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Prof. (Dr) V.R.Singh obtained Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Delhi. He is the Life Fellow IEEE (Instn of Elect and Electronics Engg) -USA and other several prominent national/international academies like IETE (Instn of Electronics and Telecom Engrs), IE-I (Instn of Engrs-India), ASI (Acoustical Soc of India), USI (Ultrasonics Soc of India) and WFUMB (World Federation of Ultrasound in Med and Biology)-Australia. He has over 37 years of research-cum-teaching experience as a Professor/Scientist in India and abroad (Univ of Toronto-Canada- 3 yrs, KU Leuven- Belgium-one year, Korea Univ - South Korea- 3yrs, TU-Delft-Netherlands-6 months, Univ of Surrey-UK, and others). His positions at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, have been a Director-grade-Scientist and Distinguished Professor (INAE-AICTE) and Head- Electronic Instrumentation, Sensors and Biomedical Measurements & Standards.
He has over 350 papers, 250 talks, 4 books, 14 patents and 35 consultancies to his credit. Under his guidance, 35 PhD scholars have earned PhD degree while others are working with him.
Dr. Singh has been the Associate Editor of IEEE International Sensor Journal and presently is the Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurements (TIM), Biomedical Engineering Letters and Regional Editor of Int Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (IJBET). Apart from this, he has been on Editorial Boards of Biomedical Engineering Letters (BMEL), Sensors & Transducers Journal (Europe) & Int Journal of Onlinne Engg (Austria); as well as on the Editorial Review Committees of various other journals like Sensors & Actuators (Switzerland), IEEE Transaction on Engineering in Medicine and Biology (USA), Journal of Computers in Electrical Engg (USA), J.Instn Electr Telecom Engrs, J.Instn Engrs -India, Ind J Pure & Appl Physics, J.of Instrm Soc Ind, J. Pure & Appl Ultrasonics, J. Life Science Engg, etc He has served as Guest Editor of Special Issues of JASI on Physical Acoustics and Utrasonics (2016-17) and Medical Acoustics (2017-18) as well as IETE Technical Review on Transducers.(2002).
He is the recipient of awards by INSA (Indian National Science Academy)- 1974, NPL 1973, Thapar Trust 1983, ICMR (Ind Council of Medical Research) 1984; Japan Soc. Ultr in Medicine 1985, Asian Federation of Societies of Ultasound in Medicine & Biology 1987 (Australia), IE-I(Institution of Engineers- India) 1988/ 1991, IEEE-EMBS 1999/2001/2005, and IEEE appreciation Cert-2010/2011-12-13-15-17, for his outstanding contributions.
He has been the Chairman of IEEE-Delhi Section, Secretary of IEEE India Council, and is present Chair of IEEE-EMBS/IMS-Delhi Chapter. Dr. Singh is a Member of IEEE Standards Association. He was also Council Member of WFUMB (Australia) Ultrasound Safety and Standards. He has served as the Chair and/or a Member of BIS Committee on Elctro-Medical Committee in the past and presently, he is the Chairman of BIS-MHD-15 Committee.
Currently, he is the President of Acoustical Society of India, Vice President of Ultrasonic Society of India and Governing Council Member of Int Dev Foundation Cetre (IDFC).
Dr Singh has worked as a visiting Professor for three years at Korea University, South Korea, in addition to serving as a Distinguished Professor at NPL, New Delhi, India,and Thapar University.
He is also presently the IEEE-EMBS (Engineering in Medicine and Biology) DL (Distinguished Lecturer) as well as INSA-DL.
His main areas of interest are biomedical standards and instrumentation, bio-acoustics/medical ultrasonics, sensors/transducers and instrumentation systems, computer modeling and simulation, nano-electronics, nano-cancer-technology, electronics and communication, WSN/ RFID and ubiquitous technology.

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