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Me llamo: ___________________________ Fecha: _________________________

Español 2R Señora Porpeglia/Señora Federico

You will create 2 INSTAGRAM POSTS of 2 different cities from a country in Central America. (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama)

You must include the following:

  • Choose 2 different cities

  • Write 5 sentences about a pretend trip to each city in the preterite tense.

  • You must include at least 3 different tourist attractions in that city.

  • Use 10 words from the unit vocabulary

  • Include 2 pictures. Your post should look just like a post on the application. You will include your picture in color with your sentences underneath. You can use your own account to post your project . You will then screen shot it and send it to me. kporpegl@lansingburgh.org This MUST be completed on a computer. If you do not have an Instagram account you can use the templates provided on my website.


  1. 10 verbs are conjugated in the preterit tense. _____/10

  2. You have 10 sentences. _____/10

  3. You have 10 vocabulary words. ( Please underline them) _____/10

  4. Your posts are appropriate pictures. _____/5

  5. Grammar is correct and comprehensible _____/5

  6. Project is on time. _____/5

  7. You used class-time wisely for this project. _____/5

Total: _____/50 pts.

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