Wiltshire architects abington, L. J. ?not an architect

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ABINGTON, L.J. ?not an architect;

1814 Market Cross, Devizes, with Benjamin Dean Wyatt qv; Abington is not in HC; for 1st Viscount Sidmouth; VCH from Cunnington Annals 2 54;

ABK see Ahrends Burton & Koralek
ABRAHAM, ROBERT London 1774-1850 architect employed by RC families especially; HC

1823-4 School, Mildenhall; HC; 1824 VCH; WBR; for Rev Charles Francis bequeathed £4000 in 1821; dated 1824; contract drawing 1825 RIBAD 2012.20

18?? plans for adds Longford Castle; not in HC; WBR ?error for Daniel Alexander
ACANTHUS FERGUSON MANN Architects Bristol, see Ferguson Mann.
ADAM, ROBERT. Architect, London. 1728-92. Son of William Adam architect, born Kirkcaldy, worked for father and continued business 1748 with elder brother John. Grand Tour 1754-8, set up with brothers William & James. Leading architect of late C18; HC; Arthur T Bolton book The architecture of Robert & James Adam c1922;

1761-4 Mausoleum, Bowood, with tomb of 1st E of Shelburne +1761 by Adam, made by Agostino Carlini; commissioned by Dowager countess; photo of interior of mausoleum Br 19.1.1923 review of AT Bolton book; commission may 1761; CL 7.9.1972;

1761-5 adds Bowood, Wilts: dining room, portico; WBR; HC; portico planned by Henry Keene qv, active at Bowood 1755-61, marble chimney-pieces 1763 made by Benjamin & Thomas Carter, one Portland stone, six marble; Great Room ceiling moved to Lloyds of London office 1955-6 ill in A Rowan, Catalogue of drawings in the V&A, 1988; bill at house lists following plans: 29.8.66 plan and elevation semi-circular greenhouse and banqueting room 10 gns; 7.1.68 drawing part of Great Room ceiling 2 gns; 30.1.68 design boathouse 7gns; 10.2.68 first design for aqueduct bridge 10.2.68; elevation S front of the offices 10 gns 1.10.68; and elevation E front of office and building between the offices and body of the house 7 gns; 1.10.68 plan of ground storey 3 gns; 1.10.68 plan of offices showing manner of joining them to the body of the house 6 gns; 27.10.68 second design of Aquecduct Bridge 10 gns; 27.10.68 design capital for columns in portico as altered 1 gn; CL 8.6.72 built by Hollands, wood carving by John Linnell, chimney-pieces by Benjamin Carter, painting by John spinnage, plasterwork by Joseph Rose;

(c1762 Witham Park, Witham Friary, Som. Mansion for William Beckford Sr; land bought 1761, house apparently completed but never occupied (Beckford exh catalogue) when Beckford died 1770 and rapidly dismantled; BAR British Series 267 1998 59; HC; AH 40 997 81-98; illustrated Vitruvius Britannicus 5 38-42; Collinson;

1763 ?des for Fonthill Splendens, Wilts, for William Beckford Jr, WBR 'designs for Fonthill Abbey', possibly error for Witham Park; not in HC: Fonthill Splendens c1757-70 by – Hoare qv)

(1765-8 work on Lansdowne House, London for 2nd E of Shelburne; incomplete house designed by Adam for Lord Bute in Berkeley Square;

1768-71 Diocletian Wing, Bowood, orangeries added across S of Keene's double service court; main house dem 1955 apart from service courts and orangery; four wooden stools in orangery were designed 1768 for Lansdowne House, London; CL 8.6.72 says first design in later part of 1768 showing pair of greenhouses each side of centre pavilion, a Great Gallery on the Chiswick-Holkham model, and a second galley linking the E pavilion to the main house; letter from Lady Shelburne 24.3.69 offices now shutting up with a screen of building Mr Adams designed; not complete when Adam paid off 1771; Lord Shelburne decided to use new building to display works of art after tour in 1771; chimneypiece for library purchased 1774 by Carter to design of Stuart;

(1767 interior dec Temple of Harmony, Halswell Park, Goathurst, Som; HC; temple by Thomas Prowse qv; RL; for Sir Charles Kemeys Tynte;

(1767 des for Pinford Bridge, nr Sherborne, Dorset, with Captain Digby of Sherborne Castle)

(176? Unex plan for Assembly Rooms, Bath; MF; not HC; AFtext very ambitious rejected as too expensive; J Wood II design 1769 accepted;

1768 dining-room, Bowood; diary Lady Shelburne 25.8.68 'set out for Bowood where he (Adam) is also to give Lord Shelburne some plans of building, and of joining the house and offices by an additional apartment';

1769-70 Pier glasses and side tables, picture gallery and ante-room, Corsham Court, by Adam brothers; guide book 1971; also frame for Rubens painting The Wolf Hunt; designs at Corsham Court, drawings at Soane Museum;

(1769-74 Pulteney Bridge, Bath; MF; BoE N; alts 1792 by T Baldwin, N side rebuilt 1802-4 by J Pinch Sr; HC;

(c1770 Unex des New Prison, Grove St, Bath; for W Pulteney, MF; not in HC; des 1772-3 by TW Atwood qv;

1770 S block, Castle House, Calne; adds Castle Hotel, Calne, Wilts, WBR; HC rebuilt garden front at Castle House for David Bull, dem c1960; the large S addition to Castle House for Daniel Bull +1797, plans in Soane Collection was not demolished: the C17 house behind was burnt in 1967 and demolished before 1973 but the S range was kept, gutted inside as old peoples home;

(17?? Unex des for Pulteney New Town, Bath; BoE N; not in HC or MF, planned by Thomas Baldwin and blt from 1788, MF;

(1775 monument, Milton Abbey ch, Dorset to Lady Milton; by A Carlini; HC;
ADAM, ROBERT Architect. Winchester. Winchester Design Partnership, then Robert Adam Architects now Adam Architecture specialists in neo Georgian; George Saumarez Smith, Hugh Petter, Nigel Anderson a partner; Paul Hanvey, David Myres directors;

(1983 Library, Bordon, Hants)

1983 West Walk House, The Close, Salisbury; exhib of RA work 1990 Heinz Gallery; ill BD 7.12.90; brick, moulded brick pedimented cntrepiece; by Winchester Design Partnership, GI;

1995 alts Box house, Box, including plans for neo-Georgian lodge; ?unex; WBR;

2005 Chute Manor, Upper Chute; by RA; square hip-roofed rendered around top-lit hall; for Christopher Hopton;

19?? new house at Stanton Farm; by Hugh Petter; deep eabves, 5-bay with pedimented centre and stone doorcase entrance side;

2009 Ebblestone House, Homington by Nigel Anderson; commendation Salisbury Civic Soc 2009; flint and stone bands cruciform about an octagonal centre ; for James & Susan Buckee;

2009 Wudston House, Wedhampton, by GSS, Palladian 5-bay house; Georgian Gp commendation 2010; for David Morrison

2009 Aldbourne Chase House, Aldbourne; by Nigel Anderson for Brian Kingham; large rendered elongated X-plan with seven-bay square core, also rustic Tuscan barn; on site of Shop Farmhouse by Stanley Hamp qv 1940;

2008 proposed garden pavilion, New house, Wedhampton; by GS Smith;

2017 proposed restoration Tottenham House and stables, Savernake; G S Smith architect;
ADAMS, GILBERT Surveyor Bradford on Avon UDC;

1962 Footbridge over Avon from Church St, Bradford on Avon, with RD Cherry CE; GA31 2000;


1978 The Maltings, Marlborough 1978 HDA for improvement;

(1979 The Bakehouse, Ponsworthy; HDA 1979;
ADYE, CHARLES SEPTIMUS Town Hall Chambers, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts; 1841-1906 or c1911, articled Manners & Gill; first County Surveyor Wilts 1889-1906. By 1889 worked with son Herbert Archibald Adye (A&Son). Lived Woolley St, Bradford, 1875 and 1903 dirs; biography in Wilts & Dorset Contemp Biographies, 1906: of Westbury House, Bradford, MSCS, MSA, practice church restoration and new buildings in Wilts, Som, Worcs, Dorset, Devon, Essex and Derbyshire, important buildings for Wilts CC inc police stations, county offices, adds to county lunatic asylum;

1868 St Catherine Almshouses, Frome Rd, Bradford on Avon Wilts; WBR; three tenements, fourth added 1878, 1878 date on cross-wing)

1872ff rest Holt ch, Wilts; WSRO 1555/31; ICBS plan reseating; church subsequently reblt by CE Ponting qv; also w window by Joseph Bell and two aisle W windows by Horwood Bros;

1874 alts Winsley House, Winsley, Wilts; Wilts Times 14.3.74; WBR2; ?all dem for 1902 house by Silcock & Reay qv;

1874 rest Keevil ch, Wilts; completed 1874 BN 28 1875 57; reseated; WBR; ICBS suggests completed by 1875; repairs and reseating; a vestry meeting 28.8.74 approved reopening tower, repairing tower arch, new tower celing, £179/7/0d by CSA, Hayward of Bath bldr; Book of Keevil 3 113;

1875 rest Monkton Farleigh ch, Wilts; WBR; reseated, alts to chancel; faculty plans 1874 WSHC D1/61/25/8 reredos, new doorway to vestry, two new windows over pulpit and font, remove W gallery, new seating (W end of nave was reseated in 1861); Minton tile paving;

1875-81 rest St Laurence ch, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts; Saxon church discovered by Canon Jones and JT Irvine qv, restoration mainly directed by Jones with supervision and advice from Irvine but Adye, whom Irvine thought young and inexperienced was on spot. He may have designed W wall, c1875, BoE, but this is not clear; Irvine complains of his taking down the teacher's house abutting the S wall as destabilising, and resigned 1881; elev and plan in chapel by Adye; cf HM Taylor in Archaeol Journal 1973 for Irvine's letters;

1876 ?St Andrew ch, Melksham Forest, Wilts; BoE, WBR; Br 16.12.76 stained glass windows by Powell grand for so small a church; but evidence that the church is by GE Street qv, who designed adjacent schoolroom, attrib to Street by VCH and Kelly 1907;

1876 rest Tallboys, Main St, Keevil, Wilts; WBR; for Mrs Kenrick sister of Rev Chamberlaine; ?more work in 1899 DoE, no evidence; Rendell of Devizes builders, some door furniture by Kenrick of Birmingham; Keevil 4 27;

1878 add to St Catherine Almshouses, Frome Rd, Bradford on Avon, Wilts; cf 1868;

(1878-9 vicarage, St Luke ch, South Lyncombe, Bath A 7.9.78 Hill & Gray builders £1525;

1879 Temperance Tavern, Silver St, Bradford on Avon, Wilts; opened 8.8.79; later Knee’s Corner; WBR; dem for road widening. Proposed hotel, Bradford on Avon A 26.10.78;

1882 rest South Wraxall ch BC12.10.82 reopened, James Burgess of Westbury, bldr, new chancel remedying damage done 60 yrs ago, new roofs, arcade, chancel roof oak, nave pine, E w gift of Mr Fussell, W window given by Lady V Wellesley, also armorial window in long aisle; Caen stone pulpit and screen; Minton tiles, stone carving by J. Sheppard of Bristol;

(1888 vestry, Freshford ch, Som; SRO cf/1888/12

(1889-90 rest Lamyatt ch, Som; WG 19.10.88; 1889-95 ICBS repair & new Ew, rejected;

1889 Wilts County Council offices, Trowbridge, Wilts, WBR; ?dem

(1895 house for curate, West Moors, Dorset T Br 29.12.94; Adye & Adye;

1895-6 Newtown Schools, Bradford on Avon, Wilts; dem; by HA Adye, WBR; plans 1895 said to be by MA Adye WSHC G/13/760/4, built as addition to Trinity School Church St the National School built 1836;

1898 Police Station, Marlborough, Wilts C: BJ 1.12.97; also other police stations;

1898 adds Lunatic Asylum, Roundway, Devizes, Wilts C: BJ 8.12.97

1903 adds Lunatic Asylum Roundway, Wilts WBR, possibly laundry, conversion of isolation hospital to villa, and erection of 54-bed villa adjoining;
ADYE, HERBERT ARCHIBALD Bradford on Avon, son of C.S. Adye qv

1895-6 Newtown Schools, Bradford on Avon, Wilts; dem; WBR; plans 1895 by 'MA Adye' WSHC G/13/760/4, built as addition to Trinity School Church St the National School built 1836;

AEDAS ARCHITECTS LTD Clifton Heights, Triangle, Bristol. Offices London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Shrewsbury, Huddersfield; formed 2002 by union of Abbey Holford Rowe in UK with LPT of Hong Kong, demerged 2014 and UK arm renamed AHR qv, Martin Wright MD Architecture; Aedas with offices London, Berlin, Hong Kong, very active in China, Singapore etc, Keith Griffiths RIBA set up in Hong Kong in 1980s; Andrew Bromberg, Peter Shaw, Michael Clark in London; 2015 took over RHWL (Renton Howard Wood Levin) now Aedas RHWL; designed Crucible Theatre Sheffield, Sadlers Wells, London, alts Coliseum, London, St Pancras Station Hotel restoration; Guildhall School of Music London;

(2007-10 Writhlington School, Som; SNB;

(20?? Nailsea School, Som; website)

2007-10 Swindon Academy, for United Learning Trust; builder Leadbitter; Beech Avenue, Swindon;

(2014-15 Keynsham Civic Centre, Som; CTA 2016)
AEM STUDIO London, founded by Glyn Emrys, now Emrys Architects; Nic Bone, Richard Golidge, Kirsten Haggart, Pascal Madoc Jones, Alex Young;

2002 Chapa, Bristol St, Malmesbury; private house for practice director Pascal Madoc Jones' mother; AJ building study 26.6.03;

AFFLECK, - Engineer Prospect Works, Swindon

187? Canal bridge, Swindon; WT 2.2.78 mentions new road connecting potential Kingshill development with Bath road passing over canal by handsome bridge erected by Mr Affleck engineer of the Prospect Works;

AGN ARCHITECTS Warminster established 2010 by Alena Newton; projects on website list include eco-house Portishead, Som; Kingswood House; alts to conservatory, Trowbridge; conservation Stoneleigh House Warminster;
AHR, London and seven other UK offices; name for UK based part of Aedas qv since 2014 resuming old name of Abbey Holford Rowe from before Aedas was founded; offices Moscow, Warsaw and Almati;
AHRENDS BURTON & KORALEK Architects, London. BD special report on firm 2.6.95; founded 1962; Peter Ahrends, Richard Burton, Paul Koralek; Richard Burton and Paul Koralek designed houses at Princess Margaret Hospital Swindon 1961-4 while working for Powell & Moya qv 1961-4;

1983-4 addition to WH Smith retail HQ, Greenbridge Industrial Estate, Swindon; £3.5m AJ 7.9.83; RIBA British Architecture Now 1983; AR Jan 1984 31; FT Architecture at Work Award 1987; BD 4.12.87; 1982-5 acc to RIBAJ Oct 1996 extended by ABK in 1995; RIBAJ 95 March 1988 38-40;

(1992 Hooke Park workshops, Beaminster, Dorset; RIBA award 1993; for Parnham Trust; £½ m;

1995 addition WH Smith HQ, Greenbridge, Swindon; RIBAJ Oct 1996, circular corner piece;

AINSWORTH & HARWOOD Architects, surveyors 18 Regent Circus Swindon. WJ Ainsworth and – Harwood, Ainsworth & Pilcher by 1904, still there 1908.

1900 9-27 Florence St, Swindon WBR2

1900 Cellular Clothing Co factory, Morris St/ Rose St Swindon; WBR2

1900 Houses, Westlecot Rd, Swindon; and two houses 1904 WBR2; house 1900 for WJ Ainsworth G24/760/1917;

1904 six houses, County Rd, Swindon; WBR2

1904 chapel, Rolleston St, Swindon; WBR2

AINSWORTH & PILCHER Architects Swindon 1907 directory, see Ainsworth & Harwood,
AINSWORTH DAVEY PARTNERSHIP Architects Harrow, london; John Ainsworth;

1991 addition Polaris House, North Star Ave, Swindon for the Research Councils, with 3-storey car-park; opened 26.9.91; plaque outside; red brick with buff patterns, post-modern curved pediments; Wimpey Construction contractors;

AIR MINISTRY DIRECTORATE OF WORKS. Established with the Air Ministry in 1918 with Sir John Hunter as Administrator. Ran to 1963 when absorbed into Ministry of Works; Archibald Bulloch qv became architect to the Air Ministry Directorate of Works in 1930s; the RAF Expansion Scheme of 1934 proposed 11 new bases and there was a standard architecture of neo-Georgian kind presumably by Bulloch influenced by Edwin Lutyens as advisor to the Ministry; the Bellman pre-fab hangar developed 1936 by NS Bellman, engineer in the directorate;

1935-7 RAF Hullavington, Stanton St Quintin; one of eleven stations of 1934 RAF Expansion Scheme, opened 14.6.37, neo-Georgian design common to other such bases, but in Cotswold stone, not actually built for Central Empire Flying School but soon used by school; also Aircraft Storage Unit; David Berryman Wilts Airfields in WW2; cf also similar neo-Georgian at RAF Manby Lincs;

1936 aircraft repair shed, RAF Hullavington, plans signed PM Stratton ARIBA; National Archives WORK 44/14;

1936 aircraft repair shed, RAF Hullavington, plans signed E Holloway; National Archives WORK 44/15;

1939ff temporary airfields Alton Barnes, Beanacre, Blakehill Farm, Bratton, Castle Combe, Chilmark, Clyffe Pypard, Colerne, Compton Bassett, Everleigh, Keevil, Long Newnton, Manningford, Melksham, New Zealand Farm, Oatlands Hill, Old Sarum, Overton Heath, Ramsbury, Shrewton, Southgrove, Tilshead, Townsend, Upavon, Wanborough, Warminster, Yatesbury, Zeals;
AITCHISON, GEORGE Architect, 5 Muscovy Ct, Trinity Sq, london 1825-1910, PRIBA 1896; architect to Lord Leighton, Leighton House, London;

1867 School, Farley; plans WSHC 782/50; remarkable Italianate design;

1870-3 School, East Knoyle; FS 1872; Ham stone; Doddington & Farthing of Mere bldrs; WBR2; WAM96;
ALEXANDER, DANIEL ASHER London Architect, engineer 1768-1846; HC, surveyor to London Dock Co and Fishmongers Co;

1802-17 alts Longford Castle inc three new towers after James Wyatt design of 1796, HC; WBR;

1812-15 alts Downton ch for E of Radnor, WBR from BoE/Peter Ferriday index; not in HC;

ALEXANDER, GEORGE London. 1810-86. FSA. Designed early palazzo Revival buildings: Obit RIBAJ 2 1886 11. GA had connection with Corsham, on council of Wilts Topographical Soc, 1842, Hon Sec with John Britton 1842 acc to WI 28.1.1849 promised to write History of Corsham for the Society, RH Alexander of Corsham was also a council member; published collection of 17 lithographs 1845; George Alexander of Highworth Wilts who designed Infants School there 1866 may be same, gave £25 to Highworth church restoration, 1862, George Alexander JP FSA Westrop House, Highwporth 1875 dir;

(1841-2 Bath Savings Bank, Charlotte St, Bath; MF;

(1841-3 Betws Garmon ch, Caerns; ICBS; Norman; GA of London & Highworth, Wilts)

(1842 Penrhos ch, Caerns; Norman)

1842-4 Rectory, Biddestone;

(1843 Westbourne Terrace, London;

(1847 Llanwnda ch, Caerns; Norman;

(1848 Sheffield Athenaeum, Yorks;

1848 Proposed demolition of Corsham church, or removal of crossing tower as not enough money for new one; H Brakspear history 1929;

(1848 Oddfellows Hall, Birmingham;

1848? ?Rectory, Biddestone; undated lithograph at house, see also 1842-4. owners think c1848-50; extended in 1870s;

1866 adds National School, Highworth, WHSC 782/55 new infants school and adds to boys' and girls' school and master's house, by GA of Highworth;

1848 newly erected house at Tisbury, apply Mr Alford, builder, DWG 18.1.49;

1874 School, Chickgrove, and house; WBR
ALLEN, - London; neither Allen in HC fits;

1780 rebuilt Ramsbury church, new aisle roofs, pupit, pews, aisle galleries, £600; E Doran Webb, Parish of Ramsbury, 1890, 30; work all removed in 1890-3 restoration by JA Reeve qv;

ALLEN, JAMES MOUNTFORD. Crewkerne and London. 1809-83. Son of Rev John Allen headmaster of Crewkerne Grammar School, brother of Rev John Allen headmaster of Ilminster Grammar School 1822-55. Pupil 1825-30 of Robert Cornish, surveyor to Exeter Cathedral, then London with Charles Fowler. Exh RA 1839-45, then on own. Set up in Crewkerne 1856, applied to be County Surveyor 1857. Lived at 46 Middle Path, Crewkerne, a house designed 1838 by John Patch, leased it acc to owner Simon Andrew. Obit list of wks Br 3.6.83, copy in SRO;

(1847 ?National School, West St, Crewkerne, Som; obit; infants school 1871;

1878-9 reblt West Knoyle ch, Wilts exc tower; 1878 WBR; WG 25.4.79, bldrs Oborne & Son; ICBS: consecration was on 17 Apr 1879. From the corresp and in the absence of anything else I’d go for 1878-9.
ALLFORD, DAVID Architect with Yorke Rosenberg & Mardall

c1970 house for self, Pewsey; M Hardy list of houses 1945-75;

ALLFORD HALL MONAGHAN MORRIS Architects Simon Allford, jonathan Hall, Paul Monaghan, Peter Morris

1994 swimming-pool in grounds of house near Pewsey; exh at New British Architecture 1994, BD 15.4.94; RIBAJ Oct 96; curved-roofed

ALLOM, THOMAS Architect 14 Hart St, London 1804-72; topographical artist; designed houses and church on Ladbroke estate London;

1847 Workhouse, Calne, Wilts, exh RA 1847; advert for plans from architects WI 23.7.46; T: WI 18.2.47; WI 30.3.48 description, - Robertson, Bristol, builder; St Mary's School site;

ALLWRIGHT, WILLIAM Architect working for William Turner Lord, leading London interior decorator; Allwright's name appeared on letterhead of William Turner Lord;

1886c organ, now in chapel at Bowood made for Music Room at 37-8 Charles St, now Dartmouth house, for Edward Baring, Lord Revelstoke +1897 and given or sold to Lord Lansdowne in 1899; GLC Historic Buildings report by Susan Beattie, Allwright designed new exterior for 37-38 Charles Street 1890-1; Turner Lord were paid £2685 for june-Sept 1886, similar amount 1886-7, and £5490 in 1888-9, new facade put on by Sir Wm Cubitt & Co in 1890-1, when Barings crisis began but in 1890-1 £16350 paid to Turner Lord; Music Room was complex mix of period pieces and new work, Simon Lord great-grandson of William Taylor Lord remembers having seen a drawing for an organ-case for Lord Revelstoke, but not entirely certain that Allwright designed it nor whether any old work was incorporated; 1893 first sale of art works from Baring collection;

ALP Architects Cirencester; Arbuthnott Ladenburg Partnership founded 1981;

2003 development of Bemerton Farm as retirement complex; New Homes Award 2003; National Homebuilders Design Award 2004; AJ 1.7.04;

ANDERSON, JOHN MACVICAR Architect 1835-1915 born Glasgow, nephew and pupil of William Burn qv whose wife was a Macvicar; in Burn's London office, ARIBA 1864, partner 1868, took over on Burn's death 1870; PRIBA 1891-4;

1871 completed Spye Park, Bowden Hill for JWG Spicer after Burn's death, circular tower by JMA drawings dated May 1871; burnt 1973, demolished 1985,

1884 adds Hartham Park, Corsham for Sir John Dickson-Poynder; plans RIBAD; adds on W, new stair-hall; add to stable dated 1888;


1991 Isles Court, Ramsbury, retirement dev; HDA 1991;

1615-16 Wool Hall, Devizes rebuilding of earlier Yarn Hall to designs of one Andrews and other masons; VCH; repaired 1627-8 and extensively 1631-4, needed propping up 1663-4,

ANGELL, THOMAS Carpenter, builder, surveyor, Highworth; WBR2; c1781-1855, from 1827 lived in No 24 High St, Inigo House, purchased with brother-in-law Thomas Smith qv; aged 60 in 1841 census; Angell & Smith were listed as builders in 1848; business interests in Malmesbury Turnpike Trust, North Wilts Canal, Wilts & Berks Canal; inf WBR report on Inigo House;

1825 Zion C chapel, High St, Highworth; AB; opened 29.9.25 £620/9/2d; chapel history;

1826 Parsonage, Latton; WBR; plans WSHC, rebuilt since;

1827 Parsonage, Stratton St Margaret; WBR; ?adds to C18 parsonage by Thomas Eyles qv, more plans 1865 by TS Lansdown qv; ?demolished; was on W side Ermin St;

1835? 1847? alts old Workhouse, Highworth; WBR; altered c1847 to a vicarage, now called Westhill House, Cricklade Rd, AB; Thomas Smith also involved; remodelled with veranda and bargeboarded gables;
ANREP, BORIS Artist, mosaicist cf National Gallery, London, floor, and Westminster Cathedral;

1937 changing pavilion, Biddesden House, with mosaics;

ANSELL, WILLIAM HENRY. Architect, London, MC FRIBA, 1872-1959, trained with Naylor & Sale in Derby, started in London 1900, partner with Arthur Bailey in Ansell & Bailey, did hospitals and convalescent homes as well as churches and chapels, E Harwood & A Foster Places of Christian Worship 1914-90; designed Positivist Temple of Humanity now 3rd Church of Christ Scientist, Liverpool, 1913-14; FRIBA, PRIBA 1940-3; designed hospital at Westbury (Wilts?) acc to wikipedia;

(1906-8 Knappe Cross, Exmouth, Devon WWinA 1926;

1920 convalescent home, Everleigh, Wilts; WWinA 1926;

1925-6 WM chapel, Station Rd, Westbury; 1932 acc to EH & AF; 1925-6 acc to Westbury & Westbury Leigh p27: FS 23.9.25, opened 1.6.26; ; front addition 1995 by Eric Mammen;

ANSTIE, JOHN Clothier, Devizes 1743-1830. Error in BoE that he designed his factory, New Park St, Devizes, in 1785; his sons were specifying timber and stone in 1831; WBR2;
APG ARCHITECTURE Architects, The Georgian House, Gasferry Rd, Bristol. Architecture & Planning Group, formerly Company of Designers Bristol, formed from Moxley Jenner and BTP (Bristol Team Practice) c1992. Founder John Bignell, Nicola Vitagliano partner;

1996-9 housing development on Greenland Mills, Bradford on Avon; GA27 1998; HDA 1997;

1999 appointed for Kingston Mills redevelopment, Bradford on Avon by Taywood Homes; but scheme rejected; GA28 1999

1970-3 Wiltshire Hotel, Fleming Way, Swindon; BoE1975; later Methuen Hotel, closed before 2016;

ARCHER, DAVID Surveyor, Kingsdown 'Glos', almost certainly Kingsdown, Stratton St Margaret; David Archer JP of Kingsdown House, a large neo-Elizabethan house N of Stratton St Margaret, house called new in 1848 and still given as occupied by David Archer in 1873 dir;

1845-6 restored Stratton St Margaret ch; nominally work was by Anthony Salvin qv but ICBS files as reported by Geoff Brandwood give Archer's role: 'This is a rather curious case. 1846. Salvin reported in 1845 that following needed: new roof, rebuilding tower, and the clerestory walls. However, there is no sign that he did anything else. David Archer, surveyor, of Kingsdown, Glos, says on the certificate 1846: ‘The Restoration and rearrangement of sittings were both implemented by me, David Archer’. He also writes (7 Dec 1846) ‘I have enclosed to you the Certificate of completion ... I did not get the Architect’s signature, as he gave up the entire superintendence of the work into my hands.’

ARCHER, THOMAS c1668-1743; HC; Hale Park, Hants for himself; Hale ch, Hants; Kingston Maurward, Dorset; Marlow Place, Bucks; Admiral Russell's house, Covent Garden, London; Butterwick House, Hammersmith, London; Heythrop House, Oxon; Serle's House, Winchester after 1728;

(1710 attr Chettle House, Dorset)

(1712-30 St Paul ch, Deptford, London)

(1714-28 St John ch, Smith Sq, London)

1724 attrib Donhead Hall, Donhead St Mary; CL 12.5.1983 by Edmund Marsden; not in BoE; built 1724 for Godfrey Kneller Huckle heir of Sir Godfrey Kneller;

1725-8 attrib The Ivy, Chippenham, Wilts, dated 1728 for John Norris MP; no evidence, CL 3.9.1992 10.9.92;

ARCHITECTON Architects, The Wool Hall, St Thomas St, Bristol. John Schofield, Paul Richold, Colin Harvey, Robert Battersby;

1985-95 repaired Inglesham church; John Schofield architect; SPAB News 17 2 1996; e-mail J Schofield 'my report was written in 1985 and we started work in 1986 on the roofs again, mostly. Roofs took me 10 years, and a finished looking after Inglesham … in 1999. Work retiling, releading, chancel arch and arcade wall tops (to stop thrust westward), all glazing, S aisle S window stone tile repairs, porch walls, roof and door, complete wall-foot drainage system and re-rendering/ render repairs, and work on wall-paintings in N aisle, chancel and over chancel arch; stainless steel tie-rods;

ARCHITECTS CO-PARTNERSHIP, Potters Bar, Herts; Michael Powers (1915-94), Kenneth Capon, Leo de Syllas +1964, Anthony Cox, Peter Cocke; set up 1939 by 11 AA trained architects, restarted by 8 of them after war, incorporated 1982; at Northaw House 2004; Lloyd Stratton chairman 2004, liquidated 2014;

(1948 Brynmawr Rubber Factory, Wales)

197? Raychem, Liden, Swindon; BoE1975; possibly the buildings now occupied by TE, Faraday Road;

2004-6 Moredon Primary School, Swindon; Swindon BC planning; part of Swindon PFI Schools all built and run by John Laing through Education Support (Swindon) Ltd;

2004-6 The Learning Campus, Redhouse, Swindon, part of Swindon PFI Schools; including Isambard Community Campus, Uplands Special School, Brimble Hill Special School; Red Oaks Primary;

2004-6 Primary School Four, Swindon part of Swindon PFI; ?Orchid Vale Primary, Torun Way, Haydon End;

2004-7 Nova Hreod Secondary School, Moredon, Swindon; part of Swindon PFI Schools; opened 29.10.07; very large with five radiating classroom wings around central ring around plastic-domed court.


1980-1 Water Research Centre, Blagrove, Swindon; designed by Henley office, partners in charge Victor Hutchings and David Mitchell, project architect Robert Tetlow qv; contractor Norwest Holst (SW); BD 19.2.82; laboratories, offices and heavy experiments hall; red and blue cladding; front piece triangular all glass and glass full height piece between the two blocks, AJ 24.2.82 appraisal and piece by Bob Tetlow; £1.66m,

1980 CoSIRA training centre, Castle Rd, Salisbury; BD 1.8.80; partner in charge Ray Phillips, assistant John Bayley; contr WE Chivers & Sons qv;


1990 proposed two-level shopping centre within 200m long train shed at Swindon; BD 15.6.90

ARMSTRONG & WYATT London contractors founded by Jeffry Wyatt (see J Wyatville) with John Armstrong +1803; worked at Longleat?

ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH Railway engineer, superintended of GWR Swindon 1864-77; 1816-77, lived at Newburn House (dem) built for him in 1873 on site of Newburn Crescent; leased 39 Bath Rd 1874 (WSHC);

1864ff Engine Shop in courtyard W of original engine house, Railway Works, Swindon; C&F 86; three-span roof on iron cols by Claridge North & Co, Bristol; extended W to complete infill of w courtyard 1872-3; called 'R' shop;

1868 Carriage works, Swindon, under Thomas Clayton carriage and wagon works superintendent; western part was sawmills; work proceeded E, to 1875; lower gr floor at street level; used as canteen;

1869 addition to Office, Swindon; against E elevation s pavilion of original office wing; Ground floor cast-iron cols dated 1868;
ARNOLD BARTOSCH LTD, Architects, Bath Mews Cheltenham, successor firm to Peter M Bartosch, successor to E Rosier, successor to WE Ellery Anderson qqv; David Arnold partner;

201? repairs Stratton St Margaret ch, David Arnold architect; inf vicar;

ARNOLD, JOHN JULIUS Surveyor, Westbury;

1851 ?stables, vicarage, Dilton Marsh; WSHC plans unsigned, but JJA certifies work by Barnes & Turner of Reading, builders; £195;

ARNOLD, WILLIAM. Charlton Musgrove, Somerset. +1637. Mason, lived at Charlton Musgrove from at least c1595, where children were baptised of William Arnold alias William Goverson; an Arnold Goverson mason at Longleat 1555 may be his father; Edmund & Thomas Arnold, masons at Wadham Coll may be brothers, a Godfrey Arnold at Lulworth Castle may be a son;

(1608-11 rebuilt Manor House, Cranborne, Dorset, for Robert Cecil, E of Salisbury; BoE pl 56; ?also S forecourt and lodges 1620;

(1610-13 Wadham College, Oxford)

(1617 alts Dunster Castle, Som; agreement with him by George Luttrell 1617 to build house at Dunster Castle; c1589-1620 BoE from dates 1589 and 1620 inside; Montacute NT guide says from 1617 only and then sacked;

Attributed work:

1570s work at Longleat, Wilts, Arnold Goverson employed there 1555 may be father; for Sir John Thynne + 1580. Plan 1567, built 1572ff, but known masons were John Chapman, William Spicer, Robert Smythson

(15-- Sir Maurice Berkeley tomb, Bruton ch, Som; female spandrel figures as in Montacute library fireplace; Sir Maurice + 1580, wives + 1559 and 1585; also similar detail to Sir Thomas Phelips tomb Montacute;

(1589 Edmonsham House, Dorset, shaped gables like Montacute, porch dated 1589 but BoE says date is C19; for T Hussey +1601, owner from 1560s.

(159- Gatehouse, Clifton Magna, Dorset, dem in C18; similar niches, two orders columns, frieze w rectangles as at Montacute; N Cooper gatehouse dismantled 1800 by Lord Poulett but never re-erected.

1594-8 attrib The Hospice, Ansty, Wilts; WBR; BoE says windows of early C16 type;

(c1595-1600 attr Montacute House, Som, for Edward Phelips (knighted 1603); BoE S, suggested by A Oswald; dates 1598-9 on st glass and 1601 formerly over E door; 1599 on drawing room overmantel. Arnold was recommended to Dorothy Wadham by her friend and neighbour Sir Edward Phelips, acc to letter of recommendation from her to her brother Lord Petre; NT guide; HC; characteristic shell niches, circular niches and chimneypieces w strapwork in library & parlour. M Girouard The Elizabethan Country house;

c1597 attrib The Hall, Bradford on Avon, Wilts for John Hall; N Cooper, The Jacobean Country House, 99; chimneypiece like Montacute library, shell niches upstairs as at Montacute; c1610 BoE, curved oriels as at montacute;

(c1598 Sir Thomas Phelips tomb, Montacute ch, Som similar to Berkeley tomb Bruton; Sir Thomas + 1588, wife + 1598;

1598 alts South Wraxall Manor, Wilts; chimneypiece in drawing room much more ornate than Montacute but has egg-and-dart frame and room has shell niches.

(c1600 adds Sherborne Castle, Dorset, shell niches; for Sir walter Raleigh; but plan for corner turrets is by Simon Basill 1600; wings added after 1617 for Sir John Digby;

c1600 attrib work at Stockton House, Wilts for John Topp +1632; chimneypiece as at Montacute and The Hall; N Cooper The Jacobean Country house; BoE says one room with ER monograms so pre 1603)

(c1600 wk at Wolfeton Manor, Charminster, Dorset; last quarter C16 acc to BoE long gallery chimneypiece like Montacute library, Herringston tiny figure of virtue, also Poxwell and mon at West Chelborough; rich and vulgar chimneypieces downstairs;

(c1604 Wayford Manor, Som, from loggia, niches, chimneypiece dated 1604; wk at Wolfeton Manor Dorset, from chimneypiece;

(1603-8 Lulworth Castle, Dorset from shell niches but Godfrey Arnold chief mason here 1603-5; for Visc Bindon of Bindon Abbey, BoE

(16?? Adds Mapperton House, Dorset from shell niches in porch; BoE says N range mid-C16 like Athelhampton, Clifton Maybank and Barrington Ct. Porch added?

16?? Alts Edington ch, Wilts, shell niches in N wall of transept may be connected with alts to Edington Priory owned by Paulets, Marquesses of Winchester, occ by Sir George Lewis +1630 and wife Lady Anne Beauchamp +1664 ;

(16?? Monument to lady of Kymer family, West Chelborough, Dorset; has egg-and-dart arch, otherwise crude esp two reclining females; BoE pl 49

(1610 alts Iwerne Courtney ch, Dorset, for Sir Thomas Freke from screen with strapwork cresting; BoE pl 53 not really like Arnold?

(c1610 Poxwell Manor, Dorset, from shell niches in porch; scratched date 1618, for john Henning, chimneypiece similar to Herringston;

1611 Porch, Keevil Manor, Wilts from shell niches in porch; for E Lambert; also presumably the garden gateway opposite it;

(c1614 alts Herringston, Winterbourne Herringston, Dorset from chimney-piece ‘Jacobean vulgarity at its most distressing’ (BoE); house was dated 1582 for Sir John Williams + 1617 inherited 1569, Fireplace is in Great Chamber, the ceiling dated after 1612 by P of Wales feathers.

(1616 Leweston ch, Dorset, for Sir John Fitzjames of Redlynch, sim stepped ws to Folke; BoE pl 51;

(c1617 Sir John Williams mon, St Peter ch, Dorchester, Dorset; Williams of Herringston +1617;

(1617 Dunster Castle, Som; contract with George Luttrell October 1617; Luttrell refused to pay WA fee of £40 and WA sued. Luttrell counter-claim that design changed without his agreement and cost had risen from £462 to £1200; NT guide;

(c1620 Warmwell Manor, Dorset, from loggia, for Sir John Trenchard inherited in 1618; shaped gables, round chimneys, shell niches, sunk hemispheres; BoE pl 60;

(1623? Hanford House, Dorset, shell niches in gatehouse archway, and chimneypiece in NE room ‘a piece of great vulgarity and ugliness’; for Sir Robert Seymer who bought manor 1599.

(1625-8 Folke ch, Dorset, from font; church is same as Leweston, 1616, similar St Katherine Cree ch London 1628-31, BoE 206;

(1626-8 Sexeys Hospital, Bruton, Som for Hugh Sexey; similar windows to Leweston ch;

(1628 attr plaster ceiling Beckington Abbey, Som; AFtext;

ARQUITECTO LTD Architects The Stone Barn, Forest Gate Farm, Chippenham; website has neo-Georgian houses in Hants and Berks;
ARSCOTT, MARY-LOU Architect, of Knox Bhavan Architects qv;

2005 rest Manor House, South Wraxall for John Taylor of Duran Duran; Jeremy Musson in CL 18.6.2014; interior decoration by Robert Kime with Patrick Kinmonth (opera designer);

ARUNDELL & TART Architects;

1889 work Liddington ch, three light E window by Alexander Gibbs & Co gift of R Large, Crucifixion under supervision of the architects; BN 8.7.87;

ARUP, Sir OVE NYQUIST Engineer, 1895-1988, trained Denmark, came to London 1923 with Christiani & Nielsen; structural consultant to many modern movement buildings in Britain, founded Arup & Arup 1938; Arup & Partners 1946, Arup Associates 1963 with architects Francis Pym and Philip Dowson; now Arup Group; knighted 1971;

1962 Ansty Plum, Ansty by Arup to design of David Levitt qv; outbuildings by Alison & Peter Smithson qv; cf the modern house website; actually built for Roger Rigby, an Ove Arup partner, rather than firm; Home Building 24.2.2016;

ASH, HENRY Builder Devizes

1893 Houses, Bath Rd, Devizes, WBR2

1895 summerhouse, Bengal, Bath Rd, Devizes, for Mr Sudweeks; WBR2
ASHBEE, CHARLES ROBERT Architect, 37 Cheyne Walk, London, designer, leading figure of Arts and Crafts movement; biog by Alan Crawford, 1985 (AC) and book by Fiona MacCarthy A Simple life (FMcC) . Campden Guild folded in 1907

1907-8 reredos altar and screens to Epiphany chapel, St Mary ch, Calne, Wilts; WBR; plans WSHC; G 11.3.1908; reredos with figures of Virgin and Magi by Alec Miller, BoE; altar with five carved panels, oak triptych reredos with Arundel Society print of Memling Bruges polyptych; window by Clayton & Bell to Canon Duncan 1908; top cross is 1955 addition; also two screens between chapel and S aisle; D1/61/43/36: communion table, reredos and screens in S chapel and new organ in N chancel chapel and one stained glass S window and remove present organ, £350, new organ £2150 gift of HG Harris of Castle House; drawings a) elevation of altar & reredos by CRA; b) 2-lght stained glas window of Magi; c) leter CRA 31.10.07 to registrar enclosing drawing of stained glass by Clayton & Bell; d) designs two open screens by CRA carved oak for arches to chapel; e) reredos of carved oak and gold, standing on apron step and at back of an oak altar of five panels, subjects are Epiphany, in an ebony frame below is the Arundel replica of the famous Memling triptych; f) Stained glass by Clayton & Bell; g) organ by Conacher & Co richly carved and gilded organ case and echo organ; plans a) plan and elevation of reredos; b) screens; 3) plan of organ; d) Clayton & Bell design window; e) elevations of organ i) to N aisle with perforated panels in top four and angel corbels; ii) to chancel perforated panels in top and bottom two; iii) echo organ with two angel corbels and two front panels and one each side perforated and gilded; story told in FmcC of Patrick Geddes turning up at workshop and seeing Epiphany being carved and suggesting they carve Magi faces as those of three notable atheists, Francis Dalton, George Bernard Shaw and HG Wells clearly not followed up;

1907-8 organ-case, St Mary ch, Calne, Wilts; WBR; in NE chapel organ by P Conacher given by T Harris, 1908, two main fronts W into transept and S into chancel, Ashbee also designed the case for a detached echo-organ in N transept, only the brackets remain; AC 296; drawing for organ in possession of church; see above for drawings in D1/61/43/36;

1909 baptistery screens, Calne ch; plans WSHC Di/61/45/18, like the Epiphany chapel screens; NW window glass by Clayton & Bell £200;

(1913 Kirklands (now Penhaven), Hillyfields, Sidcot, Som, for S Maltby; Alan Crawford, 474;
ASHWELL, BERNARD Architect, Stroud. ARIBA; Later ASTAM of Gloucester; Mike Smith was a pupil in 1950 when firm was Stockford, Carless & Ashwell set up in 1946. Ashwell was cathedral architect at Gloucester 1960-85 in succession to Waller practice, practice named ASTAM as Ashwell Saint Tate & Marshall were partners;

1950ff architect to Longleat; inf MS Smith qv; firm looked after Longleat over many years, later under Michael Slade Smith qv; inf MS Smith; involved with false glazing bars inserted on all windows; collpasing floor under State dining room repaired;


1995 plans conv Heytesbury House to flats; Martin Smith architect; house burnt 15.6.1997 but reinstated; also by Martin Smith the two lodge houses and four houses in walled garden; plans WBR; for Peaslake Properties, house burnt 15.6.97 restoration done for Sabre Developments, Brian Cox;

ATKINS WALTERS & WEBSTER, Architects, King Sq, Bristol; ATKINS & WALTERS 25 King Sq, Bristol. Established 1975. Later Atkins Walters & Webster later AWW later AWW Design; Alan Atkins, David Walters, John Webster;

2001-2 Methuen South office park, Chippenham, six two-storey office buildings;

2002 Linden Court, Holbrook Way, Swindon, 22 flats for Linden Homes; Swindon Borough council online planning; Atkins Waters Webster;

2008-10 Melksham Oak community School, Devizes Rd, Melksham; website; Ruth Wainwright team member;

2009-11 Cardiac Catheter Unit, Great Western Hospital, Swindon; also White Horse birth centre;

2011 new entrance, Trowbridge campus, Wiltshire College; new glass entry between two blocks of former Trowbridge College;

2014-16 Chippenham campus, Wiltshire College, Cocklebury Rd, Chippenham; hair/beauty, art/media and engineering;

ATKINS, W. S. Engineers and contractors. Founded in London 1938 by Sir William Atkins, now Atkins Global;

(2000 Footbridge, Avon St to Temple Quay, Bristol; AFtext

20?? Independent Treatment Centres for UKSH at Shepton Mallet (Som); Emersons Green, Bristol; and Devizes Wilts (£900K); Yorkon contractors; Biggs contractors website;

(20?? Airbus UK offices, Bristol; ISG Pearce contrs)

2005-7 Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre, Chippenham; executive architects Kendall Kingscott; highly commended Scala Civic Building of Year Awards 2008; £11.6m;

(2009 Design for cable-stayed footbridge, Firepool, Taunton, Som; des by engineers at Atkins Global, Sharjah, UAE: Gajanan Wagle, team leader, Santosh K Singh senior design engineer;
ATKINSON, T.D. Architect Winchester
ATKINSON, THOMAS Architect, surveyor; Salisbury, not in HC; fl 1792, in 1805 dir;

1802 addition Rectory, Upton Lovell; W range behind original house of c1700; plans WSHC;

1819 plans General Infirmary, Salisbury; RCHM;
ATKINSON, WILLIAM London, architect, builder, according to his will, but only known as sculptor; died 1766; did carved work for architects such as William Kent; IR; not in HC;

1765 chimneypiece, state bedroom, Corsham Court; FJL; L Brown qv architect;

ATTLEE, THOMAS SIMONS Architect. Woodlands, Devoran Cornwall ARIBA born 1880 designed houses at Salisbury and Fleet, Hants, WwinA 1926;
ATWOOD, THOMAS WARR Bath, c1733-75; plumber, glazier; HC, if not actually city architect, much involved with managing Bath Corporation building policy, member of Common Council from 1760, killed 15.11.75 by collapse of floor being taken down on Guildhall site; monument Weston churchyard, Bath, probably by Thomas Baldwin qv his assistant; TWA was related to Richard Atwood +1808 of Turleigh Manor, buried Winsley churchyard under monument very like TWA monument at Weston;

(1768-73 The Paragon, Bath; HC;

(1772-3 New Prison, Grove St, Bath; HC;

(1773 Oxford Row, Bath; HC;

(1775 new Guildhall, Bath; completed by Thomas Baldwin qv to altered design;
AUA Architects, Fulham Green, London, set up 2007 by Alex Upton RIBA; design villas on St Kitts, Caribbean; luxury holiday resorts Kenya, Madagascar;

2014 plan for Trowbridge Town Centre;

2014 plan for Cradle Bridge area Trowbridge, to divide warehouses on S bank Biss to provide view through to County Hall;
AUKETT, MICHAEL CLAUDE Architect London, born 1938. Michael Aukett Associates; Aukett Associates; AJ 9.3.2006; Michael Aukett Architects, 2016, Mathew Bunting joined 1997, Steve Baker joined 2005; Aukett PLC 1992, Aukett Europe c2001; Aukett Fitzroy Robinson; Aukett Swanke;

1982ff Kembrey Park, Swindon RIBA award 1987; RIBAJ 95 Jan 88 31-63; BD Supplement Business Parks July 1989 16h site 22 starter units phase 1, then a headquarters building with production facility planned; Maple (now Trilogy) 1982, Cherry Orchard West 1983, Cherry Orchard East 1984, Cherry Orchard North 1986, Mulberry 1985, Walnut 1 1987 Walnut 2 1992, Apple Tree Court, Rowan 1988, Birch and Ash 1990s; Ash Corner; CTA;

1999 Pegasus House and Stella Building offices Windmill Hill business park, Swindon; BD 22.10.99 Michael Aukett Associates; mentioned as planned in BD Supplement July 1989, St Martins Property Group developing 32h site on link road to M4, windmill re-erected 1983-4; BD 22.10.99 group of four office buildings linked by curving walkway only two built Pegasus House and Stella Building;

2001-2 Orbital Shopping Centre, Haydon, Swindon £42m, including largest ASDA then built; by Aukett Europe BD 27.4.01; Best New Retail Park Award 2003;

AUST, DAVID Builder Bath, born 1772, son of Ferdinando Aust born 1734 of Colerne. Brother William Aust born 1787. David had four sons: Daniel born 1797 was stonemason at 11 Bath Rd, Colerne, third son Richard was a builder, initials on house in Moon Close, Colerne, 1825; other two sons were David Jr and Ferdinando (died infant); two Austs were involved in building Providence Chapel, Colerne, 1867, initials DA and RA; none of them are in 1875 dir;

(1831 built Hood Monument, Butleigh, Som; des HE Goodridge, plinth is signed ‘Aust, builder, Bath’;

1834 built Limpley Stoke Viaduct, Wilts; possibly des by GP Manners qv; SJ 3.11.34 begun 3 June and finished on 25.10, completed in little more than four months;

(1836 built North Parade Bridge, Bath; plaque)

1841-2 built Dilton Court, Dilton Marsh, Wilts, plans by GP Manners & J Peniston; WBR; plans with owner; for Phipps estate;
AUSTIN, THOMAS. Architect and surveyor, 11 Trinity St, Bristol; in partnership c1850 with RH Shout 1823-82 of Yeovil who des ‘many schools, parsonages etc in Somerset’ acc to APSD.

1850-2 Parsonage, Dilton Marsh, Wilts; WSHC CC/E/38 plans and spec 26.7.50 signed by Austin, but cover names Austin, Shout & Withers of Bristol, i.e. Austin & Shout with RJ Withers qqv who is credited with design in T advert ABO 1850 118; William Barnes and Charles Turner of 3 Abbot's Walk, Reading, bldrs, Isomely stone; plans for stables 1851 CC/E/37 unsigned, papers name Barnes & Turner as builders, with oversight by John Julius Arnold of Westbury, builder, £195; house dated 1850; after completion of vicarage architect threatened vicar and committee with legal action 'if his bill was not immediately paid'

(c1855 Houses, Wellington Pk, Clifton, Bristol; GJL;

(1855 attr Burlington Villas, Burlington Rd, Redland, Bristol; GJL;

AVENELL, W. H. Surveyor to Cricklade & Wootton Bassett RDC, 1895;

1895 repairs Moredon Bridge, Purton, nr Swindon; notice SA 18.5.95;

AWDRY, GRAHAM C. Architect, born 1858, articled Foster & Wood 1872-6, in practice Warminster 1880-3, worked with WJ Stent qv in 1882 (S&A); 3 Great George St, Westminster 1883-1905, but joined Foster & Wood in Bristol before 1900 acc to GJL, firm became FW&A by 1905; president Bristol Soc of Architects 1912-13; WwinA 1926 says office 35 Park St, Bristol, architect and surveyor to De La Warr estate Bexhill, Sx, 1892-7, diocesan surveyor for Bristol Archdeaconry 1915-18,

1882 The Hall Girls School, Emwell St, Warminster, by S&A; R Shorto, Warminster in old pictures; now Minster School;

1883-4 Cemetery, Malmesbury, BN 1883a 547; chapel and lodge; A 8.3.84 publishes designs for chapel and lodge by A.G. Cross qv not as built;

1885 Beanacre ch, Wilts; BN 9.10.85;

1885 lodge to The Paddocks, Wood Lane, Chippenham; GA of London; stone with pyramid roofed turret, plans WSHC G19/760/1;

1885-6 Lowden Mission Hall, Chippenham; 1885 WBR; opened £1095, DWG 21.10.86; later St Peter church, now New Testament Church of God; Utterson almshouses adjoining probably also by Awdry, in similar materials

1887 ??, Devizes; DWG 12.5.87;

1889 addition to St Denys School, Vicarage St, Warminster, plans WSHC G16/760/115; later called St Monica's School for Girls, now Warminster School Preparatory School; large red brick block with half-timbered gables;

1893 add St John School, Boreham Rd, Warminster; infants classroom to N added to school of 1872 by GE Street qv; plans G16/760/148;

1899 Cottage Hospital, London Road, Chippenham; dem; opened 1899; 1906 by FW&A acc to GJL perhaps date of additions;

1900 rest Ludgershall ch; WBR;

(1908 St Francis parish room, Ashton Gate, Bristol; GJL;.

(1909 house for Duke of Hamilton, Studland, Dorset, GJL;

(1915 The Holmes, Parry’s Lane, Sneyd Pk, Bristol; GJL;

Also almshouses Devizes;
AWW Architects, Bristol. Originally Atkins & Walters 25 King Sq, Bristol. Later Atkins Walters & Webster qv with John Webster, later AWW, later AWW Design;

2001-2 Methuen South office park, Chippenham, six two-storey office buildings;

2008-10 Melksham Oak community School, Devizes Rd, Melksham; website; Ruth Wainwright team member;

2009-11 Cardiac Catheter Unit, Great Western Hospital, Swindon; also White Horse birth centre;

2011 new entrance, Trowbridge campus, Wiltshire College; new glass entry between two blocks of former Trowbridge College;

2014-16 Chippenham campus, Wiltshire College, Cocklebury Rd, Chippenham; hair/beauty, art/media and engineering;

AXFORD & SMITH Builders, contractors, decorators, Widcombe Joinery Works, Bath,

(1926 reblt Crowe Hall, Widcombe Hill, Bath after fire, new W front; MF;

1928 restored Bolehyde Manor, Allington near Chippenham for Philip Ducros; new mullioned windows, link between main house and rear outbuilding, dining-room in outbuilding; G3/760/708

(1932 South Lodge, Sion Hill, Bath; ? for Ernest Cook;

(1934-6 rebuilt Nos. 1-2 Sion Hill Place, Bath for Ernest Cook; MF; added Georgian façade of Nos. 24-5 High St, Chippenham, Wilts on side.

c1930 alts West Stowell House, Alton Priors/ Wilcot for Sir Eric Phipps, VCH; originally square red brick house with fronts of 3 bays; RC chapel established 1934 by Lady Phipps; West Stowell Grange?

AYLWIN & MAY Surveyors, Marlborough and Newbury

1851 site plan St Peter National School, Marlborough, WSHC 782/71 for school by John Gould Br 1853 203;

B2 see Benjamin & Beauchamp
AYRTON, Major MAXWELL Architect, London; FRIBA; called former Superintending Architect to Ministry of Agriculture & fisheries, Br 17.12.20

1920 involved with experimental earth-walled buildings at Amesbury Farm Settlement for Ministry of Agriculture; Br 17.12.20, with T Tyrwhitt qv also former Superintending Architect and Major HPG Maule, present Superintending Architect;

B .., E....

1822 design for rustic lodge among Tottenham Park papers 3790/2/10 PC; ?signed EB;

BACK, EDWARD H. Architect, Devizes, 1880 dir; WBR;
BAILEY, CHARLES Architect, surveyor, agent to Sanford estate, Nynehead, Somerset; corrsponded with WH Fox Talbot in 1845 over line to be taken by WS&W Railway; reputedly he took pieces of Nash's work at Corsham Court demolished in 1845-9 to incorporate in his new Gothic house, Lee Abbey, Devon; the Methuens and Sanfords were connected by marriage;
BAILEY. E. N. Architect; EN Bailey & Partners

1953 Remploy building, Cheney Manor estate, Swindon; BoE;

BAILEY, H.F. Chief architect, WH Smith & Co, estate department, Portugal St, London; LRIBA;

1965-7 WH Smith warehouse, Greenbridge Industrial Estate, Swindon; BoE 1975; with Johns, Slater & Howard qv consultant architects; Modern Engineering (Bristol) Ltd contractors and engineers; Barlow Leslie & Partners of Croydon, consulting engineers (lighting & heating); facing Dorcan Way conoid shell roofs on vast scale; did HFB also design the attached office block?;

BAILY, EDWARD HODGES Sculptor 1788-1867, born Downend, Bristol, pupil Flaxman 1807, carved Lord Nelson on column Trafalgar Square; Justice on Old council House, Bristol;

1846-8 reredos statues, Leigh Delamere ch;

BAKER & HINTON Architects, 38 Regent St, Swindon, dirs 1875-89; see Orlando Baker architect, with James Hinton auctioneer appraiser and estate agent, qqv

1874 house and shop Regent St, Swindon; WBR2;

1874 six houses, Mill St, Swindon WBR2
BAKER, HENRY, Surveyor 11 Upper Gower St, London; won first prize London & Westminster Bank, Holborn, 1853 CEAJ; surveyor to St Pancras; Alexander Peebles 1840-91 was assistant; c1803-79??; HB m Caroline Delauney 1837; estate surveyor for St John's College Cambridge estate around Burghley rd, St Pancras 1860s (BoE);

1845 parsonage, Minety; plans Bristol EP/A/25/Min/1; for Rev Frederick Tuson; square plan, gabled parsonage with N end entrance between chimney gables, W front with gable to right, fretted bargeboards and canted bay; also (Min 3) plans for farm-buildings 1867 by Edward Trinder qv;

(1851 and 1862 St Pancras Almshouses, Southampton Rd, St Pancras, London; BoE;

(1853-4 London & Westminster Bank, 212 High Holborn, London; BoE)

BAKER Sir HERBERT Architect; 1862-1946 articled to uncle AH Baker, clerk of works on his church at Llanberis, Caerns; 1886 joined George & Peto, 1891 went to S Africa designed Groote Schuur for Cecil Rhodes 1891-3, Diocesan Architect Cape Town, firm was Baker & Masey from 1899, designed Cape Town Cathedral 1897-9; Union Buildings Pretoria 1910; Masey left in 1909, then FL Hodgson fleming partner, Ernest Willmott partner 1903-7, FD Kendall partner from 1906 to whom he left S African practice in 1913 to join Lutyens in designing New Delhi; after 1919 practice in England included Bank of England, Church House, Winchester College cloisters, India House, Rhodes House, Oxford; knighted 1926, RIBA Gold Medal 1927; ASG;

1925 adds Havering House, Havering Lane, Milton Lilbourne; DoE list; early C20 adds VCH: the S front was extended westwards by a three-bayed block in C18 style and eastwards by a low range in the style of the original house.

BAKER, ORLANDO Architect 67 Regent St, Swindon, in partnership with James Hinton qv (B&H) to c1878 as auctioneers, architects and surveyors; 1834-1912 born Brimscombe, Glos, apprenticed to carpenter 1851, builder's clerk by 1858, moved to Swindon 1870, still builder's clerk and draughtsman, studied then taught music at Mechanics institution, organist of C chapel, Victoria Rd; Partnership may date from early 1870s dissolved 31.12.1875, continued on his own made 1883 map of Swindon in N Wilts Directory and further maps 1887, 1889; 1890 emigrated to Hobart, designed the Customs House there, retired 1911; SB;

1874 Bull Inn, 14 Newport St, Swindon; WBR 2; now Steam Railway Co.;

1875 smithy, Wellington St, Swindon; WBR2;

1876 PM chapel, Regent St, Swindon, dem 1957; Wiltshire & Son qv builders; WBR2;

1876-7 C chapel, Calcutt St, Cricklade; Br 1876 1131; OB;

1878 WM chapel, Wroughton; WBR2; T: BN 7.6.78 £700, G Wiltshire, contr; SA 29.6.78 £700, brick Gothic;

1879 Workingmen's Institute, Purton T: SA 17.5.79; OB; A 7.6.79 tender, Gray builder £1113/5/0d;

1882 Pair of houses, Regent Place, Swindon; WBR2; ?dem;

1885 Presbyterian Hall, Dixon St, Swindon, now Moravian chapel; WBR2 c1883; 1885 Book of Swindon;

1885 houses, Linslade St, Swindon; WBR2;

BALL, W. Builder Swindon, built houses 1905-6; also Ball & Kilminster built houses 1898-9; Ball & Rogers built houses 1900-1; WBR2
BALDWIN, ROBERT. Architect, son of a builder or surveyor, apprenticed to Matthew Brettingham Sr, clerk in Robert Mylne's office 1763-6; assistant to George Dance 1768; HC;

1768 unex designs for new mansion at Wardour for 8th Lord Arundell WSHC 2667/18/5;

BALDWIN, THOMAS City Architect Bath from 1775 in succession TW Atwood, dismissed 1793. 1750-1820; Office 7 Walcot Terrace 1803-13; the early C19 monument to R Atwood in Winsley churchyard is very similar to Baldwin's monument to TW Atwood, but so also is a mid-C19 mon in Limpley Stoke churchyard;

1787 to be let farm, Hungerford Durnford near Amesbury; apply TB architect, Bath; SWJ 21.5.87; no evidence that involved as architect;

1787 to be sold well-established mill at Kellaways Mill, near Chippenham apply TB architect; BC 10.5.87, no evidence that involved as architect;

1806-8 TH, Devizes, Wilts; WBR;

1811-13 chapel and gateway, Somerset Hospital, Froxfield; inf P Nokes; both dated 1813 built by E of Ailesbury; WRS Froxfield accounts refers to WSHC 2037/87

c1816 Rainscombe House, Oare; BoE; accounts WRO;

BALSTON, MICHAEL. Architect, landscape architect. Moved to Long Barn, Manor Farm, Patney, Wilts 1983 and designed garden there from 1983; firm Balston & Co, 1983, later Balston Agius with Marie-Louise Agius; vice-president RHS;

(1991-2 remodelled Aislaby (Cucklington House), Cucklington, Som, former rectory, with veranda, octagonal conservatory, terraced gardens, underground swimmingpool, landscape with lake, and formal garden in kitchen gardens; inf owner; HGS 255-6

(c1999 Bristol Harbourside landscaping and sculpture.)

2008-9 gardens, ?Westwood House, nr Box, Wilts new neo-classical house;

20?? garden in Wilts for a previous employee; website;
BAMPFYLDE, COPLESTONE WARRE 1720-91, amateur architect and garden designer, of Hestercombe, Som; DNB; SANHS 18 1872 163-6 and 85 1939 97; HC; son of John Bampfylde and Mary Warre, heiress of Hestercombe; Amateur painter exh at RA, designed landscape at Hestercombe; HGS 80ff, inherited 1750, some designs may be by Richard Phelps qv, queried by P White; Guidebook gives 1750-86 for garden. Married 1755 Mary Knight cousin of R Payne Knight; friend of Henry Hoare II and Sir Charles Kemeys-Tynte

(1750-86 Garden features Hestercombe, Som,

1765 the Cascade, Stourhead, Wilts;

1770? Unex des for mansion at Wardour for 8th Lord Arundell; Palladian; WSHC 2667/18/5;

BANGMA, W. JOHN Architect;

(1979 QM, East Garston, Berks; report on Quaker meeting-houses by AHP 2017;

1986 add QM, Marlborough; report on Quaker meeting-houses by AHP 2017;
BANKS, GEORGE Mason Lacock 1786-1864; family of masons Charles Selman Banks 1805-81 estimated for repairs to Lacock Abbey 1857 and 1860 WHFT correspondence; George Banks Jr; George Banks was in partnership with John Gale carpenter of Lacock;

1827 repaired Reybridge, Lacock

1833 built parish workhouse, Lacock, with John Gale carpenter;

1847 Bridge at Wick Farm, Lacock, WHFT correspondence; this bridge is called bridge No 8, also reference to work on bridges Nos 3 and 5, signed Gale & Banks;

1848 estimate to raise garden wall Lacock Abbey, in brick or in stone; signed George Banks, Lacock Wharf; WHFT correspondence;
BANNERMAN, (JULIAN & ISABEL). Garden designers, in practice since 1983;

1990 alts The Ivy, Chippenham for themselves; ill CL 1992;

20?? Euridge Manor, Colerne, for David Robinson; including adds to the house;

20?? gardens, Ladyswood, Sherston, for Rory Sweet;

20?? gardens, Manor House, Seend, for Stephen & Amanda Clark; CL 26.7.2017;
BARBER BUNDY & GREENFIELD Architects, 173 High St Dorking; F/A/ARIBA;

1965 report on Engine House, Crofton, re preservation; The Crofton Story;


1871 School, Inglesham; WBR;

BARKER, EDWIN HENRY LINGEN. Architect, 1838-1917. Offices Hereford and Tenby; Oswestry in 1884. Prolific church restorer in Pembs. Designed St Stephen ch, Cinderford, Glos 1888-96; rest Stoke Gifford ch, Glos, 1894-7, Kingswood ch, Glos, 1898-1900; l899 1st pr Willesden School, London; 1899 Selected Kilburn School, London; later EHLB & Sons; LB, Son & Ellis restored Coalpit Heath ch, Glos 1907; ?partnership with AWS Cross, c1887-9;

1878-9 rest Codford St Mary ch; BoE; WBR; plan D1/61/29/9 1878 restore reroof, refit, restore chancel arch, remove tower screen and ringing floor, take down part of chancel N wall and erect vestry; new windows; 1439/22 new vestry, move two small N lancets from vestry site to wall E of vestry, add one matching window chancel S; move 2-lt SW window and replace with large 3-lt, insert the 2-lt to western bay of nave; no mention of altering the arcade columns (cf Pevsner); A 29.6.78; A 3.8.76 £978/13/0d Balcombe builder;

(1881 rest Monkton Combe ch, Bath, Som; SRO plans N aisle; ICBS 1880-2; 1886 acc to SNB;

(1887-8 Vicarage, Easton, Som, by Lingen Barker & Cross; Archiseek from Arch 30.3.88

(1889 rest Stanton Drew ch, Som, with AWS Cross; SRO cf/1889/4;

(1890 part rest East Brent ch, Som; Br 1890a 292; roof reps with R Boughton qv, SRO cf/1890/11;

(1898 Trudoxhill ch, Som; mission church, closed 1983, altar now in Nunney ch;

(1901-2 N aisle St Mary ch, Fishponds, Bristol; EHLB & Sons; SNB 365;

BARLOW HENLEY ARCHITECTS, 40 Berkeley Sq, Bristol, practice formed 1991 by Ian Barlow and John Henley name changed 2013 to Studio Henley Architects; Eastgate Oriental Centre Bristol; six luxury houses in Rock, Cornwall; apartments Hotwells Rd, Bristol;

2005 Victory Fields houses, Frome Rd, Bradford on Avon; inf Gareth Slater;

BARNDEN, JOHN Architect, builder, carpenter Warminster, prev carpenter and joiner in Exeter St, Salisbury 1830;

1829 bldr Fisherton toll-house, Salisbury; JH Flooks archt; WBR2

1856 contr Wiltshire Reformatory, Warminster; archt TH Wyatt; WBR2

1857-8 bldr Athenaeum, Warminster; WJ Stent archt; £1326;

1861 rest Wingfield ch; WBR;

1863-4 bldr rest Codford St Peter ch; TH Wyatt archt; bills WSHS 1438/18 inc for making pulit £25; bill head mentions builder and building merchant's business; bill for porch 3107;

1867 Parsonage, Fifield Bavant; WBR
BARNES & CASSEY, High St, Salisbury Architects and surveyors, advert SWJ 25.6.1870;

1993 rest Manor Farm, Upton Scudamore; now Parks Court; plans WBR; ?did they reopen great hall;

BARNES family worked on Rectory, Dauntsey, 1829-33, Joseph and John carpenters, Edward and Jacob plasterers; WBR;
BARNES & CASSEY Architects, surveyors, High St, Salisbury, advert SWJ 25.6.1870;
BARNES, E. Purton see LJ Barnes.
BARNES, L.J. Builder Purton; E Barnes was builder of school at Purton Stoke, 1894-5, WH Read architect;

1903 add The Red House, Purton, for Dr WH Robson, single-storey surgery room on one side; G$/760/36;

BARNES, R. Dinton

1805 Vicarage, Teffont Evias;

BARNES, ROBERT carpenter Bratton

1740-1 wk Yew Trees, Bratton inc staircase; WBR2

BARNES, ROGER Architect, The Reading Rooms, Witham Friary, Som; Roger Barnes Architects Ltd RB previously worked for Niall Phillips and Nash Partnership qv; designed house for Michael Eavis at Pilton, Som; restored Reading Room, Witham Friary, as own offices;

20?? Church Hayes, Lea; C17 style small country house; Ken Biggs contractors; rebuild of earlier house, only two of old elevations left of old; £2.5 m; SE of church in Lea;


1832 Parsonage, Sutton Mandeville; WBR;

BARNES, WILLIAM EDWARD Architect, Letchworth, Quaker, designed QM houses; add at Letchworth 1957, Stevenage 1959, add at Cambridge 1969;

1994 QM, Devizes; Survey of QM houses by AHP 2017;

BARNSLEY HEWETT & MALLINSON Architects, Barnes; BHM Architects; founded by Jon Barnsley in 1955, architect son of furniture maker/ designer Edward Barnsley; joined by Alan Hewett and Miles Mallinson; John Cahill joined 1983 now director with Mike Harrison joined 1991, David Bryan joined 1989, and Steve Leech joined 1994; became architects to Marlborough College by competition;

200? The Marlburian 6th form social centre, Marlborough College,

200? Henry Hony Centre for performing arts; including Ellis Theatre opened 2001;

200? 25-metre pool; Ray Poulter design architect;

200? rifle range;

200? staff common room, conversion of Art School of 1962 by David Roberts qv;

200? classroom buildings for International Baccalaureat

2004-5 Art School, Marlborough College, High St, Marlborough; by David Bryan;

BARNSLEY, EDWARD Furniture maker, 1900-87, son of Sidney Barnsley, trained by Geoffrey Lupton,

196? tables and chairs, dining-hall, St Boniface College, Warminster;

BARRACK OFFICE, Modbury, Devon

1794 Barracks, Bradley Rd, Trowbridge; contr Scobell; WBR2; dem;

BARRETT, JAMES Kington Manor, Kington St Michael. Stone mason +1782, also a brother Charles Barrett, mason. Wife died 1766 buried Kington St Michael; WBR2;

1752 work on privy, Greathouse, Kington Langley; WBR

1782 Chapman mausoleum, Chapel Field, Kington Langley; WBR; ?dem;
BARRETT, THOMAS Mason architect 11 Newport St, Swindon; 1816-98, advertises himself as builder, carpenter, appraiser & undertaker …. plate glass shop-fronts installed, conservatories and hot houses, shop fittings, paper-and bell-hanging, plumbing, painting and graining, timber sales, planks and veneers, cement and plaster, drains and chimney-pots ; in 1848, 1855, 1875 and 1880 dirs; employed 6 in 1851, 20 in 1861, son John Barrett born 1839 also a builder & carpenter; SB;

1846 built County of Gloucester Bank, 7 High St, Swindon dem; SB; on site of house of Thomas Coventry used as Strange & Co Bank which became C of Gloucester Bank in 1842; SBC 144;

1848 builder B chapel, Fleet St, Swindon, Samuel Morton Peto qv architect; SB; opened 4.1.49;

1856 builder parsonage, Broad Town, FC Kingeston architect; WSHC CC/E/31; burnt and rebuilt later;

1857 ?British School, Wootton Bassett; WSHC 782/55 additions infant school and playground, certificated 1859, but plans are undated and by John Phillips qv; also site plan by Robert Little qv

1863 builder schoolhouse, Rodbourne; Money & Sons archts WBR2; probably Rodbourne Cheney;

1863 builder Blunsdon Abbey, Blunsdon; EW Mantell architect; WBR2; SB; burnt 22.4.1904; now ruin;

1864 Royal Oak, High Street, Wootton Bassett and adjoining houses for Sir Henry Meux, mostly dem early 1970s; Bob Clarke, WB through time;

1865 builder alts house of Mr Bowley, High St, Swindon; TS Lansdown archt; WBR2;

1868 builder WM chapel in former GWR Barracks, Faringdon Rd, Swindon; TS Lansdown archt; WBR2; SB; 1614/239 papers 1867-70;

1870 builder villa, Swindon; Lansdown & Shopland archts;

1873 contr work Ogbourne St Andrew ch; Br 19.7.73, no architect named, for W Tanner of Rockley House, interior decorations work of Mrs Tanner; ?architect was James Baverstock of Marlborough; VCH suggests work to chancel, rest had been restored in 1847-8 by Butterfield;

1874 mahogany fittings, County of Gloucester Bank, Fleet St, Swindon, SB;

1876 builder Horsell's Brewery, Wootton Bassett; WH Read archt; WBR2;

1877 builder Anderson Hostel, almshouses, Cricklade St, Swindon; WH Read archt; WBR2; SB; overlooking Christ Church churchyard;

1878-80 builder WM chapel, Bath Rd, Swindon; Bromilow & Cheers architects, papers from 1876 WSHC 1614/120; contract 1878 1614/122;

1878 builder hotel, Wootton Bassett for Horsell & Willis; WH Read qv architect; Br 1878 632; WBR2; £740; probably Royal Oak, High St, acc to AB, but this dates from 1864 acc to VCH;

1880 House for JC Townsend, Swindon; TS Lansdown archt; WBR2;

1880 ?builder, Gilbert's Hill Board School, Dixon St, Swindon; architect B Binyon; but SB says builder was G Wiltshire, opened 8.7.80; WBR2;

1880-1 builder Board School, Queenstown, Swindon; B Binyon archt; WBR 2; SB, extended 1885 for £2300, dem 1993;

1883 house, Newport St, Swindon; WBR2;

1885, 1889 and 1891, houses Dixon St Swindon;

1885 builder Clifton St Schools, Swindon; WH Read architect; SBC;
BARRY, Sir CHARLES 1795-1860. Architect. London. In practice c1824 on return from Italian voyage. 1822-5 Stand ch, Prestwich; 1823 Campfield ch, Lancs; 1824-8 Brighton St Peter; 1824-35 Manchester Institution; 1829-32 Travellers Club London; 1833-7 Edward VI School Birmingham; 1834-42 Trentham Hall Staffs; 1834-57 alts Bowood, Wilts; 1835 Royal Coll of Surgeons, London; 1835-67 Houses of Parliament, London; 1835-9 alts Kingston Lacy, Dorset, for WJ Bankes; 1835-9 Manchester Athenaeum; 1837-9 Manchester U chapel; 1837-41, Reform Club, London; 1838-43 alts Lancaster House, London; 1841 Pentonville Prison façade, London; 1842 alts Highclere Castle Hants; 1843-5 Hurstpierpoint ch, Sx; 1844-50 alts Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland; 1845 Treasury, Whitehall; 1847-57 Bridgewater House London; 1849-54 Shrubland Pk Suff; 1850-1 Cliveden, Bucks; 1854-5 adds Canford Manor, Dorset, for Guest of Dowlais; 1859-63 Halifax TH. RIBA Gold Medal 1850, knighted 1852, father of Charles Barry Jr 1823-1900 and Edward M. Barry 1830-80 who continued father’s practice.

(1832 reredos Wrington ch, Som; BoE N; badly executed acc to Br 1850 64; elegant SNB, carver John White;

1833 repairs, chapel clock tower, Bowood; David blissett: Cockerell’s tower repaired and the addition of a turret (wooden on cast-iron frame) above the clock. I am not 100% certain this was done by

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