Second Session, 49th Legislature

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Fire and police special election. SB 1558, Corn-S, Taylor-H

Mortgages restrictions:

Deleting. HB 1503 (smad 2cc, smde 3cc), Maddux H, Rabon S

Not contain. HB 1503 (smad cc, smde 2cc), Maddux H, Rabon S


Employees Collective Bargaining Act, dispute. SB 1529 (smad sc), Gumm S, Leist H

Firefighters and police officers, determinations in writing; awards, appealable; venue; procedures. HB 2423, Kirby H

Public Employees Collective Bargaining Act, creating; board. SB 648, Corn S, Miller (Ray) H

Right-to-work agreements, effective date. SB 1495, Corn S, Taylor H

Subsidence Insurance Act, procedures. HB 1530 (smad hc, smde cc), Roberts H, Lerblance S

Uniform Arbitration Act:

Awards; subpoena power; oaths and discovery; witnesses; protective orders; fees; appeals; repealer. HB 2713 (smde sf), Toure H, Smith S

Creating; notices; agreements; waivers; judicial relief; remedies; separate; arbitrator appointment and duties. HB 2713 (smde sf), Toure H, Smith S

Act, Architectural, updating language. HB 2715 (Shell), Toure H; SB 1221, Kerr S

Architectural Act Task Force, repealing. HB 2095, Sweeden H, Gumm S

Construction Defect Remediation Act, creating for residences, including. HB 2136 (smad hf), Miller (Ray) H, Lerblance S

Construction, remodeling or building of project exceeding $100,000. SB 472 (smde cc), Corn S, Walker H

License, felony conviction, deleting prohibition to issue and renew (substantially relates to crime and appeal, smad cc). HB 2714 (smad hc, smde sc, smad cc), Toure H, Monson S


Sales tax exemption. HB 2213 (smad hc), Piatt H, Crutchfield S


45th Military Division Museum, Executive Director appointment; gift shop, lease. HB 2317 (Gift shop proceeds, smad hc), Rice H, Helton S

Armories, bonds to pay for upgrades. HB 2001 (smad cc), Mitchell H, Morgan S

Bases, Strategic Military Planning Commission emergency rules, be readopted; publish notice in Oklahoma Register. HCR 1086, Braddock H, Helton S

Driver license for nonresident dependent, criteria. HB 2265, Paulk H, Smith S

Higher education dependents residence, review and change policies. HB 2630, Braddock H, Helton S; HB 2689, Dorman H

Income tax credit for child care expenses, 5% allowed under Internal Revenue Code. HB 2659 (smad hf), Perry H, Capps S

Iraq (see IRAQ)

Korean Conflict Medallion Program, creating. SB 901, Pruitt S, Morgan (Fred) H

License plates, special (see LICENSE PLATES, Special)

Marriage license, premarital counseling, family support center or chaplain's office offering. SB 450 (smde sc), Coffee S, Wright H

Medical Reserve Corps participation in response to emergencies, exempt from civil liability. HB 1833, Paulk H, Monson S

Motor vehicle registration credit if on active duty outside state. SB 862, Reynolds S, Roggow H

National Guard, 45th Infantry Division Appreciation Day, and the National Guard. HCR 1072, Hefner H, Helton S

Real estate licensee called to active duty. HB 2172, Wright H; SB 1312, Ford S, Miller (Doug) H

Retired, insurance flexible benefit allowance (see State Government, Insurance, Employees, Benefits)

Retirement (see various RETIREMENT SYSTEMS)

Teachers program, alternative to competency exam comparable to general education and subject area portions. HB 1756 (Troops candidates, smad hc), Hefner H, Rozell S

Tolbert Memorial Highway, Lieutenant Commander Clarence O. "Smokey". HCR 1053, Roan H, Gumm S; SB 839 (smad sf), Crutchfield S, Hilliard H

USS Oklahoma, urging federal government to build monument. SCR 59, Reynolds S, Reynolds H

Veterans (see VETERANS)

Emergency response action or protection, funding from State Emergency Fund; competitive bidding and central purchasing prior payment, exceptions. HB 1418, Hutchison H, Shurden S


Without warrant by officer, jurisdiction within state for drunk driving. HB 1820 (smad hf), Balkman H, Wilkerson S

ART IN PUBLIC PLACES ACT. SB 1347, Williams S, Wells H
ARTHRITIS AWARENESS MONTH. HCR 1079, Gilbert H, Horner S; SR 61, Branan S

Farrington, Teresa, State Caricature Artist of Oklahoma. SCR 37, Corn S, Brannon H; SCR 53, Corn S, Brannon H


Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Arts, Oklahoma School of the, board of trustees. SB 1501, Snyder S, Peters H

Farrington, Teresa, designating as State's Okie Caricature Artist. SCR 37, Corn S, Brannon H; SCR 53, Corn S, Brannon H


Advisory Council, creating. HB 1874 (smad cc), Langmacher H, Price S

Appropriations (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Central Services Department (see CENTRAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT)

Containment area, projects performed with multiple glovebags or miniature containments, additional fee per linear foot, decreasing. HB 1874 (smad cc), Langmacher H, Price S

Control Act, Asbestos, transferring to DEQ; repealer; (staffing levels, smde 2cc). HB 1874 (smad cc), Langmacher H, Price S

Corrections Department (see CORRECTIONS DEPARTMENT)

Federal guidelines, adjusting to follow. HB 1874, Langmacher H, Price S

Labor Commissioner (see LABOR COMMISSIONER)

Labor Department (see LABOR DEPARTMENT)

License, permits, fees collection, transferring to DEQ. HB 1874 (smad cc), Langmacher H, Price S

Rules, Environmental Quality Board with advice and recommendation from Asbestos Advisory Board. HB 1874 (smad cc), Langmacher H, Price S

Workplace regulation and monitoring in public and private buildings, adding programs to DEQ. HB 1874 (smad cc), Langmacher H, Price S

Conviction, penalties; second offense, penalty. HB 2626, Askins H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Crime offenders registration, conditions. HB 1853, Turner H, Wilkerson S

Domestic abuse:

Also (see ABUSE, Child or Domestic)

Conviction, increasing penalties. HB 2626, Askins H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Lewd or indecent acts or proposals to another person, sexual battery charge, allowing without consent of victim regardless of age. HB 2189 (smad hf), Tibbs H, Wilkerson S

Penalty, maximum. SB 1200, Myers S

Pregnant woman, against, penalties. HB 2505, Hamilton H, Fair S; HB 2592, McIntyre H

Strangulation or attempted with intent to cause bodily harm, guilty of domestic abuse, penalty. HB 2380, Peters H, Williamson S


Continuum of care facility:

Employment files review. HB 2723 (smad cc), Pettigrew H, Coffee S

License fee, increasing; not exceed $15 multiplied by maximum client capacity. HB 1887, Mitchell H

Medication aides, certified, procedures; restrictions; training; policies; reviews; submission requirements. HB 2723 (smad cc), Pettigrew H, Coffee S

Nurses aides employment. HB 2723 (smad cc), Pettigrew H, Coffee S


License fee, increasing; not exceed $15 multiplied by maximum client capacity. HB 1887, Mitchell H

Unused prescriptions to patients program. HB 1866 (smad cc), Gilbert H, Cain S
Medication aides, certified, procedures; restrictions; training; policies; reviews; submission requirements. HB 2723 (smad cc), Pettigrew H, Coffee S

Nurses aides employment. HB 2723 (smad cc), Pettigrew H, Coffee S


Abuse, neglect, or exploitation of vulnerable adult, license suspension or revocation. SB 601 (smad hc; smde 2cc), Smith S, Peters H

Agriculture Code administration and penalties, duties. HB 2394, Covey H, Lerblance S

Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Children, support, foreign country. SB 1600 (smad sc), Cain S, Vaughn H

Court appointed special advocates training, duties. HB 2129 (smad hf; recruitment and supervision, smad sf), Carey H, Gumm S

Criminal investigation. SB 1235 (Shell), Coffee S

Disqualified for reason other than misconduct, notify Governor. SB 1152 (Appointed substitute preference full-time state employee, smad sf), Wilkerson S, Harrison H


Crimes Act or Environmental Quality Code, violations. SB 1349, Wilkerson S, Dorman H

Unit, duties. SB 1349, Wilkerson S, Dorman H

False Claims Act, investigate request for payment from political subdivision or state. SB 1585, Laster S


Court-appointed special advocate programs, income tax donation check-off deposit. SB 870, Gumm S, Carey H

Environmental Unit Revolving, creating. SB 1349, Wilkerson S, Dorman H

Evidence, maximum balance. SB 1054 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H

Income Tax Checkoff Revolving Fund for Court Appointed Special Advocates, creating. HB 2129 (smad sf), Carey H, Gumm S

Identify theft:

Duties. HB 2287 (smad hc), Cox H, Leftwich (Debbe) S; HB 2503, Perry H

Passport Program, duties. SB 1164, Johnson S, Winchester H

Latino Affairs Commission, duties. HB 2602, Lindley H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Lead Impacted Communities Relocation Assistance Act, creating; restrictions to reoccupation. SB 1490 (smad hc), Morgan S, Roberts H

Master Settlement Agreement Complementary Act, duties. HB 2474, Braddock H, Coffee S

Mortgage release on one-to four-family residences, including condominium regime affidavits violation, sue to collect money. HB 2187, Carey H, Gumm S

Motor vehicle dealer, good and sufficient bond form, approval. SB 852, Capps S, Armes H

Officer misconduct; number of citizen signatures for investigation. SB 850, Crutchfield S, Piatt H

Pain Management Advisory Council, appointment. HB 2305 (smad sc), Hamilton H, Shurden S

Relief Credits Act (RCA), duties. SB 1177 (smde sc), Shurden S, Leist H

Samuel Layton Building, Capitol Improvement Authority bond issuance limitation, increasing. HB 1965 (smad sf), Mitchell H, Morgan S

Sexually violent persons, duties. HB 2184, Ericson H

Substance abuse facility in violation of Alcohol and Drug Act, court action. SB 1578, Cain S, Balkman H

Teacher certification issue before residency committee, representation. SB 1380, Williams S

Technology center school districts special audit by Auditor and Inspector, written request. HB 2391 (smad hc), Blackburn H, Williams S; SB 1113, Corn S

Terrorism suspected, interception of communication. SB 1331 (smad hc), Wilkerson S, Nance H


Child support:

Noncompliance, license suspension. SB 1435, Laster S, Toure H

Payments, receive portion; amount. SB 1210, Robinson-S, Toure-H

Construction Defect Remediation Act, lawsuits; awards. HB 2136, Miller (Ray) H, Lerblance S



Abortion. HB 2534, Walker H, Corn S

Agriculture Code penalties collection, awarding. HB 2394, Covey H, Lerblance S

Aircraft dealer, recover. HB 2494 (smde sc), Adkins H, Coffee S

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, payment. HB 2127, Lindley H, Lerblance S

Arbitration. HB 2713 (smde sf), Toure H, Smith S

Civil procedure. HB 2713, Toure H, Smith S

Class actions, determinations. HB 2661 (Loser pay, smad hc, smde cc, smad 2cc; shop for sympathetic judges and juries, restricting, smad 2cc), Adair H, Hobson S

Construction defects lawsuit, prevailing party. HB 2136, Miller (Ray) H, Lerblance S


Judgment or settlement, capping. HB 2661 (smad hf, smde cc), Adair H, Hobson S

Maximum allowable, decreasing. HB 2188, Tibbs H

Deposition costs. SB 1618 (smad hf), Smith S, Harrison H

Education employee, civil action against; limiting. SB 1215, Pruitt S

Firefighters, civil action against. HB 2573, Morgan (Fred) H

Frivolous lawsuits. SB 1430 (smad 2cc), Robinson-S, Dorman-H

Legal Fee Anti-Gouging Act, creating. HB 2661 (smad hf, smde cc), Adair H, Hobson S

Manufacturer product liability indemnification of seller. HB 2661 (smad hc), Adair H, Hobson S

Out-of State Attorneys Act, Registration of. HB 2661 (smad cc), Adair H, Hobson S

Prisoners as witness or party, prohibiting prevailing party. HB 2205 (smad hc, smde sf), Wilt H, Coffee S

Railroad land acquisition. HB 2603 (smad hf), Lindley H, Shurden S

Real Estate Development Act failure to comply, punitive damages. HB 1668, Vaughn H, Coffee S

Surrogate Parentage Act. HB 2401, Miller (Ray) H, Cain S

Timely Reimbursement of Medical Claims Act, advising and representing claimant. HB 2378, Stanley H

Workers' compensation awards:

Limiting to 20% of disputed amount. HB 2619 (smad hc), Peterson (Ron) H, Pruitt S; SB 1444, Pruitt S; SB 1531 (smad hf), Hobson S, Adair H

Recovery by party prevailing. HB 2396 (smad hf), Harrison H, Laster S; SB 1531 (smad hf), Hobson S, Adair H

Value of percentage in claim settled prior to trial. HB 2490, Morgan (Danny) H

Frivolous cases, sanctions. SB 1550, Gumm S

Indigents representation (see INDIGENTS)

Legislator (see LEGISLATURE)

Out-of State Attorneys Act, Registration of, creating; application; fee; forms; registration; income disclosure. HB 2661 (smad cc), Adair H, Hobson S

Pleading, timely filed. SB 1438, Williamson S

Volunteer Professional Service Immunity Act, creating. SB 1241, Pruitt S

Vulnerable adult, abuse, neglect, or exploitation of, license suspension or revocation. SB 601 (smad cc; smde 2cc), Smith S, Peters H


Abandoned vehicle, penalties and fees exemption incurred by prior owner. HB 2101 (smad cc), Paulk H, Helton S

Municipalities or any public trust of which municipality is beneficiary, bidding procedures. HB 2353 (smad cc), Benge H, Riley S

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing Driver) Theme License Plate for numbers 0-100. HB 1994 (smad cc), Mitchell H, Morgan S


Licensing requirements. SB 1263, Robinson S, Staggs H


Appropriation (see APPROPRIATIONS)

Asbestos Abatement Division of Labor Department for Asbestos Control Act, duties. HB 1874 (smad cc), Langmacher H, Price S

Chiropractic Examiners Board, audit every two years. HB 2724, Stanley H, Shurden S

Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Account annual, transferring to Water Resources Board. HB 1742 (smad sc, smde sf), Langmacher H, Easley S; SB 1156 (smde cc), Harrison S, Langmacher H

County clerks prepaid fee accounts, prescribe. HB 2195, Deutschendorf H, Maddox S

Fund, Revolving, recurring annual audits of agencies, adjustments. HB 2165, Young H, Reynolds S

Grape, grape juice or wine first purchaser. HB 2219, Maddux H, Coates S

Human Services Department special agency accounts audits report, (including, smad sf) (replacing, smde sf) Inspector General within DHS (from Ombudsman Program, Office of Client Advocacy, smde sf). HB 1577 (smad sc; smde cc), Dorman H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

J. D. McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities contract with not-for-profit foundation. HB 2556 (smad hc, smde cc), Nations H, Nichols S

Municipal fire protection districts, duties. HB 2262, Taylor H, Rozell S

Performance Audit Division:

Annual report to Governor and Legislature, removing cumulative financial savings as result of audits and directions. HB 1577, Dorman H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Audit request:

Concurrent (or joint, smad cc) resolution of the Legislature. HB 1577, Dorman H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Governor and chief executive officer of governmental entity and costs, deleting. HB 1577 (smad sc, smde sf, smad cc), Dorman H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Speaker of House of Representatives and Pro Tempore of Senate, written. HB 1577 (smde sc), Dorman H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Cost-effective methods of operating governmental entities enforcement, deleting. HB 1577, Dorman H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Examination costs assumed by state agencies; billings; transferring by Finance Office monies monthly for audits. HB 1577 (smad cc), Dorman H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Performance audits of public officers, institutions and other governmental entities, duties; term. HB 1577 (smad sf, smde cc), Dorman H, Leftwich (Debbe) S

Poultry Waste Transfer and Utilization Incentive Program, audits. HB 2578, Newport H

Schools, independent or elementary, special audit. HB 2391 (smad hc), Blackburn H, Williams S; HB 2642 (smad hc), Staggs H, Corn S; SB 1113, Corn S

State agencies audits, scope; types; payment; cost estimates; prohibition; requestors. HB 2165, Young H, Reynolds S

Technology center school district, audit. HB 2391 (smad hc), Blackburn H, Williams S; HB 2642 (smad hc), Staggs H, Corn S; SB 1112 (smad sc), Corn S, Miller (Ray) H; SB 1113, Corn S

Waste Tire Recycling Indemnity Fund, compliance audits. SB 1107 (smad hc), Lawler S, Sweeden H

Auditor and Inspector (see AUDITOR AND INSPECTOR)

Cigarette and tobacco wholesalers and distribution selling, regularly conduct. HB 2660 (smad cc; State Question 713), Adair H, Hobson S

Excise tax to see if properly collected and remitted. HJR 1053, Phillips H

Financial management technical assistance by OSU extension service, contractors. HB 2054 (smad cc), Mitchell H, Morgan S

Grape and Wine Commission. HB 2219, Maddux H, Coates S

Municipal fire protection districts. HB 2262, Taylor H, Rozell S

State agency performance. SB 1322, Johnson S, Young H

Technology center school districts, random performance and investigative. HB 2391 (smad hc), Blackburn H, Williams S; HB 2642 (smad hc), Staggs H, Corn S

Waste Tire Recycling Indemnity Fund, compliance. SB 1107 (smad hc), Lawler S, Sweeden H


Economic development, creating procedures for transportation or regional projects. HB 2607 (smad sc), Peterson (Ron) H, Smith S

Fire service training, creating. HB 2665, Adair H

Pet Overpopulation, creating. HB 2557 (smde sc), Nations H, Crutchfield S

Public trust (see PUBLIC TRUSTS)

Works Authority, Oklahoma, sales tax exemption. HB 2213 (smad cc), Piatt H, Crutchfield S



Consumer-Directed Care Act, reimbursement for consumer-employed caregiver for cost. SB 1611, Pruitt S

Guardian appointment of minor. HB 2307, Hamilton H, Cain S

Hazardous materials:

Certification and renewal endorsement for commercial driver license. HB 1899 (smad hc), Nance H, Gumm S; HB 2543, Lamons H

Endorsement applicant, national. HB 2336 (smad cc), Carey H, Crutchfield S

Health Care Authority, individual responsible for Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Supports and Services (CD-Pass) waiver program. SB 1109, Cain S, Blackburn H

Hunting guide and outfitters, criminal. HB 1883, Smith H, Shurden S; SB 1548, Shurden S, Smith H

Identity Theft Passport Program, information included. SB 1164, Johnson S, Winchester H

Long-term care facility, temporary nurses aid or other employee. HB 1854, Turner H, Snyder S

Nursing homes employee candidates, criminal arrest. HB 2648, Sweeden H

Private investigator license applicant. SB 1098, Gumm S, Miller (Doug) H

Security guard license applicant. SB 1098, Gumm S, Miller (Doug) H

Teachers criminal history record check. SB 922 (smad cc), Morgan S, Mitchell H


Controlled dangerous substances offenses, release for defendant discharged on giving. HB 2176, Nance H, Wilkerson S

Persons allowed to perform pretrial services, take. SB 1408, Smith S, Lamons H

Sexual offender released pending adjudication, electronic monitoring by global positioning device. SB 1420 (smad cc), Laughlin S, Blackwell H


Affidavit stating no forfeitures or unpaid fines owed to insurer. SB 1381 (smad sc; or to Insurance Department, smad sf), Smith S, Braddock H

Bond filing fee. SB 1419 (smad cc), Smith S, Erwin H

Defendant surrendered, official failing to receive custody, misdemeanor. HB 2244, Easley H

Jail surcharge, collect and distribute; service fee. SB 1419 (smde cc), Smith S, Erwin H

Application, extending time period. SB 1381 (smde sc), Smith S, Braddock H

Felony conviction, deleting prohibition to issue or renew (substantially relates to crime and appeal, smad cc). HB 2714 (smad hc, smde sc, smad cc), Toure H, Monson S
BAILEY, MIKE. HCR 1085, Miller (Ray) H, Corn S

Family Wealth Preservation Act, exempting. HB 2135, Peters H, Coffee S


Checks, false or bogus (see CHECKS, FALSE OR BOGUS)

Commercial bribery. SB 1503 (smad sc), Wilkerson S, Lamons H

Consumer protection laws, opposing federal rule undermining state authority. SCR 68, Rabon S, Carey H

Debit or credit card, county clerk accept fees by nationally recognized; processing services contracts; service charge; prepaid fee accounts. HB 2195, Deutschendorf H, Maddox S

Deposits in name of sole individual without designation of beneficiary:

False affidavit to claim, fine. SB 1437, Crutchfield S

Repealing. HB 2223 (smad hc, smde cc), Piatt H, Pruitt S

Family Wealth Preservation Act trustee, only Oklahoma banks. HB 2135 (smad sc), Peters H, Coffee S

Farm Service Agency guaranty fee for lending programs, income tax credit. HB 2585, Roggow H, Milacek S

Financial information, obtaining without consent by false statement, felony. SB 1503, Wilkerson S, Lamons H

Indian tribes security interest in vehicles, exempting from filing lien entry with Tax Commission and validating such liens. HB 2230 (smad hc), Morgan (Danny) H, Rozell S

Officer or director, felony conviction, removing prohibition to serve as. HB 2714 (smad hc, smde hf), Toure H, Monson S

Record, defining. SB 1318 (smde cc), Monson S, Carey H

School insufficient funds agreement, modified interest rate. HB 2332 (smad sc), Staggs H, Lawler S

Space industry businesses, purchase tax credits from. HB 1894 (smad hc), Bonny H, Capps S

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