2008 Woodland Lakes Estates hoa board

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2008 Woodland Lakes Estates HOA Board


Kim Monk



Vice President

Orlin Wagner



Frank Hawkins





Ron Jaerger


Assisting the Board

Chairman of Design Committee

Kent Kirkham



Roger Scales


Association Improvements
We hope everyone has noticed the improvements being made around the neighborhood.

Playground – Irrigation and additional sod was installed, stump removal and herbicide was sprayed. Phase 1 - Irrigation on west embankment, aeration and seeding was performed.

West Island – Retaining wall installed, tree stumps removed, unwanted vegetation dug up and area tilled.

Phase 3 pipeline – many hours of tilling, seeding and fertilization. Thanks to Dana and Will Engle for the donation of 50lbs of K-31 fescue seed!

Greenwich Island – honeysuckle and trees were trimmed, weeds removed and general clean-up.

There’s been some hard labor performed recently by many Association members, especially Kim, Frank, Orlin, Ron, Cecil, Rhonda and Norm Mitts.

Further work is being done to secure irrigation for the pipeline area and to narrowly define the requirements for a future mowing and landscaping contract.
Board members have been actively managing the irrigation systems for the commons areas so that they do not unnecessarily run after an adequate amount of rainfall has been received.
Future activities will include a clean-up of the entryway on Lincoln and 127th.

Fall Cleanup Day – Nov. 1
The HOA is sponsoring a Fall Clean-up Day with a large trash dumpster available all morning.
Security Alert!
Beware that thieves are now targeting unlocked cars parked in driveways, using the garage door opener to access the house.

The Membership of the Association has petitioned the Officers to hold a special meeting of all members. The Board accommodated the request and has scheduled the meeting for Monday, Oct. 20 at 7pm in the Gym at Woodland Lakes Community Church. Everyone is encouraged to attend!
Woodland Lakes HOA Annual Meeting Nov. 10
Attendance of all homeowners is highly encouraged at this required Annual Meeting. The Board will answer questions, discuss the direction of the Association and its many improvement and maintenance projects.
Open Board positions will be announced by President Kim Monk and a Treasurer’s report will provided as well.
Please help our area maintain a good supply of ground water for wells. Fescue lawns only need 1-½ inches of water per week. Please don’t abuse our natural resources by over-watering. Too much water is just as damaging to your lawn as not enough water.
Fall planting still a good idea
The fall season is the ideal time to plant trees and if your yard is overdue for planting or overseeding, NOW is the time to help create a consistent-looking neighborhood for everyone to enjoy. A well-maintained landscape is not only required by Section 1 of the covenants, it is a great way to preserve the value of your property – and everyone else’s! Contact the Board with your questions.
Dues Notice to Residents
Unfortunately we currently have homeowners who are behind on their dues. This has a substantial, direct and negative impact on maintenance and improvements for our neighborhood.

We understand that there may be special circumstances regarding payment of dues. We encourage all members experiencing difficulties with payment of dues to reach out to the Board to make arrangements. Please read Article 3, Section 3.04 of the covenants regarding late payment of dues. Covenants are available upon request. Contact Kim Monk at 651-5875 to obtain a copy.


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