The new Gira S1 remote access module provides first-rate knx smart home protection

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The new Gira S1 remote access module provides first-rate KNX smart home protection

Security is the highest priority
Nowadays, any talk of smart homes must include the topic of data security. The new Gira S1 remote access module connects users to their KNX smart home when they are on the move, with ease of use and utmost security. This is because all communication is encrypted reliably.
Frequent travellers want to control their smart home's KNX system when away – for example to check camera images, switch on the heating, or let down the blinds. The problem is that unauthorised persons could also use this remote access if they hacked the smart home. For critical users, this is a real reservation when it comes to smart technologies. However, this concern no longer applies now that Gira can encrypt communications very securely with the remote access module S1.
The Gira S1 enables the entire KNX smart home to be remotely maintained and operated under high-level security conditions for the first time. In addition, the module allows secure remote access to web-based visualisations. And conversely, processes in the building can be transferred directly to the smartphone, for example, if the smoke detector is triggered.
The remote access module is very easy and intuitive to set up. The Gira S1 is simply mounted on a DIN rail in the sub-distribution board, and connected to the home network over the Ethernet. Finally, the Gira S1 is registered in the Gira device portal. An extra bonus is that the start-up process is completely independent of the internet provider and no changes are needed to the router settings. When there is an Internet connection, the encrypted communication between the Gira S1 and the Gira device portal is secured with digital certificates, and starts independently.
We have perfected use of the Gira S1 in combination with the Gira X1 and the Gira HomeServer. With both products, app-based remote maintenance and remote control are already integrated. This means that users don't have to carry out any troublesome VPN activation for secure remote access. Users can see when secure remote access is available via the remote access symbol in the app's status bar.
The server for the Gira device portal is located in Germany and is subject to German data protection laws. This ensures that stringent German data protection standards are applied.
It has never been this easy – or indeed this secure – for users to connect remotely with the KNX system, the Gira X1 or the Gira HomeServer. Users have sole discretion over who has access to their smart home, and when. They can grant specific authorisations via the app or using touch sensors in order to permit remote maintenance. This means that arranging appointments and expensive site visits are a thing of the past.

Gira S1 key visual

The new Gira S1 remote access module provides first-rate KNX smart home protection.

Gira S1 iPhone

Building status messages can be sent directly to the smartphone, for example, if the smoke detector is triggered.

Gira S1 X1 app

Simple and secure remote maintenance of the smart home is possible with the Gira S1. Users determine who has access to their smart home, and when.

Gira S1 functionality

The diagram shows how encrypted communication functions.

Images: Gira

About Gira

Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG ( is one of the leading suppliers of innovative electrical and digital networked building management systems. The family-owned company, which was founded in 1905 and has its headquarters in the German town of Radevormwald, has helped to shape the world of electrical systems and building management for the last 111 years. Right from the start, Gira's many innovations – such as the Gira HomeServer – have made it one of the most influential players in the development of networked smart building systems and in the digitalisation of buildings. Gira products and solutions stand for German engineering expertise, reliable 'Made in Germany' quality, sustainable production processes, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient operations and perfection in form and function. But, most importantly, they make people's lives a little more easy, convenient and secure. It is no coincidence that Gira switches and control, communication and safety systems are now used in more than 40 countries, including in the central railway station in Berlin, the Olympic stadium in Kiev, the Messner Mountain Museum: Corones on the Kronplatz mountain in South Tyrol and the Banyan Tree Hotel in Shanghai. Thanks to its extensive expertise in plastics technology, Gira now also manufactures complex plastic system products for the medical technology sector. The Gira group also includes its subsidiary Stettler Kunststofftechnik in Untersteinach, near Bamberg, and shareholdings in Insta Elektro in Lüdenscheid and the software firm ISE in Oldenburg. Together, around 1,700 employees generate an annual turnover of more than €300 million.

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