Abnormal Psychology Second Canadian Edition

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Abnormal Psychology Second Canadian Edition

  • Gerald C. Davison

  • John M. Neale

  • Kirk R. Blankstein

  • Gordon L. Flett

Chapter 1

  • Introduction:

  • Definitional and Historical Considerations

What is Abnormal Behaviour?

What Is Abnormal Behaviour?

  • Violation of norms

  • Personal distress

  • Disability or dysfunction

  • Unexpectedness

What is Abnormal Behaviour?

  • “Because the field is continually evolving, it is not possible to offer a simple definition of abnormality that captures it in its entirety. The characteristics presented constitute a partial definition, but they are not equally applicable to every diagnosis.”

  • Davison, Neale, Blankstein, & Flett

  • Abnormal Psychology, Second Canadian Edition

The Mental Health Professions

  • Clinical psychologist

    • Ph.D. or Psy.D.
  • Psychiatrist

    • M.D.
    • Prescriptions
  • Psychoanalyst

The Mental Health Professions

  • Social worker

  • Counseling psychologist

  • Psychiatric nurse

History of Psychopathology

  • Early demonology

    • Demonology
    • Exorcism
    • Trepanning

History of Psychopathology

  • Somatogenesis

    • Somatogenesis versus psychogenesis
    • Hippocrates
    • Mania, melancholia, phrenitis
    • Four humours (i.e., blood, black bile, yellow bile, phlegm)

History of Psychopathology

  • Dark Ages and Demonology

    • Persecution of witches (Malleus Maleficarum)
    • Witchcraft and mental illness

History of Psychopathology

  • Development of asylums

    • Asylums
    • Bethlehem (Bedlam)
      • Benjamin Rush (1745-1813)
    • Moral treatment
      • Philippe Pinel (1745-1826)
      • Dorothy Dix (1802-1877)

Asylums in Canada

Asylums in Canada

Asylums in Canada

The Beginning of Contemporary Thought

  • An early system of classification

    • Emil Kraepelin (1856-1926)
    • Syndrome (e.g., dementia praecox, manic-depressive psychosis)
  • General paresis and Syphilis

  • Psychogenesis

The Beginning of Contemporary Thought

  • Mesmer

  • Charcot

  • Breuer and the cathartic method

    • Anna O.

Lesson of History

  • Cycles of persecution, neglect and humanitarianism in the treatment of the mentally ill have occurred irrespective of the helping agency.

  • Periods in which people who exhibited psychologically disordered behaviour were persecuted and treated cruelly have often alternated with periods of humanitarian reform and care for suffering people.

Lesson of History

  • Just as we now look back on what were once accepted treatments with revulsion, future generations may regard some of our more recent and current practices as cruel and inhumane.

  • Recent reforms may easily be reversed during adverse economic, political, and social conditions.

The Mental Hospital in Canada

  • Medicare

  • Provincial psychiatric hospitals

  • Milieu therapy

  • Community treatment orders (CTOs)

Attitudes Toward People with Psychological Disorders

  • Stereotyping

  • Stigmatization

  • Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Treatment and Prevention

  • Deinstitutionalization

  • Best practice methods

  • Evidence-based treatments

  • Help seeking

  • Community psychology

  • The Future: The Romanow Report

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