Bio lazo (né Lazarus J. Finn) is a Reggae musician from Dominica. He is from Castle Bruce, Dominica. He also holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto. Lazarus J. Finn

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Lazo (né Lazarus J. Finn) is a Reggae musician from Dominica. He is from Castle Bruce, Dominica.

He also holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto.

Lazarus J. Finn (Lazo) began his music career at 15 years of age with a band called Black Blood, whose very first album charted #2 and received extensive airplay in the Caribbean. Soon after immigrating to Canada, Lazo formed his own band, Unity, to showcase his original compositions. Upon relocating to Toronto, he created The Lazo Band, and released the well-received recording, "Satisfaction Guaranteed". Lazo subsequently produced two solo CDs: "Something Real" (nominated for a Juno Award in 1995) and Impetus”, for Washington D.C. based RAS records (Lazo was the first Canadian artist signed to that label).
Impetus” is such a strong effort that it was the first independent album to chart on Vancouver’s Z95.3 (TOP 30) and was scooped up by the Washington DC based RAS records, becoming the first Canadian artist to be signed by the label. Lazo’s music video, “Crucial”, produced by Video Fact and RAS Records reached #3 on the charts in Guyana, South America and received extensive play on CSN (Caribbean Satellite Network), as well rotating on America’s BET (Black Entertainment Television).
Honoured with awards from industry peers, Lazo was chosen as the Top Reggae Performer of the Year from the internationally recognized Canadian Reggae Music Awards and along with many Juno (Canadian equivalent to the Grammy) nominations; he garnered a Juno Award in 2000 for Best Reggae Recording for his “Heart and Soul” CD. The optimism shared from his beautiful composition, “Love Is on Your Side” captured a Juno nomination as did another album “Something Real” in 1995.
Lazo's new release, "Passin Thru" ( Y.T. Records 2010), brings out the best in Lazo and is a true testament to his song-writing abilities, a must for industry and fans alike. Available now at
Affectionately embraced year after year as the festival crowd favorite Lazo's nickname, "Mr. Sunfest" is well deserved- Artistic Director "Alfredo Caxaj" recently touted…"Is it any wonder we’ve invited him back for a 15th year in a row?"
Lazo tours tirelessly throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. His list of international venues & festivals is ever growing, (i.e. Brazil’s Carnaval de Salvador, El Salvador, Argentina...)
In 2010, Lazo toured the United States and South America as a member of the world renowned Wailers, (Bob Marley's original backup band featuring Aston "Family-Man" Barrett on bass, and the legendary Keith Sterling on keys.) The South American leg of the tour included African Reggae Star, Alpha Blondie.
In addition, Lazo has performing at venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues, and theatres across the US and Canada.
EXODUS- Lazo's tribute show to Bob Marley is a MUST SEE.

Juno Award winner/Top Reggae Performer Lazo exudes a “feel-good” vibe through his combination of reggae riddims, beautiful melodies, conscious lyrics, and his uncanny ability to connect with his audience. Lazo writes songs informed by his studies in history and political science (he holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto), and his deep empathy for the human condition.









Bend Down Low

Brand New Second Hand

Buffalo Soldier

Burnin' And Lootin'

Could You Be Loved

Concrete Jungle

Crazy Baldheads


Fussing and Fighting

Get Up Stand Up


I Shot The Sheriff

Is This Love


Kinky Reggae

Knocking on Heaven's Door

Lively Up Yourself

Natural Mystic

No More Trouble

No Woman No Cry

One Love

One Drop

Positive Vibration

Punky Reggae Party

Rebel Music

Redemption Song

Rock My Boat

Roots Rock Reggae

Satisfy My Soul

So Much Things To Say

Stir It Up

The Heathen

Them Belly Full

Three Little Birds

Trench Town Rock

Turn Your Lights Down Low

Waiting In Vain


Zion Train

" I just wanted to say as a lifelong Bob Marley fan, I was thrilled to have

the opportunity to see the Legends show... you really capture

the vibe and sound of the legend himself- it was incredible. Every aspect was

great from the incredible guitar solos to the beautiful back up singers.

I have heard 101 Marley covers and I felt not only did you capture the

sound but also the mannerisms of Bob you exude the love you have for him

and his music." Phill McVeigh

Canada-based Lazo has been a fixture on the international reggae scene since the early nineties, when RAS Records released two well-received albums by this Dominican singer and multi-instrumentalist. Since then he has built up an impressive body of work, and he recently toured with The Wailers, delighting Bob Marley’s fans – and reggae lovers in general – with his obvious commitment. However, he left, having felt the need to concentrate on his own works, and “Passin Thru”, his seventh CD, whilst bearing faint traces of Brother Bob, justifies his decision. This is a very impressive set of mostly original roots reggae compositions, dealing with serious times, pleasure and pain, beautifully sung, melodic and memorable, with a couple of lover’s tracks that are equally noteworthy – there is some excellent use of saxophone and flute too. The result is truly uplifting music, and recommended, of course.”

Norman Darwen  reviewer/writer for IRIE UP and former  contributor to


Oct 2, 2010 Saturday 5-7PMNiagara Food Festival-Main StageNiagara ON

Sept 24, 2010 Friday 8:00 PMMystique CasinoDebuque, Iowa USA

Sept 18, 2010 Saturday 8:00 PMCedar Golf CourseToronto, ON

Sept 8, 2010 Wednesday 8:30PMWestern University, ON

Aug 28, 2010 Saturday 8:00 PMArbour Room www.arbourrestaurant.comNobleton, ON

Aug 25, 2010 WednesdayCanadian National Exhibition,(CNE)Toronto, ON

Aug 20, 2010 FridayKeswick TheatrePhilidelphia, PA USA

Aug 19, 2010 ThursdayWolf Den CasinoUncasville, Conn. USA

Aug 14, 2010 SaturdayNiagra FallsNiagra Falls, ON

Aug 6, 2010 Friday 7:00 PMAvenue 9 Great HallNashville, Tennessee USA

Jul 31, 2010 Saturday 8:00 PMBlue Mnt. Resort www.bluemountain.caCollingwood, ON

Jul 23/24, 2010 Friday & Saturday  8:00 PMWoodbine CasinoToronto, ON

Jul 17, 2010 Saturday 8:00 PMArbour Room www.arbourrestaurant.comNobleton, ON

Jul 11, 2010 Sunday TBASUNFEST at Victoria ParkTo Be Recorded for LIVE CD!!!!

London, ON

Jul 10, 2010 Saturday All DaySUNFEST at Victoria Park, ON

Jun 26, 2010 Saturday     9:00 PMGT’s Stanley, ON

Jun 20, 2010 Sunday 5:30 PMBeaches RibFest, Woodbine ParkWoodbine/Lakeshore, Toronto, ON

Jun 12, 2010 Saturday 8:00 PMBob’s Reggae JamToronto, ON

Apr 24, 2010Saturday 8:00 PMBay Mills Casino www.4baymills.comBrimley, MI

Jan 10, 2008Classic Albums Live! Bob Marley’s “Legend”House of Blues www.hob.comDallas, Texas, USA

Jan 12, 2008Classic Albums Live! Bob Marley’s “Legend”Hard Rock Cafe, Florida, USA

Jan 17, 2008Phoenix Concert Theatre www.libertygroup.comToronto, Ontario

Jan 24, 2008

Water Street TheatreRochester, New York

Jan 25, 2008The Mohegan Sun Casino www.MoheganSun.comHartford, Connecticut, USA

May 17, 2008Feria Internacional www.feriainternacional.comSan Salvador

May 19, 2008The Arbour, Ontario

May 23, 2008Norma Jean’s, Ontario

May 24, 2008Niagara FestivalNiagara, Ontario

Jun 28, 2008Chief Commanda II Boat Cruise www.georgianbaycruise.comNorth Bay, Ontario

Jun 29, 2008Bike Reunion Liskeard, Ontario

Jun 30, 2008New Liskard, Ontario

Jul 5, 2008Sunfest,Victoria ParkLondon, Ontario

ul 6, 2008Sunfest, Victoria ParkLondon, Ontario

Jul 19, 2008Opera House, with Brazil’s Tribo De Jahwww.theoperahousetoronto.comToronto, Ontario

Jul 25, 2008G.T’s Stanley, Ontario

Sep 20, 2008Cedar Golf CourseToronto, Ontario

Apr 18, 2007University of North Carolina www.unc.eduNorth Carolina

May 25, 2007Montebello ParkSt. Catharines, Ontario

Jun 2, 2007,_Dominica

Roseau, Dominica

Jun 3, 2007Re-union Centre Bruce, Dominica

Jul 1, 2007OutdoorsSudbury, Ontario

Jul 7, 2007SUNFEST at Victoria Park, ON

Jul 8, 2007SUNFEST at Victoria Park, ON

Jul 22, 2007Cayuga VillageOntario

Aug 31, 2007Sherkston Shores Resort www.sherkston.comOntario

Dec 31, 2007New Year’s Eve Blast!European Village www.evresort.comPalm Coast, Florida, USA

May 27, 2006Niagara Folk Arts Festivalwww.folk-arts.caNiagara Falls, Ontario

May 30, 2006Solo at University of Toronto(Woodsworth College) www.wdw.utoronto.caToronto, Ontario

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