Recommends scales/weights appropriately for individual clients

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CrossFit Coach

  • motivates

  • manages the groups

  • recommends scales/weights appropriately for individual clients

  • signs in athletes

  • prepares athletes for the days movements

  • manages music

  • monitors for safety and technique

  • offers coaching cues to fix technique

  • manages the clock

  • keeps an eye out for PR opportunities

  • welcomes members as they arrive

  • collects payment from members or drop-ins

  • collects payments for merchandise

  • checks bathrooms for TP, paper towels, Kleenex, trashcans

  • restocks fridge and/or protein bars when appropriate

  • appropriately chats with walk-in curious about joining and directs them correctly on who to talk to next.

  • Opens the gym and preps for class

  • Writes day out on whiteboard

  • Closes up gym

  • Cancels classes if need be (no shows)

  • Arrives 15 mins early to class.

  • Puts away any equipment left out by members or that was out for the WOD.

  • Updates membership through wodify.


- hired out.

Book Keeper

  • checks billing info from the night before

  • enters checks or cash for memberships per member

  • bills merchandise

  • collects merchandise lists from front counter

  • texts, emails, or calls those with late payment

  • tracks total monthly visits

  • tracks and monitors monthly gross income

  • tracks and monitors monthly outflow of cash

  • tracks number of new members per month

  • reminds folks to update payment info

  • sets up new punch cards and handles monthly membership people (vacations, etc.).

  • tracks inventory on merchandise and reorders

Social Media Manager

  • posts to instagram

  • posts to Facebook main site

  • posts to twitter

  • monitors for questions on the hang out

  • responds to messages or posts on insta, facebooks or twitters

  • creates engaging offers

  • tracks success of clicks, boosts,

  • posts blogs

  • interacts with current “bare hands spotlight athlete.”

  • Interacts with web girl for any photos, vids, etc to be put up on website

  • Gets ideas for t-shirts/merchandise

  • Creates schedule for content

Personal Trainer

  • sells personal training

  • trains clients 1-on-1 or in small groups

  • creates custom programming different from group.

  • Creates custom programming based off clients goals.

  • Schedules sessions with client.

  • Gets out/puts away equipment used.

  • Monitors for safety/technique

  • Provides coaching cues to improve technique

  • Uses Wodify to input workout info

  • Tracks progress of client

  • Calls for follow up on leads

  • Calls for follow up with current clients

  • Opens/closes gym appropriately

  • Manages music for client

  • Arrives 15 mins early to appointments

  • Cancels 12 hours ahead of time

  • Charges client for appointment if cancelled less than 5 hours ahead of time.

  • Inputs new clients into Wodify

  • Bills client

  • Collects payment

  • Sells additional packages of sessions when one is up

Events Coordinator


  • hired out


  • see social media

Joy Girl

  • checks in at 2 weeks

  • checks in at 4 weeks

  • checks in at 3 months

  • calls for PRs

  • calls for 2 weeks missing

  • creates lists of 2 weeks missing

  • logs calls/emails/texts and makes notes of interaction

  • sells foundations

  • holds 20 min no sweat intros

  • schedules 20 min no sweat intros

  • sells new memberships and/or PT packages

  • creates new memberships in wodify

  • creates leads in Wodify

  • creates new athletes in wodify

  • notifies coaches of new PT clients

Specialty Coach

CrossFit Kids

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