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Oficina Internacional

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Information for ETSINF-UPV outgoing students on the possibility of developing a project/thesis

1.- Can our students develop a project at your institution? Is it possible to develop it in English?
Yes, your students can undertake a research project in English.

Specifically, there are three types of project:

• 1/3 semester project of 10 ECTS

• ½ semester project of 15 ECTS

• 4-days-a-week project of 24 ECTS
These projects can be combined with a French as a foreign language course (4 ECTS), an English course (2 ECTS) as well as other courses.
2.- Is there a list of projects offered by your institution or are our students able to propose the topic of a project?
Project topics are typically defined by INSA faculty, but your students can also submit project proposals.
3.- Can our students ask for a tailored project of 12 ECTS or should they make a standard one at your institution?
Students should choose one of the three project types mentioned previously (10, 15, or 24 ECTS).
How much does a standard project worth at your institution?
See point 1.
Which is the name you use for it?

  1. Bachelor Thesis

  2. Project

  3. Final Project

  4. Other: __________________

4.- If one of our students is interested in developing a project, which is the procedure?

a) Contacting a professor of the student’s area of interest first and then inform your International Office once agreed when applying for your institution
b) Asking for a project when applying for your institution, indicating the possible areas of interest, and receiving information of a possible supervisor from your International Office
c) Asking for a project only after arrival at your institution
Please contact the international relations coordinators in the Computer Science department:
It is also necessary to put the International Office in copy:

5.- Evaluation of a project at your institution: Is the mark given directly by the supervisor of the project or should our student present the project to a defense committee?
The student submits a report and presents the project to a committee including the supervisor.
Please, include all the additional information you consider of interest for candidates.

Many thanks for your time!

International Office of ETSINF-UPV

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