Mathematics Resource List

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Resource List


Shape, Space and Measure

Birth to 11 months

  • Treasure baskets for counting (2-3 of the same object)

  • Pieces of material for covering and showing for hide and seek games

  • Mobiles in a variety of shapes and materials

  • Repetitive number rhymes

  • Songs and rhymes during personal routines

  • Collect a range of number rhymes which reflect different cultures to develop awareness of number names

  • Picture books of body parts for naming games

  • Pop up toys/boxes to develop babies’ interest for things that disappear from sight

  • Lift the flap books to develop understanding of existence when something cannot be seen

  • Mobiles and ceiling displays

  • Spirals and mobiles to encourage interest in movement

  • Resources in a variety of shape and texture. i.e. rugs, space blankets

  • Object books e.g. showing big and little

  • Variety of balls, different shapes, sizes and textures

  • Treasure baskets, include objects of different textures and weights

  • Story props for size recognition

8 – 20 months

16 – 26 months

  • Add sorting resources that can be sorted in different ways to the role play e.g. cups and saucers

  • Matching resources i.e. shape sorters

  • Introducing picture labels on resources/storage to encourage children to work out where things belong

  • Collections of objects that can be sorted and matched in different ways

  • Resources that support one-one correspondence

  • Board puzzles with large pieces and knobs or handles for success

  • Variety of tracks to develop interest in shape

  • Wooden blocks/ Stacking towers (ASCO catalogue p116) for creating structures

  • Pictures of shapes of objects to indicate where things are kept

  • Heuristic play to become familiar with the shapes of everyday objects

  • Variety of containers for filling and emptying to develop awareness of quantity and measure

  • Variety of music, material and scarves to explore movement

  • Variety of patterned fabric


Resource List



Shape, Space and Measure

22 – 36 months

  • Resources with numbers on to create a number rich environment i.e. telephones, clocks, washing machine, microwave

  • Number labels such as house and bus numbers

  • Number posters/books to develop understanding of numbers 1,2 &3

  • Matching games to encourage language such as more and lots

  • Sequencing games, visual cues to encourage using number names in sequence

  • Variety of containers and scales for sand and water play

  • Displays/collections about their favourite things to stimulate discussions i.e “how many like?”

  • Games and equipment that offer opportunities for counting e.g. skittles, compare bears

  • Props for children to act out counting songs e.g. 5 little ducks

  • Bags, purses and containers to sort things in with real coins

  • Pictures and photographs/objects that illustrate the use of shapes and patterns in a Variety of cultures

  • Wooden shapes, variety of sizes and patterns

  • Resources to measure time e.g. sand timers

  • Resources to measure weight e.g. balances

30 – 50 months

  • Till and real money to provide counting opportunities

  • Sorting/sharing games and resources which enable children to recognise when there are “none left”

  • Using number labels in the environment to match numbers and quantities

  • Story props/sacks e.g. Handa’s surprise with a variety of fruit

  • Collections of objects that allow the opportunity for them to be separated into unequal as well as equal groups

  • Props for children to act out counting songs e.g. 5 little ducks

  • More complex puzzles

  • Variety of wooden block, boxes, junk modelling for construction

  • Shells, fir cones, feathers, pebbles (in baskets)

  • Construction kits

  • Opportunities for shape matching

  • Range of pictures showing symmetry or pattern that will stimulate discussion

  • Books about distance i.e. Rosie’s walk by Pat Hutchins



Resource List


Shape, Space and Measure

40 – 60 months

  • variety of number games/ number poems/rhymes

  • large/small construction

  • collections of interesting things that can be sorted, counted, ordered and labelled

  • props for number rhymes e.g. props for “5 Little Ducks”

  • range of number signs in purposeful contexts e.g. on house, how many children can use the area

  • outdoor markings e.g targets, parking bays

  • calendars, birthday charts, height charts,

  • number puzzles

  • tactile numerals – wooden, plastic, foam, magnetic, sandpaper, velvet

  • threading resources

  • sorting/matching games

  • number games ( teach the children how to play them)

  • technological appliances with numbers on e.g. calculators, robots, clocks, telephones

  • books, telephone book, recipe books, diary

  • malleable play and resources e.g baking trays, cake cases

  • money in role play

  • computers software, programmable toys

  • blocks and bricks

  • small world play e.g dolls house

  • opportunity for the children to record what they have done i.e drawing, tally

  • a range of vertical and horizontal number line – using photos of children, real objects, numerals made from sandpaper etc

  • 100 square to show number patterns

  • dice games

  • everyday items to match/sort/compare

  • see resources for 40-60 months

  • visual timetable

  • posters

  • variety of shape games and construction materials

  • home made books with the children about shape, space, measures, shapes in the environment, long/short things, things that are the same length, books about patterns, things that are heavy/light, heavier/lighter

  • outdoor markings e.g. patterns and shapes

  • threading activities

  • birthday/height charts

  • calendar

  • sorting and matching games

  • technological appliances e.g. robots, stop watches, timers, shop tills

  • scales

  • water/sand play

  • malleable materials

  • programmable toys

  • small world play encouraging use of mathematical terms such as language of position, measure

  • wooden blocks and bricks

  • 2D and 3D shapes

  • boxes and materials in different shapes/sizes for model making

  • paintbrushes and tools in various sizes to promote discussion about size, thick or thin

  • box containing items such as standard/non-standard tape measures, clipboards, paper and pencil for drawing sketches of models

  • mirrors

  • dolls clothes and children’s clothes in different sizes to match and compare e.g shoes, hats. socks, gloves


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