connections To SHS Columns

Xiaokai Liu, Zhiyu Wang (Sichuan U, China)

Analysis Of Nanotechnology For Intracellular Drug/Gene Delivery In Cancer Therapy

Aisha Roshan Mohamed Wali (U. Wolverhampton, UK), Zhigu Wang, Yiyan He, Zhonggwei Gu (Sichuan U, China), James Zhenggui Tang (U. Wolverhampton, UK)

Application Of CFRP In The Reinforcement Of Perforated Steel Plate And Its Mechanic Alproperties

Ning Zhang, Xiaokai Liu, Zhiyu Wang, Yulei Jiang (Sichuan U, China)

Clean Production Based On The Comprehensive Assessment Of Cost And Environment Load

Mei Sun (Sichuan U, China)

Experimental Research On Uplift Behavior Of Perforated Steel Plate Connector Strengthened With CFRP

Xinsong Yang, Xue Hui, Shuai Shi, Zhiyu Wang (Sichuan U, China)

Session 2a HYDROGEN 2 Tuesday 11:00am-1:00pm, Room A

SUSTAINABLE 2: Hydrogen 2 (organized by THO Japan)

Chairs: Chikashi Nishimura, Haiyan Leng


Ammonia and Alkali Metal Hydride System as Hydrogen Storage

Hiroki Miyaoka (Hiroshima U., Japan) invited

Catalyst Design For Hydrogen Storage Technology Using Formic Acid As Hydrogen Carrier

Yuichi MANAKA (RENRC, Fukushima, Japan), Shaoan XU, Naoya Onishi, Yuichiro Himeda (AIST, Ibaraki,

Japan) invited

Li Storage Properties in MgH2 for All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries

Liang Zeng, T. Ichikawa (Hiroshima U., Japan) invited

Preparation Of TiO2/Cu Photoelectrode And Hydrogen Generation By Photo-Catalytic Water Splitting

Chueh-Jung Huang, Jiann-Rong Chen, An-Chi Huang, Xiang-Ning Xu (Hsiuping U.Sci.Tech., Taichung)

Water Hydrolysis by LSV Method Of The Thin Film Photocatalyst of TiO2

Jiann-Rong Chen, Chueh-Jung Huang, An-Chi Huang, Yi-sheng Zhou (Hsiuping U.Sci.Tech., Taichung)

Session 2b PHYSICS 1 Tuesday 11:00am-1:00pm, Room B

Chairs: Nan Jiang, A. Darwish, Yanping Miao

Core-Shell Structured Magnetic Nanosized Iron-Silver Composite Nanoparticles With High Oxidation Resistance

Ke LIU, Qiongzhen Liu (Wuhan Textile U., China) , Zhimao Yang, Shengchun Yang (Xian Jiaotong U.,' China), Dong Wang (Wuhan Textile U.) Tues-Wed

Binary Defect Modes and Photonic Band Gap

Arafa H. ALY and Doaa Mohamed (Ben-Suef U., Egypt)

Multi-Beam Pulsed Laser Depostion Of Nanocomposite Films As A New Additive Manufacturing Process

Abdalla M. DARWISH, Simeon Wilson, Ashley Blackwell, Keylantra Taylor (Dillard U., New Orleans),

Sergey Sarkisov (SSS Optical Tech., Alabama), Darayas Patel (Oakwood U., Huntsville, AL), Paolo Mele

(Muroran I.T., Japan), Shrikant Saini (Hiroshima U., Japan), Xiaodong Zhang, Brent Koplitz (Tulane U.,

New Orleans) David Hui (U. New Orleans)

Nano-Scale Ferroelectric/Relaxor Composites In La-Doped BNKT Ceramics

Thi Hinh Dinh, Dong-Gun Yoo (U. Ulsan, S. Korea), Hyun-Young Lee, Fang-Zhou Yao, Jing-Feng Li

(Tsinghua U., Beijing, China), Jae-Shin Lee (U. Ulsan)

Preparation And Surface-Dependent Phase Transfer Of Hydrophobic CDSE-Based Quantum Dots

Yingying DU, Haiyan He, Yunshi Liu, Yanping Miao, Jie Zhao, Ping Yang (U. Jinan, Shandong Province, China)

One-Pot Synthesized Graphene-CDTE Quantum Dots Composites For Ion Sensing

Yanping MIAO, Jie Zhao, Yingying Du, Haiyan He, Yunshi Liu, Ping Yang (U. Jinan, Shandong Province,


3d Structural Resolution of Nanocomposites By Confocal Raman Microscopy

Jose F. FERNANDEZ, E. Enríquez, F. Rubio-Marco, J. J. Reinosa, M. A. de la Rubia, A. del Campo

(CSIC, Madrid, Spain)

Piezoelectric And Dielectric Properties Of KNN-Based Piezoceramic–PVDF Composites

Chang-Heon Lee, Jin-Kyu Kang, Jae-Shin Lee (Ulsan U., S. Korea) poster

Session 2c MATH 2 Tuesday 11:00am-1:00pm, Room C

chairs: M. Chwal, A. Muc, G. Milani, J.N. Dastgerdi

Modeling Of Nanocomposites As Transversally Isotropic Bodies

Malgorzata Chwal, Aleksander Muc (Cracow U.T., Poland)

Buckling And Postbuckling Behaviour Of Composite Structures With Cutouts - Comparision Of Experimental

And Numerical Studies Marek BARSKI , Aleksander Muc (Cracow U.T., Poland)

Numerical Incremental And Limit Analysis Homogenized Discrete Element Models (HDEM) For The Seismic

Upgrading Of Masonry Churches By Means Of FRP Strips

Gennj Venturini, Gabriele Milani (TU Milan, Italy)

Non-Linear Analysis Of Masonry Arches Reinforced With FRP Strips: An Efficient Homogenization Approach

E. Bertolesi, Gabriele Milani (TU Milan, Italy)

Heterogeneous Deformation Of Granular Ceramics Characterized By X-Ray Imaging

J.Y. Huang, L. Lu (USTC, Hefei & PEAC, Chengdu, China), S.L. Xu (USTC, Hefei), S.N. Luo (PEAC, Chengdu)

Dynamic Fracture Of Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Composites Under High Strain-Rate Loading

B.X. Bie, J. H. Han, J.Y.Huang, M. L. Qi, Z. Zhang, S. N. Luo

MWCNT Reinforcement Effect On Thermal Conductivity of 70Sn–30Bi Solder Alloy

Md Muktadir Billah, Quanfang Chen (U. Cen. Florida)

Thermomechanical Behavior of Polymer Nanocomposites Considering Reinforcement Damage

J. Nafar DASTGERDI, G. Marquis (Aalto U., Finland)

Session 2d INSULATING 1 Tuesday 11:00am-1:00pm, Room D

"Insulating Materials and other new materials" developed by Jinliang He, Tsinghua University Tues-Wed

Chairs: Jinliang He, Weikang Cao

Effects Of Nano-MgO Concentration On Insulating Property Of MgO/Polypropylene Nanocomposites

Weikang CAO, Zhe Li, Gehao Sheng, Xiucheng Jiang (Shanghai Jiaotong U., China)

Tailored sPP/Silica Nanocomposite for Eco-friendly Insulation of Extruded Cable

Bin Dang, Jinliang He, Yao Zhou, Chuanyang Li (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China)

Energy Storage In Polymer Nanocomposites Filled With Core-Shell Structured Polymer Encapsulatd BaTiO3

Nanoparticles Xingyi Huang, Ming Zhu, Ke Yang, Guanyao Wang, Jun Zhang (Shanghai Jiaotong U., China),

Jinliang He (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China), Pingkai Jiang (Shanghai Jiaotong U.)

An Experimental Study On Conductivity Properties Of Nano-CB/XLPE Composites

Chang-you SUO, Le-le LIU and Zhong-hua LI (Harbin U. Sci.Tech., China)

Aging Characteristics On Epoxy Resin Surface Discharged By Microsecond High Voltage Pulses

Xiong Liu, Cheng Zhang, Ruixue Wang, Ping Yan (CAS,Beijing, China), Qing Xie (Baoding, Hebei, China), Tao Shao (CAS, Beijing, China)

Comparation Between Helium And Argon Plasma Jets For Pmma Surface Modification

Ruixue Wang, Yuan Shen, Cheng Zhang, Ping Yan (CAS, Beijing, China), Zhi Fang (Nanjing Univ.Tech.,

China), Tao SHAO (CAS, Beijing)

Session 3a OXIDE 1 Tuesday 2:00pm-4:00pm, Room A

OXIDE 1 thin films(organized by THO Japan)

Chairs: TetsuoTsuchiya, MamoruFuruta

Advanced Oxide Film Grown by Photo-Induced Chemical Solution Deposition

Tetsuo Tsuchiya, T. Nakajima, T. Nakamura, I. Yamaguchi, H. Matsui (Nat.Inst. AIST, Tsukuba, Japan) invited

Effects Of Growth Temperature On Structure Of Ga2O3 Thin Films Grown On C-Plane Sapphire Substrates

Trong Si NGO, Duc Duy Le, Soon Ku-Hong (Chungnam Nat. U., Daejeon,S. Korea)

Manganese Substituted Nanostructured Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films For Photonic Applications

Soram Bobby Singh, H.B. Sharma, Yibin Hu, Nam Hoon Kim, Joong Hee Lee (Chonbuk Nat. U., S. Korea)

Control Of One Dimensional Metal Oxide Nanostructures Prepared By Electrospinning Via Adjusting The

Heating Rate During Calcination Yunshi LIU, Yingying Du, Haiyan He, Yanping Miao, Jie Zhao,

Ping Yang (U. Jinan, Shandong Province, China)

Effects Of The Film Thickness On The Mechanical Properties Of Laminated Glass With A Macroporous Silica

Film Zhijun Feng, Xibao Li, Jinshan Lu (Nanchang Hangkong U., China)

session 3b GENERAL 1 2:00pm-4:00pm, Room B

The Search for New Super- and Ultrahard Materials : Go Nano!

Stan VEPREK, Maritza G.J. Veprek-Heijman (TU Munich, Germany) Mon-Wed

Effect Of Self-Healing Microcapsules On Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Polymeric Composites

Sung Ho Yoon, Min Sik Kim (Kumoh Nat. Inst.Tech., Gumi, S. Korea) Mon-Wed

The Configurable Method Of UDP/IP Protocol Stack Based On FPGA

ShuYan Jiang (UESTC, Chengdu, China), Gang Luo, Qi Li (Chengdu Technological U., China), Zhi Lu,

Xiutang Li (UESTC, Chengdu)

The Study and Application of Solid-Liquid Separation Mud Cleaner

Qian XU, Xia He, Minghong Zhang (Southwest Petroleum U., Chengdu,. China)

Effect Of The Cobalt On The Performance Of Polycrystalline Diamond Cutter(PDC)

Ping Fan, Qi Xue, Hong Lan (Southwest Petroleum U., Chengdu, China)

Design and Optimization of a Variable Stiffness Composite Wing

Yan ZHANG, Qiao Zhang, Ke Liang (China Acad Space Tech., Beijing)

Carbon Nanotubes and Polymer-Based Composites in Space Environment

Leo DANIEL, Confidence A. Anaele (Kwara State U., Nigeria)

Microalgae in Composites as Energy Sources

Confidence A. Anaele, Leo Daniel (Kwara State U., Nigeria)

Session 3c INFRA 1 Tuesday 2:00pm-4:00pm, Room C

Chairs: Francesco Ascione, M.C. Krishna Murthy, S. Chataigner, Jianren Zhou

Shear Performance Of FRP Reinforced Concrete Beam With Normal Longitudinal Reinforcement Ratio

Shida Qin, Weihong Qin,Shuting Ren, Gang Wu (Southeast U., Nanjing, China)

An Innovative Hybrid Manufactory Method for FRP girders

JingQuan Wang, XingXing Zou, Jun Chen, Hongliang Xiu (Southwest U., Nanjing, China)

Innovative Pultruded FRP Truss-Concrete Deck Hybrid Bridge

Jun Chen, Pengqiao Zang, XingXing Zou, JingQuan Wang (Southwest U., Nanjing, China)

Shear Connectors for FRP-Concrete Hybrid Beam/Deck

XingXing Zou, Jun Chen, Hongliang Xiu, JingQuan Wang (Southwest U., Nanjing, China)

GFRP Beams Obtained By Bonding Simple Panels: A Low Cost Design Strategy

Francesco Ascione, Frederic Lebon (U. Salerno, Italy)

Crush Response Of CFRP Square Tube Filled With Aluminum Honeycomb

Qiang Liu, Zhengwei Mo (Sun Yat-Sen U., Guangzhou, China), Qing Li (Sydney, Australia) Tues-Wed AM

Optimization of Coating Parameters on Coating Morphology of Basalt Short Fiber for Preparation of Al/Basalt

Metal Matrix Composites Using Genetic Programming M.C. Krishna Murthy (BMS Coll., Karnataka, India)

Durability Of GFRP Reinforcing Bars And Their Bond In Concrete

Arnaud Rolland (Cerema, Sequedin, France) , Sylvain CHATAIGNER (Lunam U., Nantes, France) ,

Marc Quiertant, Karim Benzarti, Pierre Argoul (U. Paris-Est, France) chair

Session 3d STOCHASTIC 1 Tuesday 2:00pm-4:00pm, Room D

Chairs: Di Wu, Wei Gao, Y. Zhu, Hongbo Ma

"Stochastic Approach to Composites Design" by Wei Gao (UNWS, Sydney) Mon-Wed AM

Time-Dependent Performance Of Composite Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Arch With Uncertain Creep And

Shrinkage Effects Di WU, Binhua Wu, Wei Gao (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

Nondeterministic Time-Dependent Analysis Of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Arches With Probabilistic Interval

Uncertainties Binhua WU, Di Wu and Wei Gao (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

Dynamic Analysis Of Train-Bridge Coupling System With Stochastic Process Excitation

Yan ZHU (Southwest Jiaotong U., & UNSW), Wei Gao (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

Beam Flexures Based on Beam Constrained Method

Hongbo MA, Maochuan Liu, Wei Gao (Xidian U., Xian, China)

Stochastic Homogenization Analysis Of Heterogeneous Materials At Finite Deformation

Juan MA (Xidian U., Xian, China), Wei Gao (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

Design of Periodic Artificial Composites Using Topology Optimisation

Zhen LUO, Yu Wang, Nong Zhang (UTS, Sydney, Australia) Mon-Tues

Nondeterministic Dynamic Characteristics Of Structures With Mixed Uncertainties

Wei GAO, Jinwen Feng, Chen Wang (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

The Structural Topology Optimization Under Interval Uncertainty

Jinglai Wu (UT Sydney & Huazhong UST) , Zhen Luo (Univ.Tech, Sydney, Australia) not sure

Effect Of Carbon Content On Mcrostructure And Wear Performance Of Fe-Cr-Chardfacing Alloy

Yan Wang, Qiang Xu, Qin He (Xihua U., Chengdu, China) posters

Impact-Wear Behaviors Of Two Diamond-Like Carbon Films Of Different Thickness

Yan WANG, Qin He, Qiang Xu (Xihua U., Chengdu, China) posters

Session 4a MAT CHEM 1 Tuesday 4:15pm-6:15pm, Room A

MAT CHEMISTRY 1 Carbon nano/Graphene 1"dedicated to Prof. A. Suzuki"(organized by THO Japan)

Chairs: TetsuoTsuchiya, SatoruKaneko

Enhanced Performance Of Polysulfone Membranes Using Carboxylic Acid-Functionalized Graphene

Mariana IONITA, Livia Elena CRICA, Eugenia VASILE (U. Polit Bucharest, Romania)

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