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Pattaya, Thailand

11-15 December2012


Please complete the following form and send it by Fax: +66 38 259 800 or

e-mail to

Title: r Mr. r Ms. r Dr. r Prof. r Others (Please specify: )

First Name: Middle Name Last Name:

Position: Department:



City/State: Postal Code: Country:

Tel: Fax: E-mail:


Special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian food, halal food):

Accompanying Persons (if applicable): person (s)

Title: First Name: Middle Name: Last Name:

Accommodation Reservation:

Room Type r Single r Twin/Double r Extra Bed

Check-In Date: Flight No._______________ Arrival Time: ___________

Check-Out Date Flight No._______________ Departure Time: ___________

No. of Room (s): __________________

Room Type

Price in Thai Baht

(Per room per night)

Garden View

THB 4,800.-net

 Ocean View

THB 5,800.-net

Remark: The additional charges such as telephone call, mini-bar and additional night stay will be responsible by each of the guest. Reservations should be made no later than 10 November 2012

Limousine: Yes / No

Toyota Camry at THB 4,000.-net / one way (max. 3 people)

Guaranteed By:

( ) Credit Card No & Expiry Date…………………………/…………………………………

Please advise credit card details to guarantee all booking on a definite basis. Unguaranteed reservations will be subject to cancellation of booking.

For further inquiries, please contact:


Senior Sales Manager, Sheraton Pattaya Resort
Tel : +66 38 259 812-3 Fax : +66 38 259 800 E-mail:
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