Aia mission Briefing Col Fred Witter

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AIA Mission Briefing

  • Col Fred Witter

  • Director, Financial Management & Comptroller

AIA Resources

How and Why AIA is Different: Money

  • Most Air Force organizations are funded exclusively by money appropriated for the the US Air Force by Congress

  • Two-thirds of our finding comes from non-Air Force Congressional appropriations; this includes money from three National Foreign Intelligence Programs

      • Consolidated Cryptologic Program (National Security Agency)
      • General Defense Intelligence Program (Defense Intelligence Agency)
      • National Imagery and Mapping Program (National Imagery and Mapping Agency)
  • Money in each program is “fenced” – it cannot be used except to support that program

Colors of Money

National Foreign Intelligence Program (NFIP)

      • Players

  • Community mgt. structure

  • Nat’l level activities of the military services

  • Elements of Depts. of Defense, State, Justice, Treasury, and Energy

General Defense Intelligence Program (GDIP)

  • Provides funds for collecting, processing, analyzing, producing, and disseminating military intelligence for the following:

    • Support to national policy makers
    • Equipping and training intelligence forces
    • National-level support to warfighters
  • Program Manager - Director, Defense Intelligence Agency (Dir, DIA)

  • Major Participants:

    • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
    • Service Intelligence Elements

Consolidated Cryptologic Program (CCP)

  • Provides funds for exploitation of foreign communications and non-communications signals to satisfy national-level SIGINT requirements for the U.S. Government

  • Program Manager - Director, National Security Agency (DIRNSA)

  • Major participants:

    • NSA
    • The Service Cryptologic elements (SCEs) through the Central Security Service (CSS)

Joint Military Intelligence Program (JMIP)

  • Activities

  • Defense-wide/joint imagery, cryptology, counterdrug, recon activities

  • Defense-wide mapping, charting, geodesy

  • Joint research and development

  • Joint reserve intelligence management

Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities (TIARA)

        • Activities
  • Intelligence Support Systems

  • Tactical-level Training

  • Tactical Recon/Ocean Surveillance

  • Tactical-level Support

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