Re: Spirit Week and Friday’s Food Fair

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Re: Spirit Week and Friday’s Food Fair

October 20, 2017

Assalaamu Alaikum Parents and Students,

As you may be aware, Insha’Allah next week, IFSD is celebrating Spirit Week which this year falls within Islamic Heritage Month!

The students will be engaged in activities throughout the week that will Insha’Allah improve their Islamic knowledge and boost their love and spirit for IFSD and Islam!
The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday October 23 – Documentary (older students) Islamic Animation (younger students)

  • Tuesday October 24Islamic Art Gallery

  • Wednesday October 25 – Historical Dress-up Day (students must contribute $1.00 to participate)

  • Thursday October 26 – Islamic Trivia (older students) Islamic Scavenger Hunt (younger students)

  • Friday October 27 - Islamic Cultures Food Fair

On Friday, students are requested to bring in an item of food from a different Islamic culture or country to share. All snacks or food items must be nut-free. Teachers will be writing student options on a sign-up sheet that will be posted Insha’Allah.

If you are able to volunteer, or have any questions, comments or suggestions please email

Insha’Allah, let’s show our amazing Islamic Spirit IFSD!

JazakAllahu Khairan,

IFSD Student Council

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