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AAAML Contact

Tel.: (+34) 965 909 392 e-mail:

AAAML Local Contact in Rome Tel.: (+39) 06 976 02 592 e-mail:

Asociación Antiguos Alumnos de Magister Lvcentinvs

X International Congress

Asociación Antiguos Alumnos de Magister Lvcentinvs

Tel.: (+34) 965 909 392 Fax: (+34) 965 134 209

Registration deadline

Early-bird registration: until 15 March

Congress Venue

Rome, March 23, 2012

Rome, Palazzo Leopardi Piazza di S. Maria in Trastevere, 23.

Institutional partner

Enforcing TradeMark Rights. Oppositions and other cruda! remedies in EU and Latin American Countries.

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U niversidad de Al icante

Standard registration: from 16 March to 20 March Registration fee

Prices are listed in Euros and will cover congress materials, certificate of participation and catering for the event (2 coffee break and lunch).

Al ly X11 U Ra Le 1111.211,11

AAAML Member € 80

AAAML Non-Member € 120

Standard Rate - valid from 16 March to 20 March

AAAML Member € 120
AAAML Non-Member € 160

The dinner will require an extra fee of € 40 and it will be charged jointly with the payment of the registration fees, if interested.

The Congress will assign 7 Credits for Italian Lawyers (Crediti formativi in corso di accreditamento dal Consiglio dell'Ordine degli Avvocati di Roma)
Collaborating partner

darts-ip •

ip case law e

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Please visit to submit your registration form and to provide for payment.

We will confirm your registration upon receipt of the registration form and payment. Bank transfer and credit card are available.

Important Notes



Should you need information about accommodation possibilities, please send an email to We will be happy to assist you.
EU and Latin American Coun

Enforcing TradeMark Rights.

Oppositions and other c


Friday, 23rd March 2012.


Palazzo Leopardi,

Piazza di S. Maria in Trastevere, 23, Rome, Italy.

Working language English.

This Congress will provide participants with an overview of generai and specific aspects relating to opposition proceedings in Italy as well as in EU and Latin Amerian countries. It will also provide an overview of relevant case law. The Congress will focus on procedural aspects and trade mark protection strategies, as well as on issues related to the drafting and negotiation of contractual clauses allowing the licensee to enforce trade mark rights. The Congress will also analyze legai pre-filing activities in order to limit the risk of infringment. Specific tools will be addressed to enable attendees to apply criticai strategies in order to arrange profitable agreements between the parties involved in opposition procedures.

Target groups

The Congress is aimed at IP professionals, Lawyers, Trademark Attorneys, In-house legai advisors, Business managers, Marketing directors.

The event will also qualify for relevant vocational training for Italian Lawyers (Crediti formativi, in fase di accredito dall'Ordine degli Avvocati di Roma). A number of 7 credits will be provided to participants.

TM Opposition proceedings in Italy, European Union and Latin America.

Case law related to TM opposition proceedings in Italy, EU and Latin America.

TM prior rights and surveillance services. License agreement clauses to enforce TM rights. TM strategies for avoiding and solving conflicts. Enforcing TM rights and copyrights in the digital enviroment.

08.30 Registration

09:00 Introduction and Welcome remarks

Maria del Mar Baldares, AAAML President

Claudia Bernini, Italian Patent and Trademark Office Alejandro Fonseca, Grupo 10 Ennpresarial

09:30 Opposition Procedure

Moderator, Francesco Mattina, Attorney at Law MCDermott Will & Emery Rome, Italy

Italy: the start-up phase

Enrico Maccallini, Attorney at Law, Officer UIBM - Italian Patent and Trademark Office

EU: latest leading case of OHIM practice

Julìo Laporta Insa, Legal Affair, Head of Service OHIM - Office for the Harmonization in the Internai Market

Italy and EU: relevant differences Edith Van Den Eede, Attorney at Law SIB — Società Italiana Brevetti, Italy

11:00 Coffee Break hosted by AAAML

11.30 Opposition Procedures in diverse Countries

Moderator, Alessandro Masetti, Attorney at Law ASIPI, Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property / Barzanò & Zanardo, Italy

Opposition procedures and relative defense TM strategies in Spain

Fernando Rodriguez, Attorney at Law Salvador Ferrandis & Partners, Spain

TM opposition procedure in the UK: recent practice and Case Law

Leigh Smith, Attorney at Law

McDermott Will & Emery London, UK

The opposition procedure in Argentina, Chile and

Mexico: a comparative analysis with respect to Europe

Eli Salis, Attorney at Law

Landwell PricewaterhouseCoopers, Spain

Opposition procedure in Brasil and recognition of well know TM in opposition and cancellation procedures

Karina Muller, Attorney at Law

Moro Meiller Mazzonetto Advogados, Brasil

13:30 Lunch hosted by AAAML

15:20 TM protection strategy: the in-house perspective

Massimiliano Caforio

Legal Director, Artsana Spa, Italy

Cristiano Alliney

SELEX Sistemi Integrati a Finmeccanica Company, Italy

16:00 TM protection practice: the juridical framework

Moderator, Gilberto Macías Bonilla, Attorney at Law Clarke Modet & Co., Spain

Use caselaw as a competitive advantage nationally, European-wide and globally

Ludovico Megalini, Legal Manager Italy, Darts-ip

Legal resources supporting IP Professionals: The UAIPIT Project

Clara lbanex Fiorillo, Attorney at Law UAIPIT Coordinator, Spain

16:30 Coffee Break hosted by AAAML

16:45 TM protection practice: the IP Professional's perspective

Moderator, Laura Liberati, Attorney at Law Studio Legale Macchi di Cellere Gangemi, Italy

Worldwide TM Search and Watch services Fabio Angelini, Attorney at Law De Simone & Partners, Italy

License agreements allowing licensee enforcing TM rights

Salvatore Orlando, Attorney at Law

Professor at University of Rome "La Sapienza" Studio Legale Macchi di Cellere Gangemi, Italy

Copyrights and Trademarks: enforcing relevant rights in the digital enviroment

Fulvio Sarzana, Attorney at Law

Sarzana & Partners Law Firm, Italy

18:00 Concluding remarks

Prof. Stefano Sandri

OHIM Former Special Adviser and Pres. 3d BOA, Professor at University of "Roma 3" and

Attorney at Law, Italy

Stefano Merico, Attorney at Law Merico Legal, Italy

20:30 Dinner for speakers and registered participants only (optional, charged separatlely).

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