CreaContours documentation Introduction

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CreaContours documentation

  1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to serve as a checklist of the work that must still be done on the creaContours documentation. There are two parts to it:

    1. CreaTools site documentation


The purpose of the site is to provide documentation for each of CreaTools’ parts, which includes creaContours. There are four different types of documentation, depending on the “user type”.

  • EndUser: aimed at regular users with no technical knowledge who just want to employ creaContours to draw contours and segment images.

  • BBTK Script Developer: Aimed at users who want to develop script which employ creaContours’ black boxes.

  • Package Developer: Aimed at users who want to create new black boxes.

  • Library Developer: Aimed at users who want to add new functionalities to creaContours.

    1. Doxygen documentation

Included in the source code, the doxygen documentation contains all the diagrams and guides necessary to extend and develop the creaContours library.

  1. Work-to-Do

2.1. CreaTools site documentation:


BBTK Script Developer:

  • Develop a guide relevant to creaContours’ black boxes that doesn’t include the rest of boxes within bbtk.

Package Developer:

  • Create a link to an actual “Package Developer” guide. It doesn’t yet exist (as of July 2010 the link points to the creaContours’ guide homepage).

Library Developer:

  • Put the doxygen guide up in the net and create a link that points to it.

2.2. Doxygen Documentation

The doxygen documentation is contained in the creaContours\lib\doxygen folder. It consists of, as of July 2010, the main page (TemplateHomeLibDoxygen.html) and a “how to add a new button to creaContours” guide (in the bouml/buttons subfolder within the doxygen folder).

Main page:

  • Create a link to the new-button guide.

  • Create a class diagram for each of the three libraries (Interface_Icons_NDimensions_lib, Interface_ManagerContour_NDimensions_lib, kernel_ManagerContour_NDimensions_lib) and link towards them from the right position.

    • Note: There are existing class diagrams, in creaContours\lib\doxygen\bouml\GeneralArchitecture\GeneralArchitecture, which can be opened by using bouml and then transformed to regular pictures. These diagrams need to be updated.

  • Correct the fonts and the layout of the page.

New-button guide:

  • Include sequence diagrams of the process of how to add a new button.

  • Include specific subguides on how to add new contour buttons, new segmentation buttons, etc.

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