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HackMaster Adventures & Other One Shot Dungeons / Adventures

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HackMaster Adventures & Other One Shot Dungeons / Adventures

K192 Nest of the Rat Master (by “Weird Dave” Olson)

K193 The Stronghold of Emlock (by Mark Dowson)

K196 SpaceHack 2 (by Mark Dowson)

K200 The Great Heroes (A Solo Adventure) (by Andrew Mark Dowson)
HackMaster Adventure Contest

K174 The Forest of Despair (by Ed & Tom Nicholson)

K175 The Temple of Unrelenting Despair (by Kurt Evans)

K200 Moor’s Caw for 8th to 11th Level (by Steve Lawrence)

Lands of Adventure: Historical Locations for your Campaign

K71 The Horrors of Whitby circa 1893 (by Andrew Hind)

K72 Normandy Under Henry V circa 1428 (by Andrew Hind)

K73 The Canadian Corps of Voyageurs circa 1812 (by Andrew Hind)

K74 Wicken Fen circa 70 AD (by Andrew Hind)

K75 The Battle of Zuyder Zee circa 516 – 534 (by Andrew Hind)

K76 France, Greece and the Tank Trials of 2000 (by Andrew & Chris Hind)

K82 Lord John Roxton’s War with Slavers, Peru circa 1902 (by Andrew Hind)

K83 Cretan Archers: An Ancient Elite circa 394 BC (by Andrew Hind)
Rogues Gallery, Aldrazar

K198 Jark W. Harkmullins Jeers VII (Human NPC) (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)

Pars’Luvan (Human NPC) (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)
Rustlers of the Night

K33 Sturm Wolf

K34 Saw-Backed Lunger

K55 Aarnz Hound (Hacklopedia Ad)

K58 Pack Ape (by Barbara Blackburn)
K59 Map Snatcher (by Jolly Blackburn, Noah Kolman, and Tony Digerolamo)
K60 Bungee Worms (by Noah Kolman)
K63 Lewd Beholder (by Noah Kolman)
K64 Yader'wald (by Jolly R. Blackburn), Troglodyte (by Tony Digerolamo)
K65 Trollkin Meddler (by Jolly Blackburn)
K66 Pixie Grel (by Jolly Blackburn and Tony Digerolamo)
K67 Giant, Energy (Kolman, Lay and Berardino)
K68 Skitter Rat (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K69 Scorpuss (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K70 Dire Parakeet (by Roger Penrose)
K71 Dawgs (Larry Granato)
K72 Man-Ape – Special Hyborian Edition (by Rick Moscatello)
K73 Tower Spider Special Hyborian Edition (by Rick Moscatello)
K74 Elvariels (by Rick Moscatello)
K75 Sharkipede (by Rick Moscatello)
K76 Maintenance Monkeys (by Barbara Blackburn)
K77 Kryzaar (by Barbara Blackburn)
K78 Zap'tite (by Barbara Blackburn)
K79 Blithering Rust Monster (by Barbara Blackburn)
K80 Beer Lurker (by anonymous)
K81 Blade Spider (by anonymous)
K82 Giant Bumble Bee Mounts (by Barbara Blackburn)
K84 Skin Stealers (by Barbara Blackburn & Noah Kolman)
K85 Lava Plants (by Barbara Blackburn)
K86 Illusion Moths (by Barbara Blackburn)
K87 Hidden Horror (by Barbara Blackburn & Brendan & Brandon Fraim)
K88 Akulibhuta Trasta (by anonymous)
K89 Shadow Stalker (by Andrew Hind)
K90 Vodyanoi (by Andrew Hind)
K91 Trapper Keeper (by Barbara Blackburn)
K92 Doom Cumulus (by Christopher Loss)
K93 Eye Seekers (by Barbara Blackburn)
K94 Displacer Beast, Common Dire Mt. Cat (by Barbara Blackburn)
K95 Gill-Breasted Spine-Tailed Dark Mimic (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)
K96 Spore-Laden Cavern Beetle (by Christopher Loss)
K97 Doomsday Pack (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)
K98 Belligerent Walking Portal (by Christopher Loss)
K99 Peccary, Vorpal-Tusked Displacing (by David Reeder)
K100 The Corrupter (by Christopher Loss)
K101 Bloody Terror Golem (by Barbara Blackburn)
K102 The Slime of Heroes (by Barbara Blackburn)

K103 Spear Snake (by Brian M. Sammons)

K104 Howler Leach (by Barbara Blackburn)

K105 Carnivorous Leaves (by Eric Rose)

K106 Tohdnerian Summoner Beast (by Mark L. Chance)

K107 Stained Glass Golem (by James Butler)(misattributed to Mark Chance)

K108 Ginge Grog Dawg (by David Reeder)

K109 Tomatoes, Killer (by James Butler)

K110 Sunderer (by Mark L. Chance)

K111 Soul Napper (by Barbara Blackburn)

K112 Beholder Kin, Gruezel (by Jedediah Gofourth)

K113 Steelskin Slime (by Christopher Loss)

K114 Howling Horror (by Ann McIntosh)

K115 Gelo ™ Pudding (by Daniel J. Cook)

K116 Charm Monkey (by Barbara Blackburn)

K117 Opat-Turwv (by Barbara Blackburn)

K118 Dismemberment Cloud (by James Butler)

K119 Ghostlings (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)

K120 Razorweb Spiders (by Brian M. Sammons)

K121 Throngling (by Mark L. Chance)

K122 Luskin’s Moldable Pudding (by Barbara Blackburn)

K123 Suggestion Fairy (by Barbara Blackburn)

K124 Sound Leach (by Barbara Blackburn)

K125 Panic Flea (by Barbara Blackburn)

K126 Underdark Babbling Heart Hunters (by Jolly and Barbara Blackburn)

K127 Eldoran Seige Giant (by David Reeder)

K128 Screaming Lurker (byChris D. Harland)

K129 Bearbug (by Mark L. Chance and Mark Plemmons)

K130 Grastak (by David R. Reeder)

K131 Trecorn (by Barbara Blackburn)

K132 Hoar Giants (by Jolly and Barbara Blackburn)

K133 Flame Ivy (by Barbara Blackburn)

K134 Chi’een (by Barbara Blackburn)

K135 Grim Ostrich (by Barbara Blackburn)

K136 Stargels (by Barbara Blackburn)

K137 The Weeping Shadow of Hulben Forest (by Barbara Blackburn)

K138 Death-Blood Medusa (by Stefen Styrsky)

K139 Hunger Tree (by Stefen Styrsky)

K140 Cougar (by Anonymous)

K141 Man-Ape (by Stefen Styrsky)

K142 Death Shroud (Brian M. Sammons)

K143 Puppet Master Spiders (by Brian M. Sammons)

K144 Abyssmal Boars (by Brian M. Sammons)

K145 Onlooker (by Stefen Styrsky)

K146 Voracious Changeling (by Barbara Blackburn)

K147 Silk Toad (by Barbara Blackburn)

K148 Child of Set (by Stefen Styrsky thanks to Mark Gedak)

K149 Hanga (by Stefen Styrsky)

K150 Billy the Neighbor Kid (for DAWG RPG) (by Barbara Blackburn)

K151 Orkin Wardawg (for HackMaster Basic)

K152 Fairy, Agaricus (by James Butler)

HM Basic: War Dog, Gargoyle, Hill Giant

K153 HM Basic: Riding Horse, Ponies

K154 HM Basic: Anaxar

K155 HM Basic: Giant Amoeba

K156 HM Basic: Apes, Gorillas, Killer Apes

K157 HM Basic: Cockatrice

K158 HM Basic: Skitter Rat

K159 HM Basic: Tarantubat Spider

K160 HM Basic: Gouger

K161 Lizard, Giant, Subterranean

K162 Wolverine

K163 Peryton

K164 Chasm Lurker

K165 Pit Howler

K166 Deep Stalkers

K167 Aarnz Hound

K168 Rooftop Prowler

K169 Toad, Giant Poisonous

K170 Crawling Claw

K171 Whisp, Subterranean (by James Butler)

K172 Sundew, Man-Eating

K173 Snogre (by Kenzer and Company)

K174 None

K175 Human Cultists

K176 Frore Wolf (aka Arctic Mastiff)

K179 Shoagg Spider

K181 Carrion Renderer

K182 Saw Backed Lunger

K184 Worm, Great Spiny

K188 Giant, Fire

K189 Stony Ensnarer

K190 Slough (aka Harbor Troll)

K191 Reef Terror

K192 Massive Rat / Oliphant Rat

K196 Okrillamari

K197 Yappers

K198 Cockroach Men

Who’s Who in KODT

K152 The Knights of the Dinner Table

K153 The Black Hands

K154 Patty’s Perps

K155 The Dorm Troopers

K156 Other Characters in Muncie

General and Gaming Articles:
Game Master’s Workshop

K14 Game Master’s Workshop – Special Pullout Section (15 pages!)

K22 No Experience Necessary A New Priesthood Class for PCs (by Joe Kushner)

K34 Beefing Up Your NPCS: Snitches (by Larry Granato)

Beefing up your NPCs: Halfling Slingers (by Joe Kushner)

K38 The World Turned Upside Down (by Larry Granato)

Failing (and loving it) (by Anthony J. Galleta)

K42 The Make-up of Good Referees, Players and Gamers (by Anthony J. Galleta)

K44 Pillagers Guide to Quality Loot and Plunder 7 Shields (by David Reeder)

K58 Gawds of Twilight Last (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

Making Game Props 101 (by SD Anderson)

K59 Enough is Enough!! When NPC’s Revolt (by Larry Granato)

K60 Dragon’s Lair (by Larry Granato)

Dragon’s Hoard (by Noah Kolman)

K62 Home is where you hang your sword: NPC Strongholds (by Larry Granato)

K63 The Monster’s Underneath Adventures in Intrigue (by J. Brian Murphy)

They Dream of Genies… (by Spencer M. Lease)

Mechanical Artillery & Weapons of War (by Larry Granato)

K64 The Wealth of Dungeons Hack Master Economics (by Ross Payton)

K65 Begrudgement: Make players slap themselves down (by Scott Roberts)

K66 Nations and Navies (by Larry Granato)

Magic Portraits (by Rick Moscatello)

K67 A Campaign Autopsy: Lessons from Dead Games (by Scott W. Roberts)

K68 The Role Playing Reward System: Player incentive system (by Scott Peterson)

Pillager’s Guide: Figurines of Wondrous Power (by David Reeder)

K69 Forget Your Six Siders: A new way to roll abilities (by Richard Robertson)

Hey Dude, Taste This: Magic Potions in Hack Master (by Barbara Blackburn)

No Pain, No Gain Training Time for Multiclasses in 3E (by Roxanne Cogle)

K70 Handling Armor Repair (by Steve Johansson)

Portals of Death: D&D Deadly Doors (by Rick Moscatello)

K71 Grow Your Own Village (by Scott W. Roberts)

An A.C.E. in the Hole Starting Life as a Kid Again (by Noah JD Chinn)

Pillager’s Guide: The Magic of Geanavue: Kalamar (by David Reeder)

K72 New Gamers? Give ‘em an Audition! (by John Feldmeier)

Role Playing Tip: Make your Dungeon Exciting Again (by Johnn Four)

K73 Campaign Trophies: Player Appreciation (by Noah JD Chinn)

Role Playing Tips: Ten Ways to twist your plots (by Johnn Four)

Only a +1 Long Sword? Spice up your Magic Weapons (by Chris Gottschalk)

K74 Making Gaming Enjoyable for Female Players (by Stacy Smith)

The Bob Herzog Factor: Original Unoriginality (by Noah JD Chinn)

K75 Let’s Get this Party Started (by Ross Watson)

K76 Playing Between Sessions (by Noah JD Chinn)

GM’s Tool chest: Dispatches from the Edge (by Pam Hartwell-Herrero)

K78 The Art of Game Mastering: Player Proofing Plots (by William Steinmetz)

K79 The Art of GMing: Three Magic Words: In the Game (by William Steinmetz)

K80 The Art of GMing: Taking Criticism w/o Killing People (by William Steinmetz)

The Secrets of Hack-Conversion: Adding HM to D&D (by Sean Twist)

K81 The Art of GMing: How to Deal with “In One Round” (by William Steinmetz)

Before they were Heroes: Role-playing the origin story (by Noah JD Chinn)

K82 The Art of GMing: Two Times you should Shut UP (by William Steinmetz)

Putting the Magic Back in Magic Armor (Official HM) (by anonymous)

K83 The Deck of Many Backgrounds (by Michael Hughes)

K84 That Idea Would Never Work (by Erik Rose)

Game Mastering the One Night Stand (by Randall Nelson)

K85 Getting the Most Laughs out of your Comedy Campaign (by Erin Mills)

K86 The Pyramid Scheme: A Mastermind’s Forces (by Chris Gottschalk)

Electronic Game Tools: Review of ScreenMonkey 1.0 (by Kenneth Newquist)

Customizing Spells: Where Angels Fear to Tread (by Ladnor Burry)

K87 Playing with the Enemy: GM’ing For One (by Noah JD Chinn)

From Hum-Drum to Way Fun: Spurring Creativity (by Ladnor Burry)

The Paladin as a Prestige Class (by Bjarne Bjerklund)

Dice and Chutzpah: The Secret to Winging It (by Steve Willett)

K89 Using Props in Your Campaign (by James Lynch)

Adventure of the Mill Giant: For Pendragon (by Andrew Hind)

Making Magic Items Meaningful (by Anthony Roberson)

HackMaster 101: An HM Tutorial for Beginners (by David York)

Catastrophic Character Death (by D Andrew Ferguson and Chris McFarlane)

K90 To Plan or Not to Plan: Is that the Question? (by Anonymous)

Screen Monkey No More! (by Ross Martin)

HackMaster 101: An HM Tutorial for Beginners Lesson Two (by David York)

K91 D20 Professional: The Flip Side of Hack-n-slash (by Ladnor Burry)

K92 The Ready Sword: Secret Organization For KoK (by Rob Lee)

When Players Behave Badly (by Tracey S. Rosenberg)

K93 Hack, Slash & Two Smoking Goblins: Solo KODT Adventure (by Brandon Neff)

K94 The B-Movie Bar Brawl Matrix (by Pete Rogan)

K95 Gamers and NonGamers Can there be a middle Party Ground (by Greg Killam)

Despite Your Differences You become Friends (for Western) (by Shane Cubis)

King’s Rules Duels – A New Game (by Whitney Weston)

K96 Wolf Pack Tactics: Cooperative Combat in 3e (by Mark A. Hart)

The ORCS Strategy: Organize, Role-play,Compose, Seek (by Mark A. Hart)

Three Shiny Tweaks for D&D 3e (by Ladnor Burry)

To The Hilt: Crafting a Better Intelligent Sword (by Scott W. Roberts)

K97 Truisms of a Dark Knight (by Scott J. Conove)

My First Campaign (by David R. Hill)

K98 Dice and Probability (by Robert King)

Movin’ To The City: Tables for City Generation (by Tyler Byrne)

K99 Pillagers Guide to Quality Loot & Plunder: Headlights (by David Reeder)

K100 With Your Shield On It: Article all about Shields (by Brian M. Sammons)

K102 Get Behind the Screen (by Sacha Ratcliffe)

Save the Lap Dance for Me – A Mafia D20 Adventure (by Tony DiGerolamo)

K103 Demand Satisfaction (Dueling in RPGs) (by M. Renard)

Artifacts: Neither Earth-shattering nor Run of the Mill (by Ladnor Burry)

K104 And Let God Sort ‘em Out: Heaven Vs Hell in RPG’s (by Thomas Wilde)

K105 Giving High Level Play Low Level Excitement (by Ladnor Burry)

Software Review: PC Gen (by Ken Newquist)

Finding the Right Players for Your Game (by Jerome A Montes)

K106 Creating a Gaming mood (by Nadin Brzezinski)

Armor and the Gravitation System (by Ladnor Burry)

Complete Arcane in the KoK (Spellcaster Classes) (by Lloyd Brown III)

The Pillagers Guide: Figurines of Wondrous Power (by David Reeder)

K107 Mojo Quotient: Finding Your Best Dice (by James K. Thomas)

KoK Skill Spotlight: Spellcraft (by Lloyd Brown III)

K108 HackMaster 101: An HM Tutorial for Beginners Lesson II (by David York)

Just another NPC (by Sacha Ratcliffe)

Games of Intrigue: Politics in Your Campaign (by James K. Thomas)

Hacking by Myself: Solo Adventure (by Mike Carniello)

K110 Making Your Own GM Shield (by William Alan Wiarda)

K111 What Did She Say? Language Dialects and Game Flavor (by Keith McCormic)

Porting HM’s Pixie Fairies into D&D 3.5 (by Mark Plemmons)

K112 Vampyre: Servant of the Vampire (by Scott J. Conover)

KoK Knightly Orders of Tellene (by Lloyd Brown III)

K113 GMing for Strangers (by Melissa Walsh)

K114 Time is On Your Side (by James L. Davenport)

K115 Curses Large and Small (by lloyd Brown III)

K116 The One Page Project: Minimalist RPG System (by Jeff Plant and Ed Brothers)

Working Out the Kinks: Part 1 (Guide to Better GMing) (by Matthew Tougas)

K117 Drool worthy Accessory: Dwarven Forge sets (by David S. Kenzer)

K118 101 Uses for an Unseen Servant (by Lloyd Brown III)

Working Out Kinks Part Two (by Matthew Tougas)

On the uses of Nature: Fire (by Heather O’Malley)

K119 Pillager’s Guide: Battle Rattle: Load-bearing Gear (by David Reeder)

The Evolution of Gaming (by Anthony Ponder)

Making the Most of Your Skills Part One (by Jim Davenport)

K120 Making the Most of Your Skills Part Two (by Jim Davenport)

K121 Exploring Soap Opera Themes (by Mike Carniello)

K123 Exploring Ghost Story Themes (by Mike Carniello)

K124 Kingdoms of Kalamar: Demon Princes of Tellene (by Lloyd Brown III)

K125 Crowd Control (by Ross Payton)

K126 Pillager’s Guide: Daggers (by David Reeder)

K127 Spells on Demand (by Lloyd Brown III)

Necromancers of Tellene (by Lloyd Brown III)

Pillager’s Guide: Bows (by David Reeder)

Treasures and Mysteries Part I: Real Life Inspiration for Adventures

(by Noah Chinn)

K128 KoK and Monster Manual III (by Lloyd Brown III)

Treasures and Mysteries Part II: Real Life Inspiration for Adventures

(by Noah Chinn)

K129 KoK: Humans of Tellene: The Defohy (by Lloyd Brown III)

Treasures and Mysteries Part III: Real Life Inspiration for Adventures

(by Noah Chinn)

K130 Treasures and Mysteries Part IV: Real Life Inspiration for Adventures

(by Noah Chinn)

K131 Treasures and Mysteries Part V: Real Life Inspiration for Adventures

(by Noah Chinn)

The Random Evil Society Generator (by David S. Callaway)

K132 Treasures and Mysteries Part V: Real Life Inspiration for Adventures:

More Treasures: Some Lost, Some Found (by Noah Chinn)

K133 None

K134 Breaking in the New Guy (Ross Payton)

K135 Hacking in Harn (Hackmaster in the world of Harn) (by Daniel Bell)

K136 None

K137 It’s the Economy Stupid (by Shedrick Pittman-Hassett)

A Character Driven Game: Getting off the Train (by Ann Jenks)

K138 DIY Game Master Screens (by Shedrick Pittman-Hassett)

K139 Encouraging Dramatic Gaming (by Joshua David)

KoK: Tales of Tellene Slayer’s Brotherhood of Bet Bireli (by Bill Urban)

Exploring Magical Themes in Non-Magic Settings (by Mike Carniello)

K140 Swing Station Alexander (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K142 It’s all just Numbers: New Life for Old Monsters (by Stefen Styrsky)

K143 The Science of Hackmaster (by Mike Carniello)

Spells That Break the Rules (by Lloyd Brown III)

K144 Good Ol’ Whatzhisname (by Derek Kagemann)

Microsoft Powerpoint as a Gaming Aid? (by Jason Wyant)

The Influence Check (by Lloyd Brown III)

K145 Exploring Prehistoric Themes (by Mike Carniello)

Kingdoms of Kalamar: The Golden Alliance (by Lloyd Brown III)

K146 Ecology of the Warband (by Mike Gilbert)

K147 Tower Power: A Twist on Sanity in D20 (by Jason Wyant)

Familiars in D&D 4e (by Lloyd Brown III)

K149 Skill Spotlight: Gathering Information (by Lloyd Brown III)

K151 A Letter to my GM Screen (by Chris Hussey)

HackMaster Basic: Further peeks into the new edition

K152 The Art of WaRPG’s I – Putting Sun Tzu in your RPG (by Jeff Phillips)

K153 The Art of WaRPG’s II – Putting Sun Tzu in your RPG (by Jeff Phillips)

K154 The Art of WaRPG’s III – Putting Sun Tzu in your RPG (by Jeff Phillips)

K155 The Art of WaRPG’s IV – Putting Sun Tzu in your RPG (by Jeff Phillips)

K156 The Art of WaRPG’s V – Putting Sun Tzu in your RPG (by Jeff Phillips)

Exploring Skeptical Themes (by Mike Carniello)

K157 The Art of WaRPG’s VI – Putting Sun Tzu in your RPG (by Jeff Phillips)

Exploring Aztec and Mayan Themes (by Mike Carniello)

K159 The Art of WaRPG’s VII – Putting Sun Tzu in your RPG (by Jeff Phillips)

K163 Top Ten Ways to Manipulate Your Players (by Tony DiGerolamo)

K172 Ungrateful Munchkins (by Michael Reitz)

K178 Kingdoms of Kalamar: A Fool’s Journey Part 1: Running The Dobo Spine

(by Jolly Blackburn)

K179 Kingdoms of Kalamar: A Fool’s Journey Part 2: A City of Celebrations

(by Jolly Blackburn)

K180 Kingdoms of Kalamar: Tellene’s Most Exciting Hirelings (by Lloyd Brown III)

K181 Kingdoms of Kalamar: A Fool’s Journey Part 3: A Dragon Yarn and a nudge (by Jolly Blackburn)

K182 Kingdoms of Kalamar: Tales from the Blue Cod (by Jolly Blackburn)

So, Four Clerics Walk into a Bar… Lopsided Parties (by William Maldonado)

K183 Kingdoms of Kalamar: Midding Room from the Blue Cod (by Jolly Blackburn)

K189 Gimme That Old Time Religion (by James Davenport)

K193 HackMaster: A Modular Approach to Introducing the Game (by Kurt Evans)

What’s He got in his pockets? (by James Davenport)

K194 Law and the Characters (by Jeremy Meister)

Harpaang’s Secrets: Savur’s Elixir

K195 Planning for Campaign Greatness (by James Davenport)

K196 The Finest of the Finest (by James Davenport)

K197 Harpaang’s Secrets: Spells from the Back Shelf

Stories of the Road (by James Davenport)

K198 El Ravager’s Rules of Ascent: Knockbacks/Secondary Impacts

K199 Gaming with Nat Geo: K2, Titanic, Escaped Slaves (by Noah Chin)

K200 El Ravager’s Rules of Engagement: Good Ground (by Jolly Blackburn)

Game Master’s Workbench

K176 The Gun Deck – Aces and Eights 72 Card Gun Deck (by Jolly Blackburn)

K177 The StrongBox of Doom (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K178 The Hack Track System (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K179 The HackKaddy (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K180 Tick Tock: keeping Track of Time in Count-Up Combat Based RPGs

K187 Deciphering the Combat Rose (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

Social Media as a GM Tool Part 1 (by Jolly Blackburn)

Player’s Advantage

K58 Hero Building 354: Hint and Tips (by Noah Kolman)

K59 Mapping Toward Success (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K60 10 Talents you can’t do without (by Noah Kolman)

10 Great Skills you probably Missed (by Noah Kolman)

K62 Pillager’s Guide: Gauntlets Galore! (by David Reeder)

K63 Outfitting for Success/ShirkMare/Gnome Titan Saddle (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K64 More Tools for the Belt (by Tony DiGerolamo)

K67 First Level Multi Classing for 3E (by Noah Kolman)

K69 Kalamar The Monastic Orders of Tellene (by Lloyd Brown III)

K72 Min/Max: Getting the most out of your character: Fighter (by Rick Moscatello)

K73 Min/Max Theatre Optimizing the Cleric (by Rick Moscatello)

Character Plans: Map out your 3E PC (by Ross Watson)

K74 Min/Max Theatre: Optimizing the Thief (by Rick Moscatello)

K75 Min/Max Theatre: Optimizing the Pixie Fairy Fighter (by Rick Moscatello)

Game On! How to Game Anywhere, Anytime (by Jeff Aldrich)

K76 Effective Wizards: Part One: Economics (by Keith Abbot)

Min?Max Theatre: Optimizing Multiclass Characters (by Rick Moscatello)

Game On! Anywhere Hammer – Basic Edition (by Jeff Aldrich)

K77 Effective Wizards: Part Two: Combat (by Keith Abbot)

Min/ Max Theatre: Optimizing the Half Ogre (by Rock Moscatello)

Game on! Keychain Kung Fu (by Jeff Aldrich)

K78 The Host of Heaven: Holy Prestige Classes for 3e (by R. Watson & J. Fairfield)

The Virtual Player Character (by Noah JD Chinn)

Min/Max Theatre: Optimizing the Random Rolls (by Rick Moscatello)

Game on! Real Estate Rally (by Jeff Aldrich)

K79 The Host of Heaven: Holy Prestige Classes for 3e: Judicial Champion

(by R. Watson & J. Fairfield)

Game On! Legba’s Locks (by Jeff Aldrich)

K80 The Host of Heaven: Holy Prestige Classes for 3e: Kreutzritter

(by R. Watson & J. Fairfield)

Game On! Game On! The Travel Edition (by Jeff Aldrich)

K81 The Host of Heaven: Holy Prestige Classes for 3e: Maker

(by R. Watson & J. Fairfield)

Game On! Dueling Ants (by Jeff Aldrich)

K82 Game On! Royal Lineage (by Jeff Aldrich)

K83 Game On! GeoHack (by Jeff Aldrich)

K84 Game On! Candy Corn 500 (by Jeff Aldrich)

K85 The Learned Bard: New look at an Old Class for D&D 3.5 (by Noah JD Chinn)

Send the Orcs to the Mountains: Add’l Dwarven Dig Rules (by Rick Moscatello)

Game On! Six Pennies and Six Shooters (by Jeff Aldrich)

K86 Game On! Holidays on Garweeze Wurld (by Jeff Aldrich)

K87 Game On! Hacky Meals (by Jeff Aldrich)

K88 Game On! The Dead PC’s Society (by Jeff Aldrich)

K89 Game On! Loose Change (by Jeff Aldrich)

K90 Game On! FOL – FireBall Online (by Jeff Aldrich)

K91 The Art of McGyvering 101 (by Joe Hatfield)

K94 Game On! Bar Wars (by Jeff Aldrich)

K101 The Entertaining Player (by Mark A. Hart)

K102 Flesh and Blood: Importance of Character Backgrounds (by Scott Conover)

K103 Game Anywhere! The Emergency Roleplaying Kit (by M. Gallagher)

K107 What to get the Wizard with everything but experience (by anonymous)

K118 Spell Components for enhancing any Spell (by Eric Neumann)

K121 A Character Driven Game: Creating the Base (by Ann Jenks)

K122 Druidic Battle Magic (by Lloyd Brown III)

K123 A Character Driven Game: Stirring Up Conflict (by Ann Jenks)

K125 Why Walk? A closer look at Mounts & Exotic Steeds (Lloyd Brown III)

K132 Lusting for Evil – Downsides of Evil characters (by Steven James Conover)

A Character Driven Game: Relationship with your Character (by Anne Jenks)

K134 Player Advantage Codes: Body Language (by Classified)

The Feats Make the Man (by Stefen Styrsky)

K146 And Taking Its Treasure (by Lloyd Brown III)

K182 More Than Just a Bunch of Stats – Character Background (by MaGnUs)
Special Articles:

K18 Monty Python and the Holy Grail Card Game Pull out Section (13 pages!)

K22 Borne in Blood (by David Kenzer) Shortstory

Bones of Ruin (by Jolly R. Blackburn) Shortstory

KODT on the Road Field Report: Manafest

KODT Comic Index Issues #1 - #21

K24 Beautiful Russian Women Seeking Gamers Ad (see also K41)

K27 Borne in Blood Part II (by David Kenzer) Shortstory

Bones of Ruin (by Jolly R. Blackburn) Shortstory continued

Excerpts from Kutagi’s Journal (by Brian Jelke)

K28 The Legions of Kalamar (by Steve Johansson)

How to Host Your Own KODT Live Reading (by Brian Jelke)

K30 Borne in Blood Part III (by David Kenzer) Shortstory

Excerpts from Kutagi’s Journal (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

Bones of Ruin Part II (by Jolly R. Blackburn) Shortstory

K33 Borne in Blood Part IV (by David Kenzer) Shortstory

Bones of Ruin Part II (by Jolly R. Blackburn) Shortstory continued

Excerpts from Kutagi’s Journal (by Jolly R. Blackburn & Brian Jelke)

K34 The Game of Elimination (by Whitney Weston)

1999 KODT Index Issues 1-33

Dice Story: A brief history of Polyhedron dice (by Dave Arneson)

K37 Chop Till You Drop: KODT Characters in Maul of America (by Jim Dietz)

Rumble for the Dinner Table: A KODT Miniatures Game (by Bill Aguiar)

K38 The Name Game (by Lloyd Brown)

K41 Interesting Interjections (by Larry Granato)

From Russia with Dice (by Kevin Hendrix) (see also K24)

K42 One page Map of Pete’s Temple of Horrendous Doom

K43 13 Ways to Break the Ice (by Lloyd Brown)

K44 Kung Fu Dice (by Todd Downing)

Raging Dice: Dice Throwing Game (by Whitney Weston)

Adventuring Preparedness according to KODT (by Larry Granato)

The Jackson Document “Mega Capacity Magic Items” (by Gary Jackson)

K45 Monty Python: Taunt You a Second Time – 11 pages of stuff

Including KODT Monty Python CCG Cards

K46 Monty Python: All in the Cards: Players Guide

K47 Pixies in Faery Meat (by Scott Leaton)

K50 Knights Color Cover Gallery

KODT Index 2000 Edition Issues 1-49 plus Vault Issue Index

K56 Hack Master Player’s Handbook Excerpt

Hack Master Game Master Essentials (11 pages of HM goodness)

K58 Unearthed Arcana Hack Master Official Errata

HMA Kickoff Article (by Todd Weaver) HMA Origins Report (by Ray Ennis)

Garweeze Wurld Two page spread Color Map

K59 Special Damage Rule “Walking it off” (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

Frandorian Torch Helmet (by Steve Johansson)

K60 Hack Master Unearthed Errata (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

HMA GenCon 2001 Report (by Ray Ennis)

Praxterian Utility Pegleg (by Noah Kolman)

K63 HMA HQ Report (by Jamie LaFountain)

K64 D&D Kingdoms of Kalamar Player’s Guide Preview

Tips from the Hack Game’s Developers (by Matthew Colville)

D&D Kingdoms of Kalamar Brief Encounter Set (by Doug Davis)

K65 The World of email Gaming (by Jeff Mejia)

D&D Kingdoms of Kalamar Player’s Guide Preview

From the Cutting Room Floor: Rejected 3E Feats, Skills, and Spells

(by Michael S. Thibault)

K66 KODT Reader Poll #1

K67 SELF: Sentient Etheric Life Forms for Shadowrun (by Jebediah Gofourth)

K68 Get your Hack On! Dagorhir: Foam weapon battles (by Nev the Deranged)

Getting Paid to Play Games (by Lloyd Brown III)

Hack Master GM Shield Field Manual (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K69 Playing in the Minor Leagues: Gaming with young kids (by Brian K. Morris)

Game Master’s Tool Chest: Monsters on the Fly

K70 Gamer at Large: Bashing the Gamer’s Dream (by Kevin Vance)

I was a Gen Con Booth Slave (by Randy Porter)

“One is the Loneliest Number” Fixing Fumbles in D&D (by John H. Horner)

Finding People to Game With (Johnn Four)

Balance of Power: Handling Hackmaster Coupons

HackMaster Coupons! 8 Bad Boys you gotta have!

Game Master’s Tool Chest: Base Mentality (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

Mech Warrior: Dark Age Primer (by Matt Robinson)

K71 Flying the Unfriendly Skies: Flying Adventures for 3E (by Michael Mearls)

K72 Gathering Around the Electronic Dinner Table (by Noah JD Chinn)

K73 Game Master’s Tool Chest: Fantasy Fleets on a Budget (by Jolly Blackburn)

Knight Gallery Featured Artist: George Vrbanic

Dr. Dice: Testing Your Dice for Rolling Bias (by Anthony Roberson)

K74 Knight Gallery Featured Artist: James Dunn

K75 Someone you Love is in Prison?? We’re there for ya, Dude!

K77 Knight Gallery Featured Artist: Brian Schomburg

K78 GenghisCon 2003 Field Report (by David Kenzer)

K80 Dangerous Denizens: KoK Monster Book Sneak Peek

Divine Masters: HM Gawd and Demi-Gawds Sneak Peek

K82 Encyclopedia Hacktanica: Aldo to Bridget Keating (by Jason Zavoda)

K83 Encyclopedia Hacktanica: Brent Bozwell to Croix (by Jason Zavoda)

Game Quest and Gencon Indy Photo Galleries

K84 Encyclopedia Hacktanica: Croadis to Crutch (by Jason Zavoda)

K85 Encyclopedia Hacktanica: Crutch to Dad, Bob’s (by Jason Zavoda)

K86 Encyclopedia Hacktanica: Dad, Bob’s to Dad, Bob’s (by Jason Zavoda)

Weird Pete Color Poster “I Want You” (art by Chris Moreno)

K87 So, Ya Wanna by Published… Guide to getting published in KODT

Confessions of a Gamer Grrl (by Cheryl Twist)

Encyclopedia Hacktanica: Dad, Bob’s to Earl Slackmozer (by Jason Zavoda)

K88 Encyclopedia Hacktanica: Earl Slackmozer cont’d (by Jason Zavoda)

K89 Encyclopedia Hacktanica: Earl to Eddie “Tank” Ramirez (by Jason Zavoda)

K90 Encyclopedia Hacktanica: Eddie to Edmund Finley (by Jason Zavoda)

K91 The Globalization of PBM (by Sam Roads)

K92 Music to Hack By (by Russ Herschler)

K94 Three Honest Guys and a Cash Box (by Jolly Blackburn and Mark Plemmons)

K95 So Who’s Our Cleric (by Fer)

K100 So, Ya Wanna by Published… Guide to getting published in KODT

All I Really Needed to Know I learned from Firefly (by James Davenport)

HeroScape KODT Scenarios: Carvin’ Marvin / Zombies of The Meatgrinder

Who’s Who on the Cover Two Page Color Spread

Tales From an Original Knight of the Dinner Table (by Lew “Not Bob” Herring)

From an Idea to Final Story: The making of a strip (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

The Wrath of Bob/ Table Dynamics (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

Beautiful Russian Women Gamers Ad Updated Reprint

K104 Results of the D24 Random Table Contest

K106 Close Encounters of the Random Kind D24 Contest Results

K107 Close Encounters of the Random Kind D24 Tables (by Brian Smith)

Aces & Eights Preview: Showdown Wild West Skirmishes & Jailbreak scen.

K108 Close Encounters of the Random Kind D24 Smack Downs (by Brian Smith)

K109 Ode for One of Ours: Memorial (by Gregory Killam)

Close Enc. Of Random Kind D14 Tables Fireballs and 3D moves (by Scott G)

Teaching Children Gaming: Part 1 Fun and Education (by Danielle Killam)

K110 Teaching Children Gaming: Part 2 Ratings and Reasons (by Danielle Killam)

31 things All Superheroes Should Know (by George Chambers)

A Deadly Trio: Arsenic, Mercury and Phosphorous (by Derek Kageman)

K111 Knight Gallery Featured Artist: Ward Donovan

Teaching Children Gaming: Part 3 Too Old for this? (by Danielle Killam)

Crafting on a Budget (by Lloyd Brown III)

Esper’s Battle Chess: Chess with powers (by John “Esper Ranger” Szalay)

K112 Dueling Druids: Dice Game (by John “Esper Ranger” Szalay)

Mini Games: Quick Games of War (by Mike Carniello)

K115 “Priceless” Support Your Local Game Shop “Ad”

K118 Exploring Medieval Themes (by Mike Carniello)

K119 Gencon 2006: True Dungeon Recap (by Randall Nelson)

K120 Twas the Night Before Halloween (by Barbara Blackburn)

K120 The Grevans Part One: First Things First (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K122 The Grevans Part Two: A History (by Jolly R. Blackburn)

K123 Still D&D to Me (by Michael Martinez-Mann)

K125 Bad, Bad Bob Herzog (song) (by David Kenzer)

K126 Aces & Eights Promotional Insert

KODT Interviews – Graeme Davis (by Cirro Sacco)

Dungeon Crawl Classic: Blackstone’s Maze

(by Hershberger, Galambos, Simmons & Hart)

Close Enc. of the Random Kind D100 & D20 Western Towns (by Brian Smith)

K127 Close Enc. of the Random Kind D10 & D20 Thug Names (by Brian Smith)

K128 The Expanded Smart Ass Smack Down Table (by Austin Byers)

Close Enc. of the Random Kind D20 Horse Names (by Brian Smith)

K129 Close Enc. of the Random Kind D14 Table NPC Villians (by Brian Smith)

K130 Close Enc. of the Random Kind D6 & D20 Indian Name Table (by Brian Smith)

Summer Time Fun Photo Gallery: Gary Gygax’s Porch Party & Origins 2007

Aces & Eights Movement & Communication (by A&8 Development Team)

K131 GenCon Indy ’07 Photo Gallery

Temple of Horrendous Doom Image and Commentary

Aces & Eights Bandit’s Guide to the West

Aces & Eights “Making Nowhere Somewhere” Buying Land / Raising Buildings

Close Enc. of the Random Kind Old West Mines and Miner Names (by B Smith)

K132 Game Designer (Song Lyrics) (by David S. Kenzer)

Close Enc. of the Random Kind A&8’s Encounter Tables (by B Smith)

Exploring Viking Themes (by Mike Carniello)

K133 Leadership with Class (by Lloyd Brown III)

K134 Close Enc. of the Random Kind D14 Drunkard Generators (by Brian Smith)

Marshall Patterson’s Guide to Law and Order (by Uncredited)

K135 Taking Death Seriously (by Jim Davenport)

Close Enc. of the Random Kind D20 Patent Medicines (by Brian Smith)

K136 So You Want to Play Heroes (by Jim Davenport)

Close Enc. of the Random Kind D20&D8&D12 Wounds (by Brian Smith)

K137 Close Enc. of the Random Kind D20 Prophecies (by Brian Smith)

What Would a Gamer Do? (by Kevin Vance)

K138 Gary Gygax Tributes (various)

K139 The Chaos Channeler (by Davide Quatrini)

Where’s My +3 Lightsaber: High Tech in D&D (by Chris Gottschalk)

K140 Aces & Eights “Making Nowhere Somewhere” Part Two: Construction

Building Yer own Lazarus

The Old Gun Shop: Additional Weapons for A&8’s (by George J. Gerhold)

K141 Origins 2008 Photo Round-Up

K142 Ultimate DM Screen of Doom Review

The Old Gun Shop – Optional malfunction rules for A&8 (by G. J. Gerhold)

K143 GenCon Indy 2008 Photo Gallery

History of the Bag Wars (compiled by Andy Miller)

Gary Jackson’s Understanding HackMagic Part IV: Mega-Capacity Magic Items

A Gamer’s Guide to Anime Cons (by Mark Plemmons)

Close Enc. of the Random Kind 2D10 Table Surface Thoughts (by Brian Smith)

K147 The Sound of Dice Rolls (Sound of Silence song parody) (by Jeff Crook)

K148 The Bones of Chinatown (Adventure for Savage Worlds) (by Dave Olson)

K149 Tomb of the Frost Kings (Adventure for D20) (by Jeff Nitzburg)

K150 DAWG: The RPG (by Ashok Desai & B.A. Felton)

Raid on Borgal’s Keep (Adventure Contest Winner for Hackmaster)

by Ed and Tom Nicholson

Gary Con 1 Photo Gallery

Hackmaster Basic Sneak Preview: The Thief

Dice Story – History of how multisiders wound up in D&D (by Dave Arneson)

Tribute to Dave Arneson & 20 Die Salute (October 1, 1947-April 7, 2009)

KODT Interviews – Luke Gygax (by Barbara Blackburn)

Tribute to LCPL Michael Justin Zipse, USMC (Dec 17, 1984-March 25, 2009)

K151 Dice Cleansing 101 (by Michael Reitz)

Width and Depth: Wheel of Time Role Playing Game (by Mark Baker)

K152 A Walk Through of HackMaster Basic (by the D Team)

K153 Origins 2009 Photo Round Up

The DawgFather – An Adventure for Dawg the RPG (by Jerimy J. Grafenstein)

Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB - Clerics of Mangrus

True Realm Review (by Mike Steele)

K154 Gen Con 2009 Photo Round Up

Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Bazaar of the Mundane

K155 Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Grel (Grunge Elves)

Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Additional Mage Spells

K156 Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – High Level Characters

Close Enc. of the Random Kind – Aces & Eights Deck of Unique Loot

K157 Close Enc. of the Random Kind – 2d12 Volatile Spell Names Generator

Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Further High Level Characters

K158 Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Rangers and Rogues

K159 Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Clerics of Risk

Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Advanced Fumbles & Mishaps

The Amazing Concise Villain (by Cyrus Duane)

K160 Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Clerics of Raconteur

Close Enc. of the Random Kind – Hah-Hahs & Giggles Generator (Brian Smith)

Next Gen – Or How to Raise a Gamer in 17 Easy Years (by Michael Reitz)

Big Scrapes – Mass combat for Aces & Eights (by Shane Ive)

K161 Evolution of the Knights

Real Life Inspiration for Hawgwallers

Special Delivery – A Scenario for Aces & Eights (by Jerimy Grafenstein)

Beyond the Book – Rules and Variants for HMB Six New Talents

K162 Gary Con II Photo Gallery – March 19 to 21, 2010

KODT Interviews – Mark Bartlet Founder Able Gamer (by Barbara Blackburn)

Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Multiclass Characters

Inside Frandor’s Keep – The Borken Hill Tavern

K163 Close Enc. of the Random Kind – Votive Volumes (by Larry Granato)

Beyond the Book – New Character Classes: The Knight & The Paladin

Rails West – Rail Cars and Props for Sequoyah Star

K164 Beyond the Book – Expanding the Mages Codex I

K165 Origins Photo Gallery – June 23 to 27, 2010

Close Enc. of the Rdm. Kind – Dead, but not so forgotten (by Larry Granato)

Beyond the Book – Expanding the Mages Codex II

K166 Gencon Photo Gallery – August 5-8, 2010

Get Ready to Rumble (by Heather O’Malley)

How to Kickstart a Campaign (by Matt Ide)

Beyond the Book – Expanding the Mages Codex III

K167 Confessions of a Four Legged Gamer (by Rupert the Cat and Michael Reitz)

Beyond the Book – New Liturgical Prayers I

K168 Weird Pete’s Games Pit – Landmarks of the KODT Univere

Speak with Authority – Five Magical Languages (by Brian M. Sammons)

Beyond the Book – New Liturgical Prayers II

K169 Most Irregular – Irregular Troops (by Larry Granato)

Dawg the RPG - The Terrifying Tomb of Ankhatton (by John Kennedy)

Why Would a Die by any other Name Roll As Sweet? (by Michael Reitz)

Die Name Generator

K170 Heroic Death Tables (by Kurt Evans)

A Touch of Magic – A Practical GM Magic Trick (by Brandon Neff)

Terrain and Your Game (by Robert Rotsolk)

K171 Vengeance is Mine, Sayeth the Dwarf: Solo Adventure (by Brandon Neff)

Beyond the Book: From the Journals of Haarpang the Mage

K172 Weird Pete’s Demerit System (by Joseph Tolman)

Close Enc, of the Random Kind – I Just Crit Myself (by Brian Sammons)

Beyond the Book: From the Journals of Haarpang the Mage

K173 Vision Con 2011 Photos

Last Man Standing: The Urban Assassin RPG (by Kurtis Evans)

K176 Seven Crafted Wonders of Kalamar (by Lloyd Brown III)

Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Basic skills of various classes

(Astrology, Direction and Weather Sense, Local History)

K177 KODT Interviews – Terry Marcel (Cocreator: Hawk trilogy) by Barbara Blackburn

Brave New World: Exploring the world of Virtual Tabletop RPGs (by Kurtis Evans)

Gaming with the Nat Geo (by Noah Chin)

Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Basic Ranger Skills

K179 Koba-Mahkate: The Stain of Justice

Deadly Combos for D&D 4e (by Lloyd Brown III)

K182 Tech Support: Expansion 2.0 Customer Prediction Plug-in

K183 Is That a Dagger, or are you just Happy to see Me? (by James Davenport)

No, Really – It’s not as Complicated as it Looks (by James Lynch)

The Game Master’s Ten Commandments (by Clayton J. Callahan)

K184 Beyond the Book – Rules & Variants for HMB – Flaymasters & Ministry of Misery – Evil Spells

A Few Tips for Role Playing with Kids (by WJ Walton)

You Are in a Maze of Twisty Little Passages (by Lincoln Hills)

K185 HackMaster: A History

K186 HackMaster Player’s Handbook Illustrated Example of Play (12 pages)

HackMaster Player’s Handbook Description

K187 SpaceHack: A Solo Sci Fi RPG Adventure!!

A Sojourn of Mud and Undead (Run For Your Lives Zombie 5k) (by William Tucker)

Introduction to the new HackMaster Player’s Handbook

K188 Photo Gallery: Anime Central 2012

The Tale of Erac’s Cousin (by Ernie Gygax as told to Barbara Blackburn)

HackMaster: Previews from the Player’s Handbook (Cleric Spell Lists)

K189 Photo Gallery Origins Game Fair 2012

Skill Rolls as Game Show Questions (by Nick Michal)

Photo Gallery Kenzercon One 2012

HackMaster Player’s Guide: Unboxing Photos and Walkthrough

Records of All That Should Be – Designer Character Sheets (by James Butler)

K190 Kingdoms of Kalamar – Naming conventions for Living Creatures of Tellene (by Barbara Blackburn)

KODT Interview: Wicked Replicas USA LLC Craig Judy (by Barbara Blackburn)

Harpaang’s Secrets of the Arcane Unlimited: Identify Spellcaster & The Dagger of Smite (by Barbara Blackburn)

Dice, Dice Baby! (by Brian “the sixth knight” Jelke)

K191 GenCon 2012 Photos & Chicago Comic-Con Photos

What I did with my Summer Vacation (by Michael Reitz)

The Sifting of a Hoarder’s Lair (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)

K192 Runnin’ with the Pack (Hack Pack Demo Team)

Hackmaster Tournament Board (by Jolly Blackburn)

K193 Hack Meet Waukeegan #1 Photos

KODT Interviews – Dave Stephens (by James Butler)

K194 Monopoly Expansion – “Bilking the System” (by Thomas Forsythe)

Places to Write Home About (by James Davenport)

K195 HackPack Hack Meet Minnesota Photos

DAWG The RPG Player’s Guide Part One (by John D. Kennedy)

Lego Heroica: Baby’s First Dungeon Crawl (by Noah Chinn)

K196 HackPack Snow Con, Marmalade Dog 18 Photos

Epic Monopoly (by Charlie Brooks)

K197 Russian Women Looking for Gamers AD

HackPack Hack Meets: Florida, Wisconsin with photos

GaryCon V Report with Photos

She-Jackal Movie Poster

DAWG The RPG: A Guide to Running DAWG (by John D. Kennedy)

K198 Pranking Your Players (by various)

K199 Hackbeard Ad

The Gift: HackMaster Adventure for 6th to 10th Level (by Carolyn Stogdill)

Gelatinous Ice Cube Trays Ad

K200 Comicpalooza 2013 Photos

Farm Wars: Modern Era Ad

Honorary Knights Roll Call: Diane S. Hutton, Michael Bowling, Mark Plemmons, Carolyn Stogdill, Andy Miller

Memorial to Diane “Dragonlady” Hutton and “The Empty Chair” reprint

Close Encounters of the Random Kind: The Name Game (by Andrew Dowson)

Finding the Horns of the Dilemma (by James Davenport)
Game, Media and Product Reviews:
Board Squawk

K98 Scotland Yard (by Nick Medinger)

K99 Take it Easy (by Nick Medinger)

K100 Attika (by Nick Medinger)

K101 Ticket to Ride (by Nick Medinger)

K102 Games to Play with your Poker Buddies (by Nick Medinger)

K103 For Sale (by Nick Medinger)

K104 Ingenious (by Nick Medinger)

K105 Citadels (by Nick Medinger)

K106 Shadows Over Camelot (by Nick Medinger)

K107 Carcassonne Series (by Nick Medinger)

K108 Holiday Game Buying Guide (by Nick Medinger)

K109 St. Petersburg (by Nick Medinger)

K110 Ingenious (by Nick Medinger)

K111 Card Games: Coloretto / Wizard (by Nick Medinger)

K112 Wits & Wagers and Werewolf (by Nick Medinger)

K113 Railroad Tycoon (by Nick Medinger)

K114 Desert Oasis (by Nick Medinger)

K115 Caylus (by Nick Medinger)

K116 Heroscape (by Nick Medinger)

K117 Two Great Games: Engel & Negel / 25 Words or Less (by Nick Medinger)

K118 Ticket to Ride: Marklin (by Nick Medinger)

K119 Power Grid (by Nick Medinger)

K120 Kreta (by Nick Medinger)

K121 Holiday Guide (by Nick Medinger)

K122 Command and Colours (by Nick Medinger)

K123 On the Underground (by Nick Medinger)

K124 Battlelore (by Nick Medinger)

K125 Taluva (by Nick Medinger)

K126 Medici (by Nick Medinger)

K127 Greenland (by Nick Medinger)

K128 Twilight Struggle (by Nick Medinger)

K129 Age of Empires III (by Nick Medinger)

K130 Can’t Stop & Cash and Guns (by Nick Medinger)

K131 Axis & Allies Naval Minis: War at Sea (by Nick Medinger)

K132 Holiday Round Up (Holiday games for all ages) (by Nick Medinger)

K133 Bohnanza (by Nick Medinger)

K134 Felix the Cat in the Sack (by Nick Medinger)

K135 Carcassone: The Discovery (by Nick Medinger)

K136 Big City (by Nick Medinger)

K137 In the Year of the Dragon (by Nick Medinger)

K138 Rails of Europe (by Nick Medinger)

K139 Brass (by Nick Medinger)

K140 Anno 1701 (by Nick Medinger)

K141 Qwirkle (by Nick Medinger)

K142 Pandemic (by Nick Medinger)

K143 Race for the Galaxy (by Nick Medinger)

K144 2008 Game Gift Guide (by Nick Medinger)

K145 Galaxy Trucker (by Nick Medinger)

K146 Pitch Car (by Nick Medinger)

K147 Say Anything (by Nick Medinger)

K148 Chicago Express (by Nick Medinger)

K149 Roll Through the Ages (by Nick Medinger)

K150 Outdoor Games (by Nick Medinger)

K151 Tide of Iron (by Nick Medinger)

K152 Caylus Magna Carta (by Nick Medinger)

K153 Incan Gold (by Nick Medinger)

K154 Dominion (by Nick Medinger)

K155 Pirate’s Cove (by Nick Medinger)

K156 Board Games on the Internet (by Nick Medinger)

K157 Holiday Gift Guide (by Nick Medinger)

K158 Stronghold (by Nick Medinger)

K159 Agricola (by Nick Medinger)

K160 Kingsburg (by Nick Medinger)

K161 Tobago (by Nick Medinger)

K162 The Speicherstadt(by Nick Medinger)

K163 Zooloretto & Coloretto(by Nick Medinger)

K164 Cyrano & Telestrations(by Nick Medinger)

K165 Defenders of the Realm(by Nick Medinger)

K166 Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer (by Anthony DuLac)

K167 Cutthroat Caverns (by Anthony DuLac)

K168 Warhammer: Invasion LCG (by Anthony DuLac)

K169 Subjectivity and Reviewer Bias (by Anthony DuLac)

K170 Christmas Gift Review (by Anthony DuLac)

K171 Trifecta (by Anthony DuLac)

K172 Heroscape (by Anthony DuLac)

K173 Castle Ravenloft & Dominant Species (by Anthony DuLac)

K174 None

K175 Earth Reborn (by Anthony DuLac)

K176 Game of Thrones Living Card Game (by Thomas Fritchman)

K180 Dust (by William Maldonado)

K181 Confusion: Espionage & Deception in the Cold War (by Anthony DuLac)

K185 Runewars (by Shannon Rampe)

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