Mis introduction and How to Accessing mis services

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  1. MIS

    1. Introduction and How to Accessing MIS Services

There are number applications developed and organized in twenty two bureaus in region. That means six application developed by Methodic and the rest sixteen application developed by Information Network Security Agency (INSA). These applications are web based applications__ we can access them through web browsers and we call them MIS. To accesses this MIS being as a user, type on the address bar of your web browser for six bureaus and type server. This will redirect us to the list of all applications for six bureaus as example.

    1. How to access server

    1. How to Access Login

  • Login page is to authenticate users to work on the system with a specific privilege given by the administrator of the system. Every user of this system needs username and password which will be given by the administrator. On All three Agriculture Bureau System a User is mapped with a specific location on which he/she is allowed to work on. Hierarchically, a user mapped on zone can have permission to work on woredas under it and so on.

  • Under your bureau Click on the application you want to work on. For example, under Agriculture Bureau, click on Agricultural input then the following window will appear.

2.4 How to access OAB MIS

2.5 How to access OTE MIS

Log out

Home Page

  1. Network Security Agency (INSA).

  • Let us we see now as example from sixteen application Document Management System is done for Oromia regional state by Information Network Security Agency (INSA).

This user’s Manual is prepared for user to use the system efficiently and effectively with minimum amount of time.

  • Basic functionalities of DMS

Document Management system’s basic functionalities can be categorized in the following sub groups.

    1. How to access

Open DMS Login Page

  • Check first your both end network.

  • Open a web browser

  • Enter the address of DMS Login Page in the address bar of the web browser. The address bar is shown in the figure below

  • Enter the Login Page with the following format. http://Server_name:WebserverPortnumber/ApplicationName/

  • Change the server name if it is different from the one shown above.

  • Press enter on your keyboard.

  • The Login page will be displayed.

3.3 How to access DMS

3.4 Home Page of the system

Create folder

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