1. Name, Designation & Date of Joining : Dr. K. Subramanian professor & 11-12-2002

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1. Name, Designation & Date of Joining : Dr. K. SUBRAMANIAN

Professor & 11-12-2002

2. Date of Birth& Age : 10-02-1955 & 63 years

3. Name of the Institution : Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

Email : drksubramanian@rediffmail.com

Mobile : 9894372411

Phone : 04295-226254

4. Department : Biotechnology

5. Field of Specialization : Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry

6. Educational Qualifications


Name of the Degree


Year of Passing

Name of the College

Name of the University

% of Marks obtained

Class obtained





Government Arts College, Coimbatore



First class with Distinction





Government Arts College, Coimbatore



‘O’ grade


(O grade)

University Second Rank



Polymer Chemistry


Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Indian Institute of Science







The Yorker International University, Italy

The Yorker Interna-tional University, Italy


7. Academic Experience

Name of the College


Joining Date

Relieving Date





SRKMV Arts and Science College, Coimbatore

Assistant Professor of Chemistry






Bannari Amman Institute of Technology



Professor &

Professor & Head
Principal Scientist & Head


Continuing service


( as on 15 Feb 2018)



Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Research Scholar









8. Industrial Experience:

Name of the Organisation


Nature of Work

Joining Date

Relieving Date





Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre , ISRO, Trivandrum


Applied research work in the area of polymers, composites, chemicals and propellants









9. Research areas

  • Polymer synthesis and characterization (NMR, FT-IR, MS)

  • Polymer modification, on polymers in space research

  • Thermal degradation of polymers(TG, DTA, DSC )

  • Solid Propellant formulation, combustion and burn rate

  • Catalytic degradation of polymers

  • Photopolymerization- kinetics and mechanism

  • Conducting polymers, polymer composites & Energetic polymers

  • Electro chemistry-Electrochemical synthesis and Electropolymerization

  • Microbial fuel cells and biosensors

  • Superabsorbent polymers for agricultural, textile and effluent treatment applications

  • Polymers( natural and synthetic) as carriers for drug delivery uses

  • Biopolymers, modification of biopolymers and biomaterials

  • Biofuels ( bioethanol and biodiesel)

10. PhD and projects guided

No. of PhD students guided : 2 ( completed PhD, polymer chemistry)

No. of BTech projects guided: 36(Biotechnology)

No. of MTech project guided: 12(Biotechnology)

11. Subjects taught/teaching

  • Chemistry, polymer chemistry, Bio-organic chemistry

  • Textile chemical processing,

  • Enzyme engineering and technology

  • Biological spectroscopy

  • Chromatographic separations

  • Instrumental methods of analysis

  • Protein Engineering

  • Molecular modeling and drug design

  • Biosensors and Microbial fuel cell

  • Properties of fibers

  • Chemical thermodynamics
12. Honors/Awards/recognitions

1.Biography is included in the 22nd to latest editions (2005- 2018) of MarquisWho’s Who in

the World , Who’s Who in Asia and Who’s Who in Science & Engineering, New York, USA.

2. Biograpghy is included in the Cambridge Blue Book by International Biographical Centre,

Cambridge, UK.

3. Biography included in the list outstanding scientists published by American Biographical

Institute, USA

4. Conferred illuminated Diploma of Honour in Oct 2006 by the international biographical centre,

Cambridge, UK.

5. Anna University approved guide for guiding PhD students in chemistry (polymer


6. Referee for many international Journal of Applied polymer science, Iranian

polymer Journal, polymer international, carbohydrate polymers, etc

7.Awarded Hon.DSc by The Yorker International University, Italy 2007

8.Conferred Best citizen’s of India, by the Best Citizen Publishing house,

New Delhi, Sept 2014

9. Awarded “Glory of Indian Award” by India-International Friendship Society

(IIFS), 4 September 2014

12. Best Educationist award by IIEM, New Delhi 2016

13. Best Indian Educationist award by FFI, New Delhi, 2016

14.Mother Therasa Global Award by FFI, New Delhi 2017

15. Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award 2018, by Marquis World’s

Who’s Who
13. Publications in peer reviewed journals

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  1. K. Subramanian, S.Narmadha, U.Vishnupriya and V.Vijayakumar , “Release characteristics of Aspirin and Paracetamol drugs from tablets with Aloe Vera gel powder as a drug carrier,” Drug Invention Today, vol 2(9),424-428, 2010.

  1. K.Subramanian and V. Vijayakumar, “Characterization of Crosslinked Poly (2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate-co-N-Vinyl-2-Pyrrolidone) as a Carrier for Controlled Drug Delivery,”Journal of Pharmacy Research, Vol. 4(3), 743-747, 2011.

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of TrimethylolpropaneTriacrylatecrosslinked Superabsorbent Polymers for Conserving

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Polymer Network from sodium alginate Isopropyl Acrylamide, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014, DOI: 10.1002/APP.40968

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Vitro Evaluation.In Encyclopedia of Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials. Taylor and

Francis: New York, Published online: 23 Feb 2016; 1-28.http://dx.doi.org/10.1081/E-EBPP-


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30. K. Subramanian, S. Indumathiand V. Vijayakumar Fabrication and Evaluation of

chitosan-gelatin composite film as a drug carrier for invitro transdermal drug delivery

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research 5, 2014, 438-447
31. K. Subramanian and B. Sukandhraj, Bioelectricty from sugar factory effluent

through a microbial fuel cell in presence of mediators, Asian Jr. of Microbial.

Biotech.Env.Sc. 17 (3), 2015, 127-133.
32. V. Dhanapal and K. Subramanian, A composite approach for remediation of cane

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33. V. Dhanapal and K. SubramanianModified chitosan for the collection of reactive blue 4,

arsenic and mercury from aqueous mediaCarbohydrate PolymersVolume 117,

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34. K. Subramanian V.Venupriya T.R.Poorani and S.Madhumitha Synthesis and in-vitro

evaluation of, poly(butylenesuccinate) nano particle as, a drug carrier for the,

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35. K. Subramanian C.Abarna S. Svetha and S.Abirami, Synthesis and evaluation of

acrylic monomer based N.N’-Methylene bisacrylamide crosslinked mucoadhesive

copolymer hydrogel as a carrier for controlled drug delivery World journal of pharmacy

and pharmaceutical sciences, 5(6), 2016, 1773-1797

International and national conference papers: 18

Country visited:

  1. China (Haiko, International symposium on drug delivery systems-SDDS-2013 November 2013 ( Travel grant from DBT, GoI)

  2. Malaysya (Kaulalumpur, Asiapharma 2016)-July 2016

Consultancy undertaken and completed: 2

14. Seminar, Conference, Workshop/Entrepreneurship awareness

camp Organised as Convenor

( National Seminars)

  • Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology, 27-30 July 2006 Supported by DRDO,

New Delhi.

  • Biopolymers: Source, Structure and Applications in Biotechnology, 19-21 July

2007, Supported by AICTE, New Delhi.

  • Polymers in Medicine and Biology, 7-8 Jan 2011, supported by DRDO, ICMR ,

New Delhi and TNSCST, Chennai.

  • Applications of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology, 21-

22 December 2011, Sponsored by AICTE and CSIR New Delhi.

  • Microbial products in Diverse Sectors: Agriculture, Chemicals, Energy, Enzymes,

Healthcare and Polymers” (MPDS-14) ” organized during 6-7 January 2014

Supported by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India

  • Drug carriers in Medicine and Biology(DCMB-2015), 6-7 Jan 2015, (DBT, SERBetc funded)

  • Current Scenerios and Future Prospects of Biotechnology (CSFPB-2016), 7-8 Jan 2016, Funded by DBT, INSA

  • Applications of Advanced Analytical Techniques in Diverse Sectors of Biotechnology (AAATDB-2017) 23-24 Feb 2017, DBT, GoI supported

  • Entrepreneurship awareness camps (2008, 2013 & 2014) for students supported by EDI, Ahemedabad.

  • Faculty Development Programme (2014) on Entrepreneurship for faculty members pported by AICTE, New Delhi

  • Convener: ViverraWarna-Futuristic approaches in biotechnology 14-15 March 2014 (Self supported Students National Seminar).

15.Funded Research Projects completed / ongoing as PI/Co-PI/Co-ordinator



Name of the funding agency

Name of the Scheme

Programme Title

Year of Fund-ing


Amount Sanctioned

(Rs in lakhs)



TNSCST, Chennai

S&T Project


Synthesis, Characteriza-tion and applications of polymer hydrogels

April 2005

Two years

(Extended upto





DBT, Ministry of Science and Techno-logy, New Delhi

Basic Research in modern biology


Synthesis and characteri-zation of new polymer drug carriers and correlation polymer architecture with drug release efficacy


Aug 2008

Three years





New Delhi



Biomolecule character-ization using HPLC

July 2013

One year






S&T Project


Production of ethanol from cotton waste ( CoI)

April 2014

Two years





Project Co-ordinator

R&D infrastructure

R& D Equipment for multidisiplinary research in science and Technology

Aug 2016

5 years



16.Membership in professional bodies

  • American Chemical Society (ACS) USA

  • American Association for advancement of Science (AAAS), USA

  • Life member: ISTE & Society for Polymer Science, INDIA

Dr. K. Subramanian

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