Second Session, 49th Legislature

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Sales tax exemption. HB 2213 (smad sf), Piatt H, Crutchfield S



Agencies, funds appropriated by Commerce Department, provide 30% matching funds. SB 1017 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Authority, creating for transportation or regional projects. HB 2607 (smad sc), Peterson (Ron) H, Smith S

Community action agency, insurance coverage for public transit vehicle; Risk Management Program, participation; shared risk pool, coverage limits. SB 1018 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H; SB 1077 (smad cc, smde 2cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Dayton Tire bill. HB 2376 (smad hc), McCarter-H, Leftwich (Debbe)-S; SB 1436, Wilcoxson S

Incentive Act of 2004, creating. HB 2481 (Shell), McClain H

Incentive Technical Amendment Act of 2004, creating. HB 2583 (Shell), Roggow H

International development (see INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT)

Investment Act, Quality, creating. HB 2373 (smad hc), McCarter H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Jobs Program Act, Oklahoma Quality (see JOBS PROGRAM ACT, OKLAHOMA QUALITY)

Omnibus Economic Development Act of 2004, creating. HB 2702 (Legislative findings, smad hc), Turner H, Gumm S

Reform Act of 2004, creating. HB 2509 (Shell), Case H

Rural economic:

Action Partnership Program, Rural, creating; Advisory Team. HB 2288 (smad hc; within Commerce Department, smad hf), Turner H, Gumm S

Action Plan:

Expenditures of monies, prohibiting improper influence. HB 2297, Blackwell H

Water Projects Fund, creating. SB 1077 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

RAPP (see Action, above)

Task Force, Rural Area Development, teleconference for providing assistance to Advisory Team for Rural Action Partnership Program. HB 2288 (smad hc), Turner H, Gumm S


Appropriations (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Driver license application, approve mathematics proficiency exam. SB 895, Wilcoxson S


Early Intervention program, 87.75 FTE. HB 2012, Mitchell H, Morgan S

Parent Training Program, 3 FTE. HB 2012, Mitchell H, Morgan S

State Aid Section of Financial Services, 11 FTE; duties. HB 2012, Mitchell H, Morgan S

Support personnel concerns coordinator; responsibilities. HB 2012, Mitchell H, Morgan S

Testing program, 7 FTE. HB 2012, Mitchell H, Morgan S

Funds (see SCHOOLS, Funds)

Gaming revenue. SB 1252 (smad cc), Hobson S, Adair H; SB 553 (smad 3cc), Hobson S, Adair H

Healthy and Fit Kids Act of 2004, creating. SB 1627 (smde cc), Cain S, Gilbert H

Interscholastic activities, oversight. HB 1893, Bonny H; HB 2633, Erwin H

Juvenile Drug Court Act, duties. HB 2403, Young H, Myers S

Middle School Mathematics Improvement Standards Committee, creating. SB 814 (smad sc), Williams S, Staggs H

Personal report, annual, develop and distribute. HB 2589, Wilson H

Reading Curriculum and Instruction Task Force, duties. SCR 50, Maddox S, McCarter H

Reading report to Governor and Legislature, extending date. HB 2477 (smad hc), Harrison H, Laster S

School Readiness Board, Partnership for, make staff available. SB 1 (smad sc), Fisher S, Peters H

Security procedures, review and ensure each district has uniform policy for all sites. HCR 1089, Lindley H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

State Aid allocation estimate to districts, extending date; revised estimate, date. HB 2422, Wilt H


English as second language development training, duties. HB 2601, Lindley H, Williams S

Performance bonus. SB 1310, Branan S, Winchester H

Teach for Oklahoma program, bonuses. SB 1470 (Master teacher, smad sc), Williams S, Blackburn H

Violence Education Week, creating. SB 255, Coffee S, Askins H


Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

School Readiness Board, Partnership for, member. SB 1, Fisher S, Peters H

Appropriations (see APPROPRIATIONS)


Accounting system powers, superintendent; final authority for action or decision. HB 2722, Blackburn H

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, ensure minimum one teacher and one support staff receive training; liability. SB 1474 (smad sc; certified and non-certified, smad sf), Aldridge S, Cargill H

Chair of board position, adding and abolishing, procedures. HB 2716, Toure H

Employee dismissal for abandonment of duty, duties. SB 1278, Laughlin S, Blackwell H

Excess encumbrances, unlawful. HB 2332 (smad hc), Staggs H, Lawler S

Final budget adoption, extending time period; expenditures statement, deleting detailed account of state aid. HB 2332 (smad hf), Staggs H, Lawler S

Financial statement meeting, deleting date. HB 2332 (smad hf), Staggs H, Lawler S

Goods or services purchase and delivery, modifying. HB 2332 (smad hf), Staggs H, Lawler S

Hearings, utilize hearing officers. HB 2722, Blackburn H

Income and expenditures statement date for preparation and submission, extending date. HB 2422, Wilt H

Meal and lodging expenses for activities, duties. HB 2294, Blackwell H, Laughlin S

Member term, 12 year limit; nonconsecutive or partial terms; additional time periods; legislative referendum; ballot. HB 1861, Claunch H

Motto, "IN GOD WE TRUST" (see SCHOOLS, National motto)

Park Rangers, dual office holding exemption when elected or appointed to. HB 2530, Walker H, Crutchfield S

Property evaluation growth on ballot; also disclose last state assessment. SB 1128 (smde cc), Dunlap S, Peters H

Recordkeeping, automated. HB 2332 (smad hf), Staggs H, Lawler S

Student fighting, vandalism, bringing weapon to school or suspended, driver license suspension, duties. HB 2167, Young H, Wilcoxson S

Technology center school (see TECHNOLOGY CENTER SCHOOL DISTRICTS)


Academic Performance Index, disaggregation of data. SB 713 (smad sf; adding college remediation rates, smad hf; smde cc), Williams S, Roberts H

Accountability system, develop single, statewide, in accordance with federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2001 based on Academic Performance Index. SB 713 (smad hc; smde cc), Williams S, Roberts H

Appropriations (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Audits request on schools districts, ability. HB 2391 (smad hc), Blackburn H, Williams S; SB 1113, Corn S

Baseball bats (see SCHOOLS, Athletics)

Disabled special education services expenditures report, date; content. HB 2302, Dank H, Wilcoxson S

Dyslexia, treatment. SB 1456 (Teaching competencies, smad sc), Wilcoxson S, Morgan (Fred) H

Financial literacy curriculum, guidelines and rules. SB 893 (smad sc), Lawler S, Case H


Education Reform Revolving (see SCHOOLS, Funds)

School Psychologist, Speech-Language Pathologist, and Audiologist National Certification Revolving, creating. SB 1207 (smad hc), Crutchfield S, Staggs H

Great Expectations Demonstration Project, establish an elementary level. HB 2012, Mitchell H, Morgan S

Health and fitness education program, K-8. SB 1445, Cain S, Askins H

International Scholars Program, curriculum in international culture and development designed for high school student. SB 811 (smad sc), Williams S, McCarter H

Low performing and high challenge schools, including graduation rates and college entrance tests as means to identify. SB 713 (smad sf; deleting ACT scores as measure, smad hc; smde cc), Williams S, Roberts H

Mathematics Initiative, duties. HB 2334, Staggs H, Lawler S

Members terms; successors appointments. SB 849, Wilcoxson S, Balkman H

Middle school teachers (see Teachers, below)

No Child Left Behind Act, rules for sanctions consistent with federal. SB 713 (smad sf, smde cc), Williams S, Roberts H

Paperwork reduction and simplification plan, implement. HB 2537, Winchester H, Branan S

Project review and evaluation process, report to Governor. SB 1492, Aldridge S

Special education, teaching competencies. SB 1456 (smad sc), Wilcoxson S, Morgan (Fred) H



Also (see TEACHERS)

Alternative, competency examination, determine if comparable to general education and subject area portions. HB 1756, Hefner H, Rozell S

Issue before residency committee, Attorney General representation. SB 1380, Williams S

Education Leadership program, evaluate whether to expand to include national specialty boards. SB 1534 (smad cc), Wilcoxson S, Peterson (Pam) H

Education programs, renew accreditation of or approve, removing. HB 1756, Hefner H, Rozell S

English as second language development training. HB 2601 (smad hc), Lindley H, Williams S

Foreign language, fluent, excepting from licensure requirements. SB 811 (smde sc), Williams S, McCarter H

Middle school, adopt policies for licensure. SB 814, Williams S, Staggs H

National Board certified, study on impact on student achievement. SB 1534 (smad cc), Wilcoxson S, Peterson (Pam) H

Preparation Commission, transferring to; employees and monies, transfer; references, removing; repealer. HB 2520, Bonny H

Teach for Oklahoma program, teacher bonuses. SB 1470 (Master teacher, smad sc), Williams S, Blackburn H

Technology center school district:

Audit request. SB 1113, Corn S

College preparatory curriculum. SB 1271, Coffee S, Winchester H


Results, reporting dates. SB 6 (Reports to show detailed diagnostic information, smad hc), Williams S, McIntyre H

Work with other states to develop common test item bank. SB 6, Williams S, McIntyre H

Vending machines:

Nutrition standards to be met. SB 1425, Cain S, Askins H

Soft drinks or snacks without nutritional value, not accessible to grades K-5. SB 1230, Robinson S


Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Director, School Readiness Board, Partnership for, member. SB 1 (smad sc), Fisher S, Peters H

Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Congressional Redistricting Act of 2004, duties. HB 1826, Mass H

Results, timeline for certification. SB 1346 (smad cc), Monson S, Dorman H


Election date on official holiday, authority to change. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

Help America Vote Act of 2002 and Help America Vote College Program, duties. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346, Monson-S, Dorman-H

Precinct officials, rules allowing secondary school students to serve. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

Provisional ballot, rules. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1376 (smad cc), Crutchfield S

School districts, voter registration forms. HB 2236, Cargill H

Voting Age, Task Force on Lowering the, chair. HB 2676 (smad hf), Dorman H, Monson S

Voter Bill of Rights statement, posted at polling place. SB 885, Laughlin S, Tibbs H


Absentee ballot:

Away from U.S, procedure; provisional ballots. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346 (smad cc), Monson S, Dorman H

False affidavit, felony. HB 2611, Sweeden H; SB 1104, Capps S, Sweeden H

Identification, proof, acceptable documents. SB 907, Laughlin S

In-person absentee polling place, voting board Saturday hours; delivery of sealed vote data pack. HB 2611, Sweeden H; SB 1104, Capps S, Sweeden H


Candidate or campaign chairperson or treasurer not acceptable. SB 907, Laughlin S

Clearly state that illegal for notary public to charge for certifying. SB 1104 (smad hf), Capps S, Sweeden H

Notary charging for, misdemeanor. SB 1104 (smad sc, smde hf), Capps S, Sweeden H; SB 906, Reynolds S


Fire and police arbitration (see Special, below)

Provisional, eligibility. SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

Campaign contributions and expenditures:

Committee accepting contributions, registration; fees; violation penalty. HB 2411 (smad hc), Phillips H, Dunlap S

Corporate, repealer:

Constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1056, Phillips H

Providing. HB 2411 (smde hc), Phillips H, Dunlap S

Highway patrol prohibition, deleting. HB 2411, Phillips H, Dunlap S

State computer to send electronically to or from, prohibiting. HB 2411, Phillips H, Dunlap S

State government facility, prohibiting; penalty. HB 1824, Trebilcock H; HB 2411, Phillips H, Dunlap S


City officials for county or state office, resignation exception. HB 2311 (Municipality governed by charter and incorporated towns exception, removing, smad hf), Taylor H, Price S

Declarations, first Monday in June. HB 2677, Dorman H, Monson S

Eligibility requirements. SB 1346 (smad cc), Monson S, Dorman H


Date. HB 2678, Dorman H; SB 1346, Monson-S, Dorman-H

Moved up two weeks. HB 2677, Dorman H, Monson S

House of Representatives, date of residency to file. HB 2677, Dorman H, Monson S

Independent, date to be registered to vote as. HB 2677, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1348 (smde cc), Monson S, Dorman H

Political party nomination, date to be registered voter of party. HB 2677, Dorman H, Monson S

Pre-election report prior to primary, due date; information to be included. SB 1348 (smad cc), Monson S, Dorman H

Primary (see below)

Public Safety Department commissioned officer, direct or indirect contribution to own campaign, money or other thing of value. SB 868 (smad cc; vetoed), Corn S, Paulk H

School (see below)

Senate, date of residency to file. HB 2677, Dorman H, Monson S

State employee (see below)

Watchers (see below)

Withdrawal by personal representative. HB 2611, Sweeden H; SB 1104, Capps S, Sweeden H

Certification timeline. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

Cities and towns (see CITIES AND TOWNS)

Congressional Redistricting Act of 2004, creating. HB 1826, Mass H


Date falling on official holiday, authority to change. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

District attorney, nonpartisan; no runoff primary. SB 402, Wilkerson S, Askins H

District or associate district judge vacancy (see Special, below)

Election enclosure, news reporter or photographer, conduct requirements. HB 2611, Sweeden H; SB 1104, Capps S, Sweeden H

Electioneering, pollster violating prohibitions against, misdemeanor. HB 2611, Sweeden H; SB 1104, Capps S, Sweeden H

Initiatives and referendums:

Cigarettes and tobacco products, additional tax; ballot. HB 2660 (State Question 713), Adair H, Hobson S


County option on ban of; ballot. HB 1784 (smad sf), Erwin H, Shurden S


Jail term no longer than one year. HB 1784 (smad sc, smde sf), Erwin H, Shurden S

Misdemeanor, making; fine, limiting to $500; ballot. HB 1784 (Primary date of 2004, smad sc, smde sf), Erwin H, Shurden S; SB 835 (smad sf; next special election or Presidential Primary held in 2004, whichever occurs first, smad hf, smde 3cc), Shurden S, Erwin H

Legislators (see Vote of, below)

School board member (see Board, Term, below)

State-Tribal Gaming Act, gaming machines at racetracks; model compact with Indian tribes to operate machines on tribal land. SB 1252 (smad cc; State Question 712), Hobson S, Adair H; SB 533 (State Question 709; repealed by SB 1252), Ford S

Judicial Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2004, creating. SB 1581 (Shell), Cain S

Judicial officers, certification of election, timeline. HB 2676 (smde hc), Dorman H, Monson S

Legislators, unable to complete term, holding and filing schedule. HB 2663 (smad cc), Adair H, Corn S

Municipal (see CITIES AND TOWNS)

No contest, timeline. HB 2676 (smde hc), Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346 (smad cc), Monson S, Dorman H

Nursing home resident, form notifying of death. HB 2611, Sweeden H; SB 1104, Capps S, Sweeden H

Precinct officials, students, secondary and home-schooled; age. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S


Independent candidate:

None receiving majority of votes cast, two highest to be on runoff ballot. SB 1346 (smad hf, smde cc), Monson S, Dorman H

Selection for final ballot; registered independent voter, voting. SB 1346 (smad hf, smde cc), Monson S, Dorman H

Partisan/nonpartisan candidate. SB 1346 (smad cc), Monson S, Dorman H

Presidential, Senator Keith Leftwich Day, first Tuesday in February in election year. SB 1549, Shurden S, Leist H

Withdrawal dates. SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

Recounts. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

Referendum (see Initiative and, above)

Registration (see Voters, below)


Board members of district and technology center school district:

Levies approval or rejection, conduct same day as Presidential Preferential Primary when held in February. HB 2369, Jones H, Laughlin S

Notice and news release locations. HB 2663 (Time and manner of publication, smad cc), Adair H, Corn S

Territory, divide into district zones for election. HB 2663 (smad cc, smde 2cc), Adair H, Corn S

Board members:

Candidate, residency and qualifications requirements. HB 2663, Adair H, Corn S; HB 2677 (smad hf), Dorman H, Monson S

Conduct same day as Presidential Preferential Primary when held in February. HB 2369, Jones H, Laughlin S

Parents of child in dependent district running in independent district. HB 2677, Dorman H, Monson S

Term, 12 year limit; nonconsecutive and partial terms; additional time periods; constitutional amendment; ballot. HB 1861, Claunch H

Bond, proclamation for, required information; public notice. HB 2579, Newport H, Dunlap S


Date, clarifying. HB 2663 (smad cc), Adair H, Corn S

District or associate district judge vacancy, nonpartisan by call of Governor; proclamation; dates; candidates. HB 2712, Toure H, Monson S

Fire and police arbitration ballots, SB 1558, Corn-S, Taylor-H

Legislative vacancy, not eligible to complete term because of limitation on terms. HB 2649 (smad cc), Reynolds H; HB 2663, Adair H, Corn S

Marriage, only recognized and valid between man and woman; constitutional amendment; ballot; date of regular statewide primary. HB 2259 (smad sf; State Question 711), Wilt H, Coffee S

Senator, incumbent with two years remaining in term, resignation. SB 1348 (smad sc, smde sf), Monson S, Dorman H

Terminology, modifying. HB 2663 (smad cc), Adair H, Corn S

Vacancy occurrence between March 1 and June 1 of even-numbered year. HB 2677, Dorman H, Monson S

State employee, candidate for office:

Fundraising. SB 868 (smad cc; vetoed), Corn S, Paulk H

Unpaid leave of absence. SB 868 (Written denial to state reason, smad sf; not employed in program financed by federal monies, smad hf; smde hf), Corn S, Paulk H

Subprecinct, number of voters. HB 2152, Benge H; HB 2611, Sweeden H; HB 2676 (smad hf), Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1104, Capps S, Sweeden H; SB 1346 (smad cc), Monson S, Dorman H

Vote of the people, not requiring constitutional amendment:

Cigarettes and tobacco products, additional tax. HB 2660 (State Question 713), Adair H, Hobson S

Legislators, resign when filing for election to other office; legislative referendum; ballot. HB 1871, Claunch H

School board members. HB 2369, Jones H, Laughlin S

State-Tribal Gaming Act (see Initiatives and referendums, above)


Age, Task Force on Lowering the Voting, creating for 16 and 17 year olds. HB 2676 (smad hf), Dorman H, Monson S

Bill of Rights statement, posted at polling place. SB 885, Laughlin S, Tibbs H

Identification, proof:

Card, repealer. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S

Documents, acceptable. HB 2676 (smad hf), Dorman H, Monson S; SB 907, Laughlin S

Driver license number to be on registration card. SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

Unable to produce, signed statement under oath; false swearing, felony. HB 2676 (smad hf), Dorman H, Monson S

Voting first time in federal election. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

Instructions. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H


Application form. SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

Driver license or identification card number on application. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S

Political party, "no party" designation. HB 2676, Dorman H, Monson S; SB 1346 (smde cc), Monson S, Dorman H

Votes, experimental counting device; tied, list. SB 1346, Monson S, Dorman H

Watcher for candidate or political party, conduct. HB 2611, Sweeden H; SB 1104, Capps S, Sweeden H


Licensed contractor, tax levied by municipality, deleting. HB 1858 (smad sf, smde cc), Gilbert H, Brogdon S


Also (see DEEDS AND CONVEYANCES, Electronic)

Registered certification authorities, Secretary of State not guarantee validity of any nor regulates or monitors. HB 2195 (smad sc), Deutschendorf H, Maddox S

Burial services vehicle for veterans, tax-exempt license plate. SB 1321, Littlefield S

Crematories (see CREMATORIES)

Funeral director, felony conviction, deleting prohibition to issue and renew license (substantially relates to crime and appeal, smad cc). HB 2714 (smad hc, smde sc, smad cc), Toure H, Monson S

Sunset Law (see SUNSET LAW)

Imprisonment (smad sc) (incarceration, smde sc), maximum sentence. HB 2445, Roan H, Wilkerson S


Also (see DISASTERS)

Army Corp of Engineers, U.S., response or protection, funding from Emergency Fund. HB 1418, Hutchison H, Shurden S

Drought conditions, prohibiting setting off fireworks. SB 1216, Laughlin S, Blackwell H

Homeland Security Act, creating. HB 2280, Paulk H, Wilkerson S

Language, clarifying. SB 1605 (Shell), Shurden S

Medical Reserve Corps participation in response to, exempt from civil liability. HB 1833, Paulk H, Monson S


Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), Health Board rules to place in homes of persons with demonstrated need. SB 1595, Kerr S, Gilbert H

Rules, agencies to declare if immediate peril exists (see ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES, Rules, Emergency)

Telephone calls interference, penalty. HB 2445, Roan H, Wilkerson S

Transport protocols between health care facilities. SB 1616, Cain S, Lindley H

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