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As a member of the pom team of Providence Catholic High School, the pom team member and her family must understand that being a member of the team involves a significant time commitment.
A practice schedule will be given in advance, HOWEVER, changes can and will be made if needed. Additional practices may be called when need, especially before competitions.
Parents are expected to purchase uniforms and required equipment. The expected cost for each girl during the upcoming season is estimated at $1500

Selection is at the discretion of the coaching staff. Scores will not be revealed and explanations will not be provided. ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

Judges scores are determined by technical skills, over all performance of the routine, and sportsmanship.

Each year the team size may differ; there is not a set number of members for the pom team. The team will compete with 1 routine during the competition season. The number of girls performing in the routine will be determined by the coaches. Team members are NOT guaranteed a spot in the routine. If a member does not receive a spot in the routine, that member will be considered an alternate. Changes can be made throughout the season under the coaches’ discretion.


Alternates will only be chosen for competition routines. If a team member is not chosen for the competition routine, she will be considered an alternate. Alternates are expected to continue to practice the routine with the rest of the team. Alternates will have opportunities to participate in challenges to earn a spot in the competition routine.

Alternates will be used as substitutes or replacements in competition routines under the Coaches’ discretion.


  • Team members are expected to follow all directions given by the Coaches

  • All members must attend all practices, games, and performances

    • Exceptions (Coaches must be notified by the team member or parent the day of the absence)

      • A funeral (the day of the funeral/wake)

      • A family emergency

      • Illness – Doctor’s note is needed if gone longer than 2 days

      • Kairos

  • All members must be on time for every event including games, practices, bus departures, and competitions.

  • All members must remain at all competitions and practices until the coach dismisses them.

  • Doctor’s appointments should NOT be made during a scheduled practice.

  • If a team member is academically ineligible, she will not perform during the period of ineligibility, HOWEVER, she is required to attend practices, games, and competitions held during that week. For practices, she will bring homework to do for the whole time. After the 3rd time of ineligibility, the pom member will be excused from the team under the Coaches’ discretion.

  • All pom events are school-sponsored activities conducted under the rules and regulations of Providence Catholic High School.

  • Parents must remain outside of restricted areas at all competition sites and adhere to all guest rules and regulations. Parents must understand that they represent Providence Catholic High School

  • Neither parents nor pom members should harass or argue with the pom coaches, judges, or teammates once decisions are made.

  • NO ALCOHOL, NO SMOKING, NO DRUGS. Evidence of teammates breaking this rule will result in immediate suspension from the team and a meeting with the parents.

  • All team members are required to have an annual physical on file in the athletics office. PHYSICALS WILL BE DUE TO THE COACH ON THE 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL. When injured, you must also provide a doctor’s note stating that you are released to practice and perform with no restrictions.


Participation in performances and membership on the team will be based on a demerit system combined with records of excused and unexcused absences.

There are two types of absences, Excused or Unexcused

Excused absence – an absence that is APPROVED, in advance, by the Coach.

The pom member will be told if the absence is excused

Unexcused absence – an absence that is NOT communicated to or approved by the Coach in advance. The pom member will be told if the absence is unexcused


Demerits will be given at the coaches’ discretion, for each of the following inflictions.

  • Blatantly going against the directions of the Coaches. (1 DEMERIT)

  • Not attending a practice(unexcused absence) (2 DEMERITS)

  • Not attending/showing up for a game (4 DEMERITS)

  • Not attending/showing up for a competition (6 DEMERITS)

  • Not being on time to a practice, game, competition, or bus departure


  • Leaving a practice, game, or competition before being dismissed by the Coaches (2 DEMERIT)

  • Leaving practice early for a doctor’s appointment or other reason (1 DEMERIT)

  • Ineligibility (2 DEMERITS PER WEEK)

  • Not bringing school work during ineligibility (1 DEMERIT)

  • Inappropriate/insubordinate behavior at camp, practice, game, or competition (1 DEMERIT)

  • Receiving phone calls or texting during practices, games, or competition awards (1 DEMERIT)

  • Not having the necessary equipment for practice or a performance (1 DEMERIT)

  • Failing to meet choreography deadlines, music selection, or turning in signed paperwork (1 DEMERIT)

  • Failing to be prepared/fully dressed in the appropriate wear for pre-game, the game, or half-time (1 DEMERIT)

  • Wearing rings, earrings, bracelets, or necklaces during a practice, performance, or competition – only medical alert jewelry can be worn with tape (1 DEMERIT)

  • Not having tables and chairs moved by 3:00 (1 DEMERIT)


Pom members who exceed the limits mentioned below may be removed from the team or temporarily suspended. Final dismissals will be decided by the Coaches, Athletic Director and/or Principal.

  • 5 DEMERITS = miss next public performance

  • Each additional DEMERIT after 5 DEMERITS = miss next public performance

  • 8 DEMERITS = Pom member will be reviewed for dismissal

  • Each pom member will be allowed no more than 5 excused absences and 2 unexcused absences during the pom season; at this time she will be reviewed for dismissal.


Practice times will vary due to gym and cafeteria availability.

When practicing in the cafeteria, ALL TABLES AND CHAIRS ARE TO BE MOVED, FOOD PUT AWAY, and WATER BOUGHT before practice begins.
Practices will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
The pom team is expected to perform at all home varsity football and basketball games. No vacations should be taken during camp or competition seasons.
Practice schedules will be passed out in advance so that family outings, vacations, and appointments can be planned around poms. Changes can be made on a daily basis if a situation arises. The team members would be notified of any changes through the school announcement system or the calling tree.


Summer practices will begin mid July. Exact days and times will be given at a later date

The pom team will be attending a UDA dance camp held at Embassy Suites Hotel in Peoria, IL July 28th - July 31st and a UDA choreography camp held at Providence Catholic High School August 15th- August 17th. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. If the prospective pom cannot attend either camp, then they will not earn a spot on the team.


The Pom team will compete in IHSA Dance Sectionals with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the IHSA State Championship

The pom team will also compete in at least 4 IHSA sanctioned competitions

  • We will travel as a team to all competitions by way of parent carpool or bus.

  • During competitions the pom members must stay as a team unless specified by the Coaches.

  • The Coaches will make all final decisions regarding all overnight stays for IHSA and UDA camp.

If a teammate misses practice or school for ANY reason, other than illness, family emergency, funeral, or kairos, AND the absence in UNEXCUSED, the week before a competition, she will not participate in the competition.
If a teammate misses practice or school for ANY reason the week before a competition and the coaches are not notified before hand, she will NOT participate in the competition.
If a teammate misses practice or school more than 2 days the week before a competition due to illness, family emergency, or funeral, she will NOT participate in the competition.


As students and parents we have read and understand the Agreement, Guidelines, and Regulations for Poms. By signing this agreement we understand and agree that both student and parents will be bound by and support these rules and regulations. We will do all we can to uphold the honor and tradition of the Providence Catholic Pom Team, respect teammates and staff, and promote school spirit and camaraderie. We understand the financial obligations as well as the fundraising participation requirement. We also understand that if my daughter quits or is excused from the team, we are still responsible for any monetary obligation.

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Print- student name Student Signature

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Print- Parent name Parent signature



REMINDER: bring in this signed form to the tryout meeting along with:

$15.00 clinic fee

Copy of last report card or current semester grades

Signed emergency form
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