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News (2015-2017may)

  • Interview on dehumanization, as part of the Relativism and Racism Blog Series, Emergence of Relativism Blog, ERC Group, Vienna.

  • Panel discussion: "Crises of political communication: misleading public speech and how to deal with it", as part of the World Press Freedom Day at CEU, 03 May 17.

  • On stage at the Munich March for Science, 22 Apr 17. 

  • Panel discussion on the film "The Experimenter" on Stanley Milgram and his experiments on obedience, as part of the Vienna Brain Awareness Week, 15 Mar 17. 

  • Talk: "How to distinguish channels of inheritance", Konrad Lorenz Institute, 15 Mar 17, Vienna.

  • Talk: "Defending the nature-culture divide" as part of "The Human Mind Project", 2 Mar 17, London.

  • Interview: "Darwinian creativity, memetics and other issues ...", 3:AM Magazine, 14 Jan 17.

  • Talk: "Reden über die menschliche Natur - Nutzen oder Gefahr?" Club of Vienna e.V., Vienna, 06 Oct 16. (Link to video).

  • Talk: "Explanatory looping effects." Colloquium in Philosophy, Logic and Philosophy of Science, Munic Center for Mathematical Philosophy, 06 Jul 16.

  • Talk: on the nature/culture divide in the postgenomic era. Lecture series Biology of GenomesCenter for Advanced Studies der LMU, 13 Jun 16, München

  • Talk: on eliminating the concept of human nature at the Colloquium of the Graduate College "Sciences in Context" at the University of Vienna, May 04, 2016. (If interested in the draft paper, please contact me to request a copy of the draft.)

  • Talk: on eliminating the concept of human nature, GWP Conference, Duesseldorf, Mar 10, 2016.

  • Talk: on the authority of 'nature', CRASSH Conference "Why we disagree about human nature", Cambridge, Dec 11, 2015. See paper.

  • Talks: on ontological arguments for distinguishing nature and culture in evolutionary contexts, at CEU (Budapest), University of Vienna and the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (ZiF) in Bielefeld, Oct 2015. (If interested in the draft paper, please contact me to request a copy of the draft.)

  • Presentation: on dehumanization of refugees and the duty to know as part of the Philosophy panel discussing the refugee crisis, and how to help in Hungary, Sep 22, 2015.

  • Session: on dehumanization, Meeting of the International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology, Montreal, Jul 07, 2015, including talk on the Politics of human nature. See paper.

  • Talk: Naturgemäß ausgegrenzt: Die normative Kraft des Begriff der menschlichen Natur, 10. Congress of the Austrian Society for Philosophy "Being Human – Foundation, Imperative or Platitude?", Innsbruck, Jun 04-06, 2015. See paper

  • Talk: The genealogical concept of human nature, LabEx-"Who am I"-Workshop "Articulating Nature and Nurture: Inheritance, Heredity and Transmission of Identity", Paris, May 5-6, 2015. (Parts from the book manuscript on "Divide and Conquer: Human nature between Science, Philosophy and Politics". If interested, drop me a line).

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