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WWW Resources

Adams Consulting Group, commercial firm focusing on implementing simulations, Virtual Reality and interactive multimedia programs for learning and marketing. [Online: WWW]

Applied Technologies Laboratory, the UCSD School of Medicine, an advanced research laboratory has been established within the Learning Resources Center (LRC) to experiment with VR-systems in combination with multimedia-based educational resources. [Online: WWW]

Canadian Navy MARS Virtual Reality Simulator for teaching junior MARS officers the conning skills required of an Officer of the Watch (OOW). [Online: WWW]

Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT): CCTT is a simulation system wherein various simulated elements replicate actual combat vehicles, weapon systems and command and control elements which are networked for real time, fully interactive collective task training on computer generated terrain. [Online: WWW]

The Design Virtual Environment Project: Georgia Tech, Graphics Visualization Center. VR visualization tool for communicating design ideas and teaching tool for design education sponsored by the EduTech Institute. [Online: WWW]

DEVRL: Distributed Extensible Virtual Reality Laboratory. Lancaster, Nottingham University, UCL and QMW. Projects include The Virtual Classroom: intended to provide distributed users a with a number of coopertaive virtual reality based applications which allow them to experiment with a simulated set of physical properties. [Online:WWW]

Emerson, T. On the Net: WWW Resources in VR, Education and Training Applications section. This document lists research centers, publications, and commercial organizations relevant to education and training in virtual reality [Online: WWW]

ExploreNet (tm) is a general-purpose object oriented, distributed two dimensional graphic-based computational environment with features to support role-playing games for educational purposes, and cooperative learning of many kinds. [Online:WWW]

(The new, Java-based version of ExploreNet is available at:

Firsthand LLC. Commercial firm specializing in virtual environment design education and training.

Istituto Trentino di Cultura (ITC): Interactive Classroom Project

Hubble Space Telescope Repair Training System (VETL)

Jason Project., Education, Telepresence, distance education. [Online: WWW]

KidSpace: Interactive Discovery Learning pilot implementation, a Singapore National Project for children, ages seven through eleven. [Online: WWW]

Kidsroom at MIT's Media Lab: a fully-automated interactive, narrative playspace, uses computer vision perceptual recognition technology to create a virtual environment in the real physical space of a child's bedroom. [Online: WWW]

Lockheed AI Center and USC Behavioral Technologies Lab. Virtual Environments for Training. The Virtual Environments for Training project is a collaboration with Lockheed AI Center and USC Behavioral Technologies Lab developing training systems which integrate virtual reality and intelligent tutoring technologies. [Online:WWW]

The Learning Center: Human Interface Technology Laboratory, Univ. of Wash. VR in education and training. [Online: WWW]

Naval Postgraduate School, NPSNET Research group, training in networked multi-user virtual environments. [Online: WWW]

MIT Media Lab, The Epistemology and Learning Group explores how new technologies can enable new ways of thinking, learning, and designing.. [Online: WWW]

Project ScienceSpace .

Project ScienceSpace is an ongoing series of controlled experiments to assess the potential impact of Virtual Reality in science education. The Project is a joint effort between the Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory (VETL) at STB-VR Lab at Johnson Space Center and George Mason University. [Online: WWW]

  • VETL:

  • George Mason University:

The Toy Scouts, a volunteer group of students that utilize the equiptment at the Institute for Simulations and Training Visual Systems Laboratory. The “Toy Scouts” is a not-for-profit organization designed to promote educational opportunities to interested individuals by exploring new technologies for the purpose of developing creative new applications and concepts. [Onlne: WWW]

Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Sensory Communication Group, Research Laboratory of Electronics. The Environment Technology for Training (VETT) mission is to investigate the use of virtual environment systems and technologies in training. [Online: WWW]

Michigan, University of: Virtual Reality in Chemical Engineering Laboratory The VRiChEL laboratory has been founded in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan to explore and develop the use of virtual reality in chemical engineering, the initial focus is educational in nature

Nottingham, University of, Dept. of Manufacturing: Virtual Reality Applications Research Team (VIRART) Education Applications.. VIRART has now been involved in the development and testing of virtual environments for students with severe learning difficulties for the last four years. The primary testing for this work has been the Shepherd School in Aspley, Nottingham. [Online: WWW]

N.I.C.E project: University of Illinois at Chicago.
This is a learning environment for young children, implemented in the CAVE(tm) virtual reality environment. Children can collaboratively construct artifacts in the CAVE and, in doing so, build an underlying narrative that is driven by constructionism. [Online: WWW]

OTT Training Technology Information Center, Modeling & Simulation [Online:WWW]

(Virtual Reality Page)

Research Triangle Institute. Virtual Reality: A Practical Tool for Training. [Online: WWW]

Syracuse University: Virtual Reality for K-12 Education. [Online: WWW]

TAPPED-IN. Teacher Professional Development Institute. TAPPED IN is a shared teacher professional development (TPD) workplace patterned after a real-world conference center. [Online: WWW]

Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory (VETL). Education and Training Projects include Virtual Reality in Aerospace Training [Online: WWW]

VREL - Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory at East Carolina University. [Online: WWW]

VR in the Schools, quarterly newsletter Dr. Veronica S. Pantelidis and Dr. Larry Auld, Co-directors, Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory, School of Education, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC . [Online: WWW}

Wilson, Andrew. Internet VR Sites. Andrew’s list contains a good section on terminology as well as a special focus on MOOs (multi user domain objected oriented). [Online: WWW]

TH Systems Inc. Officer of the Deck (OOD) VIRTUAL REALITY TRAINING SYSTEM (VRTS) [Online: WWW]

Mailing Lists and Discussion Forums
Building Educational Environments Using Networked Virtual Reality Software. A place for those building educational environments using networked virtual reality software such as MUSE, TinyMUSH and Moo to pool knowledge and discuss issues. E-mail subscription request to with an informal message to subscribe.

Virtual Reality and Education

VIRTED is a mailing list for TEACHERS, STUDENTS, and anyone else who is interested in the uses of VIRTUAL REALITY in education and learning. We look forward to the exchange of ideas related to VIRTUAL REALITY. In this forum we hope to explore the use and potential uses of VIRTUAL REALITY environments in both traditional and alternative educational settings, the effects of VIRTUAL REALITY environments upon the learning process, and the efficacy of using VIRTUAL REALITY as an educational delivery system.

E-mail subscription request to with message "subscribe VirtEd your full name"


Usenet newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of virtual interface technology. For education, use subject tag EDUC: Sci.virtual-worlds maintains a WWW site with posting archives, papers and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

VIRTU-L is the mailing list mirror of sci.virtual-worlds. If USENET access is not available, you can subscribe to VIRTU-L. Greg Newby is the administrator. He can be contacted if you experience problems with the automated system. To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to the automated list server , with the following text in the body of the message: “subscribe listname Your Full Name”.

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