Admission for Ph. D

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Santosh University serves as a unique institution providing quality medical and dental education, and healthcare services. Apart from its excellent academic courses, it also provides state of the art infrastructural facilities. Santosh is dedicated to provide excellent medical and dental education, healthcare facilities and to become the home for advanced research activities.

Ph.D. Programme
The admissions for the Ph.D. courses in the following departments are open:
Basic Departments: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Community Medicine, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Clinical Psychology (Psychiatry Dept.) and Hemato-Path (Pathology Dept.)
Clinical Departments: TB & Chest, OBST. & GYNAE. and Maxillofacial Surgery.
The qualifications/Eligibility criteria, number of seats and other Terms and Conditions are as under:

Ph.D. Programme


Name of the Department

No. of Seats

Qualifications/Eligibility Criteria



06 (Medical)

  1. The candidates who possess Masters degree in Science/Behavioural Science in a subject allied to Bio-Medical Sciences or Master of Surgery (M.S.) or Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S.) (only Dental subjects) or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or an equivalent degree or Diploma of the National Board of Examinations will be eligible for Ph.D. Course for all the above subjects (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Maxillofacial Surgery).

  1. The candidates who possess a recognized M.Sc. Medical Anatomy, M.Sc. Medical Physiology, M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry, M.Sc. Medical Microbiology and

M.Sc. Medical Pharmacology will be eligible for Ph.D. Medical Courses in the respective subjects i.e. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology.



09 (Medical)

As above



05 (Medical)

06 (Non-Medical)

As above



05 (Medical)

As above



06 (Medical)

As above


Maxillofacial Surgery

02 (Dental)

As above


TB & Chest

02 (Medical)

The candidates who possess degree of Doctor of Medicine or an equivalent degree or Diploma of the National Board of Examinations or Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases (D.T.C.D.) or M.Sc. in Biotechnology or M.Sc. Medical Microbiology or M.Sc. Microbiology will be eligible for Ph.D. in the Department of TB & Chest.


Community Medicine

06 (Medical)

The candidates who possess a recognized Master’s Degree in Behavioural Science/Home Science/ Nutrition/ Public Health or Allied subjects will be eligible for Ph.D. in the Department of Community Medicine.


Clinical Psychology (Psychiatry Dept.)


The candidates who possess a recognized Degree of MD in Psychiatry or M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology or M.A. in Psychology or M.Phil. in Psychology/Clinical Psychology will be eligible for Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry.


Hemato Path. (Pathology Dept.)


The candidates who possess a recognized Degree of MD in Pathology/Pediatrics/Medicine will be eligible for Ph.D. in Hemato Path in the Department of Pathology.




The candidates who possess a recognized Degree of MS/MD in Obstetrics & Gynecology will be eligible for Ph.D. in Obstetrics & Gynecology in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology.


  1. METHOD OF SELECTION: through entrance test and interviews.

Entrance test: The entrance test of the eligible candidates will be held on 03/09/2014 (Wednesday) at 09:00 AM, Santosh Medical College, Ghaziabad. The interviews will also be held on 03/09/2014 at 11:00 AM onwards in the chamber of the Vice-Chancellor, Santosh University, Ghaziabad.

  1. The paper will be MCQs of general nature, intended to assess the teaching/research aptitude of the candidates. It will be of 50 marks.

  2. The test will be followed by an interview by the Selection Committee and will be of 50 marks.

  3. Final selection will be based on the merit after combining the marks of the entrance test and the interview, separately for each concerned department.

  4. The candidates who have passed the CSIR-UGC NET – JRF examination or IRF examination by agencies like ICMR/Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) etc. or have already been selected for JRF/SRF/Project fellows in research projects, sanctioned by funding agencies to any of the faculty members of this University, shall be exempted from appearing for the Ph.D. entrance examination.

  5. The In-Service faculty of the Santosh Medical/Dental Colleges, who fulfils the existing criteria, shall be exempted from appearing for the Ph.D. entrance examination.

  1. The Ph.D. course will start from 10th September, 2014.

  1. Duration of the Course: 3 years (minimum) to 5 years (maximum)

  1. Fellowships/Grant/Funding:

Admission to Ph.D course will be subject to the availability of research funds/fellowship/grants from recognized funding agencies i.e. Pool Officer from CSIR, ICMR, DST, INSA etc. The admission will be finalized and offer sent to the candidates only when evidence of the availability of research funds/grant/fellowship for the project is submitted by the selected candidates through the concerned Head of the Departments.

  1. The college will provide no fellowships/grants during the Ph.D. programme.

  1. The expenses, if any, towards consumable items, shall be borne by the Ph. D student.

  1. In case, a student is selected for Ph.D. programme and no fellowship/grant from a recognized institution/college is available with him/her then the student is required to bear all the expenses for the same.

M.Sc. Medical Courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Microbiology (20 seats in each subject)

Qualification/Eligibility criteria

The candidates who possess a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Lab Technology/B.Sc. degree examinations with Physics, Chemistry, Botany or Zoology with 50% aggregate marks as the main subjects or B.Sc. degree in Home Science are eligible to apply for M.Sc. Medical Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry.

The candidates who are B.Sc. Medical Microbiology, B.Sc. Life Sciences or Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology, with 50% aggregate marks in the above fields are eligible to apply for M.Sc. Medical Microbiology.

The eligible and interested candidates may apply by 22nd August 2014 in the enclosed prescribed format along with detailed CV and attested copies of the testimonials with 2 recent photographs and specifying the name of the discipline/Department:

Contact: The Secretary, Selection Committee,

No-1, Santosh Nagar, Ghaziabad, NCR Delhi

Tel: 0120-2741141-42, 2743417, 2743419 website:

Affix Pass Port Size Photograph of the applicant


The Secretary,

Santosh University,


Name of the Course and Discipline applied :


Name of the Applicant :


Date of Birth :


Father’s Name :


Gender :


Category/Community :


Nationality :



(Permanent and Mailing) :




Mobile No. and Phone No. :


Email ID :


Details of Educational Qualification

Degree MBBS/BDS/



Board/Council/ University

Name & Address of the Recognized Institution/University

Month & Year of Passing

% of Marks obtained

Name of the Council, Regn. No & Date

Details of Experience and Employment



Name of the Institution



Research Publication with details thereof: _________________________________



I hereby declare that the information furnished by me in the Application Form is correct and nothing has been concealed. In case any information furnished by me is found to be false, my candidature/registration/admission/service may be cancelled/terminated. I have not concealed any information. I realize that if any information furnished herein is found to be incorrect or untrue; I shall be liable to civil/criminal prosecution and also forgo my claim to the admission/appointment in the Institute.

Signature of the Applicant

Date : ______________________

Mobile No : ______________________

Email ID : ______________________
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