Mobile Merck Medicus

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Mobile Merck Medicus

This is free to all medical students and physicians. Contains the Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests and The Merck Manual, 17th edition, as well as Reuters medical news and the abstracts from the latest edition of MEDLINE journals including the NEJM, BMJ, JAMA. Lancet, Annals of IM, and Medicine.

  1. Go to

  2. Log In. If you have not done so, register and get a userID and Password.

  3. Find and click on the PDA Tools tab.

  4. Click on Re-Install Merck Medicus.

  5. Up-grade Now.

  6. Select your PDA Platform.

  7. Download the software and install it as you would any other to the SD card. It syncs when you connect to update the Reuters News and MEDLINE journal abstracts.

  8. Leave the web site open while you install.

  9. Wait until the software is finished loading on your PDA to click Finish on the computer.

  10. It will then ask you for a userID and Password during the install process to confirm identity, then download the content from the web and put it on your PDA.

Yüklə 3,58 Kb.

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