University High School Boosters Meeting Minutes

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University High School Boosters

Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2014


Andy Wittman, Doug Gillam, Susan Rink, Rod Bray, Tom Dulee, Wendy Smith, Denise Castillo, Andrea Markert, Lucy Morkin, Jane Lyman, Jennifer Trevarthan, Beth Adams, Roberta Trites, Tracy Patkunas


  • Welcome/Call to order/Roll call

  • Officer reports

    • Minutes

    • Reminder: Succession planning for 2014–2015 committees

  • Administration report

  • Old Business

    • Cello close out

  • New Business

    • Working session on registration packets

    • Boosters Post Prom/Senior Gift Procedure

    • Spirit Wear: Should all items with the “U” logo be reviewed by Boosters for proper logo and usage and pricing?

  • Committee reports

  • Adjourn


Call to order/Roll call

Andy Wittman called the meeting to order at 6:30.

Officer Reports

President Andy Wittman

  • Approval of April meeting minutes: Moved by Rod Bray; seconded by Tracy Patkunas. Minutes can be accessed on the UHS Booster website.

  • Reminder: Succession planning for 2015 committees - Committee chairs who will not be leading their committees for the 2014 – 2015 school year are identifying their replacements.

  • Invite ideas for increasing participation in Boosters next year. Suggestions included providing a magnet with Booster meeting dates to parents at registration, sending meeting reminder emails earlier, phone call follow-ups with first time visitors, giving people assignments and getting them involved with a sub-committee immediately


Rod Bray

  • Need volunteers to help with registration on July 31. Please contact Rod if you’re interested.

Treasurer Doug Gillam

  • See report below

Administration Report (Andrea Markert)

  • Wendy Smith shared that U-High head football coach Dusty Burk has accepted a position as assistant principal in Pontiac. Hoping to identify his replacement before finals. (See announcement of new head coach Mike Troll on U-High home page.)

  • All the Spring concerts went well

  • Senior pictures are in

  • Awards and graduation ceremonies will be available live online

  • Seniors will receive a DVD of Class Night. At the request of the students, the end of Class Night was not broadcast.

  • Asbestos abatement begins June 3

  • Summer school begins June 9

  • Prom and After-Prom went very well. “It was a great night.”

  • Staffing:

    • Hired a physics teacher from Washington. May be in a position to offer AP Physics in the future.

    • Mr. Fritz will take Chemistry

    • Hiring to replace Mr. Burk

  • Incoming freshman class is full

Old Business

  • Cello funding request:

    • Orchestra has held two fundraisers – Rosati’s night and recycling

    • Suggestion that the remaining balance on the cello be funded with a grant. Moved by Roberta Trites; seconded by Lucy Morkin.

  • Dance request:

    • Suggestion to provide a $500 matching grant

    • Moved by Roberta Trites; seconded by Tracy Patkunas

New Business

  • Book store is available through Facebook again this summer

  • Suggestion to provide $7,000 in start-up funds to Promotions committee for spirit wear for next year. Moved by Tom Dulee; seconded by Tracy Patkunas

  • We’ve let Metcalf know they need to come to the Boosters Club when they’d like to create items that use the U-High logo

  • Reviewed documents for the registration packets - packets will go out at the end of June

Announcements (see the U-High website home page for more)

  • U-High Baseball Team burger “The Ringer” won the MeatHeads Burger Battle against Central Catholic. Proceeds from both schools were donated to the Collins family.

Committee Reports

After-Prom Tracy Patkunas

  • Great reviews for this year’s event

  • Broke about even – fund-raising vs costs of the event

  • Providing bills to Doug for payment

  • After-Prom committee will start fresh with $5,000 for next year.

  • Suggestion: Remaining funds in the account will be used by the 2014 class (the class that raised the funds) for a class gift to the school. Moved by Tom Dulee, seconded by Susan Rink.

    • Andrea will work with Bob Fitz and the Senate on a gift.

  • Still identifying parent(s) to lead the After-Prom committee for next year.


Cory Roop

  • None


Beth Adams

  • The concert band played its spring concert May 5. The seniors were recognized and IHSA and ILMEA awards were handed out.

  • The band will play for the following events:

    • Graduation: Sunday, May 18, 2:00 pm

    • Bloomington Memorial Day Parade: Monday, May 26, 9:00 am

  • Marching Band Camp will take place Aug. 4 - 8, 2014, and we are looking forward to a whole new class of incoming freshman to join the Marching Pioneers!


Kari Hamm



Roberta Trites


Community Fundraising

Cory Roop

See the calendar of opportunities on the U-High Boosters website


Tami Masters


Faculty/Staff Appreciation

J. Trevarthan

  • Provided breakfast in April and planning Lunch for May

  • Many requests for recipes for donated items – working to create a U-High Cookbook in time for homecoming.


Denise Castillo

2014 Parent Reception for Freshmen Orientation

  • Date - May 7, 2014, 4:00-8:00pm

  • Served Lemonade, Ice tea, fresh fruit, vegetables/dip, crackers/cheese

  • Hospitality Volunteers helped with Reception set-up/serve and clean-up, and donated items of food and drink to be served.

  • Served Administration and staff involved a grab n’ go sandwich dinner, due to the early start of the evening. Dinner set-up, in the Main Office, included 36 sandwiches from Panera, with chips, cookies and water bottles.

  • Expenses for the evening were $256, the cost of the Panera sandwiches and chips. Cookies and water bottles needed for the dinner were donated.

  • Please help Denise welcome co-chair Chris Bray for next year

Parent Support Network

Steve Evans


Promotions Joyce Brooks

Purpose: To promote University High School through the sale of clothing and other merchandise.  We are not out to make a big profit for Boosters, nor do we stock merchandise that is sport specific. 

Promotions Report – April 2014

  • Spring orders are complete and distributed. Profit from spring sales totaled $388.

  • Freshman testing and the end of year blow out sale were successful. Sales included leftover spirit wear from the year and the majority of Freshman t-shirts. Total sales were $4,718.50.

  • Will be working in June/July on an order for large spirit wear order to sell at Registration in August. A planned online order will run shortly after/concurrently to complete Fall sales.

  • Michele Wittman will be assuming responsibility for promotions for the 2014-15 school year.

  • Consider offering U-High flags – a popular item from registration in past years.


Gina Fritz (Jane Lyman)

At registration – offering U-High crest on coffee mugs. Ordering two-year supply. Mugs not available anywhere else.


Andy Mosele


Motion to adjourn by Doug Gillam; seconded by Rod Bray; meeting adjourned at 7:45.

Next meeting

Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. in the U-High library.

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