2016 kcca motherland Tour Tentative Itinerary

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2016 KCCA Motherland Tour

Tentative Itinerary:





Day 1

Monday, July 4

Arrive in Seoul

Arrive in Seoul

Day 2


July 5,

Seoul – Bukchon, Kyungbokgung

Insadong, Namdaemoon Mart

Day 3


July 6

Imjingak Park (DMZ area)

Deoksugung, Chengyecheon Stream

Day 4

Thursday, July 7

Visit Adoption Center (SWS)

Lotte World

Day 5


July 8

War Museum

Seoul – N Seoul Tower, Myungdong

Day 6


July 9

Yongin Folk Village

Arrive in Sokcho

Day 7


July 10

Seorak Mountain

Arrive in Geyongju

Day 8

Monday, July 11

Bulgukssa, Seokguram,

Chumseongdae, Cheonmachong, Anapji

Day 9


July 12

Industry Tour – Hyundai/Pohang Steel

Arrive in Busan

Day 10


July 13

UN Memorial, Jagalchi Fish Market, Lotte Dept Store

Arrive in Jeju

Day 11

Thursday, July 14

Jeju Tour

Jeju Tour - Beach

Day 12


July 15

Jeju Tour

Arrive in Seoul

Day 13

Saturday, July 16



Day 14


July 17



Note: Dates and itinerary details to be firmed up


KCCA chairperson elect (past vice-president), Rev. David Kim, who has organized motherland tours in the past with the past president, the late John Lim, will coordinate the arrangement of the trip in Korea: accommodations, food, transportation and tours. KCCA executives, Paul Muther and Vincent Lim, working with a few parents, will make up the core team overseeing the registration, applications and preparations. The trip will be accompanied by Rev. David Kim and one other KCCA executive, as translators and tour facilitators.

Trip Cost:

KCCA families will cover the transportation costs: return air to Korea, return air to Jeju island (from Busan/Seoul) and coach bus in Korea.

Approx. $2,300 per person = Approx. $1800 +$200 + $300

KCCA will work with Korean government organizations/agencies and non-profit organizations in securing sponsorship of accommodations, food and tour costs. Other trip expenses, including personal expenses and shopping, can add up to $500 per adult.


First come, first serve – 30 people including children (approx. 8 families):

Priority to be given to:

  • Family’s first time back to Korea since adoption

  • Families with older aged adopted children (e.g 12-13 vs 5-6)

  • Immediate family members welcome (e.g. siblings) over extended families (e.g. grandparents)

  • Active KCCA participant families

  • Minimum age: 5 years old


Deposit: $500 per person with Registration; cheque payable to KCCA

The balance of approximately $1800 per person (Return air fare to Korea) is due at the time of the group air ticket purchase at the end of January.

The KCCA will purchase the air tickets as a group in order to receive a reduced price. Families with award mileage must secure their own trans-Pacific air tickets and be responsible for his/her own transportation for meeting with the group in Seoul.

Dates to Remember:

  1. Pre-Registration Conference Call with families: Wednesday January 6, 2016 8:00 pm. Please email Paul Muther for the conference call number.

  2. Registration End: Friday, January 22, 2016

  3. Balance Payment Due and Purchase of group airline tickets: end of January 2016

  4. Conference Call with Registered Families: input into the program, Wednesday February 24, 2016 8:00 pm – Vincent Lim, Rev. David Kim, Paul Muther

  5. Meeting of the families – preparation for the tour, Q&A, (May 2016) – Vincent Lim and Paul Muther

Contact Information:

Paul Muther: psmuther@gmail.com H: 416-487-0605

Vincent Lim: vincentslim@gmail.com C: 647-963-2740

Completed registration form and deposit to be mailed to:

Paul Muther

48 Eastbourne Avenue, Toronto, M5P 2G2

Application Form for 2016 KCCA Motherland Tour

Minor Adoptees and Families

(complete one form for each adoptee child if more than one)

Name: Korean name, if known:

First Middle Last

Date of Birth: Age as at June 1, 2016: Male: Female:

Parent (Father) name: contact email:

(Mother) name: contact email:

Current Address:
Home phone number: Cell phone(s)

Name/age/relationship of accompanying family members:

Child’s age at Adoption:
Adoption agency in Korea: Case # (if known)
Adoption agency in Canada:
Have parents made any contact with the agency in Korea since adoption? If yes, name of contact person:
Does the child speak Korean? If yes, what level?
Has the child visited Korea before? If yes, when, with whom and Why?

Airport you would begin flight from (if not Toronto):

Date application submitted:
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