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Dephasium and the Scientific Partnership

Ancilia is a project created by the partnership between Tucano and Dephasium.

Dephasium is a company, headquartered in Paris and London, which has coordinated the scientific research for the Ancilia project. This involves liaising with all the laboratories and academic institutions involved, and the company is also co-owner of the patents, alongside the University of Nantes. Dephasium developed the idea behind Ancilia based on a scientific collaboration with IETR, the electronics and telecommunications laboratory of CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research. The scientific teams in the partner laboratories started work on a validated research protocol back in 2010. At each stage of the development of the Ancilia case, the effectiveness of each prototype was tested by measuring the energy of the radiation which it shielded – this increased with each new design.

The Scientific Partners

CNRS, the largest multidisciplinary research organisation in France, conducts research in the scientific, technological and corporate sectors, covering the whole range of scientific fields. CNRS operates in all knowledge sectors, relying on over 1,100 research and support units.


IETR, the Rennes Electronics and Telecommunications Institute, is a public laboratory which groups together different research teams from:


• The University of Rennes

• INSA Rennes

• Supélec campus, Rennes

University of Nantes
Polytech Nantes

Polytech Nantes aims to find a balance between pure and applied research. The strength of its laboratories is provided by the numerous research contracts drawn up with companies, particularly SMEs, as well as major partnerships at the European and international level.

University of Nantes

Together with the Dephasium company, it owns 50% of the Ancilia patents. It hosts the laboratories used for testing and development of Ancilia products.

The Tests
All devices which emit electromagnetic waves have an SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) value; this is the index which measures the quantity of energy delivered by the radio frequencies emitted by the device, for instance a smartphone, which is then absorbed by the user's body. This produces an unnatural temperature increase in the corresponding part of the user's body. SAR data are required by law to be listed on manufacturer websites for all devices. The tests conducted on Ancilia always used a smartphone at full power and in the worst possible conditions, in order to reproduce a “worst-case” usage scenario. The partner laboratories first measured the force of expansion of the waves emitted by the phone without the Ancilia case, and then performed the same test with the case fitted. The tests were naturally performed on the side of the case on which the protection is active, that is the side with the Ancilia logo which must face the user's head or body. Comparing the two values therefore allows us to obtain the actual effectiveness for Ancilia: in many cases the reduction in power of the radiation measured reached 99%. Using Ancilia therefore effectively reduces the irradiation from electromagnetic waves received by the body almost to zero!

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