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  • Acta Ecologica Sinica(Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Acta Oecologica (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Active Conservation Techniques (Print only)

  • ASHS  Newsletter    (Full text, American Society for Horticulture Science)
    Username: VDhawan.1
    Password:   VD54581

  • ASPB News  (Full Text, American Society of Plant Biologists)
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  • ADB Business Opportunities (Full Text, Asian Development Bank)

  • ADB Review (Full Text, Asian Development Bank)

  • Advanced Materials & Process (Abstracts only)

  • Advances in Accounting (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Advances in Environmental Research (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Advances in International Accounting (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Agricultural Economics   ( Full Text access , ScienceDirect)

  • Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment  ( Full Text access , ScienceDirect)

  • Agriculture Today (print form Only)

  • Agroforestry Systems (TOC, Abstracts )  

  • AICHE ( TOC+Abstract, Print form only*, Wiley Interscience)

  • AIChE (Downloaded issues from year 1999-2001)

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Journal (Print form only)

  • Ambio (TOCs + Abstracts, print only)  

  • American Economic Review (Full Text)
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    Password  : teriin
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    Click on e-publication  

  • American Economic Review (Downloaded issues form year 1999-2000)

  • American Journal of Agricultural Economics (print only)

  • The American Journal of Human Genetics (Full text, ScienceDirect)

  • American Journal of Kidney Diseases (Full text, ScienceDirect)

  • American water work association e-journal (Full Text)
    username :00435927
    password   : kar

  • Analytica Chimica Acta (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Annals of Forestry  (Print form only)

  • Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS)

  • Annals of Nuclear Energy  (Full text, ScienceDirect)

  • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences (Full Text)
    User ID      : 00409269
    Password  : Pachauri

  • Annual Review of Environment & Resources ( Print only)

  • Applied and Environmental Microbiology (Abstracts, & Full text archive)

  • Applied Energy (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Applied Geography (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Applied Soil Ecology (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Applied Thermal Engineering (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Applied Soil Ecology [Downloaded, year 2005, vol 29]

  • Appropriate Technology (print form only)  

  • Architecture and Design (Print form only)

  • ASHARE Journal (Full text)
    User ID:
    password: Newdelhi1

  • AsiaGas and Power (Downloaded, Energy Argus vol 1, Issue 1)  

  • Asian Biotechnology and Development Review ( print form only) 

  • Asian Environmental Technology ( print form only)   

  • ASM News (Full Text)

  • ASME News (Full Text)  

  • Atmospheric Environment (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Aviation weekly (Full text)


  • Basic and Applied Ecology(Full Text, ScienceDirect)
  • Biodiversity and Conservation (Full text, Springer)

  • Biological Conservation(Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Biomass and Bioenergy(Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Bioresource Technology(Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Bioprocessingof Solid Waste & Sludge (Orbit Journal) (Full Text)

  • Biotechniques (Full Text)
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  • Biotechnology and Development Monitor  (Downloaded issues of March-June 2000)

  • Bombay Natural  History Society (Print Only , BNHS)

  • Building and Environment (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Building Bulletin [June 2004-Aug2005]

  • Building Energy Simulation Newsletter [Downloaded 2004]

  • Building Energy Simulation User News (full Text, Simulation Research Group)

  • BAMS-Bulletin of American Meteorological Society ( Full Text, AMS)

  • Bulletin on Energy Efficiency (print form only)

  • Business Barons: the magazine for corporate leaders (Full text)

  • Business India (print form only)

  • Business Today (Full Text)
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  • Business Week
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    Password: energy
    Customer id: 282730712      0700 (if required)

  • Business World (Full Text)
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  • California Agriculture (print form only)

  • Cambridge Journal of Economics (TOC and Abstracts, Oxford)

  • Canadian Journal of Forest Research (Full Text, NRCC)
    Username: 37071
    Password:  37071

  • Canadian Journal of Forest Research (archive 2000)

  • Canadian Journal of Microbiology (Full Text, NRCC)
     Username: 37071
    Password:   37071


  • Canadian Journal of Microbiology (archive 2000)  

  • Car Lines (Full text)

  • Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Carbon & Climate Law Review (Full text,  Lexxion)
    username: 10019
    Password: bMXcbSst

  • Carbon Finance (Full text)
    Password: cf1245


  • Cell, The (Full Text)
    User name: Shashibushan
    Password : tericell

  • Chemical & Engineering News Online (Full Text) 
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    Password : 01606013
    Member subscription no full: 016060131208

  • The Chemical Engineering Journal and the Biochemical Engineering Journal 

  • Chemical Engineering Journal ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Chemical Engineering Progress (TOC, Abstracts, Print form only)

  • Chemical Industry Digest (print form only)

  • Chemical News (print form only)

  • Chemico-Biological Interactions ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Chemie der Erde - Geochemistry ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Chemistry & Biology ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils
    Member Number: 467731


  • Chemosphere ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Chemosphere - Global Change Science ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils (Full text, AOCS)

  • China Economic Review ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • China Population, Resources and Environment ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Chromosome Research ( Full Text, Springer)

  • Chronolog Newsletter

  • CIFOR Newsletter

  • CIO(Fulltext) 

  • Cities ( Toc + Abstracts Only, ScienceDirect)

  • Climate Policy (print form only) 


  • Climatic Change (TOC + Abstract only, Springer)


  • Climate change economics (online only- one year complimentary subsription)

  • Clinical Radiology Extra ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • CMIE: Monthly Review of the Indian Economy (print form only)

  • CMIG Extra: Cases ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Coastal Engineering ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Cogeneration and competitive power journal (Full Text, AEE)
    Username: pprosanto
    Password: energy2

  • Cogeneration and Distributed Generation Journal (Full Text, AEE)
    Username: pprosanto
    Password: energy2

  • Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production (print form only)

  • The Columbia Journal of World Business ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Combinatorial Chemistry - an Online Journal ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Combustion and Flame ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Pharmacology, Toxicology
    and Endocrinology ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology
    ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences - Series IIA - Earth and Planetary
    Science ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Comptes Rendus Geoscience ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Computer Communications ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Computers, Environment and Urban Systems ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Conservation Biology (print form only)

  • Conservation and Society ( Full Text)   

  • Contributions to Indian Sociology (print form only)

  • Convergence Plus (print form only)

  • Co Operative Sugar (print form only)

  • Copy Editor (Full Text)
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    website to get fulltext articles.

  • Cordis Focus newsletter

  • Corporate Environmental Strategy (TOC)

  • Cortex ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Corporate Governance (print form only)

  • Crop Protection (Full Text, IAPPS)
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    Activation number: 11494

  • Crop Science (TOCs & Abstracts)
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  • CRIEPI: Quarterly Abstracts  (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • CSA News  (print form only)

  • Current Advances in Genetics and Molecular Biology (print form only)

  • Current Science (Full Text)

  • Critical Perspectives on Accounting ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Current Biology ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Current Literature Listing: Bidegradation of Waste (print form only)

  • Current Literature Listing: Environmental Impact Assessment Review(print form only)

  • Current Science(print form only)

  • Cuts Newsletter (Consumer Unity and Trust Society)

  • The Chemical Educator (Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • The Chemical Engineering Journal and the Biochemical Engineering Journal
    ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • The Columbia Journal of World Business ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)



  • Dataquest (Full Text)
    User ID    : reetas 
    Password: teriorg

    Subscription id: 03010006618

  • Dendrochronologia ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Development Alternatives (print form only)

  • Developmental Cell ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Development and Change ( print only) 

  • Desalination ( Full text, ScienceDirect)

  • Discrete Optimization ( Full text, ScienceDirect)

  • Digit

  • Digital Document Quarterly (Full Text)

  • Discover ( Abstracts of Latest issue &  Full Text Archive)

  • DNA Repair ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Down to Earth (Full Text)
    Username: teriin11
    Password:  teriin11

    customer code: 234




  • EcoHealth ( Full Text, SpringerLink)
    2006 User ID    : ecohnet6
    2006 Password: ecohnet6
    - Go to the SpringerLink homepage at
    Login with the username and password (case sensitive); if you wish, you
    may check the box to remember your login information. Click the "Login"
    button after entering the codes - do not press "Enter" on your keyboard.
    Click on "Browse Publications" and then the letter "E" to locate "EcoHealth".
    Once you have entered into the journal's homepage, you should be able to
    view the table of contents and full-text of the articles

  • Ecoal (print form only)

  • Ecological Complexity  ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Ecological Economics  ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Ecological Engineering ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Ecological Indicators ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Ecological Informatics ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Ecological Modelling ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Ecologist, The (Full text)

  • Economic Botany (print form only)

  • Economic and Political Weekly (Full Text)
    Password:  debalc
    Subscriber no: DE-02103

  • Economic Modelling ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Economic Systems ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Economics & Human Biology ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Economics Letters ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Economics of Education Review ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • The Economist (Full Text)
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    E-mail address & Password. Click the desired topics from the left column.
    E-mail address
    Password    :teridelhi
    Sub no: 00470438

  • Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety  ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • EDMC Energy Trend (print form only)

  • Editorial Eye (Downloaded 2002)  

  • Editorial Eye  

  • e-gov (Full text)

  • EJVES Extra  ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Electric Power Systems Research  ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Electrical India (print form only)  

  • Electrical Review(I) (print form only)

  • Electrical World (Full Text)

  • Electricity Journal ( Full Text, ScienceDirect) 
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    edition for full text articles and Click Table of contents  from the Contents Services for contents.

  • Electro Chemistry Communication (  Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters (Full Text)
    Username:  teriresources
    Password :   teri1256

  • Electrochemistry Communications  

  • Electronic Library (Downloaded 1992-2002)


  • Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • EM Online (Environmental Managers Online)(Full Text)Last name:kar Member ID:45002
     Instructions: Click EMOnline.

  • EMBO Journal (Full Text)
    Password   : nature

  • Emerging Markets Review   ( Full Text, ScienceDirect)

  • Energy (Full Text)
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articles and Click Table of contents  from the Contents Services for contents.  
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