The regular meeting was called to order by President Katherine Sawyer at lbj 3-10. 1

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Agenda of Texas State University College Panhellenic

The regular meeting was called to order by President Katherine Sawyer at LBJ 3-10.1. The roll was called by President Katherine Sawyer. A quorum was present.

Alpha Delta Pi:

Alpha Gamma Delta:

Alpha Xi Delta:

Chi Omega:

Delta Gamma:

Delta Zeta:

Gamma Phi Beta:

Zeta Tau Alpha:
PREVIOUS MINUTES: The minutes of the 3-20-17 meeting were approved as distributed.
TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer reported as follows:
Beginning balance: (previous weeks date) $
Revenue $_____

Expenses $_____

Ending balance: (this weeks date) $
The following bills were approved for payment

President [kvs5]:

  • Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend!

  • All Council Exec meeting, Monday April 24th at 8pm

  • NPC fun fact of the week:

    • $4,792,880 in scholarship awarded by 22 NPC member organizations

  • Greek Affairs Awards Ceremony is this Friday, April 21st at 5pm, food is served at 5:30pm

    • Your chapter presidents have 10 tickets per chapter, and nominees get their own separate tickets

  • MGC is having a fundraiser in the LBJ Mall on Wednesday, April 19th, from 10am-2pm

    • They’re selling nachos- $3, limeade- $2, both- $4...CASH ONLY

    • Go out and support! :)

First Vice President [srp91]:

  • Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend and got lots of eggzzzz

  • Had a meeting with the delegates before this whoop

  • Helping all of the officers with event intake forms/reserving stuff for next semester!!


VP of Judicial Affairs [bdh75]:

  • I hope you all had a great Easter!!!

  • the rules reading was lit thanks for all of the support :-)

  • Lindsey & I are working on attendance sheets & the module. yeet

VP Recruitment [sgp42]:

  • Thank for y'all’s participation in the flower sale and the Recruitment Rules Reading!

  • We had our last Recruitment Roundtable. Thank your recruitment chairs for all of their hard work. :)

  • Panhellenic Recruitment video filming will be happening Friday the 21st at the awards banquet and Sunday the 23rd.

VP of Scholarship [mep133]:

  • I’ve sent the Google forms for both April and May’s Professors of the Month (considering we don’t really go to school in May).  For April the colleges are Health Professions and the Honors College and for May it is the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science and Engineering.

  • I’m continuing to plan for the fall semester!

  • I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

VP of Membership Development [hes38]:

  • The third RC workshop is this Sunday, April 23rd at 1:30pm. Please remind your RC girlies!

  • Finally got a PAN!!!! YAY!!! Jill did an amazing job painting it so THANK YOU BUNCHES! So now when we have Panhellenic woman of the month I’ll send the Pan back with the delegate and she will get a picture of the girl holding the pan hopefully at chapter and a little bio about her..then send to Kendall Dunwell to post on the instagram!!! I’m super pumped about this idea and it will be really fun to spotlight the chapter women.

    • For the Month of March our Woman of the Month was

  • Will be working on a round table for the membership development chair women.

VP of Finance [trh67]:

  • I did the deposit form for the checks i received from the chapters who took new members this spring whaoo

  • Tip of the week: go stock up on candy/easter grass/all things Easter related bc major cheap now since the holiday is over!!

  • For those who like James Avery, this week they are having a deal if you buy two charms you get a free bracelet!! Mother's Day is coming up so this might be a good idea for you, I mean who doesn't love JA????

VP of Public Relations [kbd21]:

  • Sorry I am not at the meeting, I am currently at a funeral in houston. #pleasedon'thateme

  • Follow Panhellenic if you are real...

              - Snapchat: txstpanhell

              - Twitter: txstpanhell

              - Facebook: txstpanhell

              - Instagram: txstpanhell

  • Recruitment day one shirt order was placed on Wednesday!!!

    • Please remind your financial/money related officer that we will be billing for the shirts soon-ish, it just depends when we get the official numbers back from the company. Once we send out that bill the faster it is paid the faster we get the shirts. So please plan accordingly(: (If you have any questions feel free to email lindsey or I)

VP of Women’s Empowerment [jav142]:

  • We raised around $660 from the flower sale so thank you so much to everyone who helped

  • NOMC has elected their new exec and are working on their programming of the fall

  • Flowers that were ordered through the sale will be delivered tomorrow at chapter meetings

  • Follow the Women’s Empowerment insta @txstpanhellenicpower for daily inspiration, girl power, and words of wisdom

VP of Recruitment Elect [smp150]:

  • Getting everything ready for recruitment registration to open!

  • Typing round table minutes

  • What do you call a bear with no teeth???

Advisor [lmt60]:


Chapter News:

Alpha Delta Pi

  • Monday 4/17: exec meeting @ 6:30pm at the pi house

  • Tuesday 4/18: chapter @ 5:15pm at the pi chapter building

  • Friday 4/21: Kicks for the Kids kickball tournament @ 12pm

  • Saturday 4/22: Mom’s Day @ 11am at the pi chapter building

  • Sunday 4/23: RMH trip @11am

  • Monday 4/24: exec meeting @6:30pm at the pi house

  • Tuesday 4/25: chapter @5:15pm at the pi chapter building

Alpha Gamma Delta

  • Mon-Tues 4/17-18: Tabling for Philanthropy in the quad

  • Wednesday 4/19: Philanthropy event in the LBJ Amphitheater 5:30-8

  • Thursday 4/20: Casual @ Dick’s Classic Garage Museum from 7-11

  • Sat-Sun 4/22-23: Recruitment Training School

  • Monday 4/24: Pre-Initiation Ceremony, UAC 208 @ 7

  • Tuesday 4/25: Chapter meeting @ 6:30 in ASBS Rm. 300

  • Thursday 4/27: Pre-Initiation Ceremony, LBJ 3-15.1

  • Friday 4/28: Initiation @ 5 in LBJ

  • Saturday 4/29: Feast of Roses

Alpha Xi Delta:

  • Monday 4/17: Exec meeting at 8:00pm @ the Xi house

  • Tuesday 4/18: Chapter meeting at 6:30 @ the Xi House

  • Friday 4/21: Founder’s Day mingle with alum for exec and seniors

  • Saturday 4/22: Founder’s Day Celebration - all day

  • Sunday 4/23: Exec meeting at 6:30 @ the Xi House

  • Tuesday 4/25: Last Chapter meeting at 6:30 & Big/Little Appreciation

  • Saturday 4/29: Casual at The Oasis - Leaving the Xi house at 5

Chi Omega:

  • Monday 4/17: Exec meeting 8pm @ Chi O house

  • Tuesday 4/18: Chapter meeting 6pm @ Chi O house

  • Wednesday 4/19: CAPD Linked In Workshop 6:30pm @ Chi O house

  • Friday 4/21: Greek Awards @ 5:30

  • Saturday 4/22: Semi Formal @ Cricket Hill Ranch, Dripping Springs

  • Monday 4/24: Pluckers Profit Share

  • Monday 2/24: Exec meeting 8pm @ Chi O house

  • Monday 2/24: Phi Psi Mrs. Bobcats Pageant

  • Tuesday 4/25: Chapter meeting & Senior Farewell 6pm @ Chi O house

  • Sunday 4/30: Recruitment Workshop 11am @ Chi O house

  • Sunday 4/30: Walk for Wishes

Delta Gamma:

  • Tuesday 4/18 : chapter meeting @ 7pm

  • Friday 4/21 : Greek awards banquet @ 5:30pm

  • Saturday 4/22 : Casual @ the Allen farmhaus @ 5pm

  • Sunday 4/23 : Exec meeting @ 7pm

  • Monday 2/24 : Phi Psi Miss Bobcat Pageant

  • Tuesday 2/25 : Senior roast & toast @ aqubrew @ 7pm

  • Saturday 2/29: Founder’s day event @ 11pm

  • Sunday 2/30: Sisterhood event with Zeta

Delta Zeta:

  • Monday 4/17: Exec meeting 8pm @ the house

  • Tuesday 4/18: Chapter 6:15pm @ Solid Rock Church

  • Friday 4/21: Greek Awards Banquet @ 5:30pm

  • Saturday 4/22: Pink Goes Green Hike 10am @ Purgatory Creek

  • Saturday 4/22: Saturday’s are for your sisters 3pm @ the house

  • Monday 4/24: Exec meeting 8pm @ the house

  • Tuesday 4/25: Senior Roast & Toast/Pillow Paddle Swap 6:15pm @ Solid Rock Church

  • Friday 4/28: Semi-Formal 6:30pm @ Palm Door

Gamma Phi Beta:

  • Sunday 4/16: Exec meeting 6pm @ the Phi

  • Monday 4/17: I-week roller skating 7-9pm @ Austin Roller Rink

  • Tuesday 4/18: Chapter 6pm @ the Phi

  • Tuesday 4/18: I-week tshirt the-dye 7:30 @ the Phi

  • Wednesday 4/19: I-week game/study night 7pm @ the Phi

  • Thursday: 4/20: I-week event 7-9pm @ Springloaded Trampoline Park

  • Saturday 4/22: Moonball 5-9pm @ the Woods

  • Saturday 4/22: Senior Celebration 5-8pm @ bat boat tours in Austin

  • Sunday 4/23: initiation 3pm @ the Phi

  • Sunday 4/23: Exec meeting 6pm @ the Phi

  • Tuesday 4/25: chapter 6pm @ the Phi

  • Saturday 4/29: Casual 6pm @ the Goodnight

  • Sun 2/30: Exec meeting 6pm @ the Phi

Zeta Tau Alpha

  • Monday 4/17: Exec meeting 8pm @ the Z

  • Tuesday 4/18: Chapter 6:15pm @ the Z

  • Saturday 4/22: Alumni Weekend

  • Sunday 4/23 Full Chapter Recruitment Workshop 1-5 @ the Rec

  • Monday 4/24 EC Calendar Planning for Fall 7pm @ TBA

  • Tuesday 4/25: Senior Farewell 6pm @ the Z

  • Friday 4/28: Formal

  • Sunday 4/30 Sisterhood Yoga w/ DG

The next meeting will be 5-1-17 in LBJ 3-10.1 at 5:30pm.

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