Simple Past and Past Continuous Simple Past Tense

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Simple Past and Past Continuous

Simple Past Tense

  • Actions, events, states that started and finished in the past (…ago, last …, yesterday… )

  • Regular verbs: -ed

  • Irregular verbs: 2nd column

Tell your partner – use past simple

  • What did you do yesterday?

  • What did you do Friday night?

  • Where were you Saturday morning?

  • How did you do celebrate your last birthday?

Practice: Do you have a good memory? Are you a good witness?

  • Directions: Look at the following picture for one minute. Try to remember as many details as you can, but don’t write anything.

Only one minute…

  • Ready, go ….

One minute…

What do you remember?

  • How many people were there?

  • Where were the people?

  • What was hanging from the ceiling?

  • What was the bank robber holding?

  • What was the bank robber wearing?

  • What colour was his hair?

  • What was covering the bank robber’s face?

  • Was the bank robber right-handed or left-handed?

  • What was the bank manager doing?

  • What was the bank teller doing?

  • Who was walking into the bank?

  • What time was it?

  • What was under the bank manager’s desk?

One minute…

Past continuous

  • Gebruik 1) Om te beschrijven wat bezig was in “het verleden”

  • What were you doing at 9 in the evening?

  • I was watching TV

  • We were playing Monopoly

Past continuous

  • I was

  • You were

  • He was

  • She was ww + ing

  • It was

  • We were

  • You were

  • They were

Tell a classmate – use past continuous verbs: I was _______ing

  • Where were you last Thursday at 8 p.m.? What were you doing?

  • What were you doing Friday at 5 p.m.? Where were you? Who were you with?

  • What were you doing Sunday morning at 7 a.m.?

  • What were you doing last night at nine o’clock?

  • What were you doing last Saturday afternoon?

Past Continuous, continued

Simple past met past continuous in één zin, gebruik 3

Other examples:

More Examples:

Form of Past Continuous

  • Subject + was / were + verb+ing

  • Negation:

  • Subject + was / were + not + verb+ing

  • Yes/ No Question:

  • Was / Were + subject + + verb+ing ?

  • Information Question:

  • (WH) + Was / Were + subject + + verb+ing ?

Remember –ing spelling rules?

A little practice

  • The telephone (ring) when I (take a shower).

  • The telephone rang when I was taking a shower.

  • I (eat) dinner when you (come) in.

  • I was eating dinner when you came in.

  • It (rain) while they (walk) home.

  • It was raining while they were walking home.

  • We (see) an accident when we (drive) on the freeway.

  • We saw an accident when we were driving on the freeway.

A little practice 2

  • She (chop) onions when she (cut) her finger.

  • .She was chopping onions when she cut her finger

  • We (watch) TV when the electricity (go) out.

  • We were watching TV when the electricity went out.

  • My dad (do) the dishes while my mum (send) an email.

  • My dad was doing the dishes while my mum was sending an email.

Final Tips …

  • Use while for two actions in progress at the same time in the past: Gelijktijdigheid

  • She was talking while he was driving.

  • Use when for an action that was in progress that was interrupted by another event in the past):

  • I was just leaving when you called.

  • (handeling bezig) (“storing”)

Punctuation with When and While

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