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Amnesty International

Southend Group

BURMA - At the meeting we wrote Urgent Action letters on behalf of 2 imprisoned activists but the deadline for letters was 24th June so it is no longer applicable. Details of an on-line petition relating to further democratisation in Burma and some more letter-writing on behalf of Dr Tun Aung can be found on the Group Website.
Brazil – we took part in a photo action relating to human rights in Brazil.

Details of this – including the photo – and how to write about police brutality toward protesters can be found on the Group Website


Annual Subs

Thank you” everybody who has contRibuted

It’s not too late to send a donation! Cheques payable to Southend Amnesty Group to 36 Orchard Avenue, Hockley SS5 5BE. Unwaged and AI UK members £4, others £6.

Or let us know if you want to come off our mailing list.

Meeting on 12th June at Avenue Baptist Church
We spent the main part of this meeting watching videos on human rights issues – not exactly entertaining but illustrative of the concerns that Amnesty is all about. We had a brief discussion about Guantanamo and, after watching videos about oppression in Burma, wrote letters on behalf of activists imprisoned there (see front page).
These are the videos we watched – they’re all available on Youtube:
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Stop Torture

AI – Torture & Human Rights (Can’t find this now!)

Torture – our legacy, our future

Burma –policy of ethnic cleansing against Muslims

Claims of Ethnic Violence in Burma

Patrick Stewart – an animated film for Amnesty

Death Penalty Facts and Figures

Bahrain – an activist speaks out
Present – Doug, Audrey, Tricia, Dick, Mary, Janette, Barbara, Ken, Andrew, Clarissa, Helene, Muriel & Mike.
Apologies: Tricia, Maureen & Steve, Richard, Stanford & Heidrun
Business Matters

  1. The advert for AI candles circulated at the last meeting was for a set of individually designed candles that were auctioned for Amnesty, not put on general sale.

  1. Stop Torture Campaign: Andrew agreed to be the Group’s co-ordinator for this campaign.

  1. Campaigning - See front page for details. Also, until she is actually released we can still write on behalf of Meriam Yeyha Ibrahim, the Sudaniese woman sentenced to death for apostasy.

  1. AOB

  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to sit at the AI exhibition in the foyer of the new Southend Forum from 20th to 25th October.

  • Next meeting: 10th July 7:30pm at Avenue Baptist Church – there is no meeting in August, the meeting after 10th July is on 11th September.

Mike Pregnall

01702 204748

PROTECT Southend Group meets on the second Thursday

THE of each month at 7:30pm, usually at Avenue Baptist

HUMAN Church, Milton Road, Westcliff-on-Sea SS0 7JX See programme of meetings at

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