Beach Slang Announce first uk release + Headline tour in May

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Beach Slang

Announce first UK release + Headline tour in May
"With the excitement built around it, we’re just going to go ahead and say it: Beach Slang is the best new band of the year. And we’re not afraid to call “first” on that" - Noisey
"Chasing coolness seems to be just about the last thing on Beach Slang's mind. They're an earnest bunch, and the things they sing about—outsized romances, youthful abandon, feeling pretty good about feeling pretty bad—deserve the kind of big, heartrending, leave-it-all-out-there drama this surging alterna-pop only amplifies" - Pitchfork
"Their yearning, burning basement anthems find that sacred spot between pop and punk, with singer-guitarist James Alex rasping melodically over cranked amps. The Insta-ready lyrics have certainly helped stoke the buzz"Stereogum
Beach Slang, the Philadelphia based three piece, have announced their debut UK release and tour. Broken Thrills compiles onto a single LP their first two 7" singles; Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street and Who Would Ever Want Something So Broken?.
Released via Big Scary Monsters (La Dispute, Gnarwolves, Minus The Bear) on 27th April, Broken Thrills is part punk, part pop and all catharsis, referencing the ghost of The Replacements but keeping one foot firmly rooted in the present. Evoking the spirit of punk and juxtaposing it in to something that's as brutally honest as it is infectiously catchy, there's something indefinable about Beach Slang's music.
Fresh off a full US tour with Cursive, the band make their first ever trip to Europe in May, including a handful of shows supporting Knapsack in Europe, before a short headline run in the UK.
Broken Thrills is available to pre-order via on three different vinyl variants.
James Alex - guitar/vocals | JP Flexner – drums | Ed McNulty - bass
Tour dates:
01.05 - Groezrock, Belgium

02.05 - Munster, Gleis 22 (w/ Knapsack)

03.05 - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof (w/ Knapsack)

04.05 - Koln, Gebaude 9 (w/ Knapsack)

05.05 - Hamburg, Hafenklang (w/ Knapsack)

09.05 - Bristol, The Exchange

10.05 - Manchester, Tiger Lounge

11.05 - Kingston, Banquet Records (instore)

11.05 - Brighton, Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

12.05 - London, The Stillery (free entry)
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