Curriculum vitae william I. Robinson

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Home: 75 Willow Springs Lane, Apt. 104

Goleta, CA 93117


Office: Department of Sociology

University of California-Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA 93016

(505) 893-5607



Ph.D. Sociology. University of New Mexico. 1994

M.A. Latin American Studies. University of New Mexico. 1992
B.A. Journalism (major) and International Studies (minor). Friends World College, Huntington, N.Y. 1981. Included four years of study in Kenya, Nigeria and Costa Rica.
University of Ibadan, Nigeria. (visiting student). Courses in African Studies, political economy, international relations, and journalism. 1979
University of Nairobi, Kenya, 1977-1978 (visiting student). Courses in African studies, politics, economics and journalism. 1977-1978

Current Positions
2001 - present Assistant to Full Professor, Department of Sociology, Global Studies, and Latin American and Iberian Studies, University of California at Santa Barbara.

Prior Academic Positions
1998-2001 Assistant Professor of Sociology, New Mexico State University
1996 - 1998 Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
1994 - 1996 Adjunct Professor of Sociology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.


In Press Latin America and Global Capitalism: A Globalization Perspective. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

2004 A Theory of Global Capitalism: Production, Class and State in a Transnational World. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.
Spanish edition published in 2007, Una Teoria del Capitalismo Global: Produccion, Clase, y Estado en un Mundo Transnacional. Bogota: Desde Abajo.
2003 Transnational Conflicts: Central America, Social Change and Globalization. London: Verso.
1996 Promoting Polyarchy: Globalization, U.S. Intervention, and Hegemony. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
1992 A Faustian Bargain: U.S. Intervention in the Nicaraguan Elections and American Foreign Policy In the Post Cold War Era. Boulder: Westview Press.
1987 David and Goliath: The U.S. War Against Nicaragua. New York: Monthly Review Press, with Kent Norsworthy (also published by Zed Press, London).

Books Edited
2005 Critical Globalization Studies. New York/London: Routledge.

Articles in Academic Journals

2007 “Jess Diaz and Javier Rodriguez: Undocumented in America,” Interview Essay, New Left Review, 47, Sept-Oct: 93-106.

2007 “The Pitfall of Realist Analysis of Global Capitalism: A Critique of Ellen Meiksins Wood’s Empire of Capital,” Historical Materialism, 15:71-93.
2007 “Beyond the Theory of Imperialism: Global Capitalism and the Transnational State,” Societies Without Borders, 2:5-26.
2006 “Reification and Theoreticism in the Study of Globalization, Imperialism, and Hegemony: A Comment on Kiely, Pozo, and Valladao,” Cambridge Review of International Affairs. 19(3)
2006 “Aqui Estamos y no Nos Vamos!: Global Capitalist and the Struggle for Immigrant Rights,” Race and Class. 48(2).
2005 “Gramsci and Globalization: From Nation-State to Transnational Hegemony,” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Vol. 8, No. 4:1-16.
2005 “Global Capitalism: The New Transnationalism and the Folly of Conventional Thinking,” Science and Society, vol. 69, no. 3.
2004 “What to Expect from U.S. ‘Democracy Promotion’ in Iraq,” New Political Science, Vol. 26, No. 3, September:441-447.
2004 “Studying Race-Gender Inequality in the 21st Century: A Critical Review of Evelyn Nakano Glenn’s Unequal Freedom: How Race and Gender Shaped American Citizenship and Labor,” review/exchange symposium, Ethnicities, scheduled for Vol. 4, No. 3, September 2004.
2004 “Global Crisis and Latin America,” Bulletin of Latin American Research, Vol. 23, No. 2, 2004:135-153
2003 “The Debate on Globalization,” review article, Science and Society. Vol. 67, No. 3:

2003 “Capitalismo Global y Hegemonia Transnacional: Apuntes Teoricos y Evidencias Empiricas,” Cuardernos de Nuestra America, published in two parts. Part I: Vol. 16, No. 31, Jan.–June 2003: 9-48. Part II: Vol. 16, No. 32, Aug.-Dec. 2003:97-109. Revised, updated, and expanded Spanish-language version of “Global Capitalism and Transnational Hegemony,” published in Turkish in Praxis, Vol. 8, 2003.

2003 Turkish language translation of “Global Capitalism and Transnational Hegemony: Theoretical Notes and Empirical Evidence,” Praksis, Vol. 8.
2002 “Remapping Development in Light of Globalization: From a Territorial to a Social Cartography,” Third World Quarterly. Vol. 23, No. 6:1047-1071.
2002 “Globalization as a Macro-structural-historical Framework of Analysis: The Case of Central America,” New Political Economy, scheduled for Vol. 7, No. 2, July 2002:221-249.
2002 “Global Capitalism and Nation-State Centric Thinking: What We Don't See When We Do See Nation-States. Response to Arrighi, Mann, Moore, van der Pijl, and Went,” Science and Society, Vol. 65, No. 4 (Winter 2001-2002):500-508.
2001 “Transnational Processes, Development Studies, and Changing Social Hierarchies in the World System: A Central American Case Study,” Third World Quarterly, scheduled for Vol. 22, No. 4:529-563.

  1. “Social Theory and Globalization: The Rise of a Transnational State,” Theory and Society Vol. 30, No. 2:157-200, published together with “Response to MacMichael, Block, and Goldfrank”:223-236.

2000 “Neo-Liberalism, the Global Elite, and the Guatemalan Transition: A Critical Macrosocial Analysis,” Journal of Inter-American Studies and World Affairs (vo. 42, No. 4:89-107).

2000 “Toward a Global Ruling Class?: Globalization and the Transnational Capitalist Class,” Science and Society, Vol. 64, No. 1, Spring:11-54.
1999 “Latin America in the Age of Inequality: Confronting the New ‘Utopia’,” International Studies Review, Vol 1, Issue 3, Fall 1999:41-67.
1999 "The Fin de Siecle Debate: Globalization as Epochal Shift", co-authored with Roger Burbach, Science and Society, Spring 1999, 63, No. 1:10-39.41-67.
1998/99 “Latin America and Global Capitalism,” Race and Class 40 (No. 2/3):111-131.
1998 "Beyond Nation-State Paradigms: Globalization, Sociology, and the Challenge of Transnational Studies," Sociological Forum 13 (No. 4):561-594..
1998 "(Mal)development in Central America: Globalization and Social Change," Development and Change 29:467-497.
1997 "Global Capitalism and the Oromo Liberation Struggle: Theoretical Notes on U.S. Policy Towards the Ethiopian Empire," Journal of Oromo Studies 4 (No. 1, 2):1-46
1997 "A Case Study of Globalization Processes in the Third World: A Transnational Agenda in Nicaragua," Global Society 11 (No 1):61-91.
1996 "Globalization, the world system, and 'democracy promotion' in U.S. foreign policy," Theory and Society 25 (No. 5):615-665.
1996 "Globalisation: Nine Theses of Our Epoch, Race and Class, 38 (No. 2):13-31.
1996 "Transnational Politics and Global Social Order: A Reassessment of the Chilean Transition in Light of U.S. Intervention," Journal of Political and Military Sociology, 24 (No. 2):1-30.
1995 "Pushing Polyarchy: The U.S.-Cuba Case and the Third World," Third World Quarterly: Journal of Emerging Areas 16 (No. 4):631-647.
1993 "The Global Economy and the Latino Populations In The United States: A World System Approach," Critical Sociology 19 (No. 2):29-60.
1988 "A Critique of the Antidemocratic Tendency Argument: The Case of Mass Organizations and Popular Participation in Nicaragua" (with Kent Norsworthy), Latin American Perspectives 15 (No. 1):134-141.
1985 "Elections and U.S. Intervention in Nicaragua" (with Kent Norsworthy), Latin American Perspectives 12 (No. 2):83-110.

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