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Department of Biology Baylor University
February 2012 No. 60

Gutzwiller, K.J., and C.H. Flather. 2011. Wetland features and landscape context predict the risk of wetland habitat loss. Ecological Applications 21:968-982.
White, J.D., K.J. Gutzwiller, W.C. Barrow, Jr., L. Johnson-Randall, L.M. Zygo, and P. Swint. 2011. Understanding interaction effects of climate change and fire management on bird distributions through combined process and habitat models. Conservation Biology 25:536-546.
Cushman, S.A., K.J. Gutzwiller, J.S. Evans, and K. McGarigal. 2010. The gradient paradigm: a conceptual and analytical framework for landscape ecology. Invited chapter. Pages 83-108 in S.A. Cushman and F. Huettmann (Eds), Spatial Complexity, Informatics, and Wildlife Conservation. Springer, Tokyo 458pp.
Forbes, M.G., R.D. Doyle, J.T. Scott, J. Stanley, H. Huang, B.A. Fulton and B.W. Brooks. 2012 Carbon sink to source: Longitudinal gradients of planktonic P:R ratios in subtropical reservoirs. Biogeochemistry. 107:81-93.
Enwright, N., M.G. Forbes, R.D. Doyle, B. Hunter and W. Forbes. 2011. Using Geographic Information Systems to Inventory Coastal Prairie Wetlands along the Upper Gulf Coast, Texas. Wetlands. 31:687-697.
B.K. Kirchner, N.S. Green, D.A. Sergeant, J.N. Mink and K.T. Wilkins. 2011. Responses of small mammals and vegetation to a prescribed burn in a tallgrass blackland prairie. The American Midland Naturalist, 166:112-125.
N.S. Green, C.E. Early, L.K. Beard and K.T. Wilkins. In press. Multiple captures of Reithrodontomys fulvescens and Baiomys taylori: evidence for short-term co-travelling. Canadian Journal of Zoology.
T.W. Pettit and K.T. Wilkins. Under revision. Canopy and edge activity of bats in aspen forest. Canadian Journal of Zoology.

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King, R.S., C.M. Walker, D.F. Whigham, S. Baird and J.A. Back. 2012. Catchment topography and wetland geomorphology drive macroinvertebrate community structure and juvenile salmonid distributions in southcentral Alaska headwater streams. Freshwater Science.
Taylor, J.M., J.A. Back, and R.S. King. 2012. Grazing minnows increase benthic autograophy and enhance response of periphyton elemental composition to experimental phosphorus additions. Freshwater Science.
Whigham, D.W., C.M. Walker, R.S.King and S. Baird. 2012. Multiscale influences on wetland vegetation associated with headwater streams in the Kenai Lowlands, Alaska. Wetlands.
Walker, C.M., R.S. King, D.W. Whigham and S. Baird. 2012. Watershed-scale connections between wetlands and stream chemistry in the Kenai Lowlands, Alaska. Wetlands.
Dekar, M.P., R.S. King, C.M. Walker, D.W. Whigham and J.A. Back. 2012. Allochthorous subsidies from grass-dominated wetlands support juvenile salmonids in headwater streams: evidence from stable isotopes of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Freshwater Science 31:121-132.
Shaftel, R.S., R.S. King and J.A. Back. 2012. Alder cover drives nitrogen availability in Kenai Peninsula headwater streams, Alaska. Biogeochemistry 107:135-148.
King, R.S., and M.E. Baker. 2011. An alternative view of ecological community thresholds and appropriate analyses for their detection. Ecological Applications 21:2833-2839.
King, R.S., M.E. Baker, P.F. Kazyak, and D.E. Weller. 2011. How novel is too novel? Stream community thresholds at exceptionally low levels of catchment urbanization. Ecological Applications. 21:1659-1678, Press coverage: Science Daily, Faculty of 1000 (recommended).
Pease, A., J.M. Taylor, R.S. King, and K.O. Winemiller. 2011. Multiscale environmental influences of fish community structure in central Texas streams. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 140:1409-1427.
Valenti, T.W., J.J. Taylor, J.A. Back, R.S. King and B.W. Brooks. 2011. Hydrological and nutrient influences on diel pH in wadeable streams: Implications for ecological risk assessment of ionizable contaminants. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management DOI: 10.1002/ieam.202. Press coverage: Science Daily.
Shaftel, R.S. R.S. King, and J.A. Back. 2011. Breakdown rates, nutrient quality, and macroinvertebrate colonization of bluejoing grass litter in headwater streams of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 30:386-398.
Fred Gehlbach’s 30-year study, “Eastern Screech-Owl Responses to Suburban Sprawl, Warmer Climate, and Additional Avian Food in Central Texas” will be published in the Wilson Journal of Ornithology in 2012.
Harker, B.W., Y,S. Hong, C. Sim, A.N. Dana, R.V. Bruggner, N.F. Lobo, M.K. Kern, M.V. Sharakhova and F.H. Collins. 2012. Transcription profiling associated with life cycle of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae. Journal of Medical Entomology (in press).
Garrett League (grad student) and Sang-Chul Nam. 2011. Role of Kinesin heavy chain in Crumbs localization along the rhabdomere elongation in Drosophila photoreceptor. PLoS ONE 6(1): 321218 (1-9).
Uyen Ngoc Mui (undergrad), Christina M. Lubczyk (undergrad) and Sang-Chul Nam. 2011. Role of Spectraplakin in Drosophila photoreceptor morphogenesis. PLoS ONE 6(10): 325965 (1-8).

Young, K. (grad student) and E.O. Keith. 2011. A Comparative Analysis of Cetacean Vital Rates Using Matrix Population Modeling. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology:1(6).
Young, K. (grad student), S. Quinn, J. Waite, S. Usenko and S. Trumble. 2012. Comparing Gas Chromatographic Techniques Used in Fatty Acid Profiling of Northern Fur Seals (Callorhinusursinus) and Steller Sea Lions (Eumetopiasjubatus) from Lovushki Island Complex, Russia. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology:2(1).
Husemann, M. (grad student), J. Ray, and A. Hochkirch. 2011. Review of the subgenus Parasphingonotus. Zootaxa 2916: 51-61.
Yin, X.C., M. Husemann (grad student), and X.J. Li. 2011. A new species of the genus Tuarega Uvarov, 1943 from Morocco (Orthoptera: Pamphagidae). Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica 36: 539-542.
Habel, J.C., M. Husemann (grad student), D. Rodder, and T. Scmitt. 2011. Is the Atlanto-Mediterranean refuge real? Speciation hotspot and expansion dynamics of Melanargia ines in Western Mediterranean. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 104: 828-837.
Husemann, M. (grad student), T. Scmitt, I. Stathi, and J.C. Habel (accepted October 2011). Evolution and radiation in the scorpion Buthus elmouatakili (Scorpiones: Buthidae) at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains (North Africa). Journal of Heredity.
Habel, J.C., M. Husemann (grad student), T. Schmitt, F.E. Zachos, A.C. Honnen, B. Petersen, A. Parmakelis and I. Stathi (accepted November 2011). Microallopatry caused diversification in Buthus scorpions (Scorpiones: Buthidae) of the Atlas Mountains (NW Africa). PLoS ONE.
Mink, J.N. (grad student), J.R. Singhurst and W.C. Holmes. 2011. Dryopteris marginalis (Dryopteridaceae): New to Texas. Phytoneuron 53: 1-6.
Holmes, W.C., J.R. Singhurst and J.N. Mink (grad student). 2011. Heuchera americana (Saxifragaceae) in Texas. Phytoneuron 2011-n: 1-4.
Mink, J.N. (grad student), J.R. Singhurst and W.C. Holmes. 2011. Dryopteris celsa (Dryopteridaceae) and E.J. Palmer 29404: Solution of a Texas mystery. Phytoneuron 2011-11: 1-8.
Mink, J.N. (grad student), J.R. Singhurst and W.C. Holmes. 2011. Epilobium leptophyllum (Onagraceae) in the Texas flora. Phytoneuron 2011-17:1-3.
Mink, J.N. (grad student), J.R. Singhurst, and W.C. Holmes. 2011. Remarks on Equisetum arvense (Equisetaceae) in Texas. Phytoneuron 2011-21: 1-3.
Singhurst, J.R., A.E. Rushing, C.K. Hanks and W.C. Holmes. 2011. Isoetes texana (Isoetaceae): A new species from the Texas Coastal Bend. Phytoneuron 2011-22: 1-5. Mailed May 5.
Singhurst, J.R., M. White, J.N. Mink (grad student) and W.C. Holmes. 2011. Castilleja coccinea (Orobanchaceae): New to Texas. Phytoneuron 2011-32: 1-3.
Holmes, W.C., J.R. Singhurst and J.N. Mink (grad student). 2011. A commentary on Cheilanthes Ianosa (Pteridaceae) in Texas. Phytoneuron 2011-34: 1-5.
Singhurst, J.R. and W.C. Holmes. 2011. Monarda luteola (Lamiaceae): A new species from Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas. Phytoneuron 2011-41.

J.N. Mink (grad student), J.R. Singhurst, M. White and W.C. Holmes. 2011. Centaurium tenuiflorum (Gentianaceae) New to Oklahoma and Centaurium texense in Mexico. Phytoneuron 2011-49: 1-3.
Mink, J.N. (grad student), J.R. Singhurst, and W.C. Holmes. 2011. Discovery of Spiraea hypericifolia naturalized in Texas. Phytoneuron 2011-63: 1-2.
Singhurst, J.R., J.N. Mink (grad student), W.C. Holmes and G. Nesom. 2012. B.ellardia trixago (Orobanchaceae): 40 years of range expansion in Texas and a first report from Louisiana. Phytoneuron 2012-4: 1-4.
Singhurst, J.R., J.N. Mink (grad student) and W.C. Holmes. 2012. Two vascular plant species new to Oklahoma. Phytoneuron 2012-5: 1-2.
Singhurst, J.R., A.K. Buthod, and W.C. Holmes. 2012. Chamaesyce cordifolia (Euphorbiaceae) new to Oklahoma. Phytoneuron 2012-10: 1-3.
Mink, J.N. (grad student), J.R. Singhurst and W.C. Holmes. A new species of Hymenoxys (Asteraceae: Heliantheae) from Texas. Novon. Scheduled for publication in March 2012.

King, R.S. Ecosystem thresholds in response to low level phosphorus enrichment in subtropical limestone streams, Texas. Jackson School of Geosciences Seminar Series, U. of Texas at Austin, April 2011. Invited.
Taylor, J.M., J.A. Back, T.W. Valenti, and R.S. King. Influence of grazing-fish mediated nutrient recycling on downstream ecosystem function. Southeastern Association of Naturalists, May 2011.
Geng Chen (grad student) and Sang-Chul Nam. 2011. Role of Centrosomin in apical domain regulation during Drosophila photoreceptor morphogenesis. 52nd Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Genetics Society of America. San Diego, CA, March 30-April 3.
Garrett League (grad student) and Sang-Chul Nam. 2011. Role of Kinesin-heavy-chain in Crumbs localization along the rhabdomere elongation in Drosophila photoreceptor. 52nd Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Genetics Society of America. San Diego, CA, March 30-April 3.
Sang-Chul Nam. 2011. Role of microtubule in Drosophila photoreceptor cell polarity. 2011 Annual Korean-American Biomedical Scientists Symposium, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, November 4-5. (Invited Speaker in Cell and Molecular Biology Session.)
Walker,M. (undergrad), A. Liu (undergrad), T.A. Pinney, and K.J. Gutzwiller. 2011. Brown-headed cowbirds are associated more with edge density within a small extent than with edge density within a large extent. Poster presentation. 26th Annual Meeting of the U.S. Section of the International Association for Landscape Ecology, Portland, OR.
Pinney, T.A. (grad student), M. Walker (undergrad), A. Liu (undergrad) and K.J. Gutzwiller. 2011. Brown-headed cowbird presence in relation to avian predator abundance, brood host abundance, and landscape legacy conditions. Oral presentation. 26th Annual Meeting of the U.S. Section of the International Association for Landscape Ecology, Portland, OR. This oral presentation was also given at the 129th Annual Meeting of the American Ornithologists’ Union in Jacksonville, FL.
Pinney, T.A.(grad student) and K.J. Gutzwiller. 2011 Investigating niche and neutral processes in bird community assembly: regression with spatial eigenvectors can be more informative than regression on distance matrices. Oral presentation. 96th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, Austin, TX.
The poster “Induction, Purification, and Host Range of 4 Lysogenic Staphylococcus aureus Bacteriophages” was presented at the American Society of Microbiology (Texas Branch), Arlington, TX in November 2011. The paper was presented by Carlo Manzana (undergrad) and Tamarah Adair.
Hochkirch, A., Y.Gorzig, K. Golsdorf, M. Husemann (grad student). Phylogeography of grasshoppers on the Canary Islands presented at the Entomology Congress 2011 in Berlin, Germany held in March 2011.
Husemann, M. (grad student), J. Ray (grad student), E.A. Hooser, R.S. King and P.D. Danley presented their poster Comparative phylogeography of stream fish species native to central Texas at Evolution 2011, Norman, OK in June.
M. Husemann (grad student), S. Namkung (grad student), A. Hochkirch, J.C. Habel and P.D. Danley presented their poster Intercontinental relationships of band-winged grasshoppers as revealed by mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences at Evolution 2011, Norman, OK in June.
Husemann, M. (grad student), B. Ding (grad student), C. McCauley, A. Howe and P.D. Danley. Population divergence in rock-dwelling cichlids of Lake Malawi. Oral presentation at Evolution 2011, Norman, OK, June 2011.
Ding, B. (grad student), J. Curole, M. Husemann, A. Howe and P.D. Danley. Oral presentation. Ecological Study of Cichlids in Lake Malawi. Evolution 2011, Norman, OK, June 2011.
W.C. Holmes. Invited talk on the Louisiana-French names of animals from his two books (Flore Louisiana: An Ethnobotanical Study of French-speaking Louisiana and A Dictionary of Louisiana-French Animal Names) held at St. John the Baptist Parish Library, LaPlace, LA, on March 17, 2011.
Jacquelyn Duke presented “Riparian Wetlands” at the World Wetlands Day Conference, hosted by the City of Waco and Baylor University in February 2011.

Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund. Juvenile salmon use of headwater streams as rearing habitat. C. Walker, R.S. King and D.F. Whigham, $315,000. 2012-2014
Martin Husemann was awarded two grants in 2011: C. Gus Glasscock, Jr. Endowed Fund of Excellence in Environmental Sciences and the Jordan grant of the American Cichlid Association.
Jacquelyn Duke. Texas Water Development Board - $13,000. Project: Extension of Contract #1000011020, “Riparian Productivity in Relation to Stream Dynamics Along Two Rivers: Asn Antonio and Brazos, in Central/South Texas.” Approved November 2009, awarded April 2011. Status: completed 9/11.

Jesse Ray (grad student), Glasscock Endowed Fund for Excellence in Environmental Sciences. $8900. 2011. Jesse also was awarded a Folmar Research Award in the amount of $950 in 2011.

Pam Kostka (grad student), Glasscock Endowed Fund for Excellence in Environmental Sciences, $5000; and a Folmar Research Award, $900. 2011
Daniel Hiatt (grad student), Glasscock Endowed Fund for Excellence in Environmental Sciences. $3300. 2011.
Joan Abramowitz (undergrad) earned a 1st Place Award in Undergraduate Poster Presentations at the American Society of Microbiology (Texas Branch) conference held in Arlington, TX on November 2011. Carlo Manzana (undergrad) and Tamarah Adair also attended the conference.

Kevin Gutzwiller was an invited member of the Advisory Board for the upcoming 2013 Annual Meeting of the U.S. Section of the International Associate for Landscape Ecology.
Anica Debelica (grad student) completed the 3rd and final field season for her dissertation research which is related to community structure and foraging ecology of the bat fauna of eastern Texas pineywood. In January, Anica began a part-time teaching job at St. Edwards University of Austin. Nick Green (grad student) concluded the final summer field season for his dissertation research into the effects of habitat edges on the small-mammal community in Grand Prairie of north-central Texas. Both Nick and Anica anticipate graduation during 2012.
Han Li (grad student) has embarked on his dissertation study of urban ecology of bats; the field work is being conducted in Waco and the surrounding vicinity. Two undergraduate Honors students, Robin van der Pol and Kristine Williams, are conducting their Honor thesis projects on urban bat ecology in connection with Han’s dissertation research.
Sang-Chul Nam was elected as an Academic Editor/Editorial Board Member for the journal PLoS ONE, a peer-reviewed journal from the Public Library of Science. He was also elected as an Editorial Board Member for the journal Current Cellular Biochemistry, a peer-reviewed journal from Academic Journals, Inc.

Tommy Pettit successfully defended his dissertation “Bat Activity in Forest Margins: Canopies, Edges, Seasonality and Competition” and graduated in December 2011. Tommy has taken a teaching position with Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg.
Jason Taylor earned his Ph.D. in Biology in 2011 with his dissertation entitled “Nutrient Enrichment Effects on Stream Periphyton Stoichiometry, Algal and Fish Assemblage Structure, and Grazing Fish-Periphyton Interactions.” Jason is currently employed by Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, as a Postdoctoral Research Associate.
Jason Taylor, Clark Hubbs Award for Best Poster at the Southeastern Association of Naturalists, May 2011.
Dr. David Hillis, Biology BS, 1980, received the Baylor Distinguished Alumnus Award at the Baylor Alumni Association’s Hall of Fame event on January 27. Dr. Hillis is currently a Professor of Bioinformatics at the University of Texas. He was introduced at the event by his father, Dr. Bill Hillis.

scholarship opportunities
Eugene Crowder Memorial Tuition Scholarship – These fund awards are designed to help defray tuition costs for undergraduate students for any 3000, 4000 or graduate level Baylor Biology course. This is applicable for the semester following the semester of the award. Academic accomplishments and financial need of the applicants will also be considered.

The David W. Eldridge Endowed Scholarship – The scholarship fund provides assistance to students of Baylor University who are majoring in biology based on the student’s academic performance and financial need. Preference will be given for students planning to enter any of the health care professions.

Frederick R. Gehlbach Endowed Scholarship – Awards are made annually on the basis of merit with need being a secondary consideration.

F. Ray Wilson Scholarship – This endowed scholarship is awarded by the Department of Biology at Baylor University to biology pre-med students on a merit basis.

Beta Beta Beta Endowed Scholarship Fund
To donate to any of the above scholarships, go to

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