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Summon Web Scryer

K42 Exploring Cthulhu's cyclopean web (by Kenneth Newquist)

K43 Expanding your Star Frontiers (by Kenneth Newquist)
K44 Equipping the Dungeon Master's Tool Kit (by Kenneth Newquist)
K45 The Gamers' Web-Defense Kit (by Kenneth Newquist)
K46 Hacking the Web with Cyberpunk (by Kenneth Newquist)
K47 Remembering the Forgotten Realms Online (by Kenneth Newquist)
K48 Conquering Online Universes (by Kenneth Newquist)
K49 Journey Through Amber's Web of Shadows (by Kenneth Newquist)
K50 Charting the Difficult Waters of Campaign Cartographer (by Kenneth Newquist)

K51 None
K52 Rolling with WOTC's D20 System (by Kenneth Newquist)

K53 Fall Through a Jump Gate Into fading Suns (by Kenneth Newquist)
K54 The Force is strong as ever on the Net (by Kenneth Newquist)
K55 Drifting Between Black and White with Greyhawk (by Kenneth Newquist)
K56 The Gamemaster's Tool Kit: D&D Edition (by Kenneth Newquist)
K57 FASA is gone, but Battletech continues the Fight Online (by Kenneth Newquist)
K58 Birthright is Reborn on the Web (by Kenneth Newquist)
K59 Get Lost in Ravenloft's Murky Mists) (by Kenneth Newquist
K60 Adjusting to a Noah-Less Web (by Kenneth Newquist)

K61 None

K62 None
K63 Lead the charge Against Evil With Dragonlance (by Kenneth Newquist)
K64 Wage Battles Across the Web with Warhammer (by Kenneth Newquist)
K65 Delta Green Spreads the conspiracy Online (by Kenneth Newquist)
K66 Conquer Hundreds of Universes with Steve Jackson's GURPS (by K. Newquist)
K67 Online Directories Help End the Quest for a Game (by Kenneth Newquist)
K68 Explore the Savage Wasteland of Dark Sun (by Kenneth Newquist)
K69 The Knights of the (online) Dinner Table (by Kenneth Newquist)
K70 Rummaging Through the WebScryer's Junk File (by Kenneth Newquist)
K71 Spandex and Heroics Conquer the Web with Superhero websites (by Newquist)
K72 Hacking Away Net Doldrums With Hackmaster (by Kenneth Newquist)
K73 Explore the Back Reaches of (cyber) Space with Traveller (by Kenneth Newquist)
K74 Hacking Back to AD&D's First Edition (by Kenneth Newquist)
K75 Tickle Your RPG Funny Bone With Web Comics (by Kenneth Newquist)
K76 Finding Fantastic Fonts For Your Fantasy Forays (by Kenneth Newquist)
K77 Saving the Online Universe with Heroclix (by Kenneth Newquist)
K78 Execute Clandestine Maneuvers in Spycraft’s Cyberspace (by Kenneth Newquist)
K79 Killing Boredom With Board Games (by Kenneth Newquist)
K80 Divining the Magical Matrix of Shadowrun (by Kenneth Newquist)
K81 Navigating Star Trek's Online Frontier (by Kenneth Newquist)
K82 Returning to the Glory of Text-Based Games (by Kenneth Newquist)
K83 Irradiate Your Present With Gamma World (by Kenneth Newquist)
K84 Discover the Infinite cosmos of Alternity (by Kenneth Newquist)
K85 Cthulhu Revisited (by Kenneth Newquist)
K86 Enter A Universe of Big Eyes and Small Mouths (by Kenneth Newquist)
K87 Exploring the Magic of Harn (by Kenneth Newquist)
K88 Playing in Middle Earth (by Kenneth Newquist)
K89 Return of the Gaming Junk Drawer (by Kenneth Newquist)
K90 Crossing Stargate SG-1's Event Horizon (by Kenneth Newquist)
K91 Discover the RPG Blogosphere (by Kenneth Newquist)
K92 Plunder Free RPGs on the Web (by Kenneth Newquist)
K93 Online Gaming Tools (by Kenneth Newquist)
K94 Online Gaming Tools (Real subject: Earthdawn) (by Kenneth Newquist)
K95 Campaign Cartographer 2 (by Kenneth Newquist)
K96 Launch into 4-Color Action With Mutants and Masterminds (by K. Newquist)
K97 Return to Conan's Hyborian Age (by Kenneth Newquist)
K98 Plundering the World's Largest Dungeon (by Kenneth Newquist)
K99 Game Masters Toolbox, Take 3 (by Kenneth Newquist)
K100 Prepare for Torg's Multiverse Invasion (by Kenneth Newquist)
K101 Visit the Technomagical Lands of Eberron (by Kenneth Newquist)
K102 Resurrecting Battletech's Heavy Metal Universe (by Kenneth Newquist)

K103 Upgrade to a New Paranoia (by Kenneth Newquist)

K104 Imagine anything with Risus (by Kenneth Newquist)

K105 Attack of the Pod(casting) Gamers (by Kenneth Newquist)

K106 Surviving the Fall of the Scarred Lands (by Kenneth Newquist)

K107 An Exalted Sun Rises on the Web (by Kenneth Newquist)

K108 Discovering the Worlds of Warcraft (by Kenneth Newquist)

K109 Revenge of the Pod People (by Kenneth Newquist)

K110 Revenge of the Pod People *Mis-titled* Subject: Tools & Utilities (by Newquist)

K111 Block Out Time for Playing With Legos (by Kenneth Newquist)

K112 Paging Your Way with RPG References (by Kenneth Newquist)

K113 The Gaming Blogs Roll On (by Kenneth Newquist)

K114 Explore Deeper with RPG Webzines (by Kenneth Newquist)

K115 Finding Hordes of D20 Adventures (by Kenneth Newquist)

K116 Take off into the Black with Serenity (by Kenneth Newquist)

K117 Return to the Ruins of the Junk File (by Kenneth Newquist)

K118 The Pod People Strike Back (by Kenneth Newquist)

K119 Toss the Bones and Go Diceless (by Kenneth Newquist)

K120 He who Laughs Last (by Kenneth Newquist)

K121 Seek Out Dungeons’ Adventure Path (by Kenneth Newquist)

K122 Get Ready to Run for the Escape Pod(casts) (by Kenneth Newquist)

K123 Get Current with D20 Modern (by Kenneth Newquist

K124 Climb to the Loft Heights of Ptolus (by Kenneth Newquist)

K125 Simplify Your Game with True20 (by Kenneth Newquist)

K126 Refilling the GM’s Toolbox (by Kenneth Newquist)

K127 Risus Redux (Risus: The Anything RPG) (by Kenneth Newquist)

K128 Women in Gaming (by Kenneth Newquist)

K129 Experience Fast, Furious and Fun Adventures with Savage Worlds (Newquist)

K130 Picking up the Cape: A Return to Superhero Gaming (by Kenneth Newquist)

K131 Pulp Adventures Capture the Spirit of the Century (by Kenneth Newquist)

K132 Return to the Fantastic Realms of Runequest (by Kenneth Newquist)

K133 Gaming Pods Spawn a New Generation of Net Radio (by Kenneth Newquist)

K134 Set a Course for the Gaming Blogosphere (by Kenneth Newquist)

K135 Chart New Galaxies with Sci Fi Tools (by Kenneth Newquist)

K136 Stalk Internet Horrors with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (by Kenneth Newquist)

K137 Zombie Fighting on the Web (by Kenneth Newquist)

K138 Ahoy Matey! Pirates Storm the Web (by Kenneth Newquist)

K139 Warhammer 40K RPG (by Kenneth Newquist)

K140 Take Your Kids to Wondrous Worlds of Gaming (by Kenneth Newquist)

K141 Battle Back Chaos with Warhammer FRPG (by Kenneth Newquist)

K142 D&D4e Ignites a Worldwide Webstorm (by Kenneth Newquist)

K143 Begin a new Trilogy with Star Wars Saga Edition (by Kenneth Newquist)

K144 Attack of the RPG Bloggers! (by Kenneth Newquist)

K145 Return to the Cross Time Adventures of Doctor Who (by Kenneth Newquist)

K146 It Came from the Junk Drawer (by Kenneth Newquist)

K147 Hack the Past with Steampunk (by Kenneth Newquist)

K148 Getting Rolling with Twitter (by Kenneth Newquist)

K149 Explore the Demon-Haunted Web of World of Darkness (by K. Newquist)

K150 Delve to the Deepest Levels of MegaDungeons (by Kenneth Newquist)

K151 Traveling a Different Road with the Pathfinder RPG (by Kenneth Newquist)

K152 Get Back to Basics with Chaosium’s Basic RPG (by Kenneth Newquist)

K153 Conquer Virtual Battlefields with Miniatures (by Kenneth Newquist)

K154 Attack of the Retro Clones (by Kenneth Newquist)

K155 Building a Better game Table (by Kenneth Newquist)

K156 Upgrade your Game with Table Tech (by Kenneth Newquist)

K157 Geek TV without the TV (by Kenneth Newquist)

K158 Hitting the Tweet Deck (by Kenneth Newquist)

K159 The Expanding Blogosphere of D&D4e (by Kenneth Newquist)

K160 Surf’s Up at Google Wave (by Kenneth Newquist)

K161 Pursue Profit Among the Stars (by Kenneth Newquist)

K162 Igniting the Funeral Pyre for Star Wars: Saga Edition (by Kenneth Newquist)

K163 Dark Sun Rising (by Kenneth Newquist)

K164 Savage Heroes Mastermind a Four Color Resurgence (by Kenneth Newquist)

K165 The Star Frontiers Renaissance (by Kenneth Newquist)

K166 Get Rolling with 2010 Award Winners (by Kenneth Newquist)

K167 Celebrate the Geek Life with Homegrown Holidays (by Kenneth Newquist)

K168 The Doom That Came from the Junk Drawer (by Kenneth Newquist)

K169 The iPad as Digitial RPG Tool (by Kenneth Newquist)

K170 To the Stars! (by Kenneth Newquist)

K171 Podcasting Keeps Rolling (by Kenneth Newquist)

K172 Engage in an Old School Bloodbath with Dragon Age (by Kenneth Newquist)

K173 A Galaxy of Starship Deck Plans (by Kenneth Newquist)

K174 Fueling the RPG Chaos Generator (by Kenneth Newquist)

K175 The Many Nightmares of Chthulhu (by Kenneth Newquist)

K176 Fight Clowns, Tame Lions with the RPG Carnival (by Kenneth Newquist)

K177 Take your Game Digital with Tabler Computers (by Kenneth Newquist)

K178 Burn for the Future with Transhumanist Sci Fi (by Kenneth Newquist)

K179 Twitter Roll Call 2011 (by Kenneth Newquist)

K180 Blazing New Trails with Pathfinder (by Kenneth Newquist)

K181 The Miniature Painter’s Workshop (by Kenneth Newquist)

K182 Fuelling the RPG Chaos Generator (by Kenneth Newquist)

K183 Wandering the Gaming Paths of JRR Tolkein (by Kenneth Newquist)

K184 Take your Boardgames Anywhere with an iPad (by Kenneth Newquist)

K185 Web Reactions to Dungeons and Dragons Next (by Kenneth Newquist)

K186 Junk Drawer: Maps, Apps and Inspirations (by Kenneth Newquist)

K187 Preparing for Ragnarok (by Kenneth Newquist)

K188 Make Mine Marvel: Superhero Role Playing (by Kenneth Newquist)

K189 Crowdfunding the Future with Kickstarter (by Kenneth Newquist)

K190 Upgrading the GameMaster’s Notebook (by Kenneth Newquist)

K191 Pinterest Nails Down the best of the RPG Web (by Kenneth Newquist)

K192 Shake the Web with Tumblr RPG Blogs (by Kenneth Newquist)

K193 The Past is the Future with D&D Next (by Kenneth Newquist)

K194 Firing Up a New Generation of Podcasts (by Kenneth Newquist)

K195 Lament for a Fallen Kobold(by Kenneth Newquist)

K196 Preparing for the 13th Age (by Kenneth Newquist)

K197 Shotguns, Brains and Dice: Zombie War (by Kenneth Newquist)

K198 The Index of Indexes (by Kenneth Newquist)

K199 +1 Your Game with Google Communities (by Kenneth Newquist)

K200 The Best of the Summoned Web (by Kenneth Newquist)
Zine Scene

K66 Games Gazette, Twilight Time Ezine, Realms of Fantasy

Movie Reviews:
A Gamer’s View of the Movies

K14 Starship Troopers (by Donald J. Bingle)

K15 The Game (by Donald J. Bingle)

K16 007: Tomorrow Never Dies (by Donald J. Bingle)

K17 Titanic (by Donald J. Bingle)

K18 Scream 2 (by Donald J. Bingle)

K19 Sphere (by Donald J. Bingle)

K20 The Man in the Iron Mask (by Donald J. Bingle)

K21 Lost in Space (by Donald J. Bingle)

K22 The Truman Show (by Donald J. Bingle)

K23 Deep Impact & Armageddon (by Donald J. Bingle)

K24 Saving Private Ryan (by Donald J. Bingle)

K25 Baseketball (by Donald J. Bingle)

K26 Blade! (by Donald J. Bingle)

K27 Enemy of the State (by Donald J. Bingle)
Media Hacks

K29 Mean Guns (by Trey Aittaniemi)

Movies on the Battlemat: A Gamer’s Guide to Exploiting Films

K79 Krull (by Will Upchurch)

K80 Signs (by Will Upchurch)

K81 The Fifth Element (by Will Upchurch)

K82 Brotherhood of the Wolf (by Wil Upchurch)

K83 The 13th Warrior (by Wil Upchurch)

K85 The Sum of All Fears (by Wil Upchurch)

K86 Braveheart Vs. Gladiator (by Wil Upchurch)

K87 Princess Bride Vs. Willow (by Wil Upchurch)

K88 Raiders of the Lost Ark Vs. The Mummy (by Wil Upchurch)

K89 Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom Vs. The Mummy Returns (by Wil Upchurch)

K90 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Vs. The Scorpion King (by Wil Upchurch)

K91 Big Trouble in Little China Vs. The Rundown (by Wil Upchurch)

K92 Batman vs. Superman (by Wil Upchurch)

K93 Death Race 2000 Vs. The Running Man (by Wil Upchurch)
A Gamer’s Rant on Movies

K96 Star Wars Rant – Problems Ep3 Won’t Fix (by Noah Antwiler)

K97 Boba Fett Rant - Problems Ep3 Won’t Fix (by Noah Antwiler)

K98 A Rant on Hawk the Slayer (by Noah Antwiler)

K99 Tandem’s Batman Rant (by Noah Antwiler)

K100 A Rant on the Highlander Movies (by Noah Antwiler)

K101 Tanem’s Starshp Troopers Rant (by Noah Antwiler)

K102 Tandem’s Akira Rant (by Noah Antwiler)

K103 The Matrix Revolutions (by Noah Antwiler)

K104 A Hitchhiker’s Movie Rant (by Noah Antwiler)

K105 A Revenge of the Sith Rant (by Noah Antwiler)

K106 Land of the Dead (by Noah Antwiler)

K107 Fantastic Four (by Noah Antwiler)

K108 The Crow Series (by Noah Antwiler)

K109 Serenity (by Noah Antwiler)

K110 Doom! (by Noah Antwiler)

K111 Asian Horror Films (by Noah Antwiler)

K112 King Kong (by Noah Antwiler)

K113 Bloodrayne (by Noah Antwiler)

K114 Battlestar Galactica (by Noah Antwiler)

K115 Stay Alive (by Noah Antwiler)

K116 Silent Hill (by Noah Antwiler)

K117 X-Men The Last Stand (by Noah Antwiler)

K118 Superman Returns (by Noah Antwiler)

K119 Summer Blockbusters (MI 3, Pirates 2, DaVinci Code, Lady in the Water)

(by Noah Antwiler)

K120 Mazes & Monsters (by Noah Antwiler)

K121 Wrath of the Dragon God (by Noah Antwiler)

K122 Krull (by Noah Antwiler)

K123 The Dungeonmaster (by Noah Antwiler)

K124 Ladyhawke (by Noah Antwiler)

K125 Gamers, Gamerz, and The Gamers (by Noah Antwiler)

K126 Conan the Barbarian (by Noah Antwiler)

K127 Eragon (by Noah Antwiler)

K128 Spider-Man 3 (by Noah Antwiler)

K129 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (by Noah Antwiler)

K130 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (by Noah Antwiler)

K131 Transformers (by Noah Antwiler)

K132 Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (by Noah Antwiler)

K133 Labryinth (by Noah Antwiler)

K134 The Last Starfighter (by Noah Antwiler)

K135 Southland Tales (by Noah Antwiler)

K136 Blade Runner (by Noah Antwiler)

K137 In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (by Noah Antwiler)

K138 Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (by Noah Antwiler)

K139 Dragonslayer (by Noah Antwiler)

K140 Yor: The Hunter From the Future (by Noah Antwiler)

K141 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (by Noah Antwiler)

Gaming the Movies

K142 Buckaroo Banzai (by Jim Davenport)

K144 Mystery Men (by Jim Davenport)

K145 Death Race (by Jim Davenport)

K146 Indiana Jones (by Jim Davenport)

K147 Forbidden Planet (by Jim Davenport)

K148 Band of Brothers (by Jim Davenport)

K149 A Reservoir of Pulp Dog Fiction (by Jim Davenport)

K150 Alien (by Jim Davenport)

K151 Apocalypse Now (by Jim Davenport)

K152 X-Men (by Jim Davenport)

K153 Pirates of the Carribean (by Jim Davenport)

K154 The Shield (by Jim Davenport)

K155 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (by Jim Davenport)

K156 Ghostbusters (by Jim Davenport)

K157 Rosemary and Thyme (by Jim Davenport)

K158 Underworld Trilogy (by Jim Davenport)

K159 Mission to Mars (by Jim Davenport)

K160 burn notice (by Jim Davenport)

K161 Johnny Mnemonic (by Jim Davenport)

K162 The 13th Warrior (by Jim Davenport)

K163 The Wild Geese (by Jim Davenport)

K164 Monty Python and the Holy Grail (by Jim Davenport)

K165 Sergio Leone Westerns (by Jim Davenport)

K166 Three Days of the Condor (by Jim Davenport)

K167 Inception (by Jim Davenport)

K168 Adventures in Babysitting (by Jim Davenport)

K169 Planet of the Apes (by Jim Davenport)

K170 El Mariachi (by Jim Davenport)

K171 Terriers (by Jim Davenport)

K172 Odyssey 5 (by Jim Davenport)

K173 The Holy Bible (by Jim Davenport)

K174 Brothers Grimm (by Jim Davenport)

K175 None

K176 The Pillars of the Earth (by Jim Davenport)

K182 Horrible Bosses (by Jim Davenport)

K186 The Postman (by Jim Davenport)

K187 Beowolf (by Jim Davenport)

K188 Battle: LA (by Jim Davenport)

K190 New Tricks (by Jim Davenport)

K191 Outpost (by Jim Davenport)

K192 Brothers Barbarian (by Barbara Blackburn)

K198 Boondock Saints (by Jim Davenport)
The Dread Frog Speaks

K71 Shortsightedness in the Gaming Industry (by Paul Arden Lindberg)

K72 How to be a new publisher (by Paul Arden Lindberg)

K74 Industry? Or Hobby? I make the Call! (by Paul Arden Lindberg)

Face Off

K66 Q: Has the D20 Open License Hurt or Helped the Games Industry?

K67 Q: Joe the Paladin kills Orc Cubs: Has he violated his Alignment?

K68 Q: Do Female Dwarves have Beards?

K69 Q: Dice Based vs. Diceless?

K70 Q: To Fudge or not to Fudge?

K71 Q: Do the Origins Awards Mean anything to You?

K72 Q: Pre Fab Modules?

K73 Q: Resurrection?

K74 Q: Kids at the Table?

K75 Q: Home Brewed Rules?

K76 Q: Electronic Dice Rolling?

K77 Q: GM Rulings: Is the GM Always Right?

K78 Q: Alignments: Helpful or Hindrance?

K79 Q: Metagaming: How Much is Too Much?

K80 Q: Is Cross-Gender Role-Playing a Good Idea?

K81 Q: After PC Death: Start at 1st or Party Level?

K82 Q: What’s your favorite GM style: Referee or Storyteller?

K83 Q: Integrating Real World Religion into Gaming?

K84 Q: Using a Magic Helmet to Force alignment Change: Good or Evil?

K85 Q: Rules Lawyers: Helpful or Pain in the Neck
K86 Q: D20 Glut: Nice to have Variety or Bad News
K87 Q: Which is Better, Paper or E-books?
K88 Q: Is there too much Foul Language in KODT?
K89 Q: Is the Class System Viable or Not?
K90 Q: Which is Kewler? Xena or the D&D Movie?
K91 Q: Who Would Win a War? Elves or Dwarves?

K92 None
K93 Q: Which is More Important: Character Freedom or Group Unity

K94 Q: Grudge Monsters: Useful Tool or Sign of an Immature GM?
K95 Q: Which Character Class is Tougher to Play: Paladin or Assassin?
K96 Q: Should GMs Plan Ahead or GM off the Cuff?
K97 Q: Should Raising Dead Be Allowed?
K98 Q: Are Magic Items Crutches or Useful Tools?
K99 Q: Are Computer RPGs really Role-Playing Games?
K100 Q: Character Background: Crucial or Color?
K101 Q: Should gawds be Active in Gameworld or Distant?
K102 Q: Poison: Inherently Evil or just another Weapon?
K103 Q: Psionics in Roleplaying: Fun Option or just a Pain?
K104 Q: Should PCs be limited to Standard Races or have Unlimited Choice?
K105 Q: Who is Better? Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett?
The Gamer Pulpit

K70 Making a living in the Game Biz (by Steve Chenault of Troll Lord Games)

K90 Life as a Manufacturer (by Steve Chenault of Troll Lord Games)

K91 Anecdote about Gaming, Marriage and Compromise (by Wil Wheaton)

K92 Mixing Significant others with Gaming (by Randall Nelson)

K93 A Retailer’s Perspective (by Marcus King)

K94 Gaming: With Children (by Melissa Walsh)

K95 Showing Young Kids Gaming Old School (by Ray K. Allen)

K97 Gamer Cliques (by Steve Willett)

K99 On Teamwork (by John D. Culbertson)

K101 More to RPG’s than D&D (by Dave Latrigue)

K102 Real Life Role-Playing: Geekdom and Fitness (by Noah JD Chinn)

K103 There is no “I” in D&D (by John D. Culdertson)

K104 Gaming Stores and Mordor (by Sean Twist)

K105 Through a Child’s Eyes (by Ray K. Allen)

K106 Why a Good Game Store Closes (by Anonymous)

K124 Forging your First Gaming Group (by Noah Chinn)

K134 Ladies of Hack – A Friendly Place (by Barbara Blackburn and LOH)

K135 From Game Widow to Hack Addict (by Shari Armstrong)

K139 Embracing Evil (by Topher Kersting)

K141 Spinachcat’s Guide to Grokking D&D4e (by Robert “Spinachcat” Batkovic)

K142 Guest Editorial D&D4e: Video Game on the Table (by Noah D. Chinn)

K143 Guest Editorial D&D4e: Taking the Role Playing out of the RPG (by Ben Bone)

K159 D&D4e is not D&D but it’s still a fun game (by Rick Moscatello)

K171 Loot From a Gamer’s Tomb (by Steve Klein)

K196 My Visit to the Set of Brothers Barbarian (by Sydney Stalcup)

K197 The Case Against Digital dice (by Bob Herzog)
Geek Unity: Geekfuactiongrip

K106 How to Nurture and Care for your Geek (by Mur Lafferty)

K107 Lawful Stodgy or Chaotic Schmuck? (by Mur Lafferty)

K108 Size Matters (by Mur Lafferty)

K109 Geek Time with the Family (by Mur Lafferty)

K110 Grow A Little (by Mur Lafferty)

K111 I’m a Professional Dork, Here’s My Card (by Mur Lafferty)

K112 Grow A Little (by Mur Lafferty)

K113 Untitled – Subject: What makes Geeks Different (by Mur Lafferty)

K114 Untitled – Subject: Parodies (by Mur Lafferty)

K115 Untitled – Subject: Truisms and lessons in life (by Mur Lafferty)

K116 Night of the Living Dice (by Mur Lafferty)

K117 Dear Ms. Con Manners (by Mur Lafferty)

K118 10 Things Your Geek Girlfriend Won’t Tell You (by Mur Lafferty)

K119 Dare to be Stupid (by Mur Lafferty)

K120 I am Not An Evil Overlord (by Mur Lafferty)

K121 Geek Music Rundown (by Mur Lafferty)

K122 The Year of the Game – Just Like Last Year (by Mur Lafferty)

K123 Gaming Sundries (by Mur Lafferty)

K124 Stayin’ Ahead of the Normals (by Mur Lafferty)

K125 Untold Hazards of Parenting (by Mur Lafferty)

K126 Personal Math (by Mur Lafferty)

K127 The Geek That Doth Not Speak It’s Name (by Mur Lafferty)

K128 How to Serve Geek (by Mur Lafferty)

K129 27th Floor: Housewares, Electronics and Irritation (by Mur Lafferty)

K130 Misplaced Passion (by Mur Lafferty)

K131 Ownership (by Mur Lafferty)

K132 I think it started with Orkut (by Mur Lafferty)

K133 Geek Crushes (by Mur Lafferty)

K134 The Rising Tide (by Mur Lafferty)

K135 I resolve Nothing (by Mur Lafferty)

K136 I am a Redundant Princess (by Mur Lafferty)

K137 Socially Awkward (by Mur Lafferty)

K138 The Making of a Superhero (by Mur Lafferty)

K139 The Curel Bite of Reality (by Mur Lafferty)

K140 Networking (by Mur Lafferty)

K141 The Fear of Change (by Mur Lafferty)

K142 I Want to Curve Bullets (and Vacuum) (by Mur Lafferty)

K143 Soylent Green is made of Pokemon (by Mur Lafferty)

K144 One Outta Two Ain’t Bad (by Mur Lafferty)

K145 Your Name Here (by Mur Lafferty)

K146 Geek Holidays on a Shoestring (by Mur Lafferty)

K147 Jumping on the Emo Train to Twilight Twon (by Mur Lafferty)

K148 Evil always Wins because Good is Underdressed (by Mur Lafferty)

K149 The Bradys and Robinsons Will Miss Me (by Mur Lafferty)

K150 Do As I Say, Not As I Do (by Mur Lafferty)

K151 Tech Magpie (by Mur Lafferty)

K152 Baby’s First Frag (by Mur Lafferty)

K153 Stop Throwing Me Bones (by Mur Lafferty)

K154 Star Wars, Baseball and Democrats, Oh My (by Mur Lafferty)

K155 Science (by Mur Lafferty)

K156 Superiority Complex (by Mur Lafferty)

K157 Buddy can you Spare some time (by Mur Lafferty)

K158 Pluto Mourned (by Mur Lafferty)

K159 Domestic Bushido (by Mur Lafferty)

K160 [kill him] (by Mur Lafferty)

K161 Geek Event Horizon (by Mur Lafferty)

K162 That’s so Derivative (by Mur Lafferty)

K163 Failing Ain’t All that Bad (by Mur Lafferty)

K164 So What’s Wrong with Furry, Mary Sue, Slash Love? (by Mur Lafferty)

K165 Media Detox (by Mur Lafferty)

K166 The Gaming Parent: The Dark Side (by Mur Lafferty)

K167 This Geek House (by Mur Lafferty)

K168 Flies, Honey and Vinegar (by Mur Lafferty)

K169 New in Farmville: Dopamine Seeds! (by Mur Lafferty)

K170 Game Ethic 101 (by Mur Lafferty)

K171 Holiday Role-Playing (by Mur Lafferty)

K172 Geek Life Crisis (by Mur Lafferty)

K173 Loveable Evil (by Mur Lafferty)

K174 Saving Throw Vs. Etiquette (by Mur Lafferty)

K175 Saving Throw Vs. Etiquette (repeat of previous article) (by Mur Lafferty)

K176 We Fear the Future (by Mur Lafferty)

K177 Ownership (by Mur Lafferty)

K178 The Lonely Planet Guide to Ferelden (by Mur Lafferty)

K179 Has Anything Changed? (by Mur Lafferty)

K180 This Time, It’s Personal (by Mur Lafferty)

K181 Nostalgia and Savory Deviant Delight (by Mur Lafferty)

K182 The Creative Geek (by Mur Lafferty)

K183 Choice Overload (by Mur Lafferty)

K184 Kill the People – Take Their Stuff (by Mur Lafferty)

K185 Chutes, Snakes and Cooties (by Mur Lafferty)
The Philosopher’s Stone

K65 What’s with all the Player Haters? (by Noah Kolman)

K67 Ask the Amateur Psychologist! (by Noah Kolman)

K68 A Collectible Column (by Noah Kolman)

K69 A Look into the Crystal Ball (by Noah Kolman)

K70 The Pros of Cons (by Noah Kolman)

K71 This Rule’s On the House (by Noah Kolman)

K72 Keepin’ It Real (by Noah Kolman)

K73 Game’s of the Year (by Noah Kolman)

K74 The Holy Grail of Gaming? (by Noah Kolman)

K75 What’s Your Gaming Style? (by Noah Kolman)

K76 Game Balance or Imbalance? (by Noah Kolman)

K78 Gearing up for Con Season (by Noah Kolman)

K79 Be a Gaming Missionary (by Noah Kolman)

K80 Editions and Updates: D&D 3.5 (by Noah Kolman)

K81 Character Ruts (by Noah Kolman)

K82 My Favorite “Dead” Games (by Noah Kolman)

K83 The Art of Message Boards (by Noah Kolman)

K84 Role-Playing Philosophies (by Noah Kolman)

K85 Why do we Game? (by Noah Kolman)

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