Second Session, 49th Legislature

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Human Cloning Prohibition Act, creating; unlawful activities; penalties. SB 1607, Laster S, Carey H


Manufacturing decline, Commerce Department and Employment Security Commission assistance. HCR 1056 (smad sc), Boren H, Coates S

COCKFIGHTING. HB 1784, Erwin H, Shurden S; SB 835, Shurden S, Erwin H
COLE, HELEN. SCR 58, Wilcoxson S, Coleman H



Authorities and bargaining agent, ballot agreement. SB 1558, Corn S, Taylor H

Employees Collective Bargaining Act, creating; exclusive representative. SB 1529 (smad sc), Gumm S, Leist H

Public Employees Collective Bargaining Act, creating; board. SB 1529 (smde sc), Gumm S, Leist H

Rural Fire Protection District full-time firefighters. SB 1495, Corn S, Taylor H
COLOR OKLAHOMA SPECIAL LICENSE PLATE. HB 1994 (smad cc), Mitchell H, Morgan S; HB 2241 (smad hf), Sullivan H, Aldridge S; HB 2429 (smad sf), Miller (Doug) H, Aldridge S

Bailey, Mike, receiving Association of Community College Trustees Award for Trustee Leadership for Western Region. HCR 1085, Miller (Ray) H, Corn S

Baseball, amateur, celebrating centennial of organized. SR 79, Pruitt S

Bethany High School Bronchos football team, winning Class 2A state championship. HCR 1047, Graves H, Coffee S

Bryant, Patty, Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors 2003 Sales Associate of the Year. SR 40, Williamson S

CareerTech system; year 2004 as centennial year of system. HCR 1059, Adair H, Hobson S

Catoosa High School Marching Band, representing the state in Memorial Day parade in Washington, D.C. SCR 42, Brogdon S, Smaligo H

Clapper, Rachel, recipient of The Prudential Spirit of Community Award. SR 43, Nichols S

Coalgate Lady Cats Track Team upon winning the 2004 Track Championship in Class 2A. SR 78, Gumm S

Condolences (see CONDOLENCES)

Energy Resources Board for wellsite safety education efforts and encouraging school district participation. HCR 1076, Morgan (Danny) H, Coates S

Garrison, State Senator Denzil, praising civility. SR 50, Dunlap S

Guse, Richard, for work on behalf of crime victims and service on Crime Victims Compensation Board. SCR 46, Wilkerson S, Askins H

Hendrick, Howard H. winning prestigious 2004 National Public Service Award; leadership and excellence in public service. HCR 1070, Nations H, Hobson S

Herrington, John Bennet, achievements and encouragement of Native American youth. SCR 47, Wilkerson S, Turner H

Humphreys, George G., service to House of Representatives. HR 1034, Adair H

International students, persons involved. HCR 1060, McCarter H, Cain S

Iraq war, military personnel for their service. HR 1030, Adair H

Jackson, Cassie John, extraordinary achievements in chosen profession. HCR 1067, Hilliard H, Crutchfield S

Jenks High School Trojans, 2003 Class 6A State Football Champions. SR 35, Ford S

Johnson, Dr. Deke, contributions to advancement of community education; induction into Community Education Hall of Fame. HCR 1078, Ingmire H, Morgan S

Jones, Lacey, State Class 4A High School Golf Champion. SR 74, Rabon S

Kelly, Sherri, Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma 2004. SR 66, Reynolds S

Kingfisher High School Yellowjackets, winning 2003 Class 3A Football Championship. SR 46, Johnson S

Latin American Citizens, League of United, first Civil Rights Conference in this state. HCR 1048, Lindley H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Lawless, President Robert W., leadership and wishing happiness in retirement from University of Tulsa. HCR 1090, Rice H, Williams S

Ledbetter, Ernie, Eastern Oklahoma Development District Rural Fire Coordinator, retirement. HR 1047, Adair H

Muckala, Kathy, wishing very best in retirement. HR 1049, Adair H

Multiple Sclerosis Society, Oklahoma Chapter of the National. HCR 1071, Vaughn H, Snyder S

Northeast High School Boys Basketball Team, Oklahoma City, Class 4A Championship. SR 62, Monson S

Oklahoma State University:

Center for Health Sciences and College of Osteopathic Medicine, named one of the best medical schools in the nation. HCR 1075, Lamons H, Williams S


Basketball and wrestling teams for champions in regular Big 12 Conference season. HCR 1058, Wells H, Morgan S

Basketball team, rank of champions in regular Big 12 Conference season. HCR 1082, Wells H, Morgan S

Wrestling team, rank of national champions. HCR 1081, Wells H, Morgan S

Owasso, occasion of its Centennial. SCR 52, Brogdon S, Smaligo H

Rock Creek High School:

Academic Team, 2004 Class A Academic Team Champions. SR 77, Gumm S

Lady Mustangs, Class 3A slowpitch softball state title. SR 72, Gumm S

Sanders, Barry, induction into College Football Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame. HCR 1088, Dorman H, Johnson S

Scantlen, Doc, naming bridge for outstanding contributions to those around him. HB 2316, Miller (Ray) H, Lerblance S

Senate legislators term limited (see LEGISLATURE, Senate)

Shattuck High School Indians football team, winning 2003 Class C1 State Championship. SCR 51, Kerr S, Walker H

Shawnee High School Wolves, 2003 Class 5A State Football Championship. HR 1033, Steele H; SR 41, Laster S

Shoals, Edith and Perry, supporting work of Families of Murdered Children in Tulsa. SR 71, Ford S

Smith, Sally Howe, Tulsa County Court Clerk, innovation and technical expertise. SR 47, Morgan S

Southeast High School Spartans Boys Basketball Team, winning Class 5A Boys Basketball State Championship. SR 52, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Strait, Derrick, football career at University of Oklahoma and winner of 2003 Jim Thorpe Award. SR 36, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Tishomingo High School Boys Track Team, 2004 Class 3A State Champions. SR 76, Gumm S

Tulsa Union High School Basketball Team, 2004 Class 6A State Champions. SR 58, Ford S

Western Trail Historical Society, commitment and support of Great Western Cattle Trail. SCR 61, Kerr S, Braddock H

White, Jason, winner, Heisman Trophy and Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award. SCR 43, Hobson S, Nations H

Zerger, Larry, Rural Fire Defense Director, professional career and wishing well upon retirement. HR 1043, Covey H; SR 45, Milacek S


Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Business income distributed income tax exemption, duties. HB 2622 (smad hc), Wilson H, Rabon S

Coal County (see Seminole, below)

Creek County (see Seminole, below)


Lifelong Learning Task Force, member. SB 1449, Wilcoxson S, Coleman H

School Readiness Board, Partnership for, member. SB 1, Fisher S, Peters H

Trauma Systems Improvement and Development Advisory Council, creating. SB 1554, Robinson-S-Hilliard-H

Firearms manufacturer, recruitment. SJR 54 (smad hc), Gumm S, Roan H

Funding Amendments Act of 2004, creating. HB 2595 (Shell), Tibbs H

Funds, substate multicounty planning districts, eligibility requirements. SB 1017 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Housing for homeless, occupant request to monitor quality. SB 1431, Shurden S

Industrial park, study; property acquisition; bonds, competitive or negotiable; interest earnings. SB 1088, Kerr S, Walker H

Industry using premium electric service, income tax credit, duties. SB 1282, Kerr S, Covey H

Inventors Trade Show, establish. SB 1457, Kerr S, Covey H

Quality Investment Act, duties. HB 2373 (smad hc), McCarter H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Research and Technology Venture Capital Investment Tax Credit Act. SB 1487, Pruitt S

Rural Action Partnership Program, creating within; duties. HB 2288 (smad hf), Turner H, Gumm S

Seminole County manufacturing decline, assistance. HCR 1056, Boren H, Coates S


Effective financing statement; as-extracted collateral. SB 1584 (smad sc), Lerblance S, Nations H

Instrument term. SB 1584 (smad sc), Lerblance S, Nations H

Relationship to supplemental bodies of law. SB 1584, Lerblance S, Nations H

Sale provisions, applicability. SB 1584 (smad sc), Lerblance S, Nations H

Security interest perfected upon attachment, including sale of account that is right to payment of winning in lottery or game of chance. SB 1584 (smad sc), Lerblance S, Nations H

Structured settlement payment right. SB 1584 (smad sc), Lerblance S, Nations H

Aging Services Rule Advisory Council, creating. HB 2251, Gilbert H

Asbestos Advisory Council, creating. HB 1874 (smad cc), Langmacher H, Price S

Beef Council, creating. HB 2620 (Appointment of members, smad hc; revolving fund, creating, smad hf), Covey H, Price S; SB 1300 (smde cc), Price S, Covey H

Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Advisory Committee, creating. SB 1609, Monson S, Winchester H

Care Equalization Committee, Uncompensated, creating. HB 2667 (smad cc), Askins H, Monson S

Career Technology Center District Finance, Task Force on, creating. HB 2391 (smad hc), Blackburn H, Williams S

Charitable Games and Prevention of Youth Access to Tobacco Advisory Council, creating. SB 297 (smad sc, smde hc), Wilkerson S, Dorman H

Child abuse prevention task force (see ABUSE, Child, Prevention, Task)

Children's Health, Task Force on the Promotion of, clearinghouse for children's health issues. SB 1591, Cain S, Gilbert H

Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Advisory Committee, creating. HB 2660 (smad cc; State Question 713), Adair H, Hobson S

Dairy Committee, updating reference. HB 2646 (Shell), Covey H

Dental Hygiene Advisory Committee, creating. HB 2415, Stanley H, Robinson S

Developmental Disabilities Services, Rule Advisory Council, creating within DHS. HB 1587, Leist H, Lawler S

Eldercare Program Advisory Committee, repealing. HB 2096, Sweeden H, Gumm S; HB 2099, Sweeden H, Gumm S; HB 2251, Gilbert H

Electronic Commerce, Task Force on:

Modifying. HB 2247, Perry H, Coffee S

Repealing. HB 2095 (smde sc), Sweeden H, Gumm S

Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Advisory Council, creating. HB 2197, Deutschendorf H, Capps S

Execution Task Force, creating. HB 2709, Toure H

Firefighter Training, Council on, creating. HB 2372 (smad cc), Hutchison H, Corn S

Fuel Cell Initiative Task Force, creating. HB 2351 (smad hc), Benge H, Maddox S

Health Disparities, Task Force to Eliminate, goals; membership, increasing; reports. HB 1835, Lindley H, Cain S

Hispanic Students in Higher Education Task Force, Advancement of, creating. HB 2145, Lindley H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Hissom Memorial Treatment Center Oversight Committee, membership. SB 1244, Wilkerson S, Plunk H


Imprisonment Task Force, Racial and Social Economic Statistical Analysis on, repealing. HB 2095, Sweeden H, Gumm S

Incentive Approval Committee, creating. SB 1323, Shurden S

Incentive Review Committee, creating. SB 1516, Fisher S, Hilliard H

Insurance Commissioner, Carroll Fisher, creating Special Investigation Committee. HR 1040, Trebilcock H

Integrated Justice Information Systems (OIJIS) Steering Committee, creating. HB 2109 (smad cc), Kirby H, Wilkerson S

Legislative (see LEGISLATURE, Committees)

Lifelong Learning Task Force, creating. SB 1449, Wilcoxson S, Coleman H

Manufacturers, Task Force on At-Risk, creating. SB 1436, Wilcoxson S

Medical Audit Committee, creating. HB 2382 (smad cc), Pettigrew H, Robinson S

Medical Liability and Insurance Premium Task Force, creating. HB 2685, Dorman H

Men's Health, Task Force on, creating. HB 2548 (smad sf), Sullivan H, Aldridge S

Methamphetamine Education Task Force, creating. HB 1427 (smad hc), Braddock H, Wilkerson S

Nursing Facility Funding Advisory Committee, creating. SB 1622 (smad hf), Laster S, Nations H

Pain Management Advisory Council, creating. HB 2305 (Termination date, smad sc), Hamilton H, Shurden S

Pain Management Review Committee, creating. HB 2566, Greenwood H

Patient Safety Task Force, creating. SB 1592 (Sunset date, smad sf; smde cc), Monson S, Toure H

Pension Obligation:

Bond Committee, creating. SB 1339, Robinson S, McCarter H

Financing Committee, creating. SB 1339, Robinson S, McCarter H

Public Retirement Systems Benefit Design and Equity, Task Force for the Study of, creating. HB 2536, Walker H, Corn S

Quality Investment Committee, creating. HB 2373 (smad hc, smde cc), McCarter H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Reading Curriculum and Instruction, Task Force on, creating. SR 70, Wilcoxson S

Rural Area Development Task Force, teleconference for providing assistance to Advisory Team for Rural Action Partnership Program. HB 2288 (smad hc), Turner H, Gumm S

Schools (see SCHOOLS, generally)

Senate (see LEGISLATURE, Senate)

Specific (see specific subject)

State Use Committee, removing from Sunset Law. HB 2096 (smad sc), Sweeden H, Gumm S

Sunset Law (see SUNSET LAW)

Surface Damage Advisory Committee, creating. SB 384, Easley S, Morgan (Danny) H

Telecommunications Service Provider Industry, Task Force on Deregulation of the Oklahoma, creating. SCR 74, Hobson S, Adair H

Trauma Care Systems and Improvement Advisory Council, creating. HB 2382 (smad cc), Pettigrew H, Robinson S

Uncompensated Care Equalization Committee, creating. SB 1569 (smde cc), Monson S, Askins H

Voting Age, Task Force on Lowering the, creating. HB 2676 (smad hf), Dorman H, Monson S

Waste Tire Recycling Indemnity Fund Joint Task Force, creating. SCR 66, Rabon S, Sweeden H

Wind Power Assessment Committee, creating. SB 1212, Maddox S, Askins H

Youth Suicide Prevention Council, extending termination date. HB 2314 (smad cc), Lindley H, Corn S


Equalization, State Board of, pp. 502-16

Harassing, equipment prohibition. HB 2445, Roan H, Wilkerson S

Interception, emergency court-ordered, of wire, oral, or electronic, by law enforcement officer. SB 1331 (Assistance of communication carrier, authorization, smad hc), Wilkerson S, Nance H


Ad valorem tax exemption; constitutional amendment; ballot. HJR 1064, Walker H

Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Contracts, central purchasing exemption, budget work program, audits. SB 1017 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Insurance coverage for public transit vehicle; Risk Management Program, participation; shared risk pool, coverage limits. SB 1018 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H; SB 1077 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Property, real or personal, recognizing as governmental entity. SB 1018 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Sales tax exemption, sales of personal property or services. HB 1845, Deutschendorf H

Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Juveniles, revenue reduction in event of revenue failure. SB 985 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Central purchasing (see CENTRAL PURCHASING)

County purchases (see COUNTIES AND COUNTY OFFICERS, Purchasing)


Army Corp of Engineers, U.S., agreements with state agency to provide emergency response or protection. HB 1418, Hutchison H, Shurden S

Beef Council. HB 2620, Covey H, Price S; SB 1300 (smde cc), Price S, Covey H

Land Office Commission tenants in commercial leasing of trust property, realtors. HB 2681, Dorman H, Kerr S

Municipal, closing loophole. HB 2561, Nations H, Nichols S


Construction contract monetary limitations, increasing. HB 2604, Roggow H

Improvement materials, not purchase amount of less than $25,000 and used for completing single project. HB 2561 (smad hc), Nations H, Nichols S

Severely handicapped, bid requirements. SB 1555, Aldridge S, Steele H

Transportation Authority change orders approval; amount. HB 1695 (smad hc), Tyler H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Crimes involving minors (see Minors, below)


Communication devices, obscene, threatening or harassing use, unlawful. HB 2445, Roan H, Wilkerson S

Gaming, minimum standards for player terminals. SB 1252 (smad cc), Hobson S, Adair H

Instant ticket games, terms; central computer. SB 1252 (smad cc), Hobson S, Adair H; SB 553 (smad cc; repealed by SB 1252), Hobson S, Adair H

Signature certification, repealing. HB 2247 (smad hf), Perry H, Coffee S

Email message, commercial, reply without typing sender's address, mechanism. HB 2215, Hastings H, Smith S

Internet (see State agency, below, or INTERNET)

Minors, pornography, technician failure to report, misdemeanor. SB 1091, Coffee S, Vaughn H

Schools (see SCHOOLS)

Software, state agency (see below)

State agency:

Application systems duties, transferring to Finance Office from Integrated Central Systems Division. HB 1995 (smad cc), Perry H, Capps S

Disabled, long-range electronic data processing plans, accessibility compliance. HB 2197, Deutschendorf H, Capps S

Email (see above)

Fundraisers, newsletters, contribution from state employee, or campaign influence, prohibiting. HB 2411, Phillips H, Dunlap S

Information affecting personal or physical security of state assets, not requiring disclosure. HB 1995 (smad cc), Perry H, Capps S

Information technology services and equipment:

Contracts exceeding $2,500, written authorization of Finance Office Director; state funds, prohibiting. HB 1995 (smad cc), Perry H, Capps S

Internet, eGovernment or contracts, adding to types of applications included in annual long-range plan; installation in building owned or leased by state, approval. HB 1995 (smad cc), Perry H, Capps S


Applications Review Board review all forms created for based on-line transactions, deleting. HB 1995 (smad cc), Perry H, Capps S

On-line transactions or portal development convenience fees, first be applied to recover costs charged by vendor or agency. HB 2653, Reynolds H

Web site, all executive branch agencies, boards, commissions and authorities, use official. HB 1995 (smad cc), Perry H, Capps S

Purchase, blanket purchasing arrangement, specifications. HB 2193, Deutschendorf H

Software contract for acquisition developed exclusively for unless source code provided; Purchasing Director duties; terms. HB 1849, Reynolds H, Myers S

Systems conversion, repealing. HB 1995 (smad cc), Perry H, Capps S

Technicians (see Minors, Pornography, above)

Brinlee, Sergeant Kyle, mourning loss. SR 81, Taylor S

Cole, Helen, gratitude for public service, mourning loss. SCR 58, Wilcoxson S, Coleman H

Draper II, Daniel D., honoring life and career. HR 1032, Adair H; SR 44, Morgan S

Holland, Fern Leona, praises life and career. HCR 1065, Pettigrew H, Littlefield S

James, Army 2nd Lieutenant Luke S., praising life and career. HCR 1074, Blackwell H, Laughlin S

Jones, Jenkin Lloyd, praising life and contributions to journalism. SCR 45, Fisher S, Rice H

Stone, Colonel Hardy R., professional and public career. SCR 35, Helton S, Kirby H

Von Tungeln, Henry Jo, contributions to agriculture. SCR 69, Price S, Covey H

Wadley, Senator Bob, praising public service. SCR 63, Taylor S, Jones H

Woodruff, Ted, honoring volunteer work. SCR 48, Rabon S, Ellis H

Border patrols, urging to introduce and enact legislation increasing effective. HCR 1083, Coleman H, Brogdon S

Consumer protection laws, opposing federal rule undermining state authority. SCR 68, Rabon S, Carey H

Illegal immigrants, encouraging to develop and implement comprehensive plan; sufficiently fund and equip. HCR 1083, Coleman H, Brogdon S

Long-term care partnership programs, urging to delete approval deadline. SCR 49, Wilcoxson S, Greenwood H

Memorializing to:

Class action reform legislation, interstate class actions. SR 38, Coffee S

Gas exploration and nontraditional fuel development federal tax credits for high cost, pass legislation expanding. HCR 1045, Rice H, Helton S

Interstate Traveler Project through reauthorization of Transportation Equity Act of the 21st Century, support research, development and construction. HR 1035, Hefner H

Marriage between only man and woman, HJR 56, initiate hearings on impact if adopted as Constitutional amendment. HR 1028 (Unmarried couples and groups, prohibiting civil unions, smad hf), Hamilton H

No Child Left Behind Act, issue waiver of requirements for Oklahoma public schools or fully fund Act. HR 1037 (Senator Edward Kennedy copy, smad hf), McCarter H

Redistricting Act of 2004, Oklahoma Congressional, creating; dividing state into five districts; elections; repealer. HB 1826, Mass H

Senator, incumbent with two years remaining in term, resignation; special election. SB 1348 (smad sc), Monson S, Dorman H

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, support legislation and regulations (repeal, smad hf) (modifying, smde hf). HCR 1052, Staggs H, Lawler S

Tax cuts, federal, make permanent. SR 39, Brogdon S

Redistricting Act of 2004, Congressional, creating. SB 1229, Shurden S


Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Districts, proposal to reduce number. SB 904, Wilcoxson S

Employees, six contingent upon federal funding for Abandoned Mine Lands Program. HB 1951, Mitchell H, Morgan S; HB 1952, Mitchell H, Morgan S; SB 1019 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H


Digital Orthophoto Base Mapping, deleting. HB 1877 (smad hc), Pope H, Price S

Geographic Information Revolving, creating. HB 1877 (smad hc), Pope H, Price S

Revolving (#405), creating; all monies from appropriations, fees, charges, penalties and other sources. SB 1020 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Tar Creek Mine Reclamation Revolving, creating; funds designated for Tar Creek Superfund project. SB 1020 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Geographic Information System:

Council, increasing membership; meetings; prohibitions; duties; Technical Advisory Group, creating. HB 1877 (smad hc), Pope H, Price S

Duties, deleting. HB 1877 (smad hc), Pope H, Price S; HB 2457 (smad cc), Pope H, Price S

Office, creating; manager, appointment. HB 1877 (smad hc), Pope H, Price S; HB 2457 (smad cc), Pope H, Price S

Report, include Chair of each environment-related committee in House and Senate. HB 1877 (smde hc), Pope H, Price S

Watersheds, operations and equipment; cost-share program. SB 1031 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

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