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60. Al- Mumtahanah: She that is to be examined

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

60:1-2 O you who believe! Choose not My enemy and your enemy for helpers (and protectors). Do you give them friendship when they disbelieve in that truth which has come to you, driving out the Messenger and you because you believe in God, your Lord? If you have come forth to fight hard in My way and seeking My good pleasure, (show them not friendship). Do you show friendship to them in secret, when I am Best Aware of what you hide and what you proclaim? And whosoever does it among you; he verily has strayed from the right way. If they have the upper hand of you, they will be your foes, and will stretch out their hands and their tongues toward you with evil (intent), and they long for you to disbelieve.

60:3 Your ties of kindred and your children will avail you nothing upon the Day of Resurrection. He will part you. God is Seer of what you do.

60:4 There is a goodly pattern for you in Abraham and those with him, when they told their folk, Lo! We are guiltless of you and all that you worship beside God. We have done with you. And there has arisen between us and you hostility and hate forever until you believe in God only – except that which Abraham promised his father (when he said): I will ask forgiveness for you, though I own nothing for you from God – Our Lord! In You we put our trust, and to You we turn repentant, and to You is the journeying.

60:5 Our Lord! Make us not a prey for those who disbelieve, and forgive us, our Lord! Lo! You, only You, are the Mighty, the Wise.

60:6 Verily you have in them a goodly pattern for anyone who looks to God and the Last Day. And whosoever may turn away, lo! Still God, He is the Absolute, the Owner of praise.

60:7 It may be that God will ordain love between you and those of them with whom you are at enmity. God is Mighty, and God is Forgiving, Merciful.

60:8 God forbids you not those who warred not against you on account of religion and drove you not out from your homes that you should show them kindness and deal justly with them. Lo! God loves the just dealers.

60:9 God forbids you only those who warred against you on account of religion and have driven you out from your homes and helped to drive you out, that you make friends of them. Whosoever makes friends of them.(All) such are wrongdoers.

60:10 O you who believe! When believing women come to you as fugitives, examine them. God is Best Aware of their faith. Then, if you know them for true believers, send them not back to the disbelievers. They are not lawful for the disbelievers, nor are the disbelievers lawful for them. And give the disbelievers that which they have spent (upon them). And it is no sin on you to marry such women when you have given them their dues. And hold not to the ties of disbelieving women; and ask for (the return of) that which you have spent; and let the disbelievers ask for that which they have spent. That is the judgment of God. He judges between you. God is Knower, Wise.

60:11 And if any of your wives have gone from you to the disbelievers and afterward you have your turn (of triumph), then give to those whose wives have gone the like of that which they have spent, and keep your duty to God in whom you are believers.

60:12 O Prophet! If believing women come to you, taking an oath of allegiance to you that they will ascribe nothing as partner to God, and will neither steal nor commit adultery nor kill their children, nor produce any lie that they have devised between their hands and feet, nor disobey you in what is right, then accept their allegiance and ask God to forgive them. Lo! God is Forgiving, Merciful.

60:13 O you who believe! Be not friendly with a folk with whom God is wroth, (a folk) who have despaired of the Hereafter as the disbelievers despair of those who are in the graves.

61. As-Saff: The Ranks

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

61:1 All that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth glorifies God, and He is the Mighty, the Wise.

61:2-3 O you who believe! Why say you that which you do not? It is most hateful in the sight of God that you say that which you do not do.

61:4 Lo! God loves those who battle for His cause in ranks, as if they were a solid structure.

61:5 And (remember) when Moses said to his people: O my people! Why persecute you me, when you well know that I am God's Messenger to you? So when they went astray God sent their hearts astray. And God guides not the evildoing folk.

61:6 And when Jesus son of Mary said: O Children of Israel! Lo! I am the Messenger of God to you, confirming that which was (revealed) before me in the Torah, and bringing good tidings of a Messenger who comes after me, whose name is the `Praised One'. Yet when be has come to them with clear proofs, they say: This is mere magic.

61:7 And who does greater wrong than he who invents a lie against God when he is summoned to Islam. And God guides not wrongdoing folk.

61:8 Gladly would they put out the light of God with their mouths, but God will perfect His light however much the disbelievers are averse.

61:9 He It is Who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may make it conqueror of all religion however much polytheists may be averse.

61:10-12 O you who believe! Shall I show you a commerce that will save you from a painful punishment? You should believe in God and His Messenger, and should fight hard for the cause of God with your wealth and your lives. That is better for you, if you did but know. He will forgive you your sins and bring you into Gardens underneath which rivers flow, and pleasant dwellings in Gardens of Eden. That is the supreme triumph.

61:13 And (He will give you) another blessing which you love: help from God and present victory. Give good tidings (O Muhammad) to the believers.

61:14 O you who believe! Be God's helpers, even as Jesus son of Mary said to the disciples: Who are my helpers for God? They said: We are God's helpers. And a party of the Children of Israel believed, while a party disbelieved. Then We strengthened those who believed against their foe, and they became the uppermost.

62. Al-Jumu`ah: Friday

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

62:1 All that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth glorifies God, the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One, the Mighty, the Wise.

62:2-3 He it is Who has sent among the unlettered ones a Messenger of their own, to recite to them His revelations and to purify them of their sin, and to teach them the Scripture and Wisdom, though before that they were indeed in error manifest, along with others of them who have not yet joined them. He is the Mighty, the Wise.

62:4 That is the bounty of God; which he gives to whom He wills. God is of infinite bounty.

62:5 The similitude of those who are entrusted with the Law of Moses, yet apply it not, are as that of the donkey carrying books. Wretched is the similitude of folk who deny the revelations of God. And God guides not wrongdoing folk.

62:6-8 Say (O Muhammad): O you who are Jews! If you claim that you are favored by God apart from (all) people, then long for death if you are truthful. But they will never long for it because of all that their own hands have sent before, and God is Aware of the evildoers. Say (to them, O Muhammad): Lo! The death from which you shrink will surely meet you, and afterward you will be returned to the Knower of the invisible and the visible, and He will tell you what you used to do.

62:9-11 O you who believe! When the call is heard for the prayer of the day of congregation, haste to remembrance of God and leave your trading. That is better for you if you did but know. And when the prayer is ended, then disperse in the land and seek of God's bounty, and remember God much, that you may be successful. But when they spy some merchandise or pastime they break away to it and leave you standing. Say: That which God has is better than pastime and better than merchandise, and God is the Best of providers.

63. Al-Munafiqun: The Hypocrites

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

63:1 When the hypocrites come to you (O Muhammad), they say: We bear witness that you are indeed God's Messenger. And God knows that you are indeed His Messenger, and God bears witness that the hypocrites are speaking falsely.

63:2-3 They make their faith a pretext that they may turn (men) from the way of God. Verily evil is that which they are wont to do, that is because they believed, and then disbelieved, therefore their hearts are sealed so that they understand not.

63:4 And when you see them, their figures please you; and if they speak, you give ear to their speech. (They are) as though they were blocks of wood in striped cloaks. They deem every shout to be against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. God confound them! How they are perverted!

63:5-6 And when it is said to them: Come! The Messenger of God will ask forgiveness for you! They avert their faces and you see them turning away, arrogant. Whether you ask forgiveness for them or ask not forgiveness for them, God will not forgive them. Lo! God guides not the evildoing folk.

63:7 They are the ones say: Spend not on behalf of those (who dwell) with God's Messenger that they may disperse (and go away from you); when God's are the treasures of the heavens and the earth; but the hypocrites comprehend not.

63:8 They say: Surely, if we return to Al-Madinah, the mightier will soon drive out the weaker; when might belongs to God and to His Messenger and the believers; but the hypocrites know not.

63:9 O you who believe! Let not your wealth nor your children distract you from remembrance of God. Those who do so, they are the losers.

63:10-11 And spend of that wherewith We have provided you before death comes to one of you and he says: My Lord! If only you would reprieve me for a little while, then I would give alms and be among the righteous. But God reprieves no soul when its term comes, and God is Aware of what you do.

64. At-Taghabun: Mutual Disillusion

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

64:1 All that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth glorifies God; to Him belongs supreme power and to Him belongs praise, and He is Able to do all things.

64:2 It is He Who created you, but one of you is a disbeliever and one of you is a believer, and God is Seer of what you do.

64:3 He created the heavens and the earth with truth, and He shaped you and made good your shapes, and to Him is the journeying.

64:4 He knows all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, and He knows what you conceal and what you reveal. And God is Aware of what is in the breasts (of men).

64:5-6 Has not the story reached you of those who disbelieved of old and so did taste the ill effects of their conduct, and theirs will be a painful punishment. That was because their Messengers (from God) kept coming to them with clear proofs (of God's supreme power), but they said: Shall mere mortals guide us? So they disbelieved and turned away, and God was independent (of them). God is Absolute, Owner of praise.

64:7-8 Those who disbelieve assert that they will not be raised again. Say (to them, O Muhammad): Yes, verily, by my Lord! You will be raised again and then you will be informed of what you did; and that is easy for God. So believe in God and His Messenger and the light, which We have revealed. And God is Aware of what you do.

64:9 The day when He shall gather you to the Day of Assembling, that will be a Day of Deprivation. And whoever believes in God and does right, He will expiate from him his evil deeds and will bring him into Gardens underneath which rivers flow, therein to abide forever. That is the supreme triumph.

64:10 But those who disbelieve and deny Our revelations, such are inhabitants of the Fire; they will abide therein – an evil journey's end!

64:11 No calamity befalls, except by God's leave. And whosoever believes in God, He guides his heart. And God is Knower of all things.

64:12-13 Obey God and obey His Messenger; but if you turn away, then the duty of Our Messenger is only to convey (the message) plainly. God! There is no God except Him. In God, therefore, let believers put their trust.

64:14 O you who believe! Lo! Among your wives and your children there are enemies for you, therefore beware of them. And if you efface and overlook and forgive, then lo! God is Forgiving, Merciful.

64:15 Your wealth and your children are only a temptation, whereas God! With Him is an immense reward.

64:16 So keep your duty to God as best you can, and listen, and obey, and spend, that is better for your souls. And whoever is saved from his own greed, such are the successful.

64:17 If you lend to God a goodly loan, He will double it for you and will forgive you, for God is Responsive, Forbearing,

64:18 Knower of the invisible and the visible, the Mighty, the Wise.

65. At-Talaq: Divorce

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

65:1 O Prophet! When you (men) put away women, put them away for their (legal) period and reckon the period, and keep your duty to God, your Lord. Expel them not from their houses nor let them go forth unless they commit open immorality. Such are the limits (imposed by) God; and whoever transgresses God's limits, he verily wrongs his soul. You know not: it may be that God will afterward bring some new thing to pass.

65:2-3 Then, when they have reached their term, take them back in kindness or part from them in a reasonable manner, and call to witness two just men among you, and keep your testimony upright for God. Whoever believes in God and the Last Day is exhorted to act thus. And whosoever keeps his duty to God, God will appoint a way out for him, and will provide for him from (a quarter) wherefrom he has no expectation. And whosoever puts his trust in God,

He will suffice him. Lo! God brings His command to pass. God has set a measure for all things.

65:4 And for such of your women as despair of menstruation, if you doubt, their period (of waiting) shall be three months along with those who have it not. And for those with child, their period shall be till they bring forth their burden. And whosoever keeps his duty to God; He makes his course easy for him.

65:5 That is the commandment of God, which He reveals to you. And whoever keeps his duty to God; He will expiate from him his evil deeds and magnify reward for him.

65:6-7 Lodge them where you dwell, according to your wealth, and harass them not so as to straiten life for them. And if they are with child, then spend on them till they bring forth their burden. Then, if they give suckle for you, give them their due payment and consult together in a reasonable manner; but if you make difficulties for one another, then let some other woman suckle for him (the father of the child). Let him who has abundance spend of his abundance, and he whose provision is measured, let him spend of that which God has given him. God asks nothing of any soul except that which He has given it. God will give, after hardship, ease.

65:8-9 And how many a community revolted against the ordinance of its Lord and His Messenger, and we called it to a stern account and punished it with a dire punishment, so that it tasted the ill effects of its conduct, and the consequence of its conduct was loss.

65:10-11 God has prepared for them stern punishment, so keep your duty to God, O men of understanding! O you who believe! Now God has sent down to you a reminder, a Messenger reciting to you the revelations of God made plain, that He may bring forth those who believe and do good works from darkness to light. And whosoever believes in God and does right, He will bring him into Gardens underneath which rivers flow, therein to abide forever. God has made good provision for him.

65:12 It is God Who has created seven heavens, and of the earth the like thereof. The commandment comes down among them slowly, that you may know that God is Able to do all things, and that God surrounds all things in knowledge.

66. At-Tahrim: The Banning

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

66:1 O Prophet! Why ban you that which God has made lawful for you, seeking to please your wives? And God is Forgiving, Merciful.

66:2 God has made lawful for you(Muslims) absolution from your oaths (of such a kind), and God is your Protector. He is the Knower, the Wise.

66:3 When the Prophet confided a fact to one of his wives and when she afterward divulged it and God apprised him thereof, he made known part thereof and passed over part. And when he told it to her she said: Who has told you? He said: The Knower, the Aware has told me.

66:4-5 If you two turn to God repentant, (you have cause to do so) for your hearts desired (the ban); and if you aid one another against him (Muhammad) then lo! God, indeed He, is his Guardian (and Protector), and Gabriel and the righteous among the believers; and furthermore the angels are his helpers. It may happen that his Lord, if he divorces you, will give him in your stead wives better than you, submissive (to God), believing, pious, penitent, devout in worship, inclined to fasting, widows and maids.

66:6 O you who believe! Ward off from yourselves and your families a fire whereof the fuel is men and stones, over which are set angels strong, severe, who resist not God in that which He commands them, but do that which they are commanded.

66:7 (Then it will be said:) O you who disbelieve! Make no excuses for yourselves this Day. You are only being paid for what you used to do.

66:8 O you who believe! Turn to God in sincere repentance! It may be that your Lord will expiate from you your evil deeds and bring you into Gardens underneath which rivers flow, on the Day when God will not abase the Prophet and those who believe with him. Their light will run before them and on their right hands: they will say: Our Lord! Perfect our light for us, and forgive us! Lo! You are Able to do all things.

66:9 O Prophet! Fight hard against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them. Hell will be their home, an evil journey's end.

66:10 God cites an example for those who disbelieve: the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot, who were under two of our righteous slaves yet betrayed them so that they (the husbands) availed them nothing against God and it was said (to them): Enter the Fire along with those who enter.

66:11 And God cites an example for those who believe: the wife of Pharaoh when she said: My Lord! Build for me a home with You in the Garden, and deliver me from Pharaoh and his work, and deliver me from evildoing folk;

66:12 And Mary, daughter of Imran, whose body was chaste, therefore, We breathed therein something of Our Spirit. And she put faith in the Words of her Lord and His Scriptures, and was of the obedient.

67. Al-Mulk: Supreme Power

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

67:1 Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the supreme power, and He is Able to do all things.

67:2 Who has created life and death that He may try you, which of you is best in conduct; and He is the Mighty, Forgiving,

67:3-6 Who has created seven heavens in harmony. You (O Muhammad) can see no fault in the Beneficent One's creation; then look again: Can you see any rifts? Then look again and yet again, your sight will return to you weakened and made dim. And verily We have beautified the world's heaven with lamps, and We have made them missiles for the satans, and for them We have prepared the punishment of flame. And for those who disbelieve in their Lord theirs is the punishment of Hell, an evil journey's end!

67:7-11 When they are flung therein they hear its roaring as it boils up, as if it would burst with rage. Whenever a (fresh) host is flung therein the wardens thereof ask them: Came there to you no warner? They say: Yes, verily, a warner came to us; but we denied and said: God has revealed nothing; you are in nothing but a great error. And they say: Had we been wont to listen or have sense, we had not been among the dwellers in the flames. So they acknowledge their sins; but far removed (from mercy) are the dwellers in the flames.

67:12 Lo! Those who fear their Lord in secret, theirs will be forgiveness and a great reward.

67:13-14 And keep your opinion secret or proclaim it, lo! He is Knower of all that is in the breasts (of men). Should He not know what He created? And He is the Subtle, the Aware.

67:15-18 He it is Who has made the earth subservient to you, so walk in the paths thereof and eat of His providence. And to Him will be the resurrection (of the dead). Have you taken security from Him Who is in the heaven that He will not cause the earth to swallow you when lo! It is convulsed? Or have you taken security from Him Who is in the heaven that He will not let loose on you a hurricane? But you shall know the manner of My warning. And verily those before them denied, then (see) the manner of My wrath (with them)!

67:19 Have they not seen the birds above them spreading out their wings and closing them? Nothing upholds them except the Beneficent. Lo! He is Seer of all things.

67:20-22 Or who is he that will be an army to you to help you instead of the Beneficent? The disbelievers are in nothing but illusion. Or who is he that will provide for you if He should with hold His providence? Nay, but they are set in pride and frowardness. Is he who goes groping on his face more rightly guided, or he who walks upright on a straight road?

67:23-25 Say (to them, O Muhammad): It is He Who gave you being, and has assigned to you ears and eyes and hearts. Small thanks give you! Say, it is He Who multiplies you in the earth, and to Whom you will be gathered. And they say: When (will) this promise (be fulfilled), if you are truthful?

67:26-27 Say: The knowledge is with God only, and I am but a plain warner; but when they see it near, the faces of those who disbelieve will be awry, and it will be said (to them): This is that for which you used to call.

67:28 Say (O Muhammad): Have you thought: Whether God causes me (Muhammad) and those with me to perish or has mercy on us, still, who will protect the disbelievers from a painful punishment?

67:29 Say: He is the Beneficent. In Him we believe and in Him we put our trust. And you will soon know who it is that is in error manifest.

67:30 Say: Have you thought: If (all) your water were to disappear into the earth, who then could bring you gushing water?

68. Al-Qalam: The Pen

In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

68:1-2 Nun . By the pen and that which they write (therewith) , you are not , for your Lord's favor to you, a madman.

68:3-7 And lo! Yours verily will be a reward unfailing. And lo! You are of a tremendous nature. And you will see and they will see which of you is the demented. Lo! Your Lord is Best Aware of him who strays from his way, and He is Best Aware of those who are guided.

68:8-13 Therefore obey not you the rejecters who would have had you compromise, that they may compromise. Neither obey you each feeble oath monger, detractor, spreader abroad of slanders, hinderer of the good, sinful transgressor, greedy therewithal, intrusive.

68:14-16 It is because he is possessed of wealth and children that, when Our revelations are recited to him, he says: Mere fables of the men of old. We shall brand him on the nose.

68:17-33 Lo! We have tried them as We tried the owners of the garden when they vowed they would pluck its fruit next morning. And made no exception (for the will of God); then a visitation came upon it while they slept and in the morning it was as though plucked. And they cried out one to another in the morning, saying: Run to your field if you would pluck (the fruit). So they went off, saying one to another in low tones: No needy man shall enter it today against you. They went betimes, strong in (this) purpose. But when they saw it, they said: Lo! We are in error! Nay, but we are desolate! The best among them said: Did I not say to you: Why glorify you not (God)? They said: Glorified be our Lord! Lo! We have been wrongdoers. Then some of them drew near to others, self-reproaching. They said: Alas for us! In truth we were outrageous. It may be that our Lord will give us better than this in place thereof. Lo! We beseech our Lord. Such was the punishment. And verily the punishment of the Hereafter is greater if they did but know.

68:34-40 Lo! For the pious are Gardens of Bliss with their Lord. Shall We then treat those who are Muslims (have surrendered) as We treat the guilty? What ails you? How foolishly you judge! Or have you a Scripture wherein you learn that you shall indeed have all that you choose? Or have you a covenant, an oath from Us that reaches to the Day of Judgment, that yours shall be all that you ordain? Ask them (O Muhammad) which of them will vouch for that!

68:41-45 Or have they other gods? Then let them bring their other gods if they are truthful on the Day when it befalls in earnest, and they are ordered to prostrate themselves but are not able, with eyes downcast, abasement stupefying them. And they had been summoned to prostrate themselves while they were yet unhurt. Leave Me (to deal) with those who give the lie to this pronouncement. We shall lead them on by steps from whence they know not. Yet I bear with them, for lo! My scheme is firm.

68:46 Or do you (O Muhammad) ask a fee from them so that they are heavily taxed?

68:47 Or is the Unseen theirs that they can write (thereof)?

68:48-50 But wait patiently you for your Lord's decree, and be not like him of the fish, who cried out in despair. Had it not been that favor from his Lord had reached him, he surely would have been cast into the wilderness while he was reprobate. But his Lord chose him and placed him among the righteous.

68:51-52 And lo! Those who disbelieve would gladly disconcert you with their eyes when they hear the Reminder, and they say: Lo! He is indeed mad; when it is nothing else than a Reminder to creation.

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